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Hampton Cemetery
Mott / Washington townships, Franklin County, IA
The cemetery is sometimes called the Hampton Hillside Cemetery

Hampton cemetery birdseye view, from Bing Maps
Hampton Cemetery
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Surnames: A-E * F-K * L-R * S-Z

  • The first burying ground in Hampton was situated just west of the village, on the south side of Squaw creek. The first body interred was that of Mrs. Howe (or Ryan), who froze to death in the winter of 1856-57. July 11, 1863, a cemetery association was formed, constitution and by-laws adopted. The first officers elected were: George H. Ingham, president; George Beed, secretary; and J.J. Johnston, treasurer; George H. Ingham, A. Rice, J.J. Johnston, N. McDonald and George Beed, trustees. The society, soon after its organization, purchased two and a half acres of land of Obadiah Smith, for cemetery purposes. A few years later, ten acres were added, making twelve and one half acres in all. The bodies of all those interred in the old cemetery, were removed to the new. This cemetery is located just northeast of town, on the north bank of Squaw creek, on a beautiful plateau overlooking the city. It contains some fine monuments, among which, is that of the late Judge J.W. McKenzie, which is a mottled granite column, bearing the inscription on one side: The Hero of Altoona. That of J. Bobst, is the most costly in the yard. ~History of Franklin County, Iowa; 1883, pg 429
  • The cemetery is located at 521 4th Avenue NE in Hampton, Iowa. The cemetery can easily be accessed via 3 entries along 4th St. (Highway 65) - the main entry, the 3rd Ave. entry and the 6th Ave. entry. The cemetery office and a wooden map of the cemetery are located at the main entry.
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  • This burial list & information was compiled by Sharyl Ferrall from obituaries, gravestone photos, WPA graves registration, SSDI records, census records, veteran burial records & newspaper articles. It is not yet a complete listing & will be updated as additional burials are found. You can help - do you know of a burial in the Hampton cemetery that isn't listed? Dates? Corrections? Email the Franklin County Coordinator with your information.

Surnames F-K

Name Birth Death Comments
Fader, Frank David   10/8/2011 age 90y; Veteran
Ferris, Allice   11/30/2003 age 97y
Ferris, Benjamin Franklin 11/08/1838 06/28/1929 Co F, 1st Colorado Cav. (see military records, this website)
Ferris, Solomon W. 08/??/1841 05/24/1920 Co. H, 2nd Illinois light infantry
Ferris, Wanda M.   4/5/2002 age 75y
Fink, Verald William   6/28/2011 age 81y
Fitz, Addie E. 1861 1925 "Mother"
Fitz, Alvin M. 1855 1944 "Father"
Fitz, Ayedena nee Heideman 1891 1971 w/o Earl
Fitz, Earl 1889 1983 ssa Ayedena
Fitz, Edith A. nee Hill 8/28/1903 1/19/1980 age 76y; w/o Ralph; d/o Clarence & Mildred (Bates) Hill
Fitz, Ethel Bell  nee Hooker 1/11/1887 5/?/1933 w/o Charles C.
Fitz, Myrtle Ida 1885 1978  
Flint, David Joseph   5/13/2003 age 76y
Folkerds, Grace I.   10/7/2003 age 75y
Fowler, Catharine 1840 1936 WPA record
Fowler, Eliza 1844 1922 WPA record
Fowler, Floyd G. 1895 11/30/1938 WWI veteran
Fowler, Frank P. 1867 1927 WPA record
Fowler, John R. 1845 1924 WPA record
Fowler, R.B. 1827 1894 WPA record
Franklin, William A. 1843 1901 G.A.R.
Fransham, Henry 1840 10/05/1915 h/o Anna; Co. H, 124th IL Inf.
Fransham, Anna M. 1852 04/11/1915 w/o Henry
Fredericks, Wilma E.   11/26/2003 age 90y
Freeks, Minnie   10/16/2001 age 88y
Freie, Alma Dorothea   12/20/2000 age 83y
Freie, Kenneth Bernard   7/8/2002 age 88y
French, William W. 1842 1920 Co A, 34th IL Inf.
Fritz, William J. 05/06/1842 08/15/1925 h/o Nora Connor; U.S. Army General service, Civil War
Funnell, Charles H. 10/31/1920 4/25/2002 age 81y; s/o Richard Buss & Myrtle Anne (Tucker); h/o Elaine Cuvelier
Funnell, Dorothy   3/4/2002 age 87y
Funnell, Orville   9/9/2001 age 91y
Gade, Anna Marie 1887 1967 "Daughter"
Gade, Catherine 1857 1947 "Mother"
Gade, Elisabeth 09/22/1887 03/26/1888  
Gade, Henry C. 1849 1930 "Father"
Gade, Walter H. - - (need dates)
Gade, William G. 06/19/1879 03/25/1947 "Father"
Gaither, Pansy M. 12/17/1924 11/5/2004 age 79y; d/o Orin James & Matilda Esther (Freeman) Gamble; w/o Ray M. Gaither
Galer-Beed, Abi A. 1842 1910 ssa Joseph
Galer, Joseph B., M.D. 02/04/1821 09/11/1895 ssa Abi; Co. F & S, 31st Reg. WI Inf., Asst. surgeon, Civil War
Garrett, William Franklin 12/24/1932 2/12/1951 died in the Korean War
Gatton, Harold William   10/30/2004 age 86y
Geiger, Sherry Lynn   6/29/2004 age 62y
Gibson, Alexander D. 01/27/1846 05/22/1931 Co C, Indpt. Batt'y PA Lt. Artillery
Gillett, Alice   03/30/1881 age 23y
Gillett, Alvah A. 1847 1913 Co L, 4th IA Cav.
Gillett, Edson M. 1849 07/29/1918  
Gillett, Floyd 1872 03/26/1911  
Gillett, Fred M. 08/22/1885 11/12/1918 age 33y; s/o A. A. Gillett
Gillett, Hattie 1861 1917  
Gillett, Mary 1852 07/18/1926  
Gillett, Melissa   09/05/1872 age 54y
Green, E. Lyle   3/15/2002 age 81y
Greenfield, Orah Affabelle nee Cook   6/5/2011 age 93y
Grimes, Samuel E. 04/06/1889 8/8/1944 WWI veteran
Guerrero, Jose M. SR   2/23/2003 age 68y
Gutting, Bernard   9/15/2003 age 78y
Hall, Thomas Wesley 04/18/1842 02/21/1921 Co G, 46th IL Inf.
Hanig, Maxine Elizabeth   11/9/2000 age 87y
Hanna, Max Bethel 01/27/1907 11/26/1958 WWII Veteran
Hannah, Joan E. nee Lockwood 4/23/1940 10/25/2004 d/o H. Fred & Gladys (Marsh) Lockwood; w/o 1st Fred Lockwood, 2nd Richard Hannah
Hansell, Isabelle 3/18/1858 2/15/1923 age 64y; d/o Charles H. & Ann Jane Stewart; w/o Othello V. Hansell
Harriman, Marie Lucht   11/20/2003 age 93y
Harris, Cecil Charles 10/8/1917 2/2/1996 h/o Elsie Heitland; s/o Charles & Savilla (Alden)
Hazaleus, Margaret   07/18/1880 w/o Erick
Heineking, Marilyn   2/9/2004 age 69y
Hemmes, Delmar Dale 12/21/1954 10/17/2012 s/o Delbert & Marge (Kriens) Hemmes
Henderson, Annie nee Nixon 1846 1928 w/o David
Henderson, David Beaty 03/18/1842 07/07/1933 1st Sgt., Co A, 102nd OH Inf.
Henderson, Dorothy Elizabeth   1/24/2004 age 71y
Henderson, Guy G. 1878 1923  
Henderson, Harry J. 1869 1935 s/o David & Annie
Henderson, Roy A. 1875 1924  
Henderson, Samantha 1849 1924  
Hendrickson, Edna   11/3/2002 age 95y
Herwig, Kenneth Ivan   8/22/2001 age 72y
Heyer, Dorothy P.   10/7/2004 age 81y
Hobbs, J. D. 6/12/1916 1/13/1995 h/o JoAnn Kurtzleben; s/o John W. & Alice M. (Rudy) Hobbs
Hoffman, John H. 1878 1922  
Hoffman, Marcedes 1914 2001 Army Nurse Corps, WWII
Hoffman, Maxine   5/2/2001 age 86y
Hogle, Clara A. 1847 04/03/1919 w/o Sanford
Hogle, Sanford 08/25/1844 04/06/1915 Co A, 16th IA Inf
Hooker, George William 04/03/1856 04/28/1931 h/o Mary; s/o Ebnezer & Almyra
Hooker, Mary nee McDowell   02/08/1924 w/o George
Hopes, Arvine Lester 03/05/1913 3/12/1952 WWII Veteran
Hopkins, Charles M. 1846 11/16/1919 Co B, 51st OH Inf.
Hovenga, David L.   8/19/2003 age 60y
Hovenga, Paul Andrew JR   9/19/2004 age 37y
Hovmark, Karl Chris 01/17/1912 7/20/1955 born Hurop, Denmark; US Navy veteran
Hower, Richard Winn   9/3/1934 age 13d; s/o Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Hower
Hudson, Thomas E.B. 1842 10/25/1921 aka Richmond L. Hudson; Co C, 74th IL Inf.
Humphreys, Robert W.   5/12/2004 age 49y
Hunt, Scott J.   2/19/2003 age 36y
Huntington, John W.   10/??/1930  
Huntington, Shirley Mae   12/18/2002 age 72y
Hutchins, James H. 1844 06/23/1912 Co. B, 142nd IL Inf.
Ingebritson, Laverne D. 4/6/1917 7/9/2000 age 83y; s/o Amos J. & Ida A. (Larson); h/o Jane Ruyter
Irwin, Kenny   7/11/2012 age 42y
Ives, Sarah Augusta 'Gustie'   12/16/1874 age 27y; 1st w/o Martin A.
Jackson, Albert J. 4/1/1868 10/20/1953 age 85y; h/o Lida Westaby; s/o Mrs. & Mrs. Jesse Jackson
Jackson, Mrs. A. J.   9/11/1962 age 90y
Jacobson, Eunice Lorraine nee Crawford 3/17/1925 12/26/2012 w/o James; d/o C.K. & Lela (Deam)
Jamison, John Charles 04/21/1926 09/14/1956 WWII Veteran
Janssen, Andrew John 10/30/1934 04/16/1955 Veteran
Janssen, Laverne "Bud" 4/1/1927 1/?/2000 s/o Ben & Grace (DeVries)
Jingst, Herbert Edward   1/18/2003 age 73y; died in Prescott, AZ
Jobe, Patricia   7/3/2003 age 53y
Johnson, C. Duane 5/24/1924 12/14/1996 age 72y; h/o Lois Oneta Zimmerman; s/o Clifford & Edith (Williams)
Johnson, James Herman 11/06/1915 12/28/1944 died in WWII
Johnson, Lois O. 8/22/1924 8/1/2014 age 89y; w/o C. Duane Johnson; d/o Charles & Jennie (Fleming) Zimmerman
Johnson, Penny 9/10/1956 1/1/2002 age 45y; w/o Mark; d/o John-Richard Wood & Mary (Wood) Shepard
Johnson, Willard "Ole" 9/3/1912 10/30/1997 age 85y; h/o Ruth J. Petersen; s/o Albin & Grace (Schafer)
Jones, Benjamin F. 01/28/1847 1919 h/o Mary; s/o Levi & Jane
Jones, Helen I. 4/9/1910 6/25/1982 d/o Elmer & Cora (North) Jones
Jones, Hilda Kristina nee Pedersen   1/6/2002 age 100y
Jones, Labena 'Bea' nee Halfwassen 1/9/1913 1/1/2004 w/o Ralph; d/o Peter & Tena (Dirksen)
Jones, Lorraine   6/11/2004 age 86y
Jones, Mae nee Philpott 05/11/1883 02/26/1968 w/o Roy; d/o John
Jones, Martin B. 1841 1922 Co. I, 9th IA Inf.
Jones, Mary E. nee Steed     w/o Benjamin
Jones, Roy Webster 07/03/1874 11/21/1910 h/o Mae
Jorgensen, Marion E.   2/27/2012 age 81y
Judy, D.E.   8/24/2002 age 90y
Kaus, Karl C. 01/01/1898 3/17/1959 WWI veteran
Kay, David B. 09/02/1886 1/8/1956 WWI veteran
Kelley, C.M.   06/??/1916 died in El Paso, TX following an operation
Kellison, Georgia E.   3/17/2001 age 96y
Kempthorne, Charles 06/14/1840 05/27/1904 Co. I, 3rd WI Inf.
Kempthorne, Jane nee Richards 12/12/1846 04/15/1895 w/o Charles
Kempthorne, Ocea 4/18/1881 12/25/1977 age 96y; w/o Mark R.; d/o George W. & Clara Clemons Myers
Kibbe, Anthony 1826 04/01/1870 Co E, 50th WI Inf.
Kienol, Eileen nee Vietor 8/27/1928 5/30/2003 w/o Glenn; d/o Harm & Johanna (Brown)
King, Floea 1876   WPA record
King, Frank   3/21/1934 age 59y
King, Margaret C. 1877 1937  
King, Will   1/7/1951 h/o Rose Bartacek
Kinsel, Joseph Emery 01/31/1938 5/3/1962 h/o Gladys Ann; died in an auto accident while in the US Air Force
Kinseth, Katie B. nee Simons 4/27/1904 10/27/1989 age 85y; w/o Lawrence; d/o John Alvin & Dora (Hunt) Simons
Kinseth, Verda Lee 4/25/2011 age 76y
Kirkbride, Alva A. 05/20/1924 1/20/1952 WWII veteran
Kirkbride, Joyce Joan   2/21/2012 age 66y
Kite, Juanita Maxine 5/9/1915 12/11/2012 d/o Jesse C. & Zora E. (Hartman)
Kline, Benjamin F. 02/01/1838 01/16/1895 h/o Harriet; Co A, 2nd MN Cav.
Kline, Benjamin L. 1872 12/14/1925 s/o Benjamin & Harriet
Kline, Charles A. 1862 1934 s/o Benjamin & Harriet
Kline, Harriet A. 1843 05/03/1917 w/o Benj. F.
Kline, Leah M. 1864 05/09/1905 d/o Benjamin & Harriet
Kline, William T. 1874 1914 s/o Benjamin & Harriet
Klousia, C. Robert 'Bob'   10/19/2002 age 77y
Klousia, Howard A. 04/27/1898 1/14/1949 "Father"; WWI Veteran
Klousia, Pearl nee Hamilton 10/02/1894 2/2/1974 "Mother"
Klousia, Rosemary 07/13/1924 7/18/1924 d/o Howard & Pearl
Knapp, Jacob Ransom 03/09/1840 10/??/1897 3rd IA Lt. Art., Civil War
Knapp, Kenneth   3/7/2004 age 79y
Knipfel, Raymond   6/3/2012 age 88y
Knipfel, Russell Ray   8/1/2012 age 60y
Knueppel, Joel   6/26/2003 age 53y
Koch, Bonita M. nee Menefee 03/22/1931 4/7/2001 d/o John & Mabel (Mickley); w/o Ed
Koch, Edward R.   4/2/2011 age 92y
Koch, Geraldine D.   11/22/2014  
Koerner, W. David   6/13/2004 age 71y
Korth, Carroll E. 12/21/1913 9/29/1991 h/o Ethel I.; Cpl US Army, WWII
Korth, Ethel Irene nee Flynn     w/o Carroll
Korth, Frank W. 1869 1928 "Husband"
Korth, Irene F.   3/17/2004 age 91y
Korth, Winifred nee McKenzie     w/o Frank W.
Kothe, Clarence Chester 07/02/1909 5/22/1978 "Father"
Kothe, Fern nee Minnier 01/06/1908 2/8/1955 "Mother"
Kothe, Karl Kenneth 8/25/1934 10/20/2012 adopted s/o Clarence & Fern (Minnier)
Kothenbeutel, Marie 9/27/1918 12/4/2004 age 86y; d/o Andreas & Anna (Lackman) Lorenzen; w/o Kenneth
Kramer, Beatrice Carol   12/10/2003 age 80y
Kreiner, Patricia 'Patsy'   7/4/2003 age 80y
Krukow, Mildred 3/9/1919 3/29/1988 age 69y; w/o Harold L.; d/o Hermann & Emma (Dohrman) Varrelmann
Kuhl, Frank E. 1914 1979 ssa Margaret L.; Veteran marker
Kuhl, Margaret nee Marty 1914 1996 w/o Frank E.
Kupris, Linda nee Osborn 5/23/1940 11/17/2012 w/o Jerry L.; d/o Dr. Lowell A. & Dorothy L. (Clemmer)

Surnames: A-E * L-R * S-Z


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