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Hampton Cemetery
Mott / Washington townships, Franklin County, IA
The cemetery is sometimes called the Hampton Hillside Cemetery

Hampton cemetery dam - photo contributed by Don Turner
Hampton cemetery dam

Surnames: A-E * F-K * L-R * S-Z

  • The first burying ground in Hampton was situated just west of the village, on the south side of Squaw creek. The first body interred was that of Mrs. Howe (or Ryan), who froze to death in the winter of 1856-57. July 11, 1863, a cemetery association was formed, constitution and by-laws adopted. The first officers elected were: George H. Ingham, president; George Beed, secretary; and J.J. Johnston, treasurer; George H. Ingham, A. Rice, J.J. Johnston, N. McDonald and George Beed, trustees. The society, soon after its organization, purchased two and a half acres of land of Obadiah Smith, for cemetery purposes. A few years later, ten acres were added, making twelve and one half acres in all. The bodies of all those interred in the old cemetery, were removed to the new. This cemetery is located just northeast of town, on the north bank of Squaw creek, on a beautiful plateau overlooking the city. It contains some fine monuments, among which, is that of the late Judge J.W. McKenzie, which is a mottled granite column, bearing the inscription on one side: The Hero of Altoona. That of J. Bobst, is the most costly in the yard. ~History of Franklin County, Iowa; 1883, pg 429
  • The cemetery is located at 521 4th Avenue NE in Hampton, Iowa. The cemetery can easily be accessed via 3 entries along 4th St. (Highway 65) - the main entry, the 3rd Ave. entry and the 6th Ave. entry. The cemetery office and a wooden map of the cemetery are located at the main entry.
  • This burial list & information was compiled by Sharyl Ferrall from obituaries, gravestone photos, WPA graves registration, SSDI records, census records, veteran burial records & newspaper articles. It is not yet a complete listing & will be updated as additional burials are found. You can help - do you know of a burial in the Hampton cemetery that isn't listed? Dates? Corrections? Email the Franklin County Coordinator with your information.

Surnames L-R

Name Birth Death Notes
Ladwig, Anna Honeck   6/23/2001 age 91y
Lambert, George H. 1867 1927  
Lambert, John   06/22/1874 age 73y
Lambert, Samuel J. 1839 1892  
Lambert, Susan nee Myers 1847 1916  
Lampkin, Connie Sue nee Nelsen   3/5/2011 age 59y
Landrith, Orville James   10/17/2003 age 89y
Lane, Eva 1858 04/20/1898 d/o Lorenzo D. & Mary A. (Mickle)
Lane, Mary A. nee Mickle   03/06/1889 age 55y; w/o Lornzo
Lane, Vashti Desire nee Philbrook 03/05/1793 02/10/1882 w/o Benjamin; d/o Joel
Lanko, Fred 1841 04/07/1910  
Lanko, Katie 1851 12/12/1918  
Larson, Beverly Ann   11/11/2000 age 66y
LaRue, Bernice Margaret Corbin 7/11/1892 9/1/1952 w/o Charles
LaRue, Mrs. Dewey   1/9/1969 age 66y
Lathem, Henry E. 1841 05/19/1899 veteran Civil War
Lathem, Lovica 1842 05/17/1903  
Lathrop, Clara   10/27/1879  
Lathrop, Leonard S. 1830? ?  
Lathrop, Maria   11/30/1881 age 78y
Lathrop, Zabadiah   08/28/1864 age 75y; War of 1812 veteran
Latiolais, Beverly nee Beed 09/30/1952 02/20/2001  
Layton, William D. - - Co G, 31st WI Inf.
Leander, Jaclyn 11/24/1946 11/6/1979 age 32y; w/o Kenneth M.; d/o Alven E. & Elizabeth (Sorensen) Carlsen
Lee, Elwood Hammett 10/07/1918 11/04/1961 h/o Agnes M.; WWII veteran
Lee, Evelyn   4/7/2012 age 97y
Lee, Gladys Marie   5/13/2002 age 78y
Lester, Iola Allie 2/12/1904 4/20/1994 age 90y; w/o Charles E.; d/o Charles Allie & Josephine Quillin
Levy, Phyllis Stewart   7/12/2001 age 80y
Liekweg, Leona M.   3/10/2003 age 86y
Lind, Norman R.   11/19/2004 age 85y
Linfor, Al   3/18/1947  
Linfor, Margarite   1/17/1952 age 59y
Lovin, William "Willy" 12/18/1929 3/24/2007 h/o Marsha Stacy; s/o Herbert & Flossie (Atchison) Lovin
Lumley, Walter D.   6/25/1940 WWI veteran
Madson, John Leon 09/01/1936 9/20/1961 killed on a training mission at Gila Bend, AZ; USAF, 4514th Combat training squadron
Mahneke, Mrs. Fred nee Goerner   2/14/1956 age 68y
Mallory, Judson Ferris Dr   1/7/2003 age 86y
Mallory, Robert   4/23/2003 age 92y; died in Albuquerque, NM; ashes
Mallory, Virginia   11/9/2002 age 86y
Manifold, Fannie I. nee Walker 1914 2000 w/o Thomas
Manifold, Thomas 'Mike' 1909 1988 ssa Fannie I.
Marchant, LaMona   6/5/2012 age 93y
Maricle, Gary Lee 04/04/1943 10/31/1961 USN veteran
Martin, Wanda Elaine   12/9/2011 age 84y
Marquard, Donald 8/28/1930 8/1/1990 h/o Mary J. Stoen; s/o Clarence & Gladys (Surprise) Marquard
McCarville, Frances Marie   10/12/2000 age 97y
McCord, Calvin B. 1817 1874 ssa Harriet
McCord, Charles L. 07/10/1886 2/8/1940 "Husband"
McCord, Christine nee Holmgaard 1887 1977 "Mother"; w/o Ira C.
McCord, Emeline 1841 1918  
McCord, Harriet nee Bullis 1817 1903 w/o Calvin B.
McCord, Ira Clinton 1880 1944 "Father"; ssa Christine
McCord, James Matthew 07/23/1845 9/21/1923 ssa Mary Ann; Co G, 44th Iowa Infantry, Civil War
McCord, Julia Maria nee Scott 1859 1943 w/o Wm. J.
McCord, Lenore Madelyn   8/20/2004 age 109y
McCord, Mary Ann nee Scott 06/30/1850 2/16/1901 w/o James M.
McCord, Robert Harrison   04/28/1883 age 39y 8m 6d
McCord, William Jasper 1852 1919 ssa Julia M.
McCord, William S. 1882 1939 Co I 23rd MD Engineers A.B.F.
McCoy, Edward Lewis   8/2/2002 age 67y
McCoy, Gwynth Maxine 12/15/1924 11/21/2005 w/o Merritt; d/o Ivy Lloyd & Minnie (Garrison) Brewster
McCoy, Merritt Ellsworth 7/10/1920 7/20/2003 age 83y; s/o Willis Alters & Violet Helen (Bayliss); h/o Gwyneth Brewster; U.S. Army WWII - awarded Purple Heart
McKee, Wilma Charlotte   8/22/2004 age 93y
McKenzie, James Wheeler 07/02/1843 01/02/1882 U.S. Regular Army, Signal Corps Inf., Civil War
McSpaden, Richard Merrit 11/11/1934 4/17/1997 age 62y; s/o James Merrit & Velma Alice (Reed)
McSpaden, Velma Alice nee Reed 1/14/1909 4/7/1993 age 84y; w/o James Merritt; d/o James Garfield & Anna (Helt) Reed
Meints, Lois J.   11/2/2002 age 73y
Meints, Marvin Joseph   3/3/2011 age 83y
Menning, Gerald Lloyd   8/7/2003 age 74y
Menning, Harold E.   6/20/2005 age 79y
Merfeld, Delores M.   10/9/2001 age 86y
Merfeld, Linus N.   6/28/2002 age 92y
Meyer, Constance Joy "Connie" nee Klousia   10/12/2011 age 83y; w/o Wendell
Meyer, Minnie Ruth nee Shaw 07/28/1885 10/10/1957 d/o Heye Shaw; w/o Edward F.
Meyer, Wendell K. 1929 1990 h/o Constance
Miller, Betty E.   6/25/2011 age 87y
Miller, Elmer L.   12/13/2000 age 84y
Miller, Jacob 1844 1922 Co A. 23rd WI Inf.
Miller, Kirby Dian   4/27/2004 age 65y
Miller, Lawrence   8/4/1940 age 77y
Miller, Pearlie   10/10/1940  
Miner, Andrew A. 1794 1/7/1880 86y 4m 8d; h/o Fanny; veteran War of 1812
Miner, Fanny nee Dart 1795 12/16/1871 78y 5m 22d; w/o Andrew
Miner, Luman A. 1827 1/27/1904 h/o Mary J.; s/o Andrew & Fanny
Miner, Mary Jane nee Haynes 1833 1912 w/o Luman
Mittelstadt, Herbert 03/22/1926 7/27/1997 ssa Iris; US Navy, WWII veteran
Mittelstadt, Iris J. nee Hartgrave 03/10/1927 7/11/2000 w/o Herbert
Moore, Alberta Florence 3/11/1915 4/16/2006 w/o Clyde W. Moore; d/o Charles & Elnora (Schrock) Davisson
Moore, Jane M.   2/17/2001 age 89y
Mott, Delores T.   12/9/2001 age 77y
Muhlenbruch, Bertha Elizabeth   2/18/2001 age 94y
Muhlenbruch, Lawrence   10/8/2000 age 69y
Mulford, Dorothy "June" 6/2/1922 7/10/1997 age 75y; w/o Lloyd; d/o Earl & Minnie (Lursen) Moore
Mulford, Lloyd 'Butch'   4/15/2001 age 76y
Mulkins, Levi 5/23/1854 4/6/1932 h/o Eleanora Springer
Murphy, Mae C.   7/9/2011 age 94y
Murphy, Violet E.   7/23/2014 age 93y
Myers, Allen 6/22/1916 5/18/1972 s/o Arthur Clyde & Stella (Dobbins) Myers; h/o Florence Miller
Needham, Michael d'Arlan   9/27/2012 age 76
Nelson, John B. 1836 02/24/1865 Co H., 32nd IA Inf.
Nelson, Dean T.   12/8/2000 age 66y
Nemitz, Benjamin Charley 09/01/1887 5/18/1949 WWI veteran
Newport, Vivian J.   2/14/2002 age 85y
Nickson, Stanley Eldon 1/20/1927 5/13/2007 h/o Shirley Johnson; s/o George D & Lydia P. (Cooper) Nickson
Nielsen, Peter 2/29/1868 2/2/1976 age 107y; s/o Nels Pedersen & Marie Jensen; h/o Katherine Elisabeth Danz
Noak, Sandra Marlene nee Folkerds 7/17/1947 10/19/2012 d/o Claus & Grace (Busma)
Nolte, Arthur E. 10/13/1883 10/28/1963 "Father"; ssa Helen M.
Nolte, Augusta Ann nee Voges 01/31/1850 12/24/1940 w/o Herman L.
Nolte, Dorothy R.   8/30/2003 age 86y
Nolte, Helen May nee Menzie 08/03/1884 1/4/1953 "Mother"; w/o Arthur E.
Nolte, Herman L. 06/09/1848 4/8/1930 "Father"; ssa Augusta
Nolte, Mary Harriet "Hallie" nee McCord 1893 1976 w/o Otto T.
Nolte, Otto T. 1884 1976 ssa Hallie
Oehlert, Rita D.   11/10/2011 age 78y
Ohlerking, Henry L. 1/19/1867 3/20/1953 s/o Frederick & Louise; h/o Hulda Buege
Oitzman, Lena nee Borcherding 1904 1998 ssa Louis
Oitzman, Louis 01/16/1898 1956 ssa Lena
Oleson, Irene Lucille nee Rowe   1/15/2003 age 85y
Oliver, Edmond G. 1837 04/27/1915 Co. D, 1st MN Heavy Artillery
O'Loughlin, Frances Mary Anna 04/04/1920 02/15/2006  
Orr, Dolores Ann   6/2/2002 age 75y
Paine, Joan F.   8/15/2012 age 87y
Paine, Norlinn W. 10/09/1923 8/9/2003 h/o Joan McDowell; s/o Pau A. & Blanche (Bird); US Army veteran WWII
Pandil, Marvin L.   12/5/2002 age 71y
Pascale, Alice Nina   2/16/2001 age 92y
Pascoe, Etta nee Petheram   2/16/2001 w/o Vern
Pascoe, Vern 09/28/1890 01/30/1951 h/o Etta; s/o Thomas; WWI veteran
Paullus, Bessie M.   11/15/2003 age 79y; died in Sun City, AZ
Paullus, Clara Marie nee Brandt 1898 1977 w/o Fred J.
Paullus, Emma E. 04/20/1874 09/17/1966 w/o Fred A.
Paullus, Fred A. 12/20/1872 05/22/1955 ssa Emma E.
Paullus, Fred John 1894 1988 h/o Clara; WWI veteran
Paullus, Goldie M. 10/30/1909 02/14/2006  
Paullus, Ralph D.   11/4/2011 age 91y; died in Glendale, AZ
Penaluna, Mignon C.   3/19/2001 age 83y
Pease, George W. 10/25/1838 07/20/1926 Co. I, 16th IA Inf.; Co. E, 8th IA Cav.; Co. F, U.S.C.I.
Perez, Dick 'Sassy'   9/29/2003 age 80y
Peters, Donald J.   5/3/2011 age 85y
Peters, Mildred Mae   12/16/2001 age 83y
Peterson, Charles   6/23/1964 age 78y
Peterson, Lida Pearl nee Boutwell 7/6/1925 11/7/2012 w/o Norman; d/o Oscar & Inez (Allen)
Peterson, Norman Andrew 01/30/1921 01/18/1992 h/o Lida P.; Veteran U.S. Coast Guard 1942-194?
Peterson, Patricia Jean   2/17/2004 age 71y
Petrie, Marlys B.   1/6/2001 age 72y
Philpott, Ella Marie nee Froning 03/03/1861 12/17/1928 w/o John H.
Philpott, John H.     h/o Ella
Pitts, Thomas Ladd II 2/19/1926 10/21/2012 h/o Susan J. Roush; s/o Thomas L. & Mabel I. (Potts); veteran US Army Signal Corps 1954-1956
Polen, Ronald Keith 5/21/1940 1/21/2006 s/o Byron & Wilma Polen
Pralle, Betty J.   8/21/2001 age 72y
Prause, Clarence   1/6/2002 age 27y
Prenzler, Minnie nee Lindloff 1869? 1929 "Mother"
Preston, Helen   4/5/2002 age 86y
Proctor, Arthur Leonard   4/10/2002 age 84y
Purcell, Tom W.   2/?/1958 age 84y
Raisch, Kenneth E.   6/29/2004 age 85y
Raymond, Levi Beardsley 07/03/1836 04/18/1911 Co G., 6th WI Inf.
Rechkemmer, Shirley Mae   12/21/2003 age 73y
Reents, Thomas A. 8/19/1927 1/9/2004 h/o Marie Meier; s/o John & Viola (Wickham); US Army veteran, Korean Conflict
Reeve, Adaline 12/23/1819 11/29/1899 w/o James B.
Reeve, James Baldwin 12/27/1816 06/24/1863 h/o Adaline; Capt. Co. H, 32nd IA Inf.; memorial stone, he is buried in Memphis, TN
Reeve, John James 03/16/1888 7/8/1944 WWI veteran
Reeve, Orson G. 07/04/1846 5/3/1932 Co G., 8th IA Cav.
Reinke, Leola E.   8/21/2008  
Renoe, Van I. 12/8/1941 4/3/1998 age 56y; h/o Diann Foss; s/o William I. Renoe & Susanna Raber
Rhutasel, Emma A. nee Sheldon 12/08/1848 04/??/1936 w/o N.J.; at the time of her death she was the oldest resident of Chapin
Rice, Allen J.   04/30/1890 WPA record
Rice, E.M. 1872 03/31/1895 WPA record
Rice, Gideon   02/16/1863 War of 1812 veteran
Rice, Maria J.   04/22/1886 WPA record
Richards, William H. 1843 1918 Co. A, 96th IL Inf.
Richtsmeier, Carl F.   1/11/2012 age 92y; h/o Doris
Roberts, Armena M. 1854 04/13/1934 WPA record
Roberts, Chas. P. 1853 04/16/1919 WPA record
Roberts, Cyrus 08/01/1845 08/18/1922 Co. C., 12th WI Inf.
Roberts, Ella H. 1851 1920 WPA record
Roberts, Giles Henry 1852 1927 WPA record
Roberts, Gleen B. 04/05/1888 03/08/1919 WPA record
Roberts, Jennie 1850 1936 WPA record
Roberts, Lizzie N.   05/11/1901 WPA record; age 20y
Roberts, Martha 1858 1907 WPA record
Roberts, Mary 1847 1931 WPA record
Roberts, Mary E.   08/28/1889 WPA record; age 29y
Roberts, Mary J. 1851 1921 WPA record
Roberts, May Pearl   12/02/1891 WPA record
Roberts, Nellie 1885 1927 WPA record
Roberts, Robert 1843 1897 Co. C, 21st WI Inf.
Roberts, Sarah V.   06/29/1891 WPA record; age 57y
Roberts, Steward 1825 03/03/1913 WPA record; Civil War veteran
Roberts, Vesta 1834 1909 WPA record
Roberts, W.M. 1827 1913 WPA record
Roberts, Will 1857 1904 WPA record
Robertson Donald H.   9/10/2003 age 80y/ died in Hot Springs, AR
Robinson, Thomas John Bright 1868 5/11/1905 served in the Iowa State Legislature & in the US Congress, Representative from Iowa 1923-1933
Robinson, William L. II 7/20/1903 8/16/2000 age 97y; s/o William L. & Ella (French); h/o Enid Hanson
Rocha, Antonia   10/29/2003 age 80y
Rodemeyer, Berniece G.   11/5/2004 age 90y
Rodemeyer, Edward Richard   1/30/2004 age 97y
Rodemeyer, Elsworth W. 'Bub' 1912 1974 ssa Ferne L.
Rodemeyer, Ferne Lavonia nee Wolf 1913 2000 w/o E.W. 'Bub'
Rodemeyer, Otto 05/17/1897 08/21/1955 WWI veteran
Roegner, Donna   1/8/2012 age 79y
Roegner, Norman Boyd   8/5/2012 age 79y
Roegner, Robert Charles 04/21/1919 6/9/2003 h/o Patricia O'Loughlin; s/o Charles & Emma (Peters); US Army veteran, WWII
Rogers, Louis C. 12/04/1889 10/19/1953 WWI veteran
Rohrbach, Charlotta nee Schlesinger 8/7/1881 4/?/1944 age 62y; w/o Hugo; d/o Jonas & Rosa Schlesinger
Rohrbach, Hugo 1872 11/28/1943 age 71y
Rose, Kenneth D. 05/12/1866 11/10/1936 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Pliny Rose;  h/o Martha J. Minert
Ross, John Henry 02/19/1878 10/20/1949 "Husband"
Ross, Luella nee Webb 04/27/1885 5/11/1964 "Wife"
Rost, Helen Mae   8/30/2001 age 89y
Rother, Clara C.   7/3/2003 age 88y
Rowan, Lucreta V. 7/13/1898 8/20/1989 age 91y; w/o John M.; d/o William & Viola (Severe) Brady; Past President of Candlestick Chapter Daughters of American Revolution; 50 yr. member of Eastern Star
Rule, William   6/4/1983 h/o Lois
Rule, Veone A. nee Peterson 6/22/1910 1/1/2004 w/o John S.; d/o Charles & Tillie (Tomson)
Russell, Ronald E.   11/1/2003 age 69y
Ryan, Glen A.   2/26/2004 age 78y

Surnames: A-E * F-K * S-Z


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