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1875 Business Directory for Franklin County

A. T. Andreas  Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875


John Hereford King Attorney at Law
Rogers & Jernegan Bakery, Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Fruit, Confectionery,etc.
C. W. Boutin Carpenter and Builder
Stark & Soper Groceries
G. H. Wilcox & Co. Grain Dealers
D. Murlin Harness Manufacturer
John Coloney  Hotel
H. I. & A. I. Smith Lumber & Coal Dealers
J. Shobe Livery Stables
Wm. G. Beed Miller, Propr. Franklin Mills, J.A. Horne, Foreman
Jas. H. Beed Merchant
W. C. Eaton Publisher Hampton Magnet
Whitney & Harwood Publisher Franklin Recorder
L. B. Raymond Printer
O. B. Harriman Physician and Surgeon
S. E. Spaulding Carpenter and Builder
James Thompson Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Not'ns, etc.
N. J. Drown Groceries
J. A. Green Hotel
H. C. Clock General Merchandise
Wm. D. Berry Well Borer
Levi Bigelow General Merchandise
F. P. Frisbee Physician
Old Chapin
E. M. Knight Blacksmith
Clinton Township
A. F. Crosby Wagon Maker  (Sec. 8)
Reeve Township
James M. Hicks Attorney at Law (Sec. 25)
A. Sheppard Carpenter (Sec. 23)
Ingham Township
Geo. Sutton Carpenter (Sec. 14)
Osceola Township
Philip Salisbury Lumber Dealer (Sec. 35)
P. S. Brennan Surveyor (Sec. 26)
Lee Township
J. W, Slocum Carpenter (Sec.36)
I. N. Montgomery Cistern Builder (Sec. 22)
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