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Pioneer Cemeteries

Map of All Cemeteries in Jasper County

Map and Driving Directions on each cemetery site1

Index of some burials in County Cemeteries except for Newton Union Cemetery

Cemeteries in this color are non-extant as graves have been moved to other cemeteries or the location has been renamed.

Cemetery Name / Information Township Map / Location Cemetery Name / Information Township Map / Location
Adamson Grove Buena Vista Township Mayfield Lynn Grove Township
Adkins See: Antle McCarthy See: Pleasant Chapel
Altman See: Perin McKeever Poweshiek Township
Amboy See: Center Friends Methodist See: German Society Methodist
Antle Kellogg Township Metz See: Sugar Grove
Arthur Grave Newton Township Moffitt Family Newton Township
Ashton Clear Creek Township Monroe See: Monroe Silent City
Baptist See Rock Creek Monroe Silent City Fairview Township
Barbee-Raridon See: Raridon Mormon Grave Rock Creek Township
Baxter Restland Independence Township Mound Prairie Mound Prairie Township
Beargrove See: Mound Prairie Mt. Pleasant M.E. Hickory Grove Township
Bethany Independence Township Mt. Zion Bunea Vista Township
Bethany Lynn Grove Township New Salem Lynn Grove Township
Bethel Independence Township Newton Graveyard Newton Township
Bethel M.E. Richland Township Newton Memorial Park Newton Memorial Gardens
Boot See: Chase Newton Memorial Park Newton Township
Bridges Newton Township Newton Union Newton Township
Brown See: Griffis Nicely Grove See: Sams
Calvary of St. John's Parish See: Sacred Heart Oak Hill See: Colfax Highland
Campbell Lynn Grove Township Old Settlers See: Lynnville Woodland
Center Friends Kellogg Township Old German Lutheran Kellogg Lutheran
Chase Elk Creek Township Old St. John's Malaka
Chester Friends Lynn Grove Township Our Silent City See: Kellogg Our Silent City
Clymer Burying Ground Mound Prairie Township Palo Alto Palo Alto Township
Colfax Highland Washington Township Pauper See: Jasper Co. Burying Ground
College Farm See: Wittenburg Perin Clear Creek Township
County Home See: Jasper Co. Burying Ground Pleasant Chapel Newton Township
Dairy Grove See: Bethany, Lynn Grove Twp. Pleasant View Quaker Kellogg Township
Day See: Pleasant View Poor Farm See: Jasper Co. Burying Ground
Dearinger Elk Creek Township Poweshiek See: McKeever
Dooley Burying Ground See: Mt. Zion Prairie Belle Des Moines Township
Dowler Fairview Prairie City See: Prairie City Waveland
Elk Creek See: Bethany, Lynn Grove Prairie City, Old Prairie City Westview
Elk Creek Also see: Hewitt Prairie City Waveland Des Moines Township
Elk Creek Lutheran See: St. Andrew's Lutheran Prairie City Westview Des Moines Township
Fairview Fairview Township Prairie View See: Prairie City Waveland
Feathers See: Prairie City Waveland Raridon Independence Township
Fisher Poweshiek Township Renaud See: Chester Friends
Flock Independence Restland See: Baxter Restland
Friends See: Lynnville Friends, Center Friends, Pleasant View Quaker and Chester Friends Rhinehart Des Moines Township
Friends Center See: Center Friends Ritter - Worth Fairview Township
Galesburg See: Hewitt Rock Creek Rock Creek Township
Gagle Burial Plot See: Shipp Rorabaugh Mound Prairie Township
German Evangelical See: St. John's Rushville See: Rushville Woodland
German Burying Ground See: Kellogg Lutheran Rushville Woodland Kellogg Township
German Luthern, Old See: Kellogg Lutheran Sacred Heart Palo Alto Township
German Luthern See: St. Andrew's St. Andrew's Elk Creek Township
German Reformed See: Zoar St. John's Malaka Township
German Society Methodist Mariposa Township St. Paul's Kellogg Lutheran
Gifford Fairview Township Salem See: New Salem
Graham Clear Creek Township Sams Poweshiek Township
Green Hickory Grove Saum Buena Vista Township
Greencastle Poweshiek Township Scott See: Antle
Greenlief See: Mound Prairie Seay Fairview Township
Green Valley See: Graham Shaw See: Gifford
Griffis Des Moines Township Shields See: Pleasant Chapel
Hammer Center Friends Shipp Burial Ground Poweshiek Township
Harcourt See: Fairview Silent City See: Monroe Silent City
Hewitt Elk Creek Township Slagel Buena Vista Township
Hickory Grove Hickory Grove Township Slaughter Mound Prairie Township
Highland See: Colfax Highland Sugar Grove Mound Prairie Township
Hixon Grove Slagel Sully Lynn Grove Township
Hope Ridge Pleasant Chapel Swan Lynn Grove Township
Horn See: St. John's Tool's Chapel See: Seay Cemetery/Fairview
Hot Perin Trammel See: Union Chapel
Independence Independence Township Turck Burying Ground See: Mt. Zion
IOOF Lynville Woodland Union Newton Union; Union Chapel
Jasper City See: Kellogg Our Silent City Union Chapel Clear Creek Township
Jasper Co. Burying Ground Buena Vista Township United Bretheran See: Hickory Grove
Kelly Graveyard See: Rorabaugh Vandalia Des Moines Township
Kellogg Lutheran Kellogg Township Van Winkle See: Prairie Belle
Kellogg Our Silent City Kellogg Township    
Kintz Clear Creek Township Vieth See: German Society Methodist
Ladies Union Circle See: Newton Union Waveland See: Prairie City Waveland
Leonard Graveyard See: Ashton Westview See: Prairie City Westview
Liberty See: Rock Creek West Westfield Rock Creek Township
Linder See: Bridges Wild Cat See: Palo Alto
Livingston Palo Alto Wittenberg aka Wittemburg Newton Township
Lust See: Fairview Woodland See: Lynnville Woodland
Lynn Grove See: Campbell Woodland See: Rushville Woodland
Lynnville Grove Lynnville Friends Worth See: Ritter-Worth
Lynnville, Woodland Lynn Grove Township Wyatt See: Flock
Lynnville Friends Lynn Grove Township Zoar Malaka Township

This listing is based on a Location Guide to the Cemeteries of Jasper County, Iowa, 1994 compiled by John C. Daehler, Jasper County Cemetery Commission, Newton, Iowa.

1. "Cemetery location data provided by TopoZone.com, which in turn uses United States Geological Survey coordinates. The coordinates are entered into the Microsoft® MapPoint® online mapping site to generate cemetery maps. The maps give turn by turn driving directions; and allows the user to zoom in, pan left to right, up and down, etc. Created for IAGenWeb courtesy of Rich Lowe Jr."

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