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Seay Cemetery

A Pioneer Cemetery

Fairview Township
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Seay Pioneer Cemetery Sign     Seay Cemetery back in pasture in grove of trees


"The earliest known burial was in 1850. It is located on Quail Avenue, the northwest edge of Monroe and consists of about 1.51 acres. The Fairview Township trustees have responsibility for the cemetery. It is closed to new burials and has approximately 120 burials."

Source: Jasper County, Iowa Cemeteries: Fairview Township, compiled by Jasper County Genealogical Society; published by the Iowa Genealogical Society. Copyright 2002. Used with their permission.

To order this book and the listing of those known burials in Seay Cemetery, contact the Iowa Genealogical Society.

Burials in Seay Cemetery

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Name (Maiden) Birth Death Age Notes
Ammon, Nathaniel     18  
Cannon, Olive L.   17 Aug 1860 1y 2m 24d same stone as William S
Cannon, William S.   21 May 1859 21y 3m 3d ss as Olive L.
DeLong, Anna   03 Nov 1870 69y 10m 5d w/o Geo. / same stone as George
DeLong, George   17 Aug 1871 73y 1m 15d ss as Anna
Edwards, M. Cassandra   17 Aug 1875 27y 7m 8d w/o J.E. & d/o G & A. DeLong /ss as Minnie M
Edwards, Minnie M.   13 Aug 1875 1 d d/o J.E. & M.C. / ss as M. Cassandra
Fleener, Adam A. 24 Nov 1847 18 sep 1850   s/o Wm. & M.S.
Fleener, Washington        
Fouts, Noah   12 Aug 1870 74y 3m 9d GAR
Fudge, ?   10 Jul 1863 (?)    
Fudge, Barnaby   31 Jul 1855 3m d/o W. E.
Fudge, Elizabeth   15 June 1855   w/o W.
Fudge, Infant child        
Fudge, Infant girl        
Fudge, Mary 28 Nov 1830 03 Jan 1867   w/o William
Hall, J.        
Hayes, Bartwell        
Moore, Infant       s/o W. W. & M. C.
Moore, Martha Cassandra       w/o William
Moore, Octavious S.   03 April 1837 17y 11m _ d  
Moore, Oliver A.   09 Mar 1854   s/o W. W. & M. C.
Owen, ?   13 Mar 1853 82y w/o H.
Painter, ? E.   03 Jul 1869 16y d/o J. S.
Painter, Henry        
Pender, Lewis   21 Apr 188? 32y 6m 2?d  
Seay, Infant   1879    
Seay, R. O. 1872 1876    
Seay, Reuben J.   18 Oct 1862 3y 5m 10d s/o J. W. & M.
Seay, W. 1861 1861    
Tool, Adam M.   04 Apr 1877 82y 8m 3d same stone as Susan H.
Tool, Ida May   14 May 1862 5d d/o J.M. & J.E. Tool / ss as James Mc
Tool, Infant   19 Nov 1867   s/o J.A. & S. / ss as next Tool infant
Tool, Infant   28 Aug 1858   s/o J.A. & S. / ss as next Tool infant
Tool, Infant   12 Feb 1871   s/o J.A. & S. / ss as next Tool infant
Tool, Infant   25 June 1860   s/o J. A.
Tool, James A.   15 Oct 1910 85y 4m 8d ss as Sarah
Tool, James McCullough   26 Sep 1856 16m 2d s/o J. M & J. E. / ss as Ida May
Tool, Sarah   17 Jul 1890 63y 7m 3d his wife / ss as James A.
Tool, Susan H.   20 Jan 1862 61y 2m 10d ss as Adam M.
Woody, Eliza   29 Nov 1894 66y 8m 5d w/o Ezra
Woody, Ezra   10 Mar 1892 65y 11m 20d  
Woody, G. R.        
Woody, J. H. 20 Mar 1834 29 Jan 1913    
Woody, Louisa 08 Mar 1840 30 Jun 1916   w/o J. H. / ss as J. H.
Woody, Willis 12 Nov 1857 10 Sept 1859   s/o J. H. & L.
Wright, Albert   21 July 1876 20y 7m 8d  
Wright, Andrew Jackson 14 Mar 1837 12 Apr 1916    
Wright, Cynthia   21 Nov 1850 33y 9m 19d ss as Otelie, Samantha & Irena
Wright, Irena   17 Nov 1850 8y 2m 11d ss as Otelie, Samantha & Irena
Wright, Otelie   30 July 1851 19y 9m 7d ss as Otelie, Samantha & Irena
Wright, Samantha   17 Nov 1850 5m 28d ss as Otelie, Samantha & Irena
Wright, W.        
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