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Fisher Cemetery

A Pioneer Cemetery

Poweshiek Township

4280 Hwy 117 N, Colfax
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Fisher Cemetery     Fisher Cemetery


"Fisher Cemetery is located on Highway 117 North and North of North 35th Ave West Section 13, Poweshiek Township, Jasper County, Iowa. This is approximately four and one half miles North of Colfax on 117.

Benjamin Fisher brought his family to Jasper County in 1857. On 8 July 1961 his daughter in law, Rebecca A. Fisher, died. Needing a place to bury her, they chose one corner of the Fisher farm. The very next month Rebecca's ten month old son Frankie died and he was buried next to his mother, thus began the local burying grounds.

"The ground was used for burying for the next two and one have decades. Benjamin died in 1883 and the farm was sold to Elias Inguire and his wife Gertrude H. Inguire. On the 11th of December 1886, in order to make things legal, Elias and Gertrude Inguire deeded approximately one quarter of an acre of land to the trustees of Poweshiek Township to be used for a cemetery.

"At one time in history some graves were removed to McKeever Cemetery, leaving about twenty graves that can be identified. The last known person to be buried at Fisher was Jacob Rieman, Jr., who died 11 September 1910, in Mingo, Iowa.

"All burials are related to the Fisher family except those of the Wintersteen family who owned the property by 1898.

"There is no sign, it is fenced, has walk in access and is well maintained, by the Poweshiek Township Trustees." [Since this was written the Jasper County Cemetery Commission has put up a sign designating Fisher Cemetery as a Pioneer Cemetery.]

Source: Jasper County, Iowa Cemeteries: Poweshiek Township, compiled by Jasper County Genealogical Society; published by the Iowa Genealogical Society. Copyright 1994. Used with their permission.

To order this book and the listing of those known buried in Fisher Cemetery, contact the Iowa Genealogical Society.

Known Burials

Name (Maiden) Birth Death Age Notes
Chace, Alice   15 Mar 1862   Dau of H.B. & A.
Fisher, Benjamin Sr. 03 Dec 1802 23 Mar 1883 80y 3m 20d Born in Baltimore, Maryland
Fisher, Christeana E. 11 Dec 1848 25 Jan 1870 21y 1m 14d Wife of S.H. Fisher
Fisher, Elizabeth 24 Jan 1811 28 Sep 1877 66h 8m 4d Wife of B. Fisher Sr.
Fisher, Elizabeth 13 Aug 1833 21 Sep 1867 34y 1m 8d Wife of Adam Fisher
Fisher, Frankie 29 Sep 1860 14 Aug 1861 10m 16d Son of E.H. & Rebecca Fisher
Fisher, Rebecca A. 15 Nov 1836 08 Jul 1861 24y 7m 23d Wife of E.H. Fisher
Fisher, Rosey May 06 Apr 1870 25 Aug 1871 1y 4m 19d Dau of B. & R. Fisher
Fisher, S.(Silas) H.   April 1878   Co. D. 40th Iowa Inf. GAR
Fisher, E. H.1       G.A.R. No stone
Hildenbrand, Anna Mary 19 Apr 1791 22 Aug 1870 79y 4m 3d Wife of Jacob
Hildenbrand, Jacob 09 Aug 1782 06 Apr 1868 85y 7m 28d  
Jackson, Andrew M. 1861 1894   Son of P.F. & R. Jackson
Jackson, David 16 Oct 1855 02 Feb 1869 13y 3m 17d Son of P.F. & R. Jackson
Jackson, Rebecca 12 Aug 1824 19 Jan 1878 53y 5m 7d Wife of Phillip F. Jackson
Love, Charles H. 12 Mar 1861 24 Aug 1862 1y 5m 12d Son of H. & C.M.
Pitman, Wm.1       G.A.R. No stone
Rieman, Jacob Jr. 21 May 1797 29 Apr 1863 65y 11m 8d  
Rieman, Julia C. 12 Sep 1807 11 Mar 1864 56y 5m 28d Wife of Jacob Rieman
Stombaugh, Maylon 13 Apr 1858 20 Apr 1864 6y 7d Son of G. & G.
Wintersteen, Harry 1898 14 Jan 1899 3m Twin son of L.H. & C.M.
Wintersteen, Lily May 1898 21 Jan 1899 3 1/2 mo Twin dau of L.H. & C.M.
Wintersteen, Willie 1898 28 Oct 1898 1m Son of L.H. & C.M.

1. Information from Catharine Henderson, Colfax

Fisher Family Information

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