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Mound Prairie (Greenlief) Cemetery

Pioneer Cemetery

6440 W 68 St S
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Mound Prairie Cemetery Sign     Cemetery located at top of hill


A more common name for Mound Prairie Cemetery is Greenlief and some call it Bear Grove. It is a two acre plot that was first deeded as a cemetery the 4th of June 1878. William C. Greenlief and his wife Emma A. Greenlief sold this land to the Trustees of Mound Prairie Twonship. In 1878 the cemetery was platted and there could have been as many as forty burials here. The cemetery was first walked in 1978 when more of the stones existed and were readable.

Source: Jasper County, Iowa Cemeteries: Mound Prairie Township, compiled by Jasper County Genealogical Society; published by the Iowa Genealogical Society. Copyright 1995. Used with their permission. To order this book, contact the Iowa Genealogical Society.

Burials in this cemetery from obituaries and funeral home records on this site.

Name (Maiden) Birth Death Other Information
Blount, Wilbur 6 Nov 1913Son of S(amuel) & O(rpha) Blount (Brother to Jason)
Brown, AaronJan 26, 1846Mar 18 1894  
Brown, AnnelizaAug 22, 1845May 2, 1892Wife of A. Brown
Burgess, AnnAge 69y 8m14 Apr 1896 Wife of Wm. Burgess
Chapman, John O.  Infant 
Coffman, Andrew 30 May 1845 09 Jul 1923born in Ohio; F: Peter Coffman (DR1-51)
Coffman, Sarah Apr 7 1899His Wife
Coffman, child of Andrew & SarahJun 1889Jul 8, 1889aged 1M
Cowker, ?    name only
Early, George A.1844   
Early, Hattie M.Jul 31, 1851Dec 24, 1872wife of G. A. Early
Early, Harriet M. (Young) 18491872 
Greenlief, W. C.13 Feb 180728 Aug 1882 
Greenlief, Eunice A.11 Nov 183117 May 1882Wife of W. C. Greenlief
Greenlief, Hetty A.09 Oct 186428 Aug 1866Daughter
Greenlief, Emma J13 Sep 186620 Feb 1883Daughter
Greenlief, Charles E. 19 Jan 1868son of W.C. & E.A. Greenlief
Greenlief, Homer B. 25 May 1869son of W.C. & E.A. Greenlief
Hull, Wm. A.Feb 2 1860Oct 26, 1884 
Kohlmeier, JacobJun 24, 1819Oct 16, 1909 .
Murrell, W. A. (Wiley Anderson)2 Feb 180627 Mar 1885 
Murrell, Mary M.9 Sep 180613 Jul 1887His Wife
Peck, Elizabeth G. S. 15 Jun 1818 17 Nov 1874 Wife of E. R. Peck
Born in Schenedady, N.Y.
E. R. Peck 27 July 1815 25 July 1895 No stone
Rawlins, Hulda F. (Early)18421902 
Rawlins, Robert16 Sep 183817 Mar 1914No stone
Roberts, Freddie 11 Mar 1896 03 Aug 1900 Son of W. E. & M. M.
Roberts, Edna  Daughter of W. E. & M. M.
Roberts, John7 Nov 188616 Jan 1887Son of C. & E.
Roberts, Wilbur John ca 1878Son of John & Elizabeth Roberts
Schafer, Edwin W.1886Nov 18, 1887Age 6 months
Son of G. & C. Schafer
Thompson, Alvaretta W. 02 Dec 1874 07 Aug 1976 Dau of __ & T. Thompson
Van Gilder, Sarah (Anderson) Jun 16 1821 Jan 23, 1906 Mother; 1st marriage to John Early
Van Gilder, AbrahamFeb 9 1813 Jan 24, 1889 
Van Gilder, DaleJune 29, 1911Feb 4, 1919Son of Merl & Zora
Van Gilder, J. Fletcher 26 Oct 1861Mar 29, 1888Son of J Van Gilder
Wilson, Oakes Anger July 31, 1862Oct 12, 1881Son of C.H. & S.
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