Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.


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Moats, Alva Holland

Don Parsons

Mobberly, William A.    
Mobley, Agnes K.    
Mobley, Earl D. Online scans, sb5247  
Mobley, Florence Mae Foster    
Mobley, Raymond Online scans, #591  
Mock, Myrtle Clark Online scans, #537, #543  
Modrow, Duane Louis    
Modrow, Helen Joyce Cook    
Moffet, Swea Amanda Christ    
Moffit, Martha A. "Mattie" Wise Julia Johnson  
Moffin, J.C., infant child of Julia Johnson  

Moffitt, Allie Strawbride

Moffitt, Bertha Vide Davison Online scans, #8350, #8367  
Moffitt, Robert N.    
Moger, Elva T. Cabbage Online scans, #8517  
Moger, Leon Earl Online scans, #2092  
Mohler, Ruth Thomas Online scans, sb703, sb310  
Mohrman, Eunice Wilson Online scans, sb5232  
Moles, Martha "Wilma" Crawford    
Moles, Shirley Editha McWhorter    
Moncrief, David    
Moncrief, Eliza Pollock    
Money, Donna J.    
Money, George A.    
Monk, Alvin Cletes    
Monk, Ruth L. Cooper    
Monroe, Douglas James    
Monroe, Katharine Hart    
Monson, Carl George Raymond    
Monson, Daryl John    
Monson, Marjorie Ann Morton    
Monson, Susan Margaret    
Monson, Walter G. Online scans, sb5693, #7071  
Monson, Wilma Apple Online scans, #8553, #8559  
Montague, Ed's SON    
Montanye, William Wiley    
Montgomery, Alexander "Alex" Julia Johnson  
Montgomery, Arthur H.    
Montgomery, Estella Mitchell    
Montgomery J.F., Mrs    
Montgomery, James Potter    
Montgomery, Lewis A. Online scans, sb5231  
Montgomery, M.E. "Monty" Online scans, #270  
Montgomery, Melville, Mrs Online scans, #3057  
Montgomery, Nora Ellen Laman Online scans, #337  
Montgomery, Sattie, -1888 Julia Johnson  
Montgomery, Stella Johnson    
Montgomery, Verna Opal Huddle Squier Online scans, #2038, #2033  
Montgomery, William    
Montz, Marilyn Jo Vaille    
Monzingo, Edward Carroll Julia Johnson  
Monzingo, Eliza Ann Barber Gillespie Julia Johnson  
Monzingo, John Julia Johnson  
Monzingo, Thomas    
Mooberry, Ross    
Moody, Eva A. Brown Online scans, sb5227, sb5230  
Moody, Garnet "Irene" Online scans, sb3238  
Moody, Gertrude E.    
Moody, Isa Lou McLain Online scans, sb3804  
Moody, Larry Leroy    
Moody, Melvin W.    
Moon, G.H.    
Mooney, Margaret Anna Leu    
Mooney, Nancy    
Moore, Alice Victoria Peterson Don Parsons  

Moore, Allie Delena

Don Parsons

Moore, Alta Mae    
Moore, Catherine Bailey    

Moore, Christiana Jane Bodenhamer

Don Parsons

Moore, Clarence Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8657, #8659  

Moore, Darrell

Don Parsons

Moore, Donald Dean    
Moore, Dora    
Moore, Ed    
Moore, Eleanor Joyce McClarnon Stone    
Moore, Emma    
Moore, Eva Lavina Online scans, sb317, sb702  
Moore, Evelyn Berniece McClarnon Jerry Hamm  
Moore, Fred E.    
Moore, Galen    
Moore, George W.    

Moore, Goldie Burnham

Don Parsons


Moore, Goldie Marie Burnham

Don Parsons

Moore, J.D.    
Moore, James, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Moore, Jerry L.    
Moore, John A.    
Moore, John I. - 1882 Julia Johnson  
Moore, Lela Tinnell    
Moore, Louise Lorelei Rusco  
Moore, Margaret Ellen    
Moore, Marjorie Emma Eitzen Online scans, sb2645  
Moore, Martha E.    
Moore, Martin Laverne "Marty"    
Moore, Mary Catherine Leonard    
Moore, Mary Elizabeth Clouse Online scans, sb1820  
Moore, Maude Agnes McCowan Julia Johnson  
Moore, Max Eugene    
Moore, Michael Online scans, #987  
Moore, Nancy Baird    
Moore, Nora E.    
Moore, Opal Beauchamp    
Moore, Raymond George Online scans, sb5071, sb5072  
Moore, Raymond L. Online scans, sb1407, sb1454  
Moore, Rebecca    

Moore, Robert Taylor

Don Parsons

Moore, Roy "Eddie" Edward    

Moore, Roy R.

Don Parsons


Moore, Roy Robert

Don Parsons

Moore, Ruby Helen Thomas    
Moore, Ruth Leon    
Moore, Samuel, 1810 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Moore, Sarah Ann Hiatt    
Moore, Thos    
Moore, Trisha Lynn Online scans, sb3778, sb3831  
Moore, Twila Bearch Online scans, sb797, sb494  
Moore, Veda Online scans, sb3710  
Moore, Verlinda Webster Julia Johnson  
Moore, W.M., Mrs    
Moore, Wanda Irene Majors Online scans, sb6190  
Moore, William, 1803 - 1888 Julia Johnson  
Moore, William John    
Moore, William L.    
Moreland, Arthur's INFANT    
Moreland, Emma    
Moreland, Gib., Mrs    
Moreland, William Gibson    
Morelock, Dale Duane    
Morelock, Elza Wayne    
Morelock, Evelyn Marie Chapman    
Morelock, Ferne Lorene Liddell    
Morelock, Glenn Elbert    
Morelock, Helen Maxine Bayles Online scans, sb5300  
Morelock, James Mark    
Morelock, Mart    
Morgan, Beulah A. Downs Online scans, sb515, sb53  
Morgan, Charles W., 1845 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Morgan, David    
Morgan, David, Mrs    
Morgan, Doral Dean    
Morgan, Earl Corman Julia Johnson  
Morgan, Edward J. Julia Johnson  
Morgan, F.H.    
Morgan, Iona May Julia Johnson  
Morgan, John "General" 1840 - 1924 Julia Johnson  
Morgan, Kenneth Irvin    
Morgan, Mildred D. "Millie"    
Morgan, Oma E.    
Morgan, Richard Lee Online scans, sb3943  
Morgan, Susan Cassie Goodman    
Morgan, William W. "Bill"    
Morgans, James Patrick    
Morhain, Imogene Beaulah Walters    
Morhain, Mervin    
Morhain, Orville    
Moritz, Elvin Lloyd    
Moritz, Sandra Lee "Sandy" Campbell Julia Johnson; Online scans, #3  
Morland, Hattie, -1881 Julia Johnson  
Morledge, Edgar    
Morledge, Fred M. Julia Johnson  
Morledge, Jessie Oliver Julia Johnson  
Morledge, John Robert Julia Johnson  
Morledge, Sarah Stubbs Julia Johnson  
Morley, Albert Fernando Julia Johnson  
Morley, Eleanor M. Online scans, #8718  
Morley, Joseph    
Morley, Luther, Mrs and BABE    
Morley, Sarah Wisler    
Morley, Willard Online scans, #8851  
Morris, David    
Morris, Dorothy    
Morris, Drexel Ray Online scans, sb4920  
Morris, Edna LaFaver Online scans, #3058, #3057  
Morris, Elizabeth S.    
Morris, George R.    
Morris, Ida O'Dell    
Morris, Joshua L. Julia Johnson  
Morris, Lewis, 1883 - 1892 Julia Johnson  
Morris, Martha 1902    
Morris, Martha "Mattie" 1973 Julia Johnson; #63  
Morris, Neola McCowen Online scans, #8712, #8714  

Morris, Richard Ross

Annette Miller

Morris, Ronald Leon "Ronnie"    

Morris, Rosella Skinner

Annette Miller

Morris, Scott    
Morris, Stella    
Morris, Sutton Ross Julia Johnson; Online scans, #117, #121, #165  
Morris, Thomas S.    
Morris, Victor    
Morris, Virgil Leo Online scans, sb5143  
Morris, Will    
Morrison, Caroline Sears Julia Johnson  
Morrison, Cory Eugene Julia Johnson  
Morrison, Gene Robert Online scans, sb3895  
Morrison, Henry B. Julia Johnson  
Morrison, James H.    
Morrison, Mabel    
Morrison, Margaret E. Mitchell    
Morrison, Orville Oliver    
Morrison, R. Dale    
Morrison, Randall D.    
Morrison, Ruth, Mae    
Morrison, Thomas Jefferson “Tom” Julia Johnson  
Morrison, Wm    
Morrow, Anna Mary Online scans, sb6068, sb5413  
Morrow, David    
Morrow, Edwena Hull    
Morrow, George Renwick Online scans, #8376, #8347, #8351  
Morrow, Grace Hannah Online scans, sb365  
Morrow, Jennie Eleanor Online scans, sb1719  
Morrow, Jerry Laverl    
Morrow, John    
Morrow, Paul E. Online scans, sb3935  
Morrow, Ruby LaFaver Online scans, sb238, sb240  
Morrow, Sarah E. Online scans, sb3979  
Morrow, William L. Online scans, sb266  
Morseman, Dorman    
Morsman, Albert H. Julia Johnson  
Morsman, Edgar Martin Julia Johnson  
Morsman, Harley Elisha Julia Johnson  
Morsman, Mary Margaret Hubbard Julia Johnson  
Morsman, May Kenyon Julia Johnson  
Morsman, Moses Jenery Julia Johnson  
Morsman, Westel W. Julia Johnson  
Morss, Freda Lyons Online scans, #905, #958  
Morss, Robert Curtis Online scans, #8988, #9009  
Morton, Cason Chase    
Morton, Frank Edgar    
Moseley, Daisy Delilah Fann Griffith    
Moser, Mary Jane    
Moser, Osie C.    
Moser, R.E., Mrs' MOTHER    
Moser, William Charles "Bill"    
Moses, Charles Leslie "Les" Online scans, sb4274  
Moses, Della Elizabeth Calfee    
Moses, Faye    
Moses, Fred Orville Online scans, #8077, #8000  

Moses, Freida Pflug

Pat O’Dell

Moses, John Wayne Online scans, #8801  
Moses, Julie Lavon Online scans, #719  
Moses, Lola R.    
Moses, Louise Jane Online scans, #8970, #9028  
Mosholder, Samuel    
Mosier, Carolyn Jeanne Moore    
Mosley, Lon's WIFE    
Mosley, Olive Jane Lowe    
Moss, Alberta Sweeney    
Moss, Bessie    
Moss, Emmett, 1885 - 1930 Julia Johnson  
Moss, Howard, 1849 - 1932 Julia Johnson  
Moss, Howard, Mrs, -1880 Julia Johnson  
Moss, Thomas    
Moss, William Julia Johnson  
Motter, Dana Ann    
Motsinger, Dorothy Jean Reed    
Mount, Carolyn A. Rasmussen    
Mount, Ronnie Ray "Bud"    
Mowery, Emmett I. Online scans, sb236  
Mowrey, Beverly Fern Higday    
Mowry, Cleeo Coralyn Crussell    
Mowry, Walter George    
Mowyer, Anna Bell Moore    
Moyer, Kenneth Jr