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PWGOSurnames Starting with SaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Sacquitne [Larsen], Snare
Sept. 4, 1811Nov. 6, 1873
Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Sacquitne, Ida S
/Same stone as: Sacquitne, Myer R
Sacquitne, Julia
/Same stone as: Sacquitne, Severt
Sacquitne, Kenneth W
Jan. 27, 1932Mar. 15, 1980
Sgt US Army Korea
Sacquitne, Larsina
picture   O
Sacquitne, Lyle George
Mar. 17, 1925Dec. 10, 2016
Married Lucille Aschim June 2, 1951
Sacquitne, Myer R
/Same stone as: Sacquitne, Ida S
Sacquitne, Ranvig
Feb. 27, 1827Sept. 19, 1908
w/o Snare Sacquitne Husband died in 1873. Both from Norway Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Sacquitne, Severt
/Same stone as: Sacquitne, Julia
Sampson, Edwin P
Jan 1, 1861Sep. 12, 1947
/Adjacent Stone to: Sampson, Emma C
Sampson, Emma C
Aug 17, 1865jan. 20, 1937
/Adjacent Stone to: Sampson, Edwin P
Sampson, Florence E
Nov 7, 1864May 10, 1938
/Adjacent Stone to: Sampson, William
Sampson, Peter
Jan 13, 1821July 15, 1898
/Same stone as: Sampson, Sarah
Sampson, Sarah
Sept. 20, 1826June 28, 1906
Born in Voss, Norway Came to America-1845, Dane County Wis until 1853 to Pleasant Tp. Winn. Co.-1853
Sampson, William
Oct. 25, 1853Mar. 4, 1912
/Adjacent Stone to: Sampson, Florence E
Sande, Berge J
/Adjacent Stone to: Fadness, Sarah Sande and Hendrick C
Sande, John Jørgensen
Dec. 1, 1854Oct. 13, 1876 
Sanden, Arne Olsen
May 18, 17921878 
Sanden, Guri
Nov 12, 18281867 
Sanden, Margrethe
June 18, 1822Apr. 5, 1892
Mother w/o Tollef Arneson Sanden s/s Tollef Arneson Sanden Born in Nes, Hallingdal, Norway
Sanden, Tollef Arneson
Aug. 30, 1823Jan. 3, 1900
Father h/o Margrethe Sanden s/s Margrethe Sanden Born in Nes, Norway
Sattre, Maria
Sattre, Martin O
Mar 18, 1866Jan 15, 1897 
Saxvik, Amanda
/Same stone as: Saxvik, Gilbert
Saxvik, Gilbert
/Same stone as: Saxvik, Amanda
Saxvik, Ingeborg
/ 5 Saxvik names on Oluf L's stone
Saxvik, Lewis C
/ 5 Saxvik names on Oluf L's stone
Saxvik, Magdalena
/ 5 Saxvik names on Oluf L's stone
Saxvik, Olaf
/ 5 Saxvik names on Oluf L's stone
Saxvik, Oluf L
/ 5 Saxvik names on Oluf L's stone
Saxvik, Oscar Morton
May 2, 1921Sep. 13, 1972
1st Lt Joi Airborne Div WWII PH
Scheldeim, Kristine
Sept. 26, 1843May 25, 1919
Married Name is: Nesheim
Schjeldahl, Brynhilda
Sep 20, 1849Sep. 27, 1933
/Adjacent Stone to: Schjeldahl, Erick O
Schjeldahl, Brynjulv K
Schjeldahl, Erick O
June 23, 1848Jan. 13, 1913
/Adjacent Stone to: Schjeldahl, Brynhilda1855
  G O
Schmelzer, Ami L. (Egan)
Dec. 7, 1968Nov. 28, 1999
w/o Doug Schmelzer
Schumacher, Sharon (Osmundson)
Mar. 19, 1945Nov. 13, 2010
married Tom Schumacher June 17, 1967
Seehuus, Elisabeth Charlotte Henriette Stub
Nov. 16, 1859June 27, 1887
w/o Knut Seehus d/o Hans and Ingeborg (Arentz) Stub s/s Olaf Tideman Arentz Stub Seehuus
Seehuus, Helga C.
Dec. 13, 1862Sept. 8, 1937
Adjacent Stone to : Knut Pastor Seehuus
Seehuus, Knut Pastor
May 3, 1859Dec. 1, 1953
Adjacent Stone to : Helga C. Seehuus Follow the old paths
Seehuus, Olaf Tideman Arentz Stub
June 21, 1887Feb. 23, 1889
s/s Elisabeth Charlotte Henriette Stub Seehuus
Seim, Emma
/ 4 Seim names on Johans's stone
Seim, Helge T
June 24, 1834June 21, 1876
/Married to: Seim, Ragnhilda
Seim, Ingeborg
/ 4 Seim names on Johans's stone
Seim, Ingeborg (Ellingsdatter)
June 24, 1824 Dec 23, 1866
/Same stone as: Johannesdatter, Josefine
Seim, Johans
/ 4 Seim names on Johans's stone
Seim, John I.
Jan. 4, 1831July 7, 1904
Born in Hardanger, Norway
Seim, Lewis
Sep 17, 1865Feb 18, 1883 
Seim, Ole H
May 22, 1863Mar. 18, 1939 
Seim, Ragnhilda
1823Mar. 23, 1910
/Married to: Seim, Helge T
Seim, Sivert
/ 4 Seim names on Johans's stone
Selland, Anna
1819Aug. 19, 1910
Born in Norway w/o Erik Selland Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Selland, Clara Een
Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Selland, Erik E.
Feb 22, 1812 Jul 20, 1888 
Selland, Erik Eriksen
Dec. 25, 1852Aug. 7, 1873 
Selland, Herman E
July 5, 1864June 8, 1900 
Selland, Kari Eriksdatter
Dec. 27, 1800Sept. 27, 1873 
Selnes, Edvin Robert
Aug 22, 1891Nov 3, 1891 
Severeide, Amanda L
/Same stone as: Severeide,Oscar C
Severeide, Morris
Severeide, Oscar C
/Same stone as: Severeide,Amanda L
Severide, Adolph
h/o Bertha Johnson-Sanderson
Severide, Anna
/Same stone as: Amundson,Ida Mathilda
Severide, Bertha (Johnson-Sanderson)
w/o Severide, Adolph
Severide, Olai J
/Same stone as: Amundson,Charley
Severide, Raymond
Mar. 24, 1926Oct. 13, 1995
/Adjacent Stone to: Severide, Bertha and Adolph
Severson, Anna B
/Adjacent Stone to: Severson, Kittle The WPA spelled Severson as Sevenson
Severson, Asle
June 26, 1844Oct 27, 1930
Married Bessie Tobiason July 26, 1876 Co H 15 Wis Inf s/o Sjur and Helga (Risør). Born in Norway
Severson, Carol Lea
Nov. 19, 1937Apr. 6, 1999
married Wayne Leidahl May 12, 1957
Severson, Clara
/Married to: Severson, Henry R
Severson, Emily R
Dec 10, 1845Mar 1, 1882
/Same stone as: Severson, Ole R The WPA spelled Severson as Sevenson
Severson, Evelyn
/Adjacent Stone to: Severson, Henry R and Clara
Severson, Henry R
/Married to: Severson, Clara
Severson, Joyce L
Mar. 6, 1930 Jan. 4, 1931 
picture   O
Severson, Kenneth Dean
Nov. 19, 1937Mar. 24, 2017
Married Deanna Albertson June 1, 1963
Severson, Kittle
/Adjacent Stone to: Severson, Anna B
Severson, Kittle Family Stone
Severson, Leonard
/Same stone as: Severson, Ruth O
Severson, Lizzie
Dec 4, 1877Apr. 14, 1954 
Severson, Ole R
June 17, 1841Dec. 26, 1917
/Same stone as: Severson, Emily R The WPA spelled Severson as Sevenson
Severson, Rachel
Nov. 19, 1841Jan. 3, 1921
w/o Ole W Ellingson s/s Ole W Ellingson Born in Sogn, Norway
Severson, Ruth O
/Same stone as: Severson, Leonard
Severson, Sylvan E
Feb. 6, 1907Nov. 1, 2002
/Adjacent Stone to: Severson, Henry R and Clara
Sheetz, Aaron Monroe
/Married to: Sheetz, Martha
Sheetz, Martha
/Married to: Sheetz, Aaron Monroe
Shjuroes, Anders P
July 2, 1883 Feb 8, 1888 
Shjuros, Jens P.
Mar. 7, 1879July 11, 1905 
Shjuros, Peder P
June 11, 1875Mar. 17, 1910
Born in Norway
Shurds, Ida
Shuros, Alma
/Adjacent Stone to: Shuros, Marie B and Benedick P
Shuros, Arthur
/Same stone as: Shuros,Inez
Shuros, Arthur Family Stone
Shuros, Benedick P - Military Marker
Sep 27, 1867May 25, 1952
Co G 15 Minn Inf Sp Am War
Shuros, Bernard M
/Married to: Shuros, Dorothy C
Shuros, Dorothy C
/Married to: Shuros, Bernard M
Shuros, Gunhild Johansdatter
June 26, 1837May 14, 1895
Born in Singsaas, Norway w/o Peder Johannesen Shuros Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Shuros, Inez
/Same stone as: Shuros,Arthur
Shuros, Jens A
/Adjacent Stone to: Shuros, Marie B and Benedick P
Shuros, Marie B
/Same stone as: Shuros, Benedick P
Shuros, Melvin G
/Same stone as: Shuros, Phyllis I
Shuros, Petra G
/Adjacent Stone to: Shuros, Marie B and Benedick P
Shuros, Phyllis I
/Same stone as: Shuros, Melvin G
Simenson, Anna A
/Same stone as: Simenson, Oscar C
Simenson, Ole
Sep 18, 1803Oct. 30, 1876
h/o Anna Simonson Adjacent Stone to : Anna Simonson
Simenson, Oscar C
/Same stone as: Simenson, Anna A
Simondson, Anne Helene
Dec. 11, 1870Dec. 11, 1870
d/o Halvor and Gustava Simonson
Simonsdatter, Alis
Jan 1, 18??Feb 12, 1875 
Simonson, Anna
Nov. 2, 1823Feb. 2, 1889
w/o Ole. Simonsen Adjacent Stone to : Ole. Simonsen
Simonson, Anna
Simonson, Anne Lovise
Mar. 31, 1872Apr. 11, 1877
d/o Halvor and Gustava Simonson
picture   O
Sivesind, Donald James
June 14, 1931Oct. 30, 2014
Married Mary Jean Tangen Aug. 15, 1954
picture   O
Sivesind, Mary Jean (Tangen)
Feb. 15, 1935Apr. 26, 2017
Married Donald James Sivesind Aug. 15, 1954
Skaaren, Martin Johanes
Sept 9, 1866May 24, 1890
/The WPA spelled Skaaren as Shaaren
Skage, Haagen Mikkelson
May 8, 1842Dec. 18, 1875 
Skildeim, Seborg Tostensdatter
Jan 28, 18201865
/Married to: Skildeim, Christopher Nitter Pedersen then to: Børsheim, Ole Olsen
Skjervheim, Anna
/Same stone as: Skjervheim, Eilef
Skjervheim, Eilef
/Same stone as: Skjervheim, Anna
Slaehn, Wiking E
June 10, 1825Aug. 18, 1901 
Sleetager, Ole P.
/Same stone as: Sleetanger, Rachel C
Sleetager, Ole P. Family Stone
Sleetager, Rachel C
/Same stone as: Sleetanger, Ole
Slinde, Inger
Oct 7, 1830July 5, 1924
/Same stone as: Slinde, Ole T
Slinde, Ole T
Jan 8, 1834Oct. 21, 1920
/Same stone as: Slinde, Inger
  G O
Slindee, Clara Sofie
Feb. 16, 1891Jan. 9, 1990
w/o John O Forde
SN2005, GN2005
SN2010, GN2010
Snyder, Hank
Mar. 25, 1960Nov. 14, 2000
h/o Deb Iverson
Solberg, Chatrine Helena
Oct. 8, 1850Apr. 29, 1879
w/o Sjur L. Solberg Adjacent Stone to : Mikkel Johnson Solberg
Solberg, Datter
Datter af Lars og Anguna Solberg
Solberg, Johan Mikkelsen
Aug 20, 1853May 10, 1858
/ 3 Solberg names on Rachel 's stone
Solberg, Johanne Mikkelsdatter
July, 1861Sep. 8, 1861
/ 3 Solberg names on Rachel 's stone
Solberg, Mikkel Johnson
Nov. 5, 1824Dec. 6, 1870
Adjacent Stone to : Chatrine Helena Solberg
Solberg, Rachal
Jan. 13, 1857Sept. 22, 1861
d/o Johan Mikkelsen / 3 Solberg names on Rachel 's stone
Solem, Anna
July 2, 1830June 30, 1931
w/o Andrew Anderson aka Anders L Lokebo
Solem, Bertilde Caroline
Dec. 11, 1886Dec. 22, 1930
w/o Martin Solem Adjacent Stone to : Martin Solem d/o Olai and Anna (Severeide) Grouped With 2 other graves: Martin Solem and Olga M. Solem
Solem, John E.
Solem, Marie B
/Same stone as: Solem, Peter
Solem, Martin
Oct. 16, 1887Apr. 30, 1974
h/o Bertilde Caroline Solem Adjacent Stone to : Bertilde Caroline Solem Grouped With 2 other graves: Bertilde Caroline Solem and Olga M. Solem
Solem, Melvin
/Shared stone with: Solem, Moses and Oleana
Solem, Moses
/Same stone as: Solem, Oleana
Solem, Oleana
/Same stone as: Solem, Moses
Solem, Olga M.
Grouped With 2 other graves: Bertilde Caroline Solem and Martin Solem
  G O
Solem, Peter
Nov. 4, 1890July 27, 1950
Married Marie Harvey May 26, 1913 Same stone as: Solem, Marie B
picture G O
Sorenson, Myrtle Ellen Jacobson
June 27, 1914Nov. 1, 2005
married Emmet Raymond Jacobson on February 16, 1936 & Thomas Edwin Philips January 31, 1976
Spilde, Anna Marie
Mar. 30, 1874July 26, 1874
Parents - and Anna Marie (Sandness) Spilde Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Spilde, Anna Marie Sandness
Mar. 5, 1846Apr. 5, 1874
Parent - Gulbrand Sandness Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Spilde, Guri
Aug 18, 1835Nov. 5, 1870
/Wife of Ole N Spilde
Spilde, Luis A.
/Son of Ole N Spilde
Spilde, Synneva
May 20, 1843Apr. 16, 1892
w/o Lars Spilde
Stoen, Andreas
May 5, 1872July 28, 1878
Son of Ole Og Guri Stoen
picture   O
Stoen, Eugene Kenneth
Jan. 18, 1936Dec. 14, 2016
Married Caryl Dickman July 19, 1959 and Darlene Tollefson Frey July 27, 1997
Stoen, H Clarence
/Same stone as: Stoen, Mayme J
Stoen, Halsten Family Stone
Stoen, Halsten H
Feb 20, 1854Oct. 9, 1923
/Married to: Stoen, Josephine
Stoen, Halsten Olsen
June 27, 1796Nov. 16, 1877
s/o Harold and Kari . Nesheim, Hallingdal, Norway
Stoen, Harold H
Jul 16, 1831Aug. 6, 1910
/Same stone as: Stoen, Kari
Stoen, Henry J
/Same stone as: Stoen, Martina O
Stoen, Josephine
July 21, 1865 June 10, 1920
/Married to: Stoen, Halsten H
Stoen, Kari
Oct. 7, 1821Oct. 6, 1906
w/o Harald Stoen
Stoen, Knut M
/Married to: Stoen, Mildred B
Stoen, Martina O
/Same stone as: Stoen, Henry J
Stoen, Mayme J
/Same stone as: Stoen, H Clarence
Stoen, Mildred B
/Married to: Stoen, Knut M
Stoen, Ole Halstensen
May 25, 1829Feb. 23, 1886
Born in Nesbyen, Hallingdal, Norway
Stoen, Ole Mrs.
1829 or 1830Nov. 3, 1915
Age 85 years
  G O
Stoen, Olena
Oct. 17, 1861Apr. 26, 1950
w/o Tosten H. Stoen
Stoen, Palma Alice (Nelson)
July 2, 1929Mar. 2, 2014
Married Sophus Stoen March 30, 1947
Stoen, Selmer O
/Adjacent Stone to: Stoen, Martina O and Henry J
  G O
Stoen, Thea G
1906Feb., 1990
/Married to: Stoen, Walter O
Stoen, Tosten H.
Sept. 1, 1859Oct. 25, 1910
s/o Harold and Kari Støen
picture   O
Stoen, Virginia Louise
June 18, 1952Dec. 4, 2011
d/o Herbert and Kathryn (Bany) Stoen
  G O
Stoen, Walter O
1900Sept., 1989
/Married to: Stoen, Thea G
Stoen, Wilbur C.
Apr. 22, 1926Jan. 26, 2017
h/o Eunice
Stoen, William
Jan. 24, 1929Jan. 24, 1929
William infant son of Thea E & Walter O
Stokke, Eliza
/The WPA spelled Stokke as Stoke
Stokke, Elling
/Married to: Stokke, Kari
Stokke, Gulbrand
/Son of: Stokke, Elling and Kari
Stokke, Ingebor
/Daughter of: Stokke, Elling and Kari
Stokke, Kari
/Married to: Stokke, Elling
Stortz, Brady Mitchell
Mar. 16, 1996June 18, 2004
Son of Mitchell & Amanda
Stortz, Brady Mitchell - Zoom to picture
Stortz, Michael Gary
Jan. 23, 1970July 4, 1990
Son of Gary & Bev
Stortz, Michael Gary - Zoom in to picture
  G O
Stoskopf, Bertha M (Anderson)
June 7, 1872Mar. 18, 1969
Married John Stoskopf Sept. 6, 1893 Same stone as: Stoskopf, John C
picture G 
Stoskopf, Clarence A.
Oct. 5, 1896May 13, 1978 
Stoskopf, John C
1869Jan. 12, 1933
Married Bertha M. Anderson Sept. 6, 1893
Stoskopf, Julia C. Olson
Mar. 1, 1895Apr. 30, 1981 
Strinmoen, Bergit
/Same stone as: Strinmoen, John J
Strinmoen, Carrie Grindeland
Apr. 16, 1861Jan. 4, 1866
w/o J. J. Strinmoen
Strinmoen, Clara
Apr 29, 1895July 22, 1986
/Adjacent Stone to: Strinmoen, Bergit and John J
picture   O
Strinmoen, Evelyn M.
Mar. 15, 1921Apr. 23, 2010
married Forrest W. Kroshus August 8, 1941
Strinmoen, James Edgar
/Same stone as: Strinmoen, Nora Bedina
Strinmoen, James S
/Same stone as: Strinmoen, Louise B
Strinmoen, John J
/Same stone as: Strinmoen, Bergit
picture   O
Strinmoen, Lloyd Selmer
Mar. 31, 1919Feb. 1, 2009
Married Charlotte (Zuhl) Christopherson April 6, 1963
Strinmoen, Louise B
/Same stone as: Strinmoen, James S
Strinmoen, Nora Bedina
/Same stone as: Strinmoen, James Edgar
picture   O
Strinmoen, Verna Lucille
Nov. 29, 1925Jan. 18, 2016
Married Mark E Halverson Jan. 24, 1947
Stub, Elisabeth Charlotte Henritte
Nov. 16, 1859June 27, 1887
w/o Knut Seehus d/o Hans and Ingeborg (Arentz) Stub s/s Olaf Tideman Arentz Stub Seehuus
Stub, Hans Andreas
May 13, 1822July 1, 1907
h/o Ingeborg Margareth (Arentz) Stub s/s Ingeborg Margareth (Arentz) Stub Born Bergen, Norway Pastor for Big Canoe, Hesper, and Waterloo Ridge from 1865 to 1892
Stub, Ingeborg Margareth (Arentz)
Sept. 7, 1814Aug. 23, 1887
w/o Hans Andrew Pastor Stub s/s Hans Andrew Pastor Stub
Stub, Olaf Tidemand Arentz
Feb. 5, 1862Dec. 25, 1885
Born in Bergen Norway Died in Sioux Falls Dak.
Syversen, Student Henrik
Mar 2, 1833May 18, 1867
born in Christiania
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