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Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with BaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Bagne, Guro
Aug 28, 1826Nov. 6, 1906
Married name is Olson Same stone as: Olson, Asbjorn
Bagne, Nellie Maria
Bakke, Halsten Nilsen
July 16, 1814Mar. 6, 1875 
Bekaas, Ole J
Jan. 25, 1804Feb. 2, 1881
Born in Røros, Norway To America - 1853
Bendiksen, Gunnild Eriksdatter
1834 or 1835Aug 29, 1866
Aged 31 ys w/o Even Bendiksen
Bentehauge, Mari O
June 23, 1816May 4, 1884
/Same stone as: Bentehauge, Ole B
Bentehauge, Ole B
Nov 8, 1818Mar 24, 1895
/Same stone as: Bentehauge, Mari O
Bentley, Family Stone
/Family stone between George and Henry Bentley Stones
Bentley, George
/Same stone as: Bentley, Lena
Bentley, Halvor
/ 4 Bentley names on Halvor's stone
Bentley, Henry
/ 4 Bentley names on Halvor's stone
Bentley, Henry W
/Same stone as: Bentley, Irene T
Bentley, Infant Son
 Sep. 23, 1968
Infant son of Leaste & Geneviene Bentley
Bentley, Irene T
/Same stone as: Bentley, Henry W
Bentley, Klara
Dec. 8, 1928 Dec. 16, 1928
Children of Mr. & Mrs. George Bentley
picture   O
Bentley, Larry Gaylord
Nov. 1, 1944Nov. 21, 2015
Married Barbara Onsgard in 1967 and Susan Harada in 1992
Bentley, Lena
/Same stone as: Bentley, George
picture   O
Bentley, Lester
Aug. 27, 1926Nov. 13, 2011
Married Genevieve I. Sylling June 7, 1944
Bentley, Lester G
Jan. 18, 1926Jan. 22, 1926
Children of Mr. & Mrs. George Bentley
Bentley, Marie
/ 4 Bentley names on Halvor's stone
Bentley, Sarah
/ 4 Bentley names on Halvor's stone
Bergan, Halvor J
1814 or 1815June 24, 1893
Aged 78 yr., 3 mo., 29 days h/o Thone Bergan s/s Thone Bergan Born in Norway
Bergan, Thone
Jan. 2, 1820Mar. 20, 1900
w/o Halvor J Bergan s/s Halvor J Bergan Born in Siem, Hitterdahl Norway Halvor Bergan's widow
Berge, Amanda
/Same stone as: Berge, Theodore
Berge, Brita Olsdatter
Oct. 3, 1857Apr. 2, 1874
d/o Ole Berge Jelfsen and Kriti Ellefsdatter Brynjelfsen Born in Voss, Norway To America - 1867 Confirmed In Big Canoe Church June 15, 1873 Grouped With 2 other graves: Niels Ellefson Mrs. Berge and Kristi Ellefsondatter Berge
Berge, Ellef Severin Nielson
Dec. 1, 1866Jan. 14, 1884 
Berge, Ellef Severin Storksen
June 4, 1806Jan. 17, 1892
Born in Bergen, Norway Came to America in 1857
Berge, Guri Malena
May 17, 1882Oct. 26, 1910
Grouped With 2 other graves: Lars Hendrik Berge and Nels Ellefson Berge
Berge, Guro N
Mar 26, 1846 Apr. 17, 1922
/ 3 Berge names on Nels E's stone
Berge, Inga
Nov 20, 1823Feb 28, 1899
Married name is Guldbraa Same stone as: Guldbraa, Knut Larson
picture   O
Berge, Irene Gladys
May 17, 1932May 26, 2017
Married Gene Gulrud March 3, 1952
Berge, Jacob G
May 21, 1867Apr. 30, 1912 
Berge, Kristi Ellefsondatter
July 8, 1828Nov. 22, 1868
w/o Ole Brynjelfsen Berge Born in Voss, Norway To America - 1867 Grouped With 2 other graves: Niels Ellefson Mrs. Berge and Brita Olsdatter Berge
Berge, Lars Hendrik
Jan. 27, 1869May 14, 1930
s/o Nels and Anna Malene Berge Grouped With 2 other graves: Nels Ellefson Berge and Guri Malena Berge
Berge, Mathew
Berge, Nels Ellefson
June 23, 1834Feb. 4, 1907
Born in Voss Norway Grouped With 2 other graves: Lars Hendrik Berge and Guri Malena Berge
Berge, Niels Ellefson Mrs.
Dec. 27, 1845Sept. 27, 1875
Aged 30 yr. 5 mo w/o Niels Ellefson Berge Born in Hjelmeland, Norway Grouped With 2 other graves: Brita Olsdatter Berge and Kristi Ellefsondatter Berge
Berge, Theodore
/Same stone as: Berge, Amanda
Bergsrud, Anna
Nov 5, 1880Aug. 27, 1930
/Adjacent Stone to: Bergsrud, Hans
Bergsrud, Burton
Dec. , 1905Nov. 22, 1948
/Adjacent Stone to: Bergsrud, Anna and Hans
Bergsrud, Hans
May 30, 1886Jan. 8, 1963
/Adjacent Stone to: Bergsrud, Anna
Bersie, Andres O
dates unreadable
Bersie, Anna A.
Oct 30, 1853Nov 28, 1878
Married name is Bersie
Bersie, Halvor Hellekson
/Same stone as: Bersie, Hellek Olson
Bersie, Helga A
July 15, 1822July 22, 1905 
Bersie, Hellek Olson
/Same stone as: Bersie, Halver Hellerson
Bersie, Henriette
Feb. 8, 18711881
Mother - Kristine Johnson Bersie /Same stone as: Johnson,Kristine
Bersie, Kristine
Oct. 20, 1866Sept. 8, 1892
w/o A. O. Johnson /Same stone as: Bersie,Henriette
Bersie, Maria
Oct 6, 1856June 27, 188?
Married name is Grindland
Bersie, Ole A
Feb 20, 1855Apr 27, 1884 
Bersie, Ole A
Bidne, Andres Iverson
1836Dec. 14, 1903
/Same stone as: Bidne, Eddie A
Bidne, Anna
/Adjacent Stone to: Bidne, Andres Iverson and Eddie A
Bidne, Anna A
/Same stone as: Bidne, Peter J
Bidne, Bertha K
/Same stone as: Bidne, Clarence O
Bidne, Clarence O
/Same stone as: Bidne, Bertha K
Bidne, Eddie A
Feb 4, 1882Mar. 28, 1906
/Same stone as: Bidne, Andres Iverson
Bidne, George P
/Marries to: Bidne, Ellen M
Bidne, Gjertrud O.
Dec. 4, 1824July 19, 1898
w/o Svend O. Bidne
Bidne, Iver J
Dec. 24, 1876July 15, 1901 
Bidne, Joe
/Adjacent Stone to: Bidne, Andres Iverson and Eddie A
Bidne, John Pedersen
Jan. 10, 1825Oct. 20, 1882
h/o Syneva J. Bidne
Bidne, Joseph P
/Same stone as: Akre, Earl G
Bidne, Josephine Caroline
Apr. 16, 1876Jan. 10, 1890
d/o Ole S. and Ingeborg Bidne
Bidne, Katherine
/Adjacent Stone to: Bidne, Peder S
Bidne, Kermit P
Jan. 2, 1928Jan. 14, 1928
Son of Mr. & Mrs. K. E. Bidne
Bidne, Knut Elmer
Nov 11, 1894June 14, 1981
/Married to: Bidne, Selma Marie
Bidne, Martha Gjertine Svendsdatter
July 11, 1867Mar. 30, 1885
d/o Sven and Gjertine Bidne
Bidne, Ole J
/Adjacent Stone to: Bidne, Iver J
Bidne, Palma G
/Same stone as: Olson, Harold L Adjacent Stone to: Olson, Clara and Charley
Bidne, Peder Family Stone
Bidne, Peder S
/Adjacent Stone to: Bidne, Katherine
Bidne, Peter J
/Same stone as: Bidne, Anna A
Bidne, Sander J
/Same stone as: Akre, Lloyd J
  G O
Bidne, Selma Marie
Nov. 24, 1895Nov. 22, 1950
Married Knute E. Bidne June 17, 1923
Bidne, Svend O
Dec 17, 1821 Mar. 27, 1900
/Same stone as: Bidne, Gjertrud
Bidne, Syneva Jonsdtr (Ophiem)
July 30, 1838Apr. 25, 1914
w/o John Pedersen Bidne
Bigler, Hazel L
/Married to: Bigler, Walter H
Bigler, Walter H
/Married to: Bigler, Hazel L
Bjerke, John C
May 6, 1892June 8, 1975
Pvt US Army WW I
Bjerke, Joseph
/ 4 Bjorgo names on Bjorgo, Marie G's stone
Bjerke, Tena
Bjorgo, Albert C
/Adjacent Stone to: Bjorgo, Ragnhild and Gunnelius
Bjorgo, Elias L
/Same stone as: Bjorgo, Julia O
Bjorgo, Gilman H
Us Army WW II
Bjorgo, Gjertrud M.
Jan. 13, 1818Nov. 10, 1900
w/o Knut K Bjørgo Born in Norway
Bjorgo, Gunnelius
/Same stone as: Bjorgo, Ragnhild
Bjorgo, Julia O
/Same stone as: Bjorgo, Elias L
picture G 
Bjorgo, Knut K
Feb 12, 1822Nov. 7, 1900
h/o Gjertrud M. Bjørgo Born in Norway
Bjorgo, Lars
/ 4 Bjorgo names on Bjorgo, Marie G's stone
Bjorgo, Lloyd Orlando
Aug.12, 1922Nov. 16, 2002
Son of Elias and Julia (Halverson) Bjorgo Brother of Roman and Gilman
Bjorgo, Marie G
/ 4 Bjorgo names on Bjorgo, Marie G's stone
Bjorgo, Martin T
Aug 12, 1893May 1, 1959
Iowa Wagoner 211 Engineers WW I
Bjorgo, Ragnhild
/Same stone as: Bjorgo, Gunnelius
Bjorgo, Tilla
/ 4 Bjorgo names on Bjorgo, Marie G's stone
Borreson, John
/Adjacent Stone to: Borreson, Randi
Borreson, Randi
/Adjacent Stone to: Borreson, John The WPA spelled Borreson as Borrison
Borsheim, Amon N
/Same stone as: Borsheim, Lida A
  G O
Borsheim, Barbara M
Feb. 19, 1901June 19, 1981
Married Fred Iverson Nov. 2, 1946
Borsheim, Barbro Olsdatter
May 9, 1833Dec. 24, 1894
Born Norderhaug, Norway w/o M. O. Borsheim Parent - Olesdatter Vold Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Borsheim, Julia
/Adjacent Stone to: Borsheim, Peter WPA SpelledBorsheim as Boesheim
Borsheim, Lida A
/Same stone as: Borsheim, Amon N
Borsheim, Magnus O.
Feb 14, 1824Jan. 31, 1907
/Same stone as: Borsheim, Ole
Borsheim, Ole M.
Oct 21, 1857May 3, 1924
/Same stone as: Borsheim, Magnus O.
Borsheim, Peter
/Adjacent Stone to: Borsheim, Julia
Borsheim, Peter Family Stone
Borsheim, Seborg Tostensdatter (Jorstad)
Jan 28, 18201865
/Married to: Skildeim, Christopher Nitter Pedersen then to: Børsheim, Ole Olsen
Bourque, Robert F
May 29, 1924Apr. 22, 1991
/Same stone as: Bourque, Patricia J
Brekke, Anna
Jan. 30, 1873May 9, 1874
d/o Lars and Sigri Brekke
Brekke, Lars
Aug. 17, 1867Sept. 22, 1867
s/o Lars and Sigri Brekke
Broderick, Mildred (Tweet)
Jan. 16, 1918Mar. 15, 1994
/Same stone as: Broderick, Robert Donald
Broderick, Robert Donald
Jan. 27, 1920May 2, 2002
/Same stone as: Broderick, Mildred Tweet
Brunsvol, Jergen Olson
Mar. 5, 1824 July 23, 1883
Born in Naess, Hallingdal, Norway
Brunsvold, Arne G
/Married to: Brunsvold, Martha Christina (Mikkelson)
Brunsvold, George
/Adjacent Stone to: Brunsvold, Ole G and Kari
Brunsvold, George Oline
Apr 18, 1894Nov. 18, 1927
Iowa Pvt 117 Inf ?0 Div /The WPA spelled Brunsvold as Brunsvol
Brunsvold, Gertrude E
/Married to: Brunsvold, Henry T
Brunsvold, Henry T
/Married to: Brunsvold, Gertrude E
Brunsvold, Kari
/Married to: Brunsvold, Ole G
Brunsvold, Lena
w/o Theodore Kittelson
  G O
Brunsvold, Martha Christina (Mikkelson)
Dec 25, 1872Feb, 1951
/Married to: Brunsvold, Arne G
Brunsvold, Ole Family Stone
Brunsvold, Ole G
/Married to: Brunsvold, Kari
Burreson, J Hildus
Oct. 10, 1909Sep. 16, 1988
/Same stone as: Burreson, R Evelyn
Burreson, R Evelyn
Dec. 29, 1906July 31, 1997
/Same stone as: Burreson, J Hildus
picture   O
Burreson, Tom Neil
Aug. 18, 1939Apr. 20, 2009
married Joanne Block on August 11, 1963
Burton, Knud
Busness, Augusta
Apr. 28, 1860Apr. 28, 1894
w/o Henry Busness
Busness, Olaf Timan
July 30, 1885Jan. 10, 1886
s/o Henry and Augusta Busness
PWGOSurnames Starting with CaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

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