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Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with CaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Christopherson, Carmen G
July 20, 1921Sep. 24, 1960
Iowa Cpl Trp a 16 Constab Sq WW II/Adjacent Stone to: Christopherson, Cora T and William C
Christopherson, Cora T
/Same stone as: Christopherson, William C
Christopherson, Sue L.
Nov. 29, 1956May 21, 2000
married Ross Arneson Dec. 14, 1974
Christopherson, William C
/Same stone as: Christopherson, Cora T
  G O
Clausen, Inez
Dec. 18, 1879Mar., 1955
w/o Benedick Anderson
  G O
Clayton, Caren L.
Feb. 22, 1971Apr. 2, 1999
w/o Danny C. Engan
CN1935, Cicilia
Crandall, Elsie Baby
Feb. 27, 1965Feb. 28, 1965
Infant Daughter of Florence & Eldon Crandall
PWGOSurnames Starting with DaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Davidson, Tina E
Dommerud, Lars Olsen
Dec. 9, 1807Sept. 9, 1873
Aged 66 yr. 9 mo
Drage, Anna Bendicksdatter
Feb. 16, 1861Jan. 30, 1863 
Dybsjord, Borgil Olesdatter
Dybsjord, Johannes Olsen
June 24, 1816  
PWGOSurnames Starting with EaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Een, Ellen L
Sep 30, 1850Apr 13, 1893 
  G O
Egan, Ami L.
Dec. 7, 1968Nov. 28, 1999
w/o Doug Schmelzer
Egge, Joseph Orville
Jan. 26, 1946Feb. 14, 1997
SP4 US Army Viertnam Married: July 6, 1968 p/o Samantha and Jennifer
Eide, Alfred
Mar 13, 1893Jan. 24, 1985
/Same stone as: Eide,Arthur
Eide, Amanda
/Adjacent Stone to: Iverson, Fred E and Barbara M
Eide, Arthur
Mar 13, 1893Apr. 3, 1988
/Same stone as: Eide,Alfred
Eide, Clarence
/Adjacent Stone to: Eide, Thea and Claus
Eide, Claus
/Same stone as: Eide, Thea
Eide, Elisabeth Hansdatter
Aug. 31, 1869 Sept. 26, 1881 
Eide, Elling J
Dec. 31, 1822Feb. 1, 1892 
Eide, Ingborg
Stone is between Bjorgo, Gunnelious and Bjorgo, Martin T
Eide, Martha
/Same stone as: Eide, Ole
Eide, Nels J
May 26, 1833Jun 24, 1877
Co N 15 Wis Inf
Eide, Ole
/Same stone as: Eide, Martha
Eide, Thea
/Same stone as: Eide, Claus
Eide, Theoline
/Adjacent Stone to: Eide, Thea and Claus
Eie, Kari Gulbrandsdatter Hørgen (Helgaker)
Mar. 10, 1813Sept. 21, 1870
d/o Gulbrand and ______ Hørgan Born in Gran Prestegjeld, Hadeland, Norway
Ellefson, Rønnau
Feb 16, 1821Aug 21, 1893
Wife of S Ellefson
Ellefson, Stener
June 11, 1807Mar. 25, 1881
Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Ellingsdatter, Ingeborg
June 24, 1824 Dec 23, 1866
Married name is Seim Same stone as: Johannesdatter, Josefine
Ellingson, Agaath, born Kvale
Aug. 10, 1829Apr. 29, 1900
Born in Norway w/o Kristen Ellingson Parent - Andersdatter Kvale Source: Big Canoe burial Records
picture   O
Ellingson, Beatrice Sylvia
Sept. 25, 1915July 14, 2009
married Irvin Iverson on September 15, 1937
Ellingson, Christine
1865Dec. , 1895
w/o Sever E Ellingson Adjacent Stone to : Sever E Ellingson
Ellingson, Eldine Family Stone
Ellingson, Eldine K
/Married to: Ellingson, Regina S
  G O
Ellingson, Irene Josephine
Aug. 26, 1914July 18, 2004
married Oscar Tilleros June 6, 1939
Ellingson, John H
/Same stone as: Ellingson, Lesa S
Ellingson, Jorgina
/Same stone as: Thomas, Edward & Martha
Ellingson, Kittil
May 14, 1845Mar. 26, 1919
Born in Aal, Hallingdal, Norway Parents - Elling Asleson Foss and Ragnild. Wife - Barbro Halgrimson. Civil War Vet Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Ellingson, Lesa S
/Same stone as: Ellingson, John H
Ellingson, Lester K
Nov. 17, 1917Mar. 1, 1944
13th Bomer Comd. C.T.C. Killed at Solomon Islands/Adjacent Stone to: Ellingson, Lesa S and John H
Ellingson, Ole W
Nov. 14, 1839May 23, 1904
h/o Rachel (Severson) Ellingson s/s Rachel (Severson) Ellingson Born in Norway
Ellingson, Rachel (Severson)
Nov. 19, 1841Jan. 3, 1921
w/o Ole W Ellingson s/s Ole W Ellingson Born in Sogn, Norway
Ellingson, Regina S
/Married to: Ellingson, Eldine K
Ellingson, Seva Family Stone
Ellingson, Sever E
h/o Christine Ellingson Adjacent Stone to : Christine Ellingson
  G O
Ellis, Julia (Hagen)
Feb. 23, 1853June 12, 1931
Married Ole S. Ellis May 31, 1876 Same stone as: Ellis, Ole
Ellis, Ole
Nov. 24, 1852Dec. 9, 1932
Married Julia Hagen May 31, 1876 Same stone as: Ellis, Julia
Engan, Alice B
/Same stone as: Engan, Palmer C
  G O
Engan, Caren L (Clayton)
Feb. 22, 1971Apr. 2, 1999
w/o Danny C. Engan
Engan, Earl Edwin
Aug. 13, 1933June 14, 1963
/Same Stone as: Engan, Alice B and Palmer C
Engan, Earl Edwin - Military Marker
Aug. 13, 1933June 14, 1963
A2c US Air Force Korea
Engan, Emil
/Same stone as: Engan, Syneva
picture   O
Engan, Ernest Edward
Aug. 13, 1935Dec. 29, 2012
h/o Juanita Engan
Engan, Ernie Earl Jr.
Oct. 7, 1982 May 28, 2002 
picture G 
Engan, Ernie Earl Jr. - zoom in to picture
Engan, Harlan G
June 2, 1955July 17, 1975
Sp4 US Army Vietnam
Engan, Palmer C
/Same stone as: Engan, Alice B
Engan, Selmer B
June 29, 1932June 14, 1963
Iowa A2c US Air Force
Engan, Syneva
/Same stone as: Engan, Emil
  G O
Erickson, Caroline E.
Sept. 8, 1862Jan. 1, 1941
Married Andrew P. Myrah Aug. 9, 1886 1 of 6 graves grouped near the Jens Erickson and Ingeborg Erickson Ness Stone
Erickson, Edgar
Dec. 9, 1881June 26, 1906
Married Caroline Crane April 1905
pictureWG O
Erickson, Edward S
May 1, 1843Aug. 26, 1926
Married Emily Tobiason in 1869 Pvt Co B 13 regt Iowa Inf Civil War
Erickson, Ingeborg (Tobiason)
July 10, 1847Oct. 27, 1917
w/o Edward S. Erickson
Erickson, John
Feb. 8, 1870Mar. 23, 1961
s/o Edward and Ingeborg Erickson
Erickson, Otto
1891Mar. 14, 1913
s/o Mr. and Mrs. Edward Erickson
picture   O
Erickson, Wanda Lou Mavis
Feb. 11, 1939Apr. 7, 2011
marriage with Duane Emmet Jacobson November 21, 1956
Exe, Anna
Mother/Adjacent Stone to: Exe, Henry
Exe, Henry
/Adjacent Stone to: Exe, Anna
Exe, Jacob N
Dec 31, 1829Oct. 4, 1908 
Exe, Sigrid
May 9, 1855Mar. 14, 1897
w/o Arne A Arneson s/s Arne A Arneson
Exey, Alfred
Jan 9, 1887Mar. 3, 1951
/Adjacent Stone to: Exey, Martha
Exey, Alice
July 8, 1912Dec. 19, 1968
/Adjacent Stone to: Exey, Martha and Alfred
Exey, Carl Eugene
Aug. 15, 1910Aug. 1, 1978
/Adjacent Stone to: Exey, Martha and Alfred
Exey, Martha
Dec 14, 1885Dec. 13, 1933
/Adjacent Stone to: Exey, Alfred
PWGOSurnames Starting with FaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

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