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Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with TaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Tangen, Albert
/Same stone as: Tangen, Anna
Tangen, Amy
 Mar. 11, 1978
Infant Daughter of John & Joann Tangent
Tangen, Anna
/Same stone as: Tangen, Albert
Tangen, John E
/Married to: Tangen, Myrtle A
Tangen, Lenora I
w/o Nelson, Edgar R
picture   O
Tangen, Mary Jean
Feb. 15, 1935Apr. 26, 2017
Married Donald James Sivesind Aug. 15, 1954
Tangen, Myrtle A
/Married to: Tangen, John E
Tangen, Sarah
 Feb. 10, 1977
Infant Daughter of John & Joann Tangent
Teksle, Torkel Jensen
1827 or 1828May 2, 1875
Died May 2, 1875 age 47 years
Thomas, Edward
/Same stone as: Thomas, Martha
Thomas, Martha
/Same stone as: Thomas, Edward
Thompson, Gerhard
May 16, 1893Nov. 27, 1978
/Adjacent Stone to: Thompson, Inga and Sever
Thompson, Ida S
/Same stone as: Thompson, Tom O
Thompson, Inga
/Married to: Thompson, Sever
Thompson, Oscar S
Cpl US Armay WW !/Adjacent Stone to: Thompson, Inga and Sever
Thompson, Sever
/Married to: Thompson, Inga
Thompson, Tom O
/Same stone as: Thompson, Ida S
Thorgrimsen, Martha Andrea Matilde Stub
May 2, 1857Mar. 22, 1900
w/o Pastor H. B. Thorgrimsen d/oHans A. and Ingeborg M. (Arents) Stub Died in Milwaukee, Wis.
Thorson, Amund
June 15, 1840July 1, 1925
/Married to: Thorson,Ingre the WPA spelled Thorson as Thorsen
Thorson, Anna
/Same stone as: Thorson,Ole
Thorson, Ingeborg
Nov. 12, 1842Feb. 9, 1887
w/o Anders Thorson
Thorson, Ingre
1839Nov. 13, 1914
/Married to: Thorson,Amund
Thorson, Nels
Feb 10, 1846July 28, 1914 
Thorson, Ole
/Same stone as: Thorson,Anna
Thorson, Syneva Andersdatter
Aug. 17, 1863May 21, 1881 
Throndson, Louisa T
Apr 4, 1883Oct. 28, 1927 
Thune, Adeline Eldora
/Between Stone of: Thune, Julia and Alvin E and that of:Thune, Hilda C and John G
  G O
Thune, Alvin E.
1901July, 1982
/Same stone as: Thune, Julia
Thune, Ethel Shirley
Jan. 31, 1930Feb. 3, 1931
/Between Stone of: Thune, Julia and Alvin E and that of:Thune, Hilda C and John G
Thune, Hilda C
/Same stone as: Thune, John G
Thune, John G
/Same stone as: Thune, Hilda C
Thune, Julia
/Same stone as: Thune, Alvin E
Tilleros, Emma
/Same stone as: Tilleros, Ole
  G O
Tilleros, Irene Josephine (Ellingson)
Aug. 26, 1914July 18, 2004
married Oscar Tilleros June 6, 1939 Same stone as: Tilleros, Oscar A
Tilleros, Kittle
/Married to: Tilleros, Beatrice
Tilleros, Ole
/Same stone as: Tilleros, Emma
Tilleros, Oscar A
/Same stone as: Tilleros, Irene J
Tobiason, Ingeborg
July 10, 1847Oct. 27, 1917
w/o Edward S. Erickson
Torgerson, Henry
Mar. 22, 1873Apr. 25, 1907 
Torgerson, Ingeborg
1835 or 1836Jan. 2, 1909
Aged 73 ys w/o Ole Torgerson Born in Norway
Tosten, Belle
/Same stone as: Tosten, Samuel T
Tosten, Pearl J.
Feb. 24, 1905Jan. 17, 1990
Married name is Foss
Tosten, Samuel T
/Same stone as: Tosten, Belle
Tostenson, Christine
Tostenson, Tosten
Traaen, Ansten G
Feb 20, 1837Mar. 20, 1917
/Adjacent Stone to: Traaen, Guul and Leva The WPA spelled Traaen as Traasen
Traaen, Guul
/Same stone as: Traaen, Leva
picture G 
Traaen, Jens
/Adjacent Stone to: Traaen, Nora, Guul and Leva
  G O
Traaen, Leva
1871May, 1938
/Same stone as: Traaen, Guul
Traaen, Narve Arntsen
Feb. 21, 1881June 10, 1882
s/o Ansten G. and Torgun Traaen
Traaen, Nora
/Adjacent Stone to: Traaen, Jens, Guul and Leva
Tveite, Anna
1805 or 1806Jan. 18, 1875
Aged 69 yr w/o Iver Magnusen Tveite Adjacent Stone to : Iver Magnusen Tveite
Tveite, Iver Magnusen
Mar. 14, 1809Apr. 9, 1878
h/o Anna Tveite Adjacent Stone to : Anna Tveite
Tweet, Charles O
/Same stone as: Tweet, Mabel M
  G O
Tweet, Durwin W
Feb. 4, 1926Sept. 18, 1999
w/o Penny Clark
  G O
Tweet, Herman Curtis
Dec. 23, 1915Nov. 22, 1988
Gm3 US Navy WW II
  G O
Tweet, Mabel M. (Istad)
May 24, 1899Sept. 3, 1985
w/o Charles O Tweet
Tweet, Mildred
Jan. 16, 1918Mar. 15, 1994
Married name is Broderick Same stone as: Broderick, Robert Donald
Tweet, Sarah Katrena
Oct. 1, 1883May 8, 1884
Parents - Anfin and Turina Tweet
Tweet, Turi
1856Nov. 15, 1931
w/o Grindeland, Nels
Twett, Britha
PWGOSurnames Starting with UaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Ulven, Seborg Tostensdatter
Jan 28, 18201865
/Married to: Skildeim, Christopher Nitter Pedersen then to: Børsheim, Ole Olsen
Ulvestad, Elizabeth
July 23, 1872Oct. 11, 1949
w/o Anfin Anfinson 1 of 10 graves grouped near the Brita and Sjur Tveit Anfinson Stone
PWGOSurnames Starting with VaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Valhus, Mari Johnsdatter
July 17, 1802Dec 18, 1866 
Vick, Andrew Anderson
Jan. 3, 1843Apr. 30, 1900 
Vigen, Gjertrud K.
Jan. 10, 1820Oct. 15, 1889
w/o Knud K. Vigen
Vigen, Knud K
Dec. 5, 1820Feb. 7, 1901 
Vigen, Lina K
Feb 23, 1863Aug 16, 1886 
Vinge, Erik K
1823Feb 6, 1890
/The WPA spelled Vigen as Uigen
Vinje, Aad E
Aug 21, 1853Dec. 2, 1911
/The WPA spelled Vinje as Uinge
Vinje, Anna
/Married to: Vinje,Martin E
Vinje, Kittil
Jan 15, 1857 July 22, 1923
/Same stone as: Vinje,Martha E The WPA spelled Vinje as Uinge
Vinje, Klarens Alven
Mar 2, 1894Apr 9, 1894
/Adjacent Stone to: Vinje, Martin Edgar
Vinje, Maria
Oct 4, 1875Aug 29, 1896
Wife of Martin Vinje
Vinje, Martha E
Apr 10, 1824 Mar. 14, 1917
/Same stone as: Vinje,Kittil The WPA spelled Vinje as Uinge
Vinje, Martin E
/Married to: Vinje, Anna The WPA spelled Vinje as Uinge
Vinje, Martin Edgar
/Adjacent Stone to: Vinje, Klarens Alven
Vinterthun, Hattie C
/Adjacent Stone to: Vinterthun, Helge
Vinterthun, Helge
US Army/Adjacent Stone to: Vinterthun, Hattie C
PWGOSurnames Starting with WaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Walker, John G
/Same stone as: Walker,Louis A
Walker, Louis A
/Same stone as: Walker,John G
Ward, Beona H
/Same stone as: Ward, John F
Ward, John F
/Same stone as: Ward, Beona H
  G O
Weaver, Betty Lou (Reynolds )
Apr. 6, 1932Mar. 12, 2001
w/o Harry Walter Weaver
Weaver, Harry Walter
Sep. 12, 1926 Nov. 20, 2001
/Adjacent Stone to: Weaver, Betty Lou (Reynolds )
picture   O
Wenner, Debra J.
May 24, 1958July 4, 2008
w/o Alan White
Wennes, Laura Benta
Mar. 1, 1858July 20, 1859
d/o Erik and Karen Wennes
Wennes, Ole N.
July 17, 1856Nov. 26, 1949 
Wetzel, Anna R
/Same stone as: Wetzel, Robert L
Wetzel, Robert L
/Same stone as: Wetzel, Anna R
Wevley, Gjertrud K
Jan. 26, 1914Mar. 25, 1914 
Wevley, Gudveig
Aug. 10, 1851Oct. 10, 1915
w/o Ivar K. Wevley Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Wevley, Ivar M.
July 26, 1847Mar. 21, 1902
Born in Bergen, Norway Source: Big Canoe burial Records
picture   O
White, Alan Earl
Aug. 9, 1957June 5, 2015
Married Debra Wenner April 7, 1978
picture   O
White, Debra J. (Wenner)
May 24, 1958July 4, 2008
w/o Alan White
Wilkins, Sarah Lynn
 June 5, 1960
Infant Daughter of Gary C and Marjorie B. Wilkins
picture   O
Willson, Mary Madelyn
Feb. 21, 1933Apr. 12, 2015
Married Wilbur (Hover) Wise on October 27, 1956
Winger, Edgar
Aug. 5, 1896Aug. 5, 1896
Parent - Martin Winger Source: Big Canoe burial Records
picture   O
Wise, Mary Madelyn (Willson)
Feb. 21, 1933Apr. 12, 2015
Married Wilbur (Hover) Wise on October 27, 1956
Wolden, Elling G
/the WPA spelled Wolden as Walden
PWGOSurnames Starting with XaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
PWGOSurnames Starting with YaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
picture   O
Young, Edna Marion
Feb. 12, 1919Nov. 8, 2011
married to Lloyd Gjere on September 16, 1938
PWGOSurnames Starting with ZaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
PWGOSurnames Starting with zzBirth DateDeath DateNotes
PWGOSurnames Starting with zzBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

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