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Surnames starting with P through R

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Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with PaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Pederson, Dorthea
/Same stone as: Pederson, Tosten
Pederson, Eli
/Same stone as: Pederson, Ingbriget
Pederson, Ingbriget
/Same stone as: Pederson, Eli
Pederson, Syntha
Pederson, Tosten
/Same stone as: Pederson, Dorthea
Peterson, Alice M
/Married to: Peterson,Ragnvald C
Peterson, Anne Marie
May 11, 1851July 7, 1895
w/o Hans Pederson
Peterson, Arnold B
/Same stone as: Peterson, Marie M
Peterson, Baby1
1 of 7 graves grouped near the Martin Peterson Stone
Peterson, Baby2
1 of 7 graves grouped near the Martin Peterson Stone
Peterson, Gunvord (Gjere)
June 26, 1866Mar. 14, 1936
w/o Martin P. Peterson d/o Anders and Kari Gjere Adjacent Stone to : Martin Peterson 1 of 7 graves grouped near the Martin Peterson Stone
Peterson, Irene K
May 13, 1906Jan. 9, 1951
Married Name is: Garafolo d/o Martin and Gunvord Peterson 1 of 7 graves grouped near the Martin Peterson Stone
Peterson, Marie M
/Same stone as: Peterson, Arnold B
Peterson, Martin
Nov. 17, 1857July 11, 1924
h/o Gunvord (Gjere) Peterson Adjacent Stone to : Gunvord (Gjere) Peterson Born in Biri, Verdal [Vardal], Norway Known in Norway as Matheas Smeby 7 graves are grouped near the Martin Peterson Stone they are: Martin, Theodore Clarence, Truman Cornelius, Baby, Baby, Gunvord (Gjere) and Irene K (Peterson) Garafolo
Peterson, Martin Family Stone
/ 5 Peterson Stones grouped around Martin's Family Stone
Peterson, Ragnvald C
/Married to: Peterson,Alice M
Peterson, Susanna C.
Married Name is: Akre /Same stone as: Akre, Jonas J
Peterson, Theodore Clarence
Mar. 8, 1898Mar. 23, 1898
s/o Martin and Gunvord Peterson 1 of 7 graves grouped near the Martin Peterson Stone
Peterson, Truman Cornelius
Mar. 8, 1898Feb. 22, 1899
s/o Martin and Gunvord Peterson 1 of 7 graves grouped near the Martin Peterson Stone
Pfister, Alma J
Sep. 2, 1910June 26, 1989
/Same stone as: Pfister, Lester W
Pfister, Alma J - additional Marker
picture G O
Pfister, Elsie Melinda
Aug. 27, 1905May 18, 2005
married Sanford B. Osmundson on February 26, 1931 Same stone as: Osmundson, Sanford
Pfister, Lester W
Jan. 31, 1908Nov. 20, 1968
/Same stone as: Pfister, Alma J
Pfister, Lester W - additional Marker
picture   O
Philips, Myrtle Ellen Jacobson (Sorenson)
June 27, 1914Nov. 1, 2005
married Emmet Raymond Jacobson on February 16, 1936 & Thomas Edwin Philips January 31, 1976
Puffer, Edward M
/Same stone as: Puffer, Luverne
Puffer, Luverne
/Same stone as: Puffer, Edward M
PWGOSurnames Starting with QaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Quandahl, Nora (Neshiem)
/ Adjacent to: Nesheim, John O's stone
Quanrud, Agnes
/Same stone as: Quanrud, Henry M
Quanrud, Carrie
Quanrud, Hannah T
/Same stone as: Quanrud, Julius B
picture   O
Quanrud, Harriet Corrine
July 25, 1911Apr. 14, 2009
married Lloyd Forde on June 28, 1934
Quanrud, Harris
Aug. 4, 1915Jan. 4, 1988
Sgt US Army WW II/Adjacent Stone to: Quanrud, Hannah T and Julius B
Quanrud, Henry M
/Same stone as: Quanrud, Agnes
Quanrud, Julius B
/Same stone as: Quanrud, Hannah T
Quenrud, Hans H
/Married to: Quenrud, Martha The WPA spelled Quenrud as Quanrud
Quenrud, Martha
/Married to: Quenrud, Hans H the WPA spelled Quenrud as Onenrud
  G O
Quenrud, Vivian Louise
Jan. 25, 1924June 27, 1999
Dau of Henry & Agnes
PWGOSurnames Starting with RaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Rauk, Steflet A
Feb. 23, 1933May 11, 1996
/Married to: Rauk, Mary Lou
Revne, Dorothy M
Sep 3, 1893Aug. 14, 1966
/Adjacent Stone to: Revne, Melbourne J
Revne, Hans G
Mar 29, 1891Sep. 17, 1955
Pvt 47 Co 20 engineers WWI
Revne, Melbourne J
Nov. 9, 1924Feb. 9, 1965
Iowa Rct Co M 85 Inf 10 Inf Div/Adjacent Stone to: Revne, Dorothy M
  G O
Reynolds, Betty Lou
Apr. 6, 1932Mar. 12, 2001
w/o Harry Walter Weaver
Rhode, Estelle Charlotte (Hanson)
Ringdahl, Bertha
/Adjacent Stone to: Ringdahl, Lizzie J and Peter J
Ringdahl, Lizzie J
/Adjacent Stone to: Ringdahl, Peter J
Ringdahl, Peter J
/Adjacent Stone to: Ringdahl, Lizzie J
Rishovd, Helga
first name doubtful gotten from the WPA dates unreadable "RISHOVD" clear on base
Rogneby, Ina C
Rognlien, Alton
July 2, 1913June 29, 1926
Troop 13 La Crosse Wisc Seond Class
  G O
Rude, George W
1923Apr., 1992
/Married to: Rude Margaret N
picture   O
Rude, Margaret Norma (Olson)
June 5, 1922Feb. 16, 2017
Married George Rude June 15, 1958
PWGOSurnames Starting with SaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

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