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Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with GaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Gabrilsen, Ole
1833 or 1834June 8, 1878
Age 44 Years
Garafolo, Irene K (Peterson)
May 13, 1906Jan. 9, 1951
d/o Martin and Gunvord Peterson 1 of 7 graves grouped near the Martin Peterson Stone
Gavle, Andrew E
/Same stone as: Gavlel,Tina
Gavle, Belma M
Nov. 14, 1904June 14, ???
Dau/Adjacent Stone to: Gavle, Nels E and Bessie
Gavle, Bessie
Dec 14, 1879July 9, 1926
Mother/Married to: Gavle, Nels E The WPA spelled Gavle as Gaule
Gavle, Caroline
Apr 22, 1871Jan. 20, 1927
/ 3 Gavle Stones grouped around Peter E' Family Stone The WPA spelled Gavle as Garle
Gavle, David H
Oct. 11, 1941May 2, 1969
/Adjacent Stone to: Gavle, Frances M and Norris B
  G O
Gavle, Donald Eugene
Oct. 16, 1963June 5, 1989
w/o Diane Hart
Gavle, Frances M
/Same stone as: Gavle, Norris B
  G O
Gavle, Lyla Eleanor (Lundy)
Mar. 1, 1916Sept. 22, 1999
/Married to: Gavle, Walter E
Gavle, Martha Teresa
Apr. 25, 1899Dec. 25, 1921
w/o Martin Finholdt d/o Andrew and Lina Gavle
Gavle, Nels E
Sep 15, 1868 Sep. 12, 1938
Father/Married to: Gavle, Bessie
Gavle, Nels Family Stone
Gavle, Norris B
/Same stone as: Gavle, Frances M
Gavle, Orval G
Son/Adjacent Stone to: Gavle, Nels E and Bessie
Gavle, Peter E
Oct 26, 1866Aug. 8, 1947
/ 3 Gavle Stones grouped around Peter E' Family Stone
picture   O
Gavle, Ronald Eugene
Sept. 19, 1935Feb. 23, 2015
Married Beverly Ione Quandahl Jan. 6, 1957
Gavle, Ruth L
Feb. 26, 1909May 23, 1989
/ 3 Gavle Stones grouped around Peter E' Family Stone
Gavle, Tina
/Same stone as: Gavle,Andrew E
Gavle, Walter E
/Married to: Gavle, Lyla E
Gjere, Alvin J
/Same stone as: Gjere, Hattie S
Gjere, Andres T
Nov 19, 1832Nov 6, 1915
/Same stone as: Gjere,Kari
Gjere, Andrew
/Same stone as: Gjere, Julia
Gjere, Bernice
/Same stone as: Gjere, Harold K
picture   O
Gjere, Edna Marion (Young)
Feb. 12, 1919Nov. 8, 2011
married to Lloyd Gjere on September 16, 1938
Gjere, Gilbert A
/Same stone as: Gjere, Joran
picture G 
Gjere, Gunhild
/Same stone as: Gjere, Torbjorn
Gjere, Harold K
/Same stone as: Gjere, Bernice
Gjere, Hattie S
/Same stone as: Gjere, Alvin J
picture   O
Gjere, Inez Beona (Forde)
Aug. 13, 2008Dec. 16, 2008
married Theodore K. Gjere on April 12, 1938
Gjere, Joran
/Same stone as: Gjere, Gilbert A
Gjere, Julia
/Same stone as: Gjere, Andrew
Gjere, Kari (Afdahl)
May 1, 1836Apr. 26, 1915
/Same stone as: Gjere,Andres T
Gjere, Lloyd A
/Married to: Gjere, Edna M
picture G O
Gjere, Maynard Odell
Apr. 27, 1933Sept. 19, 2005
married Sandra Lynch on April 22, 1960
  G O
Gjere, Sandra M
Oct. 15, 1940Apr. 1, 2003
/Married to: Gjere, Maynard O
picture G 
Gjere, Torbjorn
/Same stone as: Gjere, Gunhild
picture   O
Gremm, Curtis LeRoy
May 16, 1927Oct. 20, 2008
married Leona Kimpston on June 19, 1949
Grindeland, Albert C
Jan 23, 1869July 18, 1935 
Grindeland, Anna
/Same stone as: Grindeland, Lewis
Grindeland, Arnold S
Sep.16, 1907Nov. 21, 1993
/Same stone as: Grindeland,Carl H
Grindeland, Arthur O
/ 2 Grindeland stones Adjacent to Emelia L and John A's stone
Grindeland, Carl H
Nov. 8, 1903Apr. 28, 1989
/Same stone as: Grindeland,Arnold S
Grindeland, Charles O
Nov 4, 1899Apr. 17, 1971
/Same stone as: Grindeland, Florence B
Grindeland, Colben Colbenson
June 21, 1823Dec. 3, 1880
Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Grindeland, Emelia L
/Same stone as: Grindeland, John A
Grindeland, Enevold
Apr 1, 1858Dec. 15, 1940
/Married to: Grindeland, Maret
Grindeland, Florence B
July 25, 1905Mar. 10, 2004
/Same stone as: Grindeland, Charles O
picture   O
Grindeland, Gladys A.
July 29, 1914Apr. 21, 2012
d/o Albert Colbin and Sophia (Knoff) Grindeland
Grindeland, Halsten Olson
Jan 25, 1846 Nov 14, 1871 
Grindeland, Ingeri
/Same stone as: Grindeland, Stone The WPA spelled Grindeland as Grindland
Grindeland, Ingrie
Sept 11, 1849June 27, 1870
/The WPA spelled Grindeland as Grindland
Grindeland, John A
/Same stone as: Grindeland, Emelia L
Grindeland, Julia
/Same stone as: Grindeland, Martin A
picture G O
Grindeland, Laura Adelaide
Apr. 22, 1910Jan. 12, 2009
Married Harold A. Ness August 26, 1931
Grindeland, Lewis
/Same stone as: Grindeland, Anna
Grindeland, Maret
Jan 17, 1864Mar. 30, 1923
/Married to: Grindeland, Enevold
Grindeland, Martha S
/ 2 Grindeland stones Adjacent to Emelia L and John A's stone
Grindeland, Martin A
/Same stone as: Grindeland, Julia
  G O
Grindeland, Nels Colbenson
Oct. 28, 1852Sept. 4, 1945
married Turi Olsdatter (Tveidt) Tweet January 7, 1875 Same stone as: Grindeland, Turi
Grindeland, Sander O
/Adjacent Stone to: Grindeland, Turi and Nels
Grindeland, Sophia
/Married to: Grindeland, William
Grindeland, Sophia H
Feb 17, 1880Jan. 15, 1979 
Grindeland, Stone
/Same stone as: Grindeland, Ingeri
Grindeland, Susie
Source: Big Canoe burial Records
Grindeland, Turi (Tweet)
1856Nov. 15, 1931
w/o Grindeland, Nels
Grindeland, Walter E
Nov 28, 1895Nov. 9, 1986
Son of Stone and Ingeri
Grindeland, William
/Married to: Grindeland, Sophia
Grindland, Maria (Bersie)
Oct 6, 1856June 27, 188? 
picture   O
Grotegut, Beulah Iola (Hendrickson)
Feb. 5, 1918Feb. 10, 2011
married Calvin H. Grotegut on Feb. 18, 1951
Grotland, Anders Joheiel
June 13, 1873Feb. 28, 1877
s/o Magnus and Nettie Grotland
Grove, Anders S
1847 or 1848Apr 29, 1888
died Apr 29, 1888 aged 40 years
Grove, Anton E
Grove, Britha
w/o Iver S. Grove
Gulbert, Elizabeth
Gulbro, Affrey E
Apr 7, 1896May 12, 1962
Pvt Co K 34 Infantry WW I
Gulbro, Bennie W
/Same stone as: Gulbro, Myrtle O
Gulbro, Bertha R
May 8, 1873Nov. 22, 1939
/Same stone as: Gulbro, Jacob K
  G O
Gulbro, Blonda
1903June, 1985
/Same stone as: Gulbro, James T
Gulbro, Clarence A
Gulbro, Gerald B
/Same stone as: Gulbro, Isabelle B and Affrey E
Gulbro, Gustav M
Feb. 8, 1914June 8, 1955 
Gulbro, Ingolf K
July 4, 1905Sep. 23, 1986 
Gulbro, Isabelle B
/Same stone as: Gulbro, Affrey E
Gulbro, Jacob K
July 10, 1866Jan. 8, 1937
/Same stone as: Gulbro, Bertha R The WPA spelled Gulbro as Gulbra
Gulbro, James T
/Same stone as: Gulbro, Blonda
  G O
Gulbro, Myrtle O.
1916Dec. 2, 1993
w/o Bennie Gulbro Same stone as: Gulbro, Bennie W
Guldbraa, Inga (Berge)
Nov 20, 1823Feb 28, 1899
/Same stone as: Guldbraa, Knut Larson
Guldbraa, Knudt Larson
Nov. 14, 1807May 7, 1898
Born in Elingedalen, Voss, Norway To America - 1856
Gullekson, Syvert
 Jan, 1889 
Gullickson, Aasne
/Adjacent Stone to: Gullickson, Halvor and Mrs ?????
Gullickson, Halvor
/Same stone as: Gullickson, Mrs ?????
Gullickson, Judith H.
Jan. 9, 1830May 13, 1907
w/o Halvor Gullickson
picture   O
Gulrud, Irene Gladys (Berge)
May 17, 1932May 26, 2017
Married Gene Gulrud March 3, 1952
PWGOSurnames Starting with HaaBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Surnames Starting With: _A__B_C-E _F__G_H-I J-KL-MN-O P-R_S_T-Z Cemetery Entrance

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