Transcribed by Ann Selvig, from:  Allerton, Iowa Centennial,
July 5-6 1874 -1974, 100 Years


Beavers family
Beavers, Winnie family
Binau family
Bracewell, Lee family
Chase family
Cobb, Oscar family
Conklin family
De Silva, Walter family
Duden family
Duncan, Andrew family
Duncan family
Dyer family
Edmondson family
Ferrel, John family
Finch, Cora in memory of
Gibbs family
Goughnour Monument
Halfhill, Walter family
Hillyard, A. E. family
Hillyard, William family
Hiltabidle, Charles Family
Hook family
Houston, Glenn family
Huston family
Johns, Ron family
Kelley family
Kint family
McCullough, Millard family

Updated May 8, 2017


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