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The Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society is compiling photo scrap books for each town and would appreciate anyone that has old photos of Sioux County such as families, businesses, and town scenes, please have them copied in good quality and send them to the GSCGS, 102 S. Main Ave., Sioux Center, IA 51250. Be sure to label them completely and who had them.

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VanBeek, Cornelius & Jacoba Hoeve


VanBeek, Gysbert & Gysbertje DeMots

VandeBerg, Andrew & Tryntje 'Tracy' Bruins


VandeBerg, Ben & Alice VandeStouwe


VandeBerg, Gerrit & Driesje 'Lizzie' Rozeboom


VandeBerg, Henry R. & Della

VandeBerg, John & Wilhelmina

VandeBerg, Lammert & Dina Bruins


VanDeBerg, Ralph J. & Ella

VandeBrake, Eibert 1840 & Pertertje DenHerder family

VanDeest, Joseph family of Sioux Center

VandeKamp, Gerrit 1869 & Margje VandeKamp family history

VandeMore, John J. Sr & Mary DeNeve family

VandenBerg, B.

VandenBerg, Beert & Aaltje Juffer


VanDenBerg, John F. & Antje VanTol family

VanDenBerge, Pieter & Gysberdiena VanVark family

VanDenBos, Dirk

VandenBurg, Rev. Louis


VandePol, Dick & Etta Eastman family


VanderAarde, Bastiaan & Agatha Eriks family

VanderBerg, Epke 1857 & Sintina Van Dalfsen family

VanderHamm, Henrich B.A. & Christina Juilfs family

VanderHoop, E.

VanderLinden, Harry

VanderLugt, Gerrit & Bertha

VanderPloeg, Tjasse & Takje

VanderMaten, Harm & Lubbigje family

VanderMeer, C.

VanderMeer, Leendert

VanDerMeide, Arie & wife

VanderMeide, Arie & wife, Gysbertje Pas

VanderMeide, Jake

VanDerSchaaf & Dykstra 1882 family history

VanderStoep, Andrew & Alyda Wesselink


VanderStoep, Arie - to Northwestern Jr. College, 1939


VanderStoep, F.

VanderVelde - Vander Bok, Adam

VanDerVen, William & Margaret VanSloten family


VanDerWaa, Hendrick Jan

VanderWel, W.

VanderWilt, A.

VandeSteeg, Gerrard Lambertes

VanDeSteeg, Gerrit

VandeSteeg, Jake

VanDeSteeg, John & wife

VandeStouwe, Gerrit & Harmpje VandenBerg


VandeWaa, Dr. H. J.

VanDeWaa, Hendrik Jan & Aaltje VandeSteeg family

VanEizenga, Jacob Jan 1864-1940

VanEk, Andrew 1863-1946


VanEngen, Jan Hendrick family

VanKley, Floris 1852 & Petertje Huisman 1857 - Family

VanMaanen, Albertus & Mina

VanMaanen, John B. & Elizabeth

VanMaanen, Gerrit

VanMaanen, Hendrik & Lucy

VanOlst, John 1872-1934


VanOosterhout, P. D.

VanOtterloo, Steven & Porma

VanPelt, Henry

VanPeursem, Henry 1870 & Cynthia Boeylink family

VanPeursem, Peter & Janneke Bos family

VanPeursem, Peter & Jessie Councilman family

VanPeursem, William & Lucy Mensink family


VanPutten, Gerrit Willem 1852 & Evertje

VanRoekel, Albert G. & Jezienna

VanRoekel, Ellen

VanRoekel, Gerald & Darlene

VanRoekel, Geurt A. & Hattie

VanRoekel, Geurt J. & family

VanRoekel, Henry A. & Alice

VanRoekel, John W. & Aldine

VanRoekel, Neal & Dena

VanRoekel, Tony & Grace

VanRooyen, H.

VanRooyen, Walter & Jennie family

VanSchepen, Fred & wives families

VanSteenbergen, E.

VanSteenbergen, John

VanSteenbergen, William

VanSteenwyk, Abram 1830-1900 family

VanSteenwyk, W. A.

VanSteenwyk, Willem Arnold 1871 & family

VanVelzen, Cornelis 1854 & Antje VanEgmond family

VanVooren, Charles & Ida DeCoeyer Family


VanWyhe, John W. & Geertje Ruisch family

VanWyk, P. H.

VanZee, Peter

VanZyl, Bart & Tryntje Koutstaal family

VanZyl, Bert

VanZyl, R.

Venard, G. L.


VerBurg, Mrs. Elizabeth Heemstra

Verburg, Klaas & Henrietta Beek family

Verdoorn, Dick & Cora Dodewaard & family


Vermeer, Evert & Alida Hendrika

Vermeer, Evert 1854 & Hendrikje Sneller

Vermeer, Gerrit 1859 & Peterje

Vermeer, Jacob 1823-1895 family history

Vickers, G. M.


Vogelzang, Fred & Geertje Sypersma Family


Voight, William "Buffalo Bill"

Vortherms, Henry & Christina

Vos, Peter

Vos, Rokus & Peterje DenBurger Family 

Vreeman, Gerrit J. (W.) 1874 & Christine Kosters family

Vugteveen, G. H.



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