Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Coad, Arden & Hazel    
Coan, Coy Southard Online scans, sb5670  
Coate, Edna Cecille Griffin Online scans, sb5179  
Coate, Morris Pat O'Dell; Online scans, sb5245  
Coates, Charles Roy Online scans, #8796  
Coates, Robert Samuel    
Cobb, Donald Online scans,  
Coburn, A.W., -1893 Julia Johnson  
Cochran, A. Carl    
Cochran, Frank    
Cochrane, Phyllis Maude Hammond Online scans, sb5274, sb5276  
Cockerham, Donald Lloyd Online scans, sb405  
Coder, Frank Patte Kelley  
Coder, Fred Patte Kelley  
Coder, Inda Patte Kelley  
Coder, Lola Majors Online scans, #8219, #8220  
Coder, Lydia Patte Kelley  
Coder, Oliver Patte Kelley  
Coder, Virginia Ruth Jerry Hamm  
Codlin, Harry Online scans, #231  
Cody, Tammy Lynn Angel Online scans, sb6383  
Coe, Charlene Ethel Majors Online scans, sb6410  
Cofer, Mrs    
Coffland, Eliza    
Coffman, Carl Online scans, sb4247  
Coffman, Joseph Carl Online scans, sb4260  
Coffman, Rachel M. Online scans, #8434  
Cogdell, Frances Clayton    
Cogdill, Julia Maxine York    
Cogley, George O., Dr    
Cogsley, Jesse    
Cokenower, H.L.    
Cokenower, William Lloyd Julia Johnson  
Coker, Harrietta Online scans, #8938, #8962, #9020  
Colbin, Edna Pearl Online scans, sb1860  
Cole, Emma    
Cole, Flora Engle Online scans, sb2811, sb4045, sb4047  
Cole, Viella Applegate Don Parsons  
Cole, William A. Julia Johnson  
Cole, William "Arthur"    
Colebank, Cassidy Marie Online scans, sb3516  
Coleman, Clark E.    
Coleman, Joseph    
Coleman, Raymond Online scans, #9003, #9051, #9052  
Collette, Eli    
Collier, A.M.    
Collier, Charles [died 1916]    
Collier, Charles Murphy died 1902    
Collier, Elizabeth Louisa McFarland Julia Johnson  
Collier, John H. Julia Johnson  
Collier, Keith Vance    
Collier, L.C., Mrs    
Collier, Nancy McAlpin    
Collier, Melissa Noble "Aunt Lit"    
Collins, A.H., Mrs    
Collins, Albert Julia Johnson  
Collins, Carolyn Ann Gass    
Collins, Edna Pauline Harland Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3102, sb5160  
Collins, George Joseph Julia Johnson  
Collins, Grayce Arletta Slough Julia Johnson  
Collins, Hannah D. Gibson    
Collins, Hazel B. Bashor Online scans, sb3098, sb5135  
Collins, Howard Walter Julia Johnson  
Collins, JoAnn Gray    
Collins, Karen Lea Akin    
Collins, Lillian "Billie" Johnson    
Collins, Linda Paulette Irvin Online scans, sb5223  
Collins, M.D., Dr    
Collins, Mabel A. Online scans, sb3672, sb3674  
Collins, Mary Ethel Luckiesh    
Collins, Olivia, Mrs. Julia Johnson  
Collins, Richard Edmond Online scans, sb5386  
Collins, Richard George    
Collins, Ross    
Collins, Roy    
Collins, Sarah Grant Julia Johnson  
Colman, John, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Colvin, Adah Belle Fine    
Colvin, Edna Pearl Online scans, sb1873  
Colvin, Etta "Mabel"    
Colvin, Joe    
Colwell, Alonzo Emery    
Colwell, Penny Coulter    
Colwell, Silas L. Pat O'Dell  
Combs, Aden Maxwell Online scans, sb384  
Combs, Allen    
Combs, Bernadine H. Online scans, sb1379  
Combs, Burr, Mrs Pat O'Dell  
Combs, Dale L. Online scans, sb539, sb3814, sb3774  
Combs, Darrell "Dean"    
Combs, Dora Tally Earhart Online scans, #799, #810  
Combs, Harold F. Online scans, sb282, sb284  
Combs, John Henry Online scans, #351, #357  
Combs, Lucile Good Online scans, sb1450, sb3238  
Combs, Ruby Peterman Online scans, sb6047  
Combs, Sylvia Lewellen Online scans, #9011, #9018  
Comeau, Adeline E. Online scans, sb438  
Comer, Chase Lee Online scans, sb259  
Comer, Ellna Louise Nicholson Online scans, sb340  
Comer, Gladys Fern Online scans, #8651  
Comer, Lee "Luke" Online scans, sb1408  
Comer, Louise Nicholson    
Comer, Paul Allen Online scans, sb3782, sb3841  
Comer, Zetta Pontius Online scans, #216  
Comes, Denice Katherine Winther Online scans, sb1672  
Comin, Gibson    
Comin, Vinnie Julia Johnson  
Comingore, Floyd    
Compton, Amos Wilson    
Compton, Luther Tom    
Comstock, Debra "Deb" Kay Johnson    
Comstock, Esther Tillman Online scans, sb5713  
Conard, Mrs    
Cone, Evelyn Online scans, #8218  
Congdon, Charles H. Online scans, #8656, #8649  
Congdon, Helen Morris Online scans, #224  
Congdon, J.D.    
Congdon, John E., 1813 - 1887 Julia Johnson  
Congdon, P.C.    
Conley, Pamella Cottrell    
Connell, Eugene John Julia Johnson; Online scans, #84  
Connell, John J., Sr Online scans, sb1921, sb1930  
Connell, Kathryn G. Gleason Online scans, sb1877, sb1880, sb1882  
Connell, LaWanda Lou Jeffers Online scans, sb1917, sb1922  
Connell, Velma Gilleland Online scans, sb4852  
Connolly, Charlotte Mikkelsen Online scans, sb1950  
Connor, Eliza Jane Roach Julia Johnson  
Connor, L.F., Mrs    
Connor, Ora May Harper    
Connor, Richard Francis Julia Johnson  
Conrad, Frederick Harrell    
Conrad, Gene Online scans, #8978  
Conrad, Helen Maxine Fleming    
Conrad, William A. Online scans, sb5384, sb6070  
Conrad, William Alphonsis    
Conrad, Wilma Woodruff Online scans, sb329  
Conradi, Richard Online scans, #9016  
Constance, Flora Ellen Cox Mattson Julia Johnson  
Conway, C.M.    
Conway, Zora Belle Trimble Feese Julia Johnson; Online scans, #124  
Conyac, Hector "Bud" Jr Online scans, sb5392  
Conyac, Iva Louise Green    
Coodey, Katherina "Kathy" Ragsdale    
Coodey, Walter Lee    
Cook, Benjamin    
Cook, Cleo Mae Briggs Online scans, #9382  
Cook, Clyde H.    
Cook, Dale Ray    
Cook, Dora, -1891 Julia Johnson  
Cook, Doris "Faith" Willsie Online scans, sb1133, sb369  
Cook, Doris Evelyn Wiggins Online scans, sb6370  
Cook, Elizabeth Nicholas    
Cook, Ethel Leona Barnes    
Cook, F.A. [1906]    
Cook, F.A. [1913]    
Cook, F.A.'s BROTHER    
Cook, F.A.'s WIFE    
Cook, George D.    
Cook, Gladice Ola Burley Online scans, sb3916  
Cook, Folgert Adams    
Cook, Henry C.    
Cook, John William Online scans, #9199, #9238, #9240  
Cook, Karen Noel Humprhey    
Cook, Mart Julia Johnson  
Cook, Mr [1914]    
Cook, Nora Edith Lark Julia Johnson ; Online scans, #70  
Cook, Paul    
Cook, Rosa Ellen Cassel Julia Johnson  
Cook, Sam Online scans, #248  
Cook, Walter A.    
Cook, William Mode    
Coon, John Howard Online scans, sb3130, sb5192  
Cooney, Ann Rothanzl Online scans, sb5207  
Cooney, Howard J. Online scans, #1098  
Cooney, Jack Stanley Online scans, sb6408, sb5377  
Cooney, John Online scans, sb5163  
Cooney, Marguerite Burge Online scans, sb3512  
Cooney, Shurlean Lorraine Elmer Online scans, #9085  
Cooney, Velda Florence VanAlstine Online scans, sb2798  
Coons, James E. Online scans, sb1940  
Coons, John    
Coonts, Adeline Kidney    
Cooper, A.M.    
Cooper, Anna Sarah Stewart Online scans, sb6390  
Cooper, Barbara Ann Gery    
Cooper, Bessie Wagoner Giles Julia Johnson  
Cooper, Charles "Bill" Online scans, #342  
Cooper, Chas    
Cooper, Clara Carkuff Online scans, #558  
Cooper, Darold D. Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3546, sb2738, sb3546  
Cooper, Doris Jean Mascher    
Cooper, Dorothy Guenther Online scans, sb391  
Cooper, Doyle Online scans, sb438, sb768  
Cooper, Ellen Bell Brown Pat O'Dell  
Cooper, Elizabeth Farquhar Online scans, #388, #389  
Cooper, Florice Easter “Flossie” Johnson Julia Johnson  
Cooper, Flossie Johnson Online scans, #112  
Cooper, Fount    
Cooper, Frank    
Cooper, Helen G. Online scans, #9077  
Cooper, Jennie G. Murphy Online scans, #443  
Cooper, Jennie McCulla    
Cooper, John Delbert    
Cooper, John P.    
Cooper, Joyce M. Bohlke    
Cooper, Juanita L. Online scans, #35  
Cooper, Julie Lynn Moore    
Cooper, Kenneth "Buddy" Online scans, #2011  
Cooper, Kenneth Wayne    
Cooper, Lawrence F.    
Cooper, Leah Harrison Julia Johnson  
Cooper, Leona Bell Head Online scans, #196  
Cooper, LeRoy J. Online scans, sb1413  
Cooper, Lindsey    
Cooper, M.J.    
Cooper, Maisy Walker Online scans, #8789  
Cooper, Mary Lemaster Julia Johnson  
Cooper, Milton W. Online scans, sb3943  
Cooper, Nea Ellen Andrews Online scans, sb3784, sb1923, sb1928  
Cooper, Raymond "Bud" E.    
Cooper, Shirley M.    
Cooper, Walter L. Julia Johnson  
Cooper, Wendell M. "Pete" Online scans, #466  
Cooper, Wilma, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Copeland, Aletha Emma Munson    
Copeland, Amanda    
Copeland, Edmond    
Copeland, Ellen Elizabeth    
Copeland, Grace Beatrice Yates Online scans, #8370  
Copeland, Joe    
Copeland, Joseph    
Copeland, Lois "Eunice" Walkinshaw Online scans, #927, #974  
Copeland, Will's SON    
Copeland, William    
Copeland, William "Edgar"    
Copelin, John Online scans, #209  
Copley, Flora S. Edgerton    
Copp, Frank Julia Johnson  
Copp, James M.    
Coppock, Herman Online scans,#8763  
Coppock, Mildred Catherine    
Corale, Katherine Richey Online scans, sb279  
Corbean, Edward, - 1887 Julia Johnson  
Corbin, Alice B. Rupe    
Corbin, Bernard B. Online scans, sb255  
Corbin, Bertha Edith Wallis    
Corbin, Bettye E. Online scans, sb384  

Corbin, Cindy Pointer

Don Parsons  
Corbin, Everette L. Don Parsons  

Corbin, Hubert I. "Shorty"

Don Parsons  
Corbin, Lafayette Doyle Online scans, sb3475  
Corbin, Myrtle Online scans, #8870  
Corbin, Ruth Huddle Online scans, sb3943  
Corder, Berry, Mrs    
Corken, Eleanor K. Cox Online scans, sb1408  
Corliss, James Sr Online scans, sb4026, sb5211  
Cornell, Charles Wesley Jr Online scans, sb2802  
Cornford, George Pat O'Dell  
Cornford, Mrs George Pat O'Dell  
Cornford, Mrs John    
Correll, Bonnie Lee Hunt Pat O'Dell  
Correll, Bruce M. Online scans, #7033  
Correll, Dan    
Correll, Ida Harms Online scans, sb3843, sb3852, sb3785  
Correll, Martha    
Correll, Tilden    
Corryell, Infant, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Coryell, Mabel    
Coryell, S.L.    
Cose, Freddie Julia Johnson  
Coss, A.G.    
Costen, Thomas Walter    
Coston, Charles L. Online scans, sb1889  
Coston, Glen "Pete" Online scans, sb403  
Coston, Harold Lloyd    
Coston, Sara Etta Alifar Johnson Online scans, sb1915, sb1917  
Coston, Thomas Walter Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3778  
Cottrell, James Online scans, #8681  
Couch, Martha Elizabeth Johnson    
Coulter, Bessie Humphreys Julia Johnson  
Coulter, Charles' BABE    
Coulter, David W. Julia Johnson  
Coulter, Ephriam    
Coulter, Inez Veralena Hargis Online scans, #8484, #8485  
Coulter, Lloyd B. Online scans, sb1677  
Coulter, Mary "Maribel" Isabelle McDonald Online scans, sb6067  
Coulter, Phoebe A.    
Coulter, Phoebe Pace McMillen Julia Johnson  
Coulter, Robert [1845-1934] Julia Johnson  
Coulter, Robert, Jr / (two) [1973] Julia Johnson; Online scans, #17, #41, #29  
Coulter, Sadie Virginia Fetzer Julia Johnson; Online scans, #19  
Courtright, Rex A. Online scans, #476  
Cousins, Elizabeth    
Couts, David    
Couts, Sarah Palmer Julia Johnson  
Covault, Gladys Reed    
Covert, Joe    
Covey, Norma Gail Hurst    
Covey, Norman James    
Cowan, Alice Darby Julia Johnson; Online scans, #37  
Cowan, Anna Mae Twaddle Online scans, sb4772, sb6048  
Cowan, Dayton Online scans, sb3920, sb3790  
Cowan, Forrest J. "Bill" Online scans, sb6046  
Cowan, Marvin Eugene Online scans, sb5155  
Cowden, Earl E. Online scans, sb5722  
Cowden, Edith Fitzgerald    
Cowen, Joanne M.    
Cowen, Rachel Powell    
Cowger, Howard W. Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb445  
Cox, Archie B., 1886 - 1887 Julia Johnson  
Cox, B.H.    
Cox, Betty Joan Brown Online scans, sb3962  
Cox, Beulah Faye Online scans, #9010  
Cox, Bryan Robert    
Cox, Cecil Dorn Julia Johnson  
Cox, Cecil "Ed" Online scans, sb2150  
Cox, Charles Thomas Julia Johnson  
Cox, Dean Online scans, #8655  
Cox, Deva Faye Whited    
Cox, Don Online scans, sb5702  
Cox, E. Lavern Online scans, #177  
Cox, Edward "Eddie" Dale    

Cox, Elizabeth Thomas / (two)

Merrily Tunnicliff  
Cox, Ellis A. Online scans, sb272  
Cox, Evelyn "Lucille" Hamilton    
Cox, Floyd C. Online scans, #270  
Cox, Harold Gordon Online scans, #8657, #8658  
Cox, Henry "Hank" Grover    
Cox, Hyllis Lucille Pearce    
Cox, J.M.    
Cox, J. Ralph Online scans, sb1411, sb1453  
Cox, James H. Online scans, #9100  
Cox, John Edward Online scans, #8858, #8866  
Cox, Leo Online scans, sb3848  
Cox, Mamie L. Johnson Bebout Online scans, #9469  
Cox, Marjorie Manson Online scans, sb1409, sb1454  
Cox, Marvin Leroy    
Cox, Mary Online scans, #11  
Cox, Minnie Online scans, sb5658  
Cox, Ovid Ernest Online scans, #8756  
Cox, Philena Morley Julia Johnson  
Cox, W.H.H.    
Cox, Wayne Carl Online scans, sb1366, sb1438  
Coy, Eva Lavona Adams Online scans, sb5160  
Coy, Floyd F.    
Coy, George    
Coy, Hannah Kight    
Coy, Jeremiah William, Jr    
Coy, John    
Coy, Philomena Catherine Online scans, sb1946  
Coy, Stella Hollis    
Coy, Urban David "Bud"    
Coykendall, Clarence B. "Bud"    
Cozad, Charles Online scans, #6021  
Cozad, Charles Christian Julia Johnson;  
Cozad, Charles H. Online scans, #3017  
Cozad, Charles William Online scans, #918  
Cozad, Edson "Bill" Online scans, sb304  
Cozad, Gladys I. Jenkins Online scans, sb5300, sb5323  
Cozad, Joseph Warne    
Cozad, Lucy "Agnes" Coy    
Cozad, Nellie Butler    
Cozad, Ralph    
Cozad, Ralph C. Online scans, #3024, #3027  
Cozad, Rosalie Shields Julia Johnson; Online scans, #64  
Cozad, Stephen Earl    
Cozad, William, Mrs