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Military Personnel Iowa Town County
Rakow, Bette Jean Muscatine Muscatine
Randall, Elcy Thayer Mason City Cerro Gordo
Randall, Margery J. Muscatine Muscatine
Rankin, Dorothy Helen Mason City Cerro Gordo
Rappath, Bernice Grafton Worth
Rath, Dorothy Sioux City Woodbury
Redrick, Rosella Des Moines Polk
Reed, Helen M. Pleasanton Decatur
Reger, Mary Frances Davis City Decatur
Reich, Helen Mystic Appanoose
Reicks, Irene M. Carroll Carroll
Reuland, Catherine Spirit Lake Dickinson
Reynolds, Louise T. Mason City Cerro Gordo
Reynolds, Odette LeMars Plymouth
Rhodes, Betty May Muscatine Muscatine
Richards, Emma Adelia Webster City Hamilton
Richards, Riva Des Moines Polk
Richards, Veleta Burlington DesMoines
Richardson, Geneva Webster City Hamilton
Richardson, Irma Webster City Hamilton
Richter, Ruth Helen Wesley Kossuth
Ricketts, Elaine V. Dubuque Dubuque
Rierson, Shirley Maxine Stratford Hamilton
Riggins, Dorothy Alexander Franklin
Riggins, Rose Mary Dougherty Cerro Gordo
Riley, Berneil Sioux City Woodbury
Riley, Nilva Jean Stanhope Hamilton
Riordan, Gertrude Sioux City Woodbury
Ripperton, Anna Lee Bettendorf Scott
Rixe, Alma Lowden Cedar
Robbins, Mrs. Frances L. Clear Lake Cerro Gordo
Roberts, Beverly Des Moines Polk
Roberts, Josephine Ft. DesMoines Polk
Roberts, Ruth V. Clarion Wright
Robinson, Maurine Griswold Cass
Robinson, Phyllis Shelby Pottawattamie
Rock, Helen DesMoines Polk
Rogers, Phyllis Mason City Cerro Gordo
Rogers, Vernalda G. Cedar Rapids Linn
Rohlff, Bernice Davenport Scott
Rolling, Dorothy Bellevue Jackson
Romann, Ruth M. Muscatine Muscatine
Romano, Frances Des Moines Polk
Rooney, Marjorie Mason City Cerro Gordo
Rortvedt, Ruth Davenport Scott
Rosburg, Marie Maxwell Story
Rosenkrans, Evelyn Sioux City Woodbury
Roskamp, Hermina Webster City Hamilton
Ross, Elizabeth Humboldt Humboldt
Ross, Flora Mason City Cerro Gordo
Ross, Susanna Davenport Scott
Ross, Sylvia Davenport Scott
Rowe, Jean Letts Louisa
Ruggles, Katherine E. Mason City Cerro Gordo
Rule, Gloria Hampton Franklin
Rum, Dorothy M. DesMoines Polk
Runkle, Geneva L. Missouri Valley Harrison
Rutledge, Eloise Mason City Cerro Gordo
Rutledge, Phyllis DesMoines Polk
Ryser, Maxine Des Moines Polk




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