Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Oats, Mary Jean Miller Online scans, sb470  

Obermann, Charles Frederick

Pat O'Dell; Online scans, #9002  
O'Brien, Louis E.    
O'Connell, Charles R. Online scans, sb3858  
O'Connell, Wanda W. Brodrick Online scans, sb5235  
O'Connor, Maurice Griffin, III Online scans, sb6403, sb5351, sb3996  
O'Connor, Ruby Elinor Bickel Online scans, sb6087  
O'Day, Dollie Ealing Online scans, #3005  
O'Day, Emma Boo    

O'Dell, Albert Bryan

Don Parsons  
Odell, Alfred    

O'Dell, Alfred Elmer

Don Parsons  
O'Dell, Bradley Online scans, #8084  
O'Dell, Clara Bean Online scans, #8868  

O'Dell, Eda Cora Damewood

Don Parsons  

O'Dell, Ethel Reeves

Don Parsons  
O'Dell, Eva Marie Anderson    
O'Dell, George Don Parsons  
O'Dell, George Jerry Hamm  

O'Dell, Harry

Don Parsons  

O'Dell, Harry D.

Don Parsons  
O'Dell, John Earle "Jack" Jerry Hamm  

O'Dell, Mahlon

Don Parsons  

O'Dell, Mahlon Monroe

Don Parsons  

O'Dell, Mahlon Monroe - note

Don Parsons  
O'Dell, Mahlon Monroe Jerry Hamm  
Odell, Marietta Evans Julia Johnson  

O'Dell, Martha Damewood

Don Parsons  

O'Dell, Noah

Don Parsons  

O'Dell, Noah (Mrs)

Don Parsons  
O'Dell, Patricia A. Mount    
O'Dell, Paul Online scans, #9223  
O'Dell, Rhoda Jones Cooper Online scans, #800  

O'Dell, Verne Damewood

Don Parsons; Online scans, #329  
Odem, Helen Mae Shore Crawford    
O'Donnell, Donna Jean Forbes    
Oehler, Ann Horneff Online scans, #988  
Oehler, Fred Online scans, #8367  
Oehler, Fred, Mrs    
Oehler, Freda Graham Online scans, #8099  
Oehler, Lawrence "Larry" Online scans, sb298  
Oetken, Robert "Bob" Roy    
Offenberger, Frances Newberg    
Offenberger, Tom Online scans, #9088  
Offenburger, Daniel J.    
Offenburger, Mary Jean Carr    
Offenburger, Tom Online scans, #9088  
Ogilvie, Cuma Shearer Online scans, #8620  
Ogle, R.G. Online scans, #8650  
Ogle, Tammy Michele Julia Johnson  
O'Hara, Joseph C. Online scans, sb361  
O'Hara, Vivian Hope Howard Online scans, sb1864, sb1875  
Ohl, Samuel J. Julia Johnson  
Ohlmacher, Albert P.    
Ohnmacht, Anthony Neil Online scans, sb285  
Ohnmacht, Bob Online scans, #518  
Ohumacht, George    
Ohnmacht, Lois Eugenia Fisher    
Ohnmacht, Robert Edward    
O'Keefe, Daniel Timothy Online scans,  
O'Keefe, Darlene V. Online scans, #8772  
Oldham, Arthur Sr    
Oldham, Caroline    
Oldham, Glen "Smokey" Online scans, #2060, #2063  
Oldham, John Henry Online scans, sb1719  
Oldham, Karen Kay Silence    
Oldham, Leonard "Sleepy" Online scans, #8132  
Oldham, Ray Online scans, #193  
Olenius, Chester Online scans, #479  
Olenius, Florence O. Whipp Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb3819, sb3775, sb3776  
Olenius, James Online scans, sb387  
Olenius, Justin James Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb4154  
Olenius, Lizzie Hardyman Jerry Hamm  
Olenius, Lloyd H. Jerry Hamm  
Olenius, Peter Olaf    
Olenius, Robert    
Olenius, Robert Lowel    
Olenius, Roger Duane Jerry Hamm  
Oline, Blanche Violet Elvira Online scans, sb5271, sb5272, sb2744  
Oline, Josephine Esaias Online scans, #884, #921  
Oline, Kennard O. Online scans, #9356  
Oline, Levone Borden Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb492  
Oline, Linda Louise Jackson    
Oline, Noral Robert    
Oline, O.G.    
Oline, Oscar    
Oline, Vivian Elaine Online scans, #310  
Oliver, Dorothy Evelyn Cooper    
Oliver, Jack Online scans, #8354  
Oliver, Myrtle Estella Lomax Julia Johnson  
Olmsted, Earl G. Julia Johnson  
Olmstedt, S.S.    
Olsen, Sophia Caroline Ross Julia Johnson  
Olson, Bessie - 1889 Julia Johnson  
Olson, Brooklyn Leeann    
Olson, Carl Lee Online scans, #9007  
Olson, Darwin Eugene    
Olson, Douglas A.    
Olson, Einar Online scans, sb4714, sb5203  
Olson, Eskel, Mrs    
Olson, Fredrick Eugene    
Olson, Jennifer Ann Connell    
Olson, John Eldon    
Olson, Hannah    
Olson, Kenton A.    
Olson, Orville Online scans, sb1523  
Olson, Paul H. Online scans, sb5698  
Olson, Robert    
Olson, Willard R. Online scans, #8762  
O'Malley, James F.    
Oman, Edla Mathilda Johnson Julia Johnson; Online scans, #133  
Oman, John    
O'Neal, Beulah Devia Online scans, #8922  
O'Neal, Eva Smith Online scans, #275  
O'Neal, Marian Westenburg Online scans, #166  
O'Neal, Stephen Lewis Julia Johnson  
Oostenbrug, Joan Lea “Joni” Julia Johnson  
Opitz, Catherine Cruise    
Opitz, John Henry Julia Johnson  
Opitz, Louise Catherine Endebrock Online scans, #230  
Opitz, Ray    
Oppenheimer, James Leslie    
Orcutt, F.G., Mrs    
Ord, Andrew Julia Johnson  
Ord, Dorothy Gordon    
O'Reilly, Jennifer Linda Michelle Cuoco    
Orme, Ada Aline Tice Julia Johnson  
Orme, Arlene Ellan Hanson    
Orme, Bert Nathan Julia Johnson  
Orme, Charles Edward    
Orme, Delbert's INFANT SON    
Orme, Delford Dean "Bus"    
Orme, Elizabeth Dunn Julia Johnson  
Orme, Hettie Jane VanAlstine Online scans, #345  
Orme, John Wesley Julia Johnson  
Orme, Lucina Sharp    
Orme, Marvin Online scans, sb679, sb281, sb284  
Orme, Mary Ann Disney    
Orme, Mary Elizabeth Wise Online scans, sb1776  
Orme, Nathan Julia Johnson  
Orme, Nellie Elizabeth Julia Johnson  
Orme, Pearl Rose Bramble Online scans, sb1776  
Orme, Ricky Dean    
Orme, Rozella Kay Shadduck    
Orr, Elmer    
Orr, Mary Lynn    
Orth, Catherine Elizabeth Alleman    
Orth, Elizabeth Pearl Online scans, #539  
Orth, Fannie Seacrist    
Orth, Hope Fisher    
Orth, John Quincy Adams    
Orth, L.P., Mrs    
Orton, John    
Osbahr, Cindy Jo Online scans, #8320  
Osborn, Flossie Edna Online scans, #3094, #4000  
Osborn, Glen Julia Johnson  
Osborn, Marjorie E. Online scans, sb444, sb1437  
Osborn, Melvina Merriam    
Osborn, Mrs, - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Osborn, Raymond Online scans, #7033  
Osborn, William Online scans, #9091  
Osborn, William Lewellen    
Osborn, William N.    
Osborne, Jerome Leroy "Ozzie" Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb5242  
Osborne, Lewis    
Osborne, Lindy Sue Ossian    
Osborne, Lois L. Hays    
Osborne, Mary Bernice Jared Online scans, sb1414  
Osburn, Caroline    
Osburn, Darlene Loraine Theel Online scans, sb1378, sb3394  
Osgood, Charles    
Osgood, Warren Abbott    
Oslin, Agnes Josephine Tiemeyer    
Oslin, Claude Raymond "Ray" Jr Online scans, sb2811  
Oslin, Elsie Christine Herrmann Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8514  
Oslin, Randy Clint    
Ossian, Lola May Livingston Durfey    
Ossman, Isaac, Infant daughter of, -1891 Julia Johnson  
Osterholm Oscar's BABY BOY    
Osthoff, Richard Lee    
Ostrom, Florence Online scans, #8886  
Ott, George    
Ott, George Julia Johnson  
Otte, Alma M. Sunderman Online scans, sb5135  
Otte, Rope Online scans, sb390  
Otte, August    
Otte, Bruce Edwin Online scans, sb1413  
Otte, Charlotte    
Otte, Clara    
Otte, Dennis William    
Otte, Doris Minnie Johnson    
Otte, Dorothy Rosena Mascher    
Otte, Elise Fastenau Online scans, #556, #558  
Otte, Emmanuel Online scans, #8328  
Otte, Esther Marie Nothwehr    
Otte, Ferne E. Copeland Online scans, sb5182  
Otte, Frances Helena Elise Herzberg Online scans, #8329  
Otte, Henry    
Otte, Herbert C. Online scans, #8586  
Otte, John Online scans, #686  
Otte, Kathryn Online scans, #471  
Otte, LaVern Robert    
Otte, LaVose Online scans, #8233  
Otte, Letha Blume    
Otte, Martha Viola Mueller Online scans, #430, #431, #439  
Otte, Mary Etta Owen    
Otte, Nola LaVerne Schantz Online scans, sb1426  
Otte, Olga Stuckwisch Online scans, #568  
Otte, Opal Taylor Online scans, #8095  
Otte, Orval Edward Joseph Online scans, #792  
Otte, Paul H. Online scans, sb358  
Otte, Paul's Infant SON    
Otte, Robert Online scans, #262  
Otte, Mary Groeling    
Otte, Oren J. Online scans, #8844  
Otte, Othilie Groeling Sierp Roberts    
Ottman, Dorthy    
Oust, Paul Otto    
Overbey, Bill    
Overbey, Michael Dennis    
Overholser, Earl M. Online scans, sb5345  
Overholser, Helen Miller Online scans, sb5417  
Overholt, Luella "Lulu" Beery Online scans, #995  
Overholt, Timothy James Online scans, sb1777  
Overholzer, Mrs    
Overman, Clarence E. Online scans, sb108  
Overman, Donald Edward    
Overman, Elijah, Mrs    
Oviatt, Flora Gertrude Harris Julia Johnson  
Owen, Amy Online scans, sb3707  
Owen, Arthur    
Owen, Belle Davidson Julia Johnson  
Owen, Bessie    
Owen, Carolyn Ann Dorl    
Owen, Carrie Addie Werts    
Owen, Charles Francis    
Owen, Clyde Irvin Online scans, #8766  
Owen, Daniel Bryce Online scans, sb1443  
Owen, Fern Steeves Online scans, #8194  
Owen, George W.    
Owen, Gerald "Gerry" Online scans, sb2902, sb1443  
Owen, Harold Martin    
Owen, Henry - 1875 Julia Johnson  
Owen, Herbert Online scans, #31  
Owen, Herbert Frank Julia Johnson  
Owen, Holly Briana Dunham Online scans, sb1443  
Owen, L.P.    
Owen, Leonard M. Online scans, sb5387  
Owen, Lowell Online scans, #365  
Owen, James A. Online scans, sb6052  
Owen, Margaret "Peg" Fine Pratt    
Owen, Marjorie J. Chambers Online scans, sb5279, sb5264  
Owen, Mary A. Edmonds    
Owen, Mary A. Stewart    
Owen, Opal Leona Stogdill Online scans, sb4249, sb4256  
Owen, Thelma Scholes Julia Johnson; Online scans, #10B  
Owen, William Wesley    
Owens, Jennie Inez Holland Online scans, #6096, #7005, #7017  
Owens, Loyd "Frosty" Julia Johnson  
Owens, Myrtle Damewood Online scans, #526  

Owens, Neil

Online scans, #9019  

Owens, Thelma Fine

Owens, Thomasene    
Owens, Wm, Mrs    
Oxenford, Patricia Jo Amsden    
Oxley, Aaron Julia Johnson  
Oxley, Aaron Lawrence / (two)    
Oxley, Amanda Eggers    
Oxley, Aseneth Elnora    
Oxley, Clara Coon    
Oxley, Ethan I.    
Oxley, Evangeline Lister    
Oxley, Harriet West McFarland Julia Johnson  
Oxley, Lawrence    
Oxley, Letha Ortheal    
Oxley, Lloyd Irvin Online scans, sb6238  
Oxley, Lloyd Morris    
Oxley, Lowell Glenn Online scans, #9605  
Oxley, Minnie Bell Online scans, #9092, #9113  
Oyster, Hope Keener Online scans, #3032  
Oziah, Bob Online scans, #9087  
Oziah, Jennie Don Parsons  
Oziah, Nancy L. Elmer Online scans, sb410