Page County, Iowa obituaries
transcribed by Pat O'Dell

O'Day, Emma Boo


Eludes the Nurse and Hangs Herself in the Basement of Her Home, Mrs. Joseph O'Day of Shenandoah,
took her life by hanging at her home Saturday night.
Mrs. O'Day has been in ill health for two years and, at times, has been mentally deranged, and was constantly under the care of a nurse, Mrs. McCunn of Clarinda. The family retired at ten o'clock. Mr O'Day slept, upstair and Mrs. O'Day with the nurse in adjoining rooms down stairs. Some time during the night, Mrs. O'Day got out of the room by a front window and went to the cellar where she placed a strong cord about her neck and tied it to a cross-piece of the cellar ceiling. She stood on a saw-horse and then kicked the support away and strangled to death.
She was not missed until the next morning when the nurse went to call her for breakfast, and after searching the house, the body was found suspended in the cellar. It was apparant that she had been dead for hours.
Two letters were found on the [--] - band, and one to her sister at Hepburn. The letters stated that she and her husband had been living in sin and that it was her duty to end her life. Her husband had been loving and kind to her and it was very evident that her mind was deranged at the time.
Mrs. O'Day's maiden name was Boo her home being north of Clarinda, where parents still reside. She was forty-seven years of age. Besides her husband, she leaves one child, John, who is attending coollege at Ames. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 1, 1920

Mrs. Joseph O'Day,  whose home was in Shenandoah, but who lived near Hepburn before marriage, being then Miss Emma Boo, took her own life by hanging week before last. Mrs. McCunn of Clarinda as
nurse was in charge of the patient, when at night she escaped by the front window, while all were asleep,
going to the cellar, wher she placed a strong cord about her neck, fasten-[ going to the cellar, where she placed] -- upon a saw horse, then kicked away the support. She was not missed until morning, when the nurse went to call her for breakfast and found the room empty. Two letters were found upon the dresser, one addressed to her husband, the other to her sister at Hepburn. The deed was undoubtedly the result of a deranged mind.
Mrs. O'Day was 47 years of age, and leaves a son who is attending Ames college. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 8, 1920

Woman Commits Suicide.
Mrs. Joseph O'Day committed suicide by hanging herself at her home in Shenandoah last Sunday night. She had been mentally deranged for some time and was under a nurse's care. Some time during the night Mrs. O'Day escaped to the cellar where she took her own life by hanging.   Her maiden name was Emma Boo. She has relatives living in Valley and Douglas townships. For some time she was employed by Mrs. Anna Taylor at the Henshaw hotel in this city. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 1, 1920



Odell, Alfred -

Suicide is becoming fashionable it seems among the young and innocent before trouble builds up on them as well as the older people burdened with cares incident to an existence in this world. About 8 o'clock last Monday morning Alfred Odell, the 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Odell of New Market, went to the barn and placing a strap around his neck, fastening the other end to a beam, jumped off with the result of breaking his neck and hurling himself into eternity. Nearby neighbors soon discovered him but it was all over. The only known cause for the terrible deed is the fact that his mother caught him chewing tobacco a short time before and gave him a severe scolding. He begged her to not tell his father, but this failed to ease his mind it seems and he decided to wipe out the disgrace.  Boys, let tobacco along. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 27, 1904


Oehler, Fred, Mrs - MRS, FRED OEHLER DIES
Miss Florence Oehler returned to Clarinda Wednesday   evening from Centerville, where she had been called by the death of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Fred Oehler, who passed away Sunday, June 15, after an illness lasting over a year. Her death was tuberculosis and occured at the home of her father, Geo. W. Swearingin. She is survived by her father, a sister Edna, her husband and son Lawrence, who is nine years of age. The funeral was conducted Tuesday at 3 p.m., from the home of her father, and the body was laid to rest in the Centerville cemetery. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Jun 19, 1919


Oehler, Fred, Mrs -

Word was received in this city Monday by the A. Oehler family that Mrs. Fred Oehler had died at her home in Centerville. Mrs. Fred Ohler was the wife of Mr. and Mrs. A. Oehler's son.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Oehler and daughter, Misses Fannie and Florence, left immediately for Centerville. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Jun 19, 1919


Ohlmacher, Albert P. -

On Thursday afternoon, Nov. 9, word was received by Dr. J. C. Ohlmacher, first assistant physician at the Clarinda State Hospital, of the death of his brother, Dr. Albert P. Olhmacher of Detroit, Mich. This untimely death is not only a very sad blow to the many relatives and friends of the deceased, but is a distinct loss to the medical profession. Dr. A. P. Ohlmacher stood at the very front of his profession, and in his chosen field of medical endeavor had few equals in this country. Much of his work has been of the pioneer variety, and his frequent, and valuable contributions to the medical fraternity, early gained for him international recognition. He was cited as an authority in many medical publications. His articles covered a wide range of scientific medical research. In "Who Is Who in America" is found enumerated the following facts concerning the doctor's activities:
"Graduated from medical department of the Northwestern University, Chicago, in 1890: professor of Comparative Anatomy and Embryology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago, 1891-4; professor of Pathology, Chicoga Policlinic, 1892-4; professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, medical department of the Ohio Wesleyan university, Cleveland, 1894-7; director of the Pathological Laboratory of the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics, Gallipolis, 1897-1901; professor of Pathology, medical department of the Northwestern University, 1901-2; superintendent of the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics, 1902-5; director of the Biological Laboratories of Frederick Stearns & Co., Detroit, 1905-7; in private
practice, specialty epilepsy and treatment of infection by bacterial or vaccine therapy, 1907; honorary member of Toledo Academy of Medicine; member of American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists; National Association for Study and Prevention of Epilepsy; National association for Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, etc., etc.; author of chapters in American Text Book of Pathology dealing with Bacteriology and Tumors; chapters on Laboratory teaching, etc., in Reference Hand Book of Medical Science, and numerous articles representing original research in bacteriology, pathology, epilepsy, vaccine and serum therapy, etc., etc."
Dr. Ohlmacher, at the time of his death was 51 years of age, enjoying an extensive practice in his specialty, including a wide consultation practice.   He leaves a wife,  three sons and two daughters to mourn his loss.    His remains were cremated and services held at Detroit, Mich., Monday, Nov. 13. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Nov 16, 1916


Oldham, Caroline - Caroline Oldham, the mother of Charles Oldham, of near Clarinda, died Sunday April 18, 1909, aged 71 years, 8 months and 7 days. She was born in slavery in Kentuckey and remained in the Dillingham family, the family of her master practically all her life, and assisted in caring for three generations of that family in their babyhood. Her remains were laid to rest in the Clarinda cemetery Tuesday. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 22, 1909

Caroline Oldham, an old colored lady and former slave of Kentucky, died Sunday, aged 71 years 8 months and 7 days, the funeral being held Monday. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 22, 1909


Oline, O. G.

O. G. Oline was fatally injured last Friday when a bridge gave way, letting the engine he was riding fall a distance of twelve feet. Chester Danner, the owner of the engine, yelled to them to jump to safety but Mr. Oline was hit by a flying plank and sent under the engine. He was pinned between the platform of the engine and the water tank. He received a fractured hip, a burned arrn caused by his arm coming in contact with the boiler, and also many other bruises. He was removed from the place of the accident and taken to the home of his employer, Mr. Danner, and there he died early Wednesday morning.
The place where the accident occurred is about four miles southeast of Shenandoah and only recently plans had been made to remove the bridge and fill in where it stood.  
Mr. Oline was a middle aged man and had worked with this engine crew for several years. He was a man of good character and will be greatly missed. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 2, 1913


Oline, Oscar - Oscar Oline, a well known young man of near Essex, died last week, aged 27 years. The death was an especially sad one, for his life was one of great promise and he leaves a wife and little daughter, besides his mother, five brothers and three sisters. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 28, 1909


Olmstedt, S.S. - Jas. Harrington received a telegram Monday announcing the sudden death of his grandfather, Mr. S. S. Olmstedt, of Knox county, Ill., at the ripe old age of 85 years. Mr. Harrington drove over to Hawleyville to advise his mother of the death of her father. Mr. Olmsted has visited this city several times in years past and was a highly respected old gentleman. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 5, 1897


Olson, Eskel, Mrs
Special Bethesda Correspondence of the Herald
Mrs. Eskel Olson passed away at the Immanuel Hospital in Omaha Friday after a long illness.   She was operated on for appendicitis two weeks ago but she didn't gain any strength afterwards.   The funeral   was held from the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs. John Eklof, the remains being taken to the Summit cemetery.   Mrs. Olson was twenty one years of age, was married to Mr. Olson three years ago.   She leaves to mourn her loss, a husband, two children, one five months old, the other two years old, her parents, six sisters, and two brothers, land other relatives and friends. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Dec 13, 1917

Mrs. Eskel Olson.
Essex Independent, Dec. 14: "A very sad incident in the lives of the friends and neighbors of the community of Cramer Chapel came Friday of last week when the news was dispatched over the wires telling of the death of Mrs. Eskel Olson at the hospital in Omaha following an operation for appendicitis performed a few days before. More sad indeed is her passing at this time for she leaves two small children, the youngest being only three months old. She was but 22 years 4 months and 26 days old and to be taken from husband and babies at this time is a hard blow indeed.
The remains were brought to Essex from Omaha Friday evening the day following her death and taken to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Eklof where the funeral was held Monday at 12; 30, conducted by Rev. K. Forsma.n, pastor of the Fremont Mission church and interment had in the Summit cemetery near Yorktown. Besides husband and children the deceased leaves to mourn, father and mother, eight sisters and one brother and a large number of friends. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Dec 20, 1917



Olson, Hannah -

Mrs B. Prow has received the information that her aunt, Mrs. Hannah Olson, of 244 North Cherry street, Galesburg, Ill., died Dec. 27, 1920. Mrs Olson was 87 years of age and had lived in Galesburg since 1854. A Clarinda lady, Mrs. A.M. Sherman, while in Galesburg a few months ago called on Mrs. Olson. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Jan 6, 1921


O'Malley, James F. - Perry, la., June 27.—James F. O'Malley, brother of Pres. John P. O'Malley of the American Trust & Savings bank of Des Moines, was killed at 10 a.m. today in an auto accident.  
He was driving his machine when struck by a Milwaukee passenger train at the Fifth street crossing.
The auto was carried by the engine for a distance of nearly a block, when it struck a switch post and threw O'Mallay under the wheels.
Both his legs and one arm were completely severed and he sustained a deep gash in his chest. He died forty-five minutes later at a local hospital.
O'Malley owned a large farm about one-half mile south of town and has been a prominent political figure in this district for many years. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 5, 1917



Oman, John -

John Oman died at his home near Stanton, Tuesday, April 2, 1918, after a two days' illness, of acute appendicitis. The funeral was held Thursday at Nyman. He lived in Fremont township, moving later to near Villisca, and afterwards to the home where he died, north of Stanton. In all these places he made a host of friends who were shocked and saddened by his death.
He leaves a wife and three children. He was about thirty-five years of age.
Mrs. Oman is a sister of Mrs. Alfred Falk of Nebraska township. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 11, 1918


Opitz, Ray - Death From Appendicitis.
Ray Opitz died this forenoon after an operation for appendicitis. The disease had gone too far before the operation. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Apr 13, 1911.


Orcutt, Mrs F.G. -

Mrs. F. G. Orcutt, who was a resident of Clarinda a number of years ago, passed away Saturday, Aug. 23, 1919, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wilbur W. Hall, formerly Miss Bessie Orcutt, at Ravenna, Ohio. Mrs. Orcutt was the sister of Mrs. L. W. Lewis, wife of Hon. L. W. Lewis, who formerly lived here. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis now live at Edmonds, Wash. Mrs. Earl Peters of this city received a copy of the Ravenna Republican, which contained the following regarding Mrs. Orcutt:
Mrs. F. G. Orcutt passed from this life at 5 o'clock, Saturday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. W. Hall, of 873 West Main street. Funeral services were held   at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Hall on this, Monday afternoon, Dr. I. J. Swanson of the First   Congregational church officiating.   Interment was made in Maple Grove cemetery by the side of her little granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth Hall, who was called to the other life a few years ago.    Mrs. George Hinds of Kent, an intimate friend of the family, sang the selections. Mrs. J Orcutt was born in Wheaton, Ill., Oct. 3, 1857, and was married   to Frank Gates Orcutt at the home of her parents, Jan. 1, 1879.   They immediately went to Chicago where they spent all of their married life, his death occurring in that city in 1895.  She spent the last thirteen years of her life in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Hall, in Kent, and in Ravenna.  She is survived by Mrs. Hall, her only child, and by three grandsons, Frank L., Robert O., and Lewis W. Hall.   She also leaves a sister in Seattle, Wash., and one in Bridgeport, Nebr.   Mrs. Orcutt was a member of the Union Congregational church of Chicago, and her life was a beautiful exemplification of the religion of her Master.   She was a graduate of Chicago Musical college and was a private pupil of Dr. Ziegfield, president of the institution, and afterward taught in Brooks   School for Young Ladies in Chicago for a number of years.   Her health failing her, she accepted positions   in   Stanley Hall, Minn., and in the State University of Washington, remaining two years at each institution. She was an accomplished musician and a woman of exceptional mind and talents.   Mrs. Hall was stricken with paralysis last Tuesday evening, involving her entire right side and on Thursday she sustained a second stroke involving her left side. She was stricken unconscious at the first and remained in that condition to the end." CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Sep 11, 1919


Ord, Dorothy Gordon

Mrs. Dorothy Ord died Feb. 28, 1900, at the home of Jas. Gordon, in west Clarinda, aged 65 years, 8 months and 4 days. She had been sick a longtime, but bore her affliction with the fortitude of a devout Christian. She had been a devoted member of the M. E. church for many years, and was a kind-hearted, noble woman with warm friends to the number of her acquaintance. The funeral took place at church Friday at 2 p.m., conducted by Rev. IlgenFritz, assisted by Rev. Bartley, of Shenandoah. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 8, 1900

Mrs. Dorothy Ord died at her home in west Clarinda, on last Wednesday night at ten o'clock, of heart trouble, after an illness of ten weeks. Funeral services will be held at the M. E. church this afternoon at one o'clock, conducted by Rev IlgenFritz.
Miss Dorothy Gordon was born in New Castle, England, on June 24,1834. She belonged to a family of nine children. The parents, with all the children except one daughter, moved to America about 1854, settling for a time In Ohio, and later moving to Pennsylvania. Dorothy was married on June 21, 1855, to Andrew Ord. In 1869 they removed from Pennsylvania to Galesburg, Ills., and to Page county, Iowa, in 1876.  After the death of her husband, on February 18, 1892, Mrs. Ord moved from the farm to Clarinda, and has kept house for her brother, James Gordon, who, with a sister, Mrs. Mary A. Woodward, survive her. Mrs. Ord was converted and united with the M. E. Church in McKeesport, Pa., in 1862, and for nearly forty years has been a faithful member of that church. She was regarded as a noble Christian woman by all who knew her, and her death is mourned by a large number of friends and acquaintances. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 2, 1900


Orme, Lucina Sharp -

Mrs. Nathan. Orme,
Lucina Sharp was born in Ohio, Aug. 12, 1837 and died at her home near Hawleyville, Iowa, Oct. 21, 1910, at the age of 73 years 2 months and 9 days. She was united in marriage to Nathan Orme, on April 27, 1857 while in Ohio. They came west and settled on a farm and lived as farmers until the death of Mr. Orme which occurred on June 26, 1894. Severn children were born to them, three of whom, Lorne, Edwin an infant and Eva are deceased. The other four are living and are: William M. Orme and Mrs. Emma B. Rucker both of whom reside in Valley township, and Mrs. Louie Spielman of Clarinda and Nathan B. Orme who lives on a farm near New Market.
Mrs. Orme was converted and joined the Methodist church in the fall of 1867 and has since kept her vows. During her last illness she assured her friends that her faith was firm in God.

The deceased has lived in New Market, Iowa for about fifteen years. This summer she has divided her time some with the children and has made her home on the old farm.
The funeral was held from the North Grove church, in Valley township, where she and her husband were instrumental in founding the church away back in the early history of the organization. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Stevenson, of the Clarinda Methodist church, on Sunday afternoon, and the remains were laid beside those of her husband and three children in the local cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 27, 1910


Orme, Mary Ann Disney -

Mary Ann Disney.
Mary Ann, Disney was the fifth of a family of nine children. She was born December 10, 1842, in Knox county, Ohio, and died at midnight October 9, 1912.
In early girlhood she was converted and joined the Methodist Episcopal church, to which she was ardently devoted and greatly enjoyed the work of the church. Teaching in the Sunday school was her delight. In those days nothing along these lines was too difficult for her to dare or do.
On October 26, 1883, she was married to William Henry Orme, of Page county, Iowa, three miles north of Hawleyville, where she lived until her death.
Three children, were born to this union, Basil Emory, who died in infancy, Ora A., now Mrs. Thornton Kendrick, and Ralph W., of near New Market, both of whom and her husband, four grandchildren, five step-children and five brothers remain on the hither shore to mourn their irreparable loss. She was a faithful wife and an effectionate and loving mother. For her family and brothers likewise, she was self-sacrificing and willing every time to deny herself for their sakes.
The funeral services were on Sunday at 1 o'clock at the North Grove church, conducted by her pastor, Rev. G. W. Koser, who preached an admirable and comforting sermon from the text "Prepare to meet thy God." Interment was in the North Grove cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 24, 1912

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Orr, Elmer -

(Blanchard State Line Herald).
The body of Elmer Orr was brought here Saturday night from Nodaway Valley, la., for burial in the family lot in the local cemetery. The local camp of Woodmen, of which order the deceased was an associate member, turned out at one o'clock Sunday, and along with Rev. H. G. Parker, laid the body to rest. There were several car loads of friends from the Valley here also. The services were held Saturday before shipment.
Mr. Orr was a native of Minnesota, and in his 39th year. When yet a boy he, along with his parents and brother, Ed. located here. The father owned one of the early papers in Blanchard, and here it was that the deceased learned the printers' trade. Following the sale of the paper here he worked at many different places, among the last was Mound City, where your writer met and labored with him. Thirteen years ago he located at Nodaway Valley where he jointly associated himself with Dr. W. R. Morgan in the publication of the News. The conclusion of these years was interrupted by his illness two weeks ago when he fell sick of typhoid fever and passed away. There is the father, E. J. Orr, at Millville, Fla., and the brother, Edward, at Maryville left. The mother was laid to rest some years ago in the Blanchard cemetery. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 31, 1916

Nodaway Editor Dead.

Elmer W. Orr, the senior editor of the Nodaway Valley News died last week, the cause of death being typhoid fever. Elmer Orr was editor of the Nodaway Valley News, in partnership with Dr. W. G. Morgan. Deceased has been connected with this paper for about twelve years, until two years ago being associated with his father E. J. Orr, Millville, Fla., who we understand was unable to come from Florida for the son's funeral. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 24, 1916


Orr, Mary Lynn -

On the 24th of   April, 1815, in Ari, Scotland, Mary Lynn was born and on the 27th of December, 1911, about ten, o'clock   p. m., she was born into the heavenly home and family of her Savior Jesus Christ. For nearly 97 years she served in her earthly probation and now she is enjoying the blessings which she so long anticipated.   When a young girl she was   married   to William Orr, of Glasgow, who was employed in a large woolen factory.   Soon after the marriage the Lynn family came to America.    Mr. Orr soon found work at   his   trade in New York state and was promoted until he became   the   foreman in a large cotton factory.    As the children grew up  around him he felt impelled to go west so that they might   have opportunities   for life work that were   not   possible for them to enjoy in the factory work, so in 1856 the family came to Wisconsin, where the home was maintained until in 1867 it was changed to Page county,   Iowa.    Mr. Orr bought the farm owned by the father of Jacob   Butler,   about nine miles southwest   of Clarinda. In 1880, the children  all being gone from the home, the farm was sold and Mr. Orr    moved    to College Springs to enjoy a quiet rest from the labor incident to farm life. In 1884 Mr. Orr was   hurt by a runaway team and death resulted from the injury.   The son, William, was then living in Clarinda, engaged in the practice of law and the mother came here to make her home with her "baby boy."   There were nine children in   the   family,   three of which died in infancy and two others in later years, so that there are left a daughter and son in Los Angeles, a daughter in the   Big Horn valley of Wyoming   and   the son, William Orr,    here    in Clarinda. Mother Orr was raised in the Reformed    Presbyterian church and was always devoted and consistent in the service of her Master.
Everybody in this part of the state knows Wm. Orr, for he has been so intimately connected with public matters, and here in Clarinda everybody knows of the unusual devotion he has displayed in the care and comfort of his mother. The mother, in her second childhood was cared for by him and his devoted friends, Mr. and Mrs. Bisbee, who have lived in the home with him, as tenderly as she was cared for in her first childhood, by her parents. Last Saturday evening she was not feeling as well as usual and in a few hours she sank into a deep sileep which ended in the sleep that knows no waking in this world. The long life is ended, and the mortal remains are to   be  laid tomorrow in their resting place by the side of the   husband   in the  R. P. burying ground southwest of town.
Services will be held in the home at ten o'clock. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Dec 28, 1911


Orth, Catherine Elizabeth Alleman

Mrs. Catherine Orth was born in Mercersburg, Pa, Feb. 26, 1844, and died at her home in this city Oct. 3, 1917, aged 73 year, 7 months and 7 days. She was married to John A. Orth on Feb. 25, 1864 and to this union eight children were born.    Calvin and John who died in infancy; Jennie, who is now Mrs. R. D. Farrens; Florence; Fanny now Mrs. G. G. Westerfield of Des Moines; Mary, now Mrs. J. C. Beckner; and Grace,   now   Mrs. O. W. Keener; and one son, Guy Orth. The funeral services were    held at the home on West Gerfield street, Rev. D. S. Curry conducting, and Rev. W. C. Williamson assisting.
During the service a quartet consisting of Otis Lucas, Leslie Finley, Claude Annan and John Keener sang "Abide with Me" and   'There is a Fountain Filled with Blood."

Clair Orth of Bedford, R. D. Farrens, J. C. Beckner, Orth Farrens of Omaha,    G. . G. Westerfield of Des Moines and O. W. Keener acted as pall bearers.   The body was laid to rest in the Clarinda cemetery    Mrs Clair Orth of Bedford, Dr. Will Orth of Chicago and his mother, Mrs. Fanny Orth and Mrs. Vought of Monmouth, Ill., Mr. Ed Orth of Seaton, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hawkins of Red Oak, Mr. and Mrs. Al Moritz of Villisca and Mr. and Mrs. Orth Farrens of Omaha came to attend the
services and last rites of their loved one.                        PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 11, 1917

Mrs. John A. Orth. Mrs. John A. Orth passed away at her home in this city, Wednesday morning. The funeral services will be held at the home tomorrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. David S. Curry. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 4, 1917

Funeral services for Mrs Catherine Elizabeth Orth, widow of the late John Quincy Adams Orth, who died in Clarinda Wednesday morning of last week, were held from the family home, on East Garfield street, Friday afternoon at 8 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. David S. Curry, pastor of the Presbyterian church, who was assisted by Dr. W. C. Williamson, pastor of the United Presbyterian church. Music was furnished by a mixed quartet composed of Claude Annan, Otis R. Lucas, Leslie R. Finley and John T. D. Keener. The selections sung were "Abide With Me" and "There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood." The pall bearers were R. D. Farrens, J. C. Beckner and O. W. Keener of Clarinda; Claire Orth of Bedford; G. G. Westerfield of Des Moines and Orth Farrens of Omaha. Out of town relatives who were present at the funeral were J. E. Orth of Seaton, Ill., a brother-in-law of the deceased; Mrs. Fanny Orth, a sister-in-law, and her daughter, Mrs. Charley Bote of Monmouth, Ill., and her sons, Dr. Will Orth of Chicago, and Claire Orth and wife from Bedford; Dr. and Mrs. Charles Dietz, cousins, from Tabor; Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Westerfield, son-in-law and daughter, from Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Orth Farrens, grandson and wife, from Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hawkins, granddaughter and husband, from Red Oak; Mr. and Mrs. Al Moritz, granddaughter and husband, from Villisca.
Mrs. Orth's maiden name was Catherine Elizabeth Alleman. She was born Feb. 26,1844 in Mercersburg, Pa., and died Oct.3, 1917, aged 73 years, 7 months, and 7 days.   On Feb. 25, 1864 she was married to John Q. A. Orth.  Eight children were born to this union. Calvin and John died in infancy; the others are Jennie, now Mrs R. D. Farrens; Florence; Fanny, now Mrs G. G. Westerfield; Mary, now Mrs. J. C. Beckner; Grace, now Mrs. O. W. Keener; and Guy Orth. Mr Orth died in August of 1916. Mrs. Orth was active until about two weeks before her death.when she suffered a stroke of paralysis. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 11, 1917

Mrs. Katherine Elizabeth Alleman Orth passed away at her home on 119 East Garfield on Wednesday morning at six o'clock after an illness of two weeks, having suffered a stroke of paralysis on Sabbath, Sept. 16, aged seventy-three years, seven months and seven days. The funeral services will be held at the home on Friday afternoon at three o'clock. Obituary will be given next week. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 4, 1917

The funeral of Mrs. John Q. A. Orth whose death was mentioned in The Journal of last week, was held at the family residence on Garfield street, Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The services were conducted by Rev. David S. Curry, pastor of the Presbyterian church of this city, assisted by Rev. Dr. W. C. Williamson, pastor of the United Presbyterian church also of this city. The songs, "Abide With Me" and "There is a Fountain Filled with Blood" were sung by a male quartet composed of Otis Lucas, Leslie Finley, Claude Annan, and John Keener. The pall bearers were Clair Orth of Bedford, G. G. Westerfield, of Des Moines, Orth Farrens of Omaha, and R. D. Farrens, J. C. Beckner, and O. W. Keener of this city. Those from out of town who were present are as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Clair Orth, Bedford; Dr. Will Orth, Chicago, Ill., and mother, Mrs. Fanny Orth, and sister, Mrs Charley Vought, of Monmouth, Ill.; Ed Orth, Seaton, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Orth Farrens of Omaha; Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Westerfield of Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Al Mortiz, Villisca; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hawkins of Red Oak. Mrs. Orth's maiden name was Catherine Elizabeth Alleman. She was born Feb. 26, 1844, in Mercersburg, Pa., and died Oct. 3, 1917, in Clarinda, aged 73 years, 7 months, and 7 days. On Feb. 25, 1864, she was married to John Q. A. Orth. Eight children were born to this union. Calvin and John died in infancy; the others are Jennie, now Mrs. R. D. Farrens; Florence; Fanny, now Mrs. G. G. Westerfield; Mary, now Mrs. J. C. Beckner; Grace, now Mrs. O. W. Keener; and Guy Orth. Mr. Orth died in August of 1916. Mrs. Orth was a homeloving woman, living a simple, quiet life, yet always showing a generous hospitality to her friends when they came to see her. Her home was a model of excellent house keeping. Mrs. Orth was active until about two weeks before her death when she suffered a stroke of paralysis. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 11, 1917

One of Clarinda's Pioneer Residents, Passes Away-Funeral Tomorrow.

Mrs. Elizabeth Orth, widow of the late John Q. A. Orth, who died in August of last year, passed away at her home on East Garfield street, Wednesday morning after a two weeks' illness. Mrs. Orth was seventy-three years of age.
Funeral services will be held from the home tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. D. S. Curry, pasrtor of the Presbyterian church.
The son-in-law and daughter of Mrs. Orth, Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Westerfield of Des Moines are here, Mrs. Westerfield, who was Miss Fanny Orth, having arrived before her mother's death. Ed. Orth from Seaton, Ill., a brother-in-law of Mrs. Orth, is expected tonight, and Dr. and Mrs. Dietz, cousins, from Tabor are expected for the funeral tomorrow.

The other children of Mrs. Orth live in Clarinda, and are Mrs. R. D. Farrens, Mrs. J. C. Beckner, Mrs. O. W. Keener, Miss Florence Orth and Guy Orth. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 4, 1917



Orth, Fannie Seacrist -

Last Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. John A. Orth and Mrs. C. J. Orth went to Keithburg, Ills., summoned by the serious illness of Mr. Orth's mother, whose home was in that city. Upon reaching there they found her very low, so low indeed that she gradually sank, and expired last Saturday morning. Her son, O. J. Orth, left on the first train for Keithsburg. The funeral was held in Keithsburg yesterday. Mrs. Orth would have been ninety years of age had she lived until next January. Her husband has been dead since 1885. Seven children survive the parents, as follows: John A. and Cyrus J., of this city; Edward, of Keithsburg; Charles, of Trenton, N. J.; Mrs. Alice Seibert, of Glenn Ridge, N, J.; Mrs. Emma Deitz, of Gillman, Ill.: and Mrs. Myra Baker, of Mt. Valley, Kas. The children have the sympathy of their many friends in their loss. Mr. and Mrs. John Orth and C. J. Orth returned to this city this morning. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 3, 1900

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Orth returned home Tuesday from Keithsburg, Ill., where they had been called by the severe illness of Mr. Orth's mother, and who was unable to recognize them when they arrived there. She died last Friday at the ripe old age of 90 years, the funeral occuring Monday, so as to allow all her children to attend that could. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Jul 5, 1900


Orth, Hope Fisher - Guy's INFANT DAU - Mr. and Mrs. Guy Orth were called on to lay away in Clarinda cemetery their first born, on Wednesday, June 4th, a baby girl who did not live long. They have the sympathy of many friends. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Jun 13, 1918



Orth, John Q.A. -

Clarinda and Page county are called upon to mourn the loss of two of its aged pioneers and most respected citizens—John Q. A. Orth and Dan J. DeLong.
Mr. DeLong passed away at his home at 300 West Main street on Sunday night, Aug. 6, at 11:45. The remains were taken to Omaha by C. H. Oates, where they were cremated in accordance with the wishes expressed in the deceased man's last will and testament. The Page county history gives the best and most authentic record of the active life of Mr. DeLong and for that reason we quote from that as follows: Dan J. DeLong.

Among the residents of Clarinda whose former years of toil now make it possible for them to live in retirement of well earned rest is Dan J. DeLong. He was born in Louisville, Ky., on the 3d of October, 1838, a son of Joseph and Sarah C. (Blue) (Continued on page 2)

Clarinda Herald, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 1916 [D36 and D38 in scrapbook]

John Q. A. Orth.
There is perhaps not a man in Page county that was more widely known and respected than was Mr. Orth. Death came to him very peacefully at 12 m., Monday, Aug. 7. Mr. Orth had spent the Sabbath at the home of O. W. Keener and had partaken of a dinner in honor of the birthday of Miss Dorothy. He returned home early in the afternon and was taken quite ill and a high fever set in and he gradually sank away, the end coming as the whistle blew for the noon hour. His last words were of his son, Guy, whom he had hoped so much to see and had counted the days until he should return. The Page County History [1909] gives the following complete data of the life and History of Mr. Orth and shows the activity of his career to the best advantage and for that reason we quote the volume as follows: [copy not there]
After many years connection with the mercantile interests of Clarinda, John Q. A. Orth is now living retired.

The funeral services will be held at the family home this (Thursday) afternon, conducted by Rev. T. C. Smith, of Denver, Colo., former pastor of the Presbyterian church of this city, assisted by Professor Woods, both pastors were lifelong friends of Mr. Orth. A short eulogy, entitled, "The Work Shop," will be read by N. W. Cline, who for many years has been a neighbor and comrade of Mr. Orth. Music will be furnished by the male quartete. The remains will be laid to rest in the city cemetery.
Among the relatives and friends who are here from a distance to attend the funeral are Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Orth of Seaton, Ill., C. J. Orth of Keithburg, Ill, and Mrs. Mary Daines, of. Monmouth, Ill., arrived Thursday morning. Miss Fanny Orth and Mrs. Vogt of Monmouth, Ill., arrived Wednesday evening. Many friends and relatives of the community will be in attendance at the funeral. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 10, 1916

John Q. A. Orth was born in Lebanon, county, Penn., on the 22nd of May, 1837, and died at his home in this city, Tuesday, Aug. 8th, 1916. He was the son of Adam G. and Fannie Seacrist Orth, the former a farmer by occupation. Reared in his native state, he attended the public schools there and acquired a good knowledge of the common branches of the English language. After leaving school he learned the blacksmith trade, which he followed in the Keystone state until 1882. In that year he came to Clarinda where he became identified with merchandizing, dealing in groceries and queensware. He was connected in that line of business in Clarinda for 16 years, during which period he met with most gratifying success, for he was always strictly up-to-date in his business methods and carried an excellent line of goods. His integrity and true personal worth became widely recognized, gaining for him the trust, confidence and goodwill of his fellowmen.
He became one of the best known representatives of commercial interests in Clarinda, contributing in a large measure to the upbuilding of the city in mercantile lines. As he prospered in business affairs, his interests extended in other lines and he became the owner of several business structures in this city, including the union block, a two story brick building on the south side and a two story brick building on the west side. In 1898 feeling that his many years of well directed energy and labor entitled him to a merited rest, he sold out his store and retired from business activities.
The only interruption that came in his business career was occasioned by his enlistment in the 1st. of Aug, 1862, as a private in company C of the one-hundred and Twenty-sixth Penn. Volunteer Infantry. Going to the front to aid his country in her hour of need, he served with that regiment for ten months, during which period he participated in the battles Antietam and Fredericksburg, while he also was present at the engagement at Chancellorsville, which extended afer the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, of May, 1863. Mr. Orth was united in marriage in February, 1864, to Miss Elizabeth Alleman, of Mercersburg, and to this union were born 8 children namely: Jennie, the wife of Russel Farrens of this city, Florence, Fannie, Mary, wife of Carrie Beckner, Grace, and Guy. Two sons died in infancy, Jacob Calvin and John Alleman. The six children living make their home in this city. Mr. Orth was always a stanch republican, and supported the principles and candidates of that party, being recognized as an active and helpful worker in local party ranks. He served as councilman from the second ward for five years and in 1909 was chosen councilman at large, serving in that office two years. He served as chairman of the streets and ally committee and was also a member of the water committee. He was always interested in the cause of education and served as school director nine years in the Keystone state and in the same capacity for six years in this city. Public-spirited and loyal in  citizenship,  he  was interested in everything that pertained to the welfare and upbuilding the community in which he lived. He has made a wide-circle of friends during his many years residence in Ciarinda and his salient characteristics were such as to command the respect, esteem and good will: of all with whom he came in contact.
The funeral services will be held at the home on Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Smith of Denver, Colo., former pastor of the Presbyterian church in this city, and an old friend of Mr. Orth's. The interment will be made in the city cemetery. His son, Guy, who was at Brownsville, Texas, with the National Guards, arrived home late Tuesday evening. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 10, 1916

Funeral of J. Q. A. Orth.
The funeral of John Quincy Adams Orth, who died at his home in Clarinda, Tuesday, Aug. 8, 1916, was held at the family residence on Garfield street, Thursday afternoon, Aug. 10, at 4 o'clock. A large attendance of friends and neighbors joined the immediate family in a tribute of respect to the memory of the deceased. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. T. C. Smith, D.D., of Denver, Colo., a
former pastor of the Presbyterian church of Clarinda, an old-time friend of the deceased. Dr. Smith was assisted by Prof. J. A. Woods, another old-time and close friends of the late Mr. Orth, and a neighbor of the deceased, N. W. Cline, also spoke. Prof. Woods gave a sketch of the career of Mr. Orth and spoke feelingly of his sterling qualities as a friend and citizen. Mr. Cline paid neighborly tribute to the excellent and appreciated qualities of his departed friend. In the course of the funeral Dr. Smith read from the Bible, offered prayer, and spoke at length concerning his acquaintance with Mr. Orth and his family and how greatly he valued his friendship. Dr. Smith commended Mr. Orth for his thinking out what he wished to do, and then going ahead to do what he believed was for the right.
He also praised his public spirit and called attention to the helpful part Mr. Orth had taken in making Clarinda a better city. Two hymns, were sung, "Asleep in Jesus," and "There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood." The singers were J. T. D. Keener, Otis R. Lucas, Guy H. Lain and Leslie E. Finley. The pallbearers were R. D. Farrens, J. C. Beckner, O. W. Keener, Al Moritz, Russell Hawkins and Orth
Farrens, Messrs. Farrens, Beckner and Keener being sons-in-law of the deceased, Messrs. Moritz and Hawkins husbands of his granddaughters, and Orth Farrens his grandson. Mr. Hawkins is a resident of Red Oak. Among relatives in attendance were the late Mr. Orth's brother, J. E. Orth of Seaton, Ill.; C. J. Orth and daughter, Mrs. Hattie King of Keithsburg, Ill.; a nephew, and Clarence Orth of Bedford, another nephew. The remains were laid at rest in Birchwood cemetery. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 17, 1916

John Quincy Adams Orth passed away at the family residence on Garfield street in Clarinda, Tuesday, Aug. 8, 1916, at near 12 o'clock noon. He was 77 years of age.   He had been ill since last winter, when he had pneumonia, and although after a very severe siege of that disease he was able to be about much of the time, he continued in feeble health.   Although he did not regain his old-time strength he was able to be down town as late as the latter part of last week. He was long a merchant of Clarinda, had filled   the offices of   member   of the school board and city councilman in this city, and served in the Union army during the war.   He was a useful, enterprising, valuable citizen, and many friends will much miss him.   He is survived by his wife and six children. Mrs. R. D. Farrens,   Miss Florence Orth, Miss Fanny Orth, Mrs. J. C. Beckner, Mrs. O. W. Keener, and James Guy Orth, all of whom were born in Pennsylvania,  their  father's native state.   The funeral will be held from the family home this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, conducted   by   Rev.   T. C. Smith, D.D., of Denver, Colo., former pastor of the Presbyterian church of this city, and an intimate friend of the deceased. The late Mr. Orth was born in Lebanon county, Pa., May 22, 1837. He was the son of Adam G. and Fanny (Secrist)   Orth, natives of Pennsylvania.   His   paternal grandparents were early settlers in Pennsylvania and original members of the Moravian church.   His ancestors were engaged in the Revolutionary war and for that reason debarred from church membership and disinherited by their parents. John Quincy Adams Orth served as an apprentice at blacksmithing from 1856 to 1860.   He engaged in business in Mercersburg, Franklin county, Pa. He enlisted in August, 1862, in Company C of the One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteer infantry and participated in the battles of Antietam, Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg.   He served under all the commanders of the Army of the Potomac except Grant and McDowell. He was married Feb. 25, 1864, to Miss Catherine Alleman, a native of Franklin county, Pa. Eight children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Orth, six of whom mentioned above, survive with their mother.   Two died: Calvin and John, in infancy.  Mr. Orth came to Iowa in 1882, but remained only a year and returned to Pennsylvania.   After a few months there, he, however, came back to this state and for sixteen years thereafter was engaged in the mercantile business in Clarinda.  He then retired from that to look after his real estate interests, which were extensive.  He served for seven years as a member of the Clarinda city council and for six years as a member of the Clarinda school board.   He also was a school officer for nine years in Pennsylvania.   Sisters and brothers survive Mr. Orth as follows:   Mrs. Emma Dietz, Moline, Ill.; Mrs. Alice Seiber, Orange, N. J.; Mrs. Myra Baker, Independence, Kan.; C. J .Orth, Keithsburg, Ill., and J. E. Orth, Seaton, Ill. Whatever Mr. Orth undertook, to do he did with a whole heart—for the good as he saw it—and in this world he accomplished great good.   May his reward be great! CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Aug 10, 1916


Orth, L.P., Mrs -

Mrs. L. P. Orth died at her home at 756 North Garey Avenue, early on Tuesday morning, after a lingering illness. The deceased was 55 years of age and has been in Pomona about two years, coming to this city from Iowa. She is survived by her husband and four children, Edward, Emma, Margaret and Sarah Adsit of this city.
Funeral services will be conducted from the late residence at 9 o'clock on Thursday morning conducted by Rev. J. F. Watson, formerly of Pomona. The remains will be taken to Travers, Mich., for interment, accompanied by Mr. Orth and Edward and Emma Adsit. The latter will remain in the east, but the others will return to Pomona.-The  Pomona  Progress, December 14. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Dec 23, 1909


Orton, John -

Death of Former Page County Man
Word was received here this week of the death of Mr. John Orton. Who passed away at Oskaloosa, la., on the morning of January 26th, 1915. Mr. Orton was a resident of College Springs for a number of years, and has many friends in this county who will grieve to hear of his death, who express their feeling in this letter to the parents.
To Wesley H. Orton and wife: Dear Friends:—
We have just received word of your great loss in the death of your beloved son John. We desire to express to you our hearfelt sympathy in the dark hour of your bereayment. We realize just what John was to you and how great your loss is. We also fully realize how inadequate human sympathy is at such a time; how feeble our attempts even to express what we feel in our hearts. But we know that at such times even the feeble help of friends are a comfort, and we wish to assure you that you are remembered kindly, and were it possible we would take you by the hand and speak the words that would brighten this your darkest day. If there is a thing that you would like for us to say, that would make the load just a little lighter, please consider it said for that is what we desire to say. Command us for anything that we can do for you and your commands will be joyously obeyed.
Very Truly Your Friends.
Wm. Orr, J. C. Welch, Ed. Irwin, A. A. Berry, Dan J. DeLong, J. N. Miller, Hugh Miller, T. H. Earhart, Isidor Wiel, T. F. Willis, H. F. Hitchcock, A. B. Robison, S. L. Sherman, J. I. Bagnall. CLARINDA HERALD, Clarinda, Iowa, Feb 4, 1915