Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Harberts, Stewart Lee    
Harbin, Eric Allen    
Harbord, Margaret Niday    
Harbour, Shirley Clara Barragar    
Hardee, Agnes Vernice “Vera” Strait Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb5135  
Hardee, Beverly Jane Hensley Julia Johnson  
Hardee, Elizabeth Ann Farley "Betsy" Julia Johnson  
Hardee, Emory Isadore Julia Johnson; Online scans, #903, #935  
Hardee, Estes James Julia Johnson  
Hardee, Helen Hamilton    
Hardee, MaryBelle Smith Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb1385, sb1725  
Hardee, Nancy Adams Pat O'Dell  
Hardee, Otis Julia Johnson  
Hardee, William Pat O'Dell  
Hardee, William, 1815 - 1902 Julia Johnson  
Hardee, William Quincy “Quince” Julia Johnson  
Harden, Becky Poe Online scans, sb1923  
Harden, Charles B. Online scans, sb450  
Harden, H. Wilford Online scans, sb5182  
Harden, Marilyn Meek    
Hardenburgh, Barber W.    
Hardenburgh, Barber W. Julia Johnson  
Hardin, Charles    
Hardin, Clara Lou Morris Online scans, sb5182  
Hardin, Jessica Marie    
Harding, Hattie Delilah Online scans, sb5697  
Hardisty, Douglas Eugene    
Hardisty, Doyle Edwin    
Hardy, John Online scans, sb3947  
Hardy, Karen D. Lynam    
Hardy, Walter Online scans, #420  
Hargadin, Dwight H. Online scans, sb421, sb759  
Hargin, Andrea Online scans, sb2596  
Hargis, Chad Eugene Online scans, sb5236  
Hargis, Keith J. "Jack" Online scans, #9290, #9291  
Hargis, Lenora Marie Dalrymple    
Hargis, Lyle G. Online scans, sb1944, sb3854  
Hargis, Muriel "Shorty" Online scans, #8355, #8358  
Haris, Grant, Mrs    
Harker, Steven Online scans, #3065  

Harkless, Henry "Jay"

Don Parsons  

Harkless, John D.

Don Parsons  

Harkless, Mattie

Don Parsons  
Harkness, Alexander    
Harkness, S.E.    
Harlan, A.J.    
Harlan, Frank Online scans, sb3025  
Harlan, Helen L. Hardy Online scans, sb436  
Harlan, Ida    
Harlan, James U. "Dell" Online scans, #379  
Harland, Isaac Harris "Harry" Online scans, #685, #684, #683  
Harland, John Franklin Online scans, sb3025  
Harland, Louis Adelbert Julia Johnson  
Harland, Mayre Online scans, #176  
Harland, Merlyn "Max" Linda Kestner  
Harman, Alvin E. Online scans, sb5663  
Harman, Violet Bolen Online scans, #166  
Harmon, Carolyn Ruth    
Harmon, Jesse    
Harmon, Levi B. Pat O'Dell  
Harmon, Mary Online scans, #7034  
Harmon, Roy E. Online scans, #340  
Harms, Alfred Lester Online scans, sb4251, sb3711  
Harms, Arthur Online scans, #332  
Harms, Cleo Winifred Banks Online scans, sb5386, sb6069  
Harms, Daniel Online scans, #49  
Harms, Dick W. Ben    
Harms, Dora Carroll Online scans, #3098  
Harms, Dorothy Lucille Allison Jerry Hamm  
Harms, Edward John Henry Julia Johnson  
Harms, Edwin J. Online scans, sb5250  
Harms, Eleanor Irene Wright    
Harms, Elizabeth Bauer Julia Johnson; Online scans, #83  
Harms, Emma Salomon Online scans, #8173  
Harms, Fred    
Harms, Hedwig Ida Meier Online scans, #2099, #3016  
Harms, Isabelle I.    
Harms, Larry Clayton Online scans, sb5367  
Harms, Leona Eva Gardner Online scans, sb3955  
Harms, Lola L. Online scans, #8971  
Harms, Louis Online scans, #8345  
Harms, Lula Ann Peters    
Harms, Mista Lewis    
Harms, Reinold W. Online scans, #9275  
Harms, Rose Gay Burroughs    
Harms, Sara Caroline Elizabeth Online scans, #520, #528  
Harms, Viola Jane "Vi"    
Harms, Walter Online scans, sb3932, sb3933  
Harms, Walter E. Online scans, sb5392, sb6071  
Harms, Wilma Meyer    
Harness, John H. Online scans, sb269  
Harness, Nettie May Walkinshaw Online scans, sb3505, sb5283  
Harold, Marla J. Myers    
Harper, Eddie E., - 1879 Julia Johnson  
Harper, Donna Jean Hartman    
Harper, Halley Ray Online scans, #8841  
Harper, Helen Margaret    
Harper, Jake    
Harper, James "Jim"    
Harper, James Lee Online scans, #136  
Harper, John Online scans, #2085  
Harper, John's SON    
Harper, Marci ReAnn Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3770, sb3806  
Harper, Pearl McNutt Online scans, #1044, #1088  
Harper, Vera V. Dow Online scans, sb3025  
Harper, Wesley    
Harrell, Alma Higgins    
Harrel, Elmer Walter Don Parsons  
Harrell, James Frank, -1889 Julia Johnson  
Harrell, John, 1846 - 1887 Julia Johnson  
Harrell, Julia M. Hutton    
Harrell, Lizzie Julia Baker    
Harrell, Martha M. Chamberlain Julia Johnson  
Harrell, Richard "Dick" Online scans, #8766  
Harrell, Scott    
Harrell, William J. Online scans, sb3276  
Harrell, William K., 1831 - 1891 Julia Johnson  
Harrington, Betty Jane    
Harrington, Charles S.    
Harrington, Eli Payton Pat O'Dell  
Harrington, Josiah Julia Johnson  
Harrington, Phebe Ann Olmstead    
Harris, Alex, Mrs    
Harris, A. Paul Online scans, sb3839  
Harris, Allen Dale Online scans, sb1485  
Harris, Arthur Paul Julia Johnson  
Harris, Bessie Mayme Clayton Linda Kestner  
Harris, Billie Marie Shelton    
Harris, C.L.    
Harris, Charles B.    
Harris, Charles, Mrs    
Harris, Christopher Lester Linda Kestner  
Harris, Colton Lee    
Harris, D.M.    
Harris, Doris H. Peterson Online scans, sb5147  
Harris, Dorothy Gebhardt Online scans, sb494, sb798  
Harris, Elmer    
Harris, Emma Louisa Kelso Linda Kestner  
Harris, Emma "Louisa" Kelso    
Harris, Emma Salena Holt    
Harris, Frank Linda Kestner; Online scans, #8169  
Harris, George Wilbur "Zeb"    
Harris, Harry E.    
Harris, Hazel Ferne Vickery Linda Kestner  
Harris, Huldah C. Evans    
Harris, James    
Harris, James, 1822 - 1905 Julia Johnson  
Harris, James Oblen Julia Johnson  
Harris, Jennie R.    
Harris, Jessie Ann Shore / (two) Julia Johnson  
Harris, John A.    
Harris, John Eldon Julia Johnson  
Harris, John Sexton Linda Kestner  
Harris, Josephine Alice McAlpin    
Harris, Laura Florine Turner / (2) Linda Kestner  
Harris, Leona Maxine Foster    
Harris, Mabel Millen Online scans, #147, #153  
Harris, Mabel Sarah Laub Online scans, #518, #508  
Harris, Martha McAdams Julia Johnson  
Harris, Mary Graff    
Harris, Mary Kathryn Schmidt Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb452, sb786  
Harris, Max    
Harris, Mildred L. Zirfas    
Harris, Myrtie, - 1887 Julia Johnson  
Harris, Naomi Clayton Gant    
Harris, Paul Online scans, #268  
Harris, Perry Dean Online scans, sb504  
Harris, Rachel Elma Archer    
Harris, Robert Steve Online scans, sb1667  
Harris, Ruby Fern Online scans, sb2589  
Harris, Reuben D. Julia Johnson  
Harris, Sarah Online scans, #177  
Harris, Sarah Ann Skinner    
Harris, Spencer James    
Harris, Thomas Leroy Online scans, #8353, #8354  
Harris, Vera Mae Cavender    
Harris, Viannie Murphy Online scans, #255  
Harris, Wilbur "Zeb" Online scans, sb5256  
Harris, William Daily / (2) Linda Kestner  
Harrison, Dr's MOTHER    
Harrison, Floyd Online scans, #2000  
Harrison, Grace Hunt Julia Johnson  
Harrison, Lizzie Weaver    
Harrison, Ricky    
Harrison, William's INFANT SON Julia Johnson  
Harry, Frank, child of, -1891 Julia Johnson  
Harsh, Nancy    
Hart, Anna Althera Nadgwick Online scans, #262, #267  
Hart, Bertha F. Little    
Hart, Chris.    
Hart, Clark's INFANT SON    
Hart, Donald F. Online scans, sb3783, sb3840  
Hart, Donald W. "Donnie"    
Hart, Edythe    
Hart, Eliza Jane Pat O'Dell  
Hart, Elizabeth    
Hart, Esther Elizabeth Winter Pat O'Dell  
Hart, Farrel Frederick    
Hart, Frances Marie Lawrence    
Hart, Gene Online scans, #9073  
Hart, Lawrence O. Online scans, sb5222  
Hart, Martha Anderson Online scans, #168  
Hart, Mary    
Hart, Mary Campbell Taggart    
Hart, Mary Maxine Online scans, sb448  
Hart, Mary Vernie Online scans, sb1940  
Hart, Michelle Prochard Online scans, sb3511  
Hart, Raymond Online scans, #359  
Hart, Ronald Dean    
Hart, Russell Glenn    
Hart, Ruth Elvira Anderson Online scans, sb1877, sb1871  
Hart, Samuel M.    
Hart, Shirley Jeanette Malmberg    
Hart, Verner A. Online scans, sb486  
Hart, William    
Hartford, Isaac N.J.    
Hartford, Melissa J. Vance Gittings    
Hartford, William Julia Johnson  
Hartje, Dudley Online scans, sb4267  
Hartley, Felton "Ken"    
Hartman, Arnold    
Hartman, Barbara Anne    
Hartman, Bessie A. Online scans, sb5706  
Hartman, Blanche E. Online scans, #8655  
Hartman, Carmen Sheirbon    
Hartman, Clark F. Online scans, sb3787, sb3866  
Hartman, Donald Edison Julia Johnson; Online scans, #119  
Hartman, Elva G. Grubb    
Hartman, Eugene Online scans, #740  
Hartman, Eula Beth Thurman Online scans, sb3688  
Hartman, Helen Ferguson    
Hartman, Minnie    
Hartman, Myrtle K. Gorman Online scans, sb5180  
Hartman, Nettie Online scans, #8981  
Hartman, Neva Bianca Downing    
Hartman, Paul Martin Online scans, #8511, #8514  
Hartman, Russell    
Hartman, Tina Lynn Harms    
Hartman, Ural Online scans, sb5305, sb6414  
Hartman, Wayne E. Online scans, sb3857  
Hartsock, Mary L. Lindley Online scans, sb5697, #7076  
Hartstack, Esther Jabker Online scans, #9276  
Hartstack, Dale Dean    
Hartstack, Grace Online scans, #9090  
Hartstack, Lena Wehmiller Online scans, #9190  
Hartstack, Leroy Kenneth    
Hartstack, Otto Online scans, #386  
Hartstack, Phyllis Irene Anderson Online scans, #8029, #8073  
Hartstack, Ruth Darlene Waldron    
Hartzer, Roger Online scans, #196  
Harver, Bertha Jane Wells    
Harvey, Brannon Wayne    
Harvey, Charles Dean Julia Johnson; Online scans,  
Harvey, Frank Online scans, sb5243  
Harvey, Frank's MOTHER    
Harvey, Frank's SISTER-IN-LAW    
Harvey, Gussie    
Harvey, Maggie Augusta Pat O'Dell  
Harvey, Rev's DAUGHTER    
Harvey, Ruby Pauline Henderson Julia Johnson  
Harvey, Wilma Winnifred Wells Online scans, sb3777, sb3832  
Harvison, Anna Lizzie Irwin    
Harvison, Charles C. Julia Johnson  
Harvison, Chas    
Harvison, Mary A. Sterling    
Harvison, Matthew Julia Johnson  
Harvison, son Pat O'Dell  
Harvison, William Albert