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October, 2019 1939 Eldora High School Senior List


August, 2019 David Shedlock Post Card Collection Of Hardin County Places and Buildings


April, 2019 1865 Gazetteer Businesses of Hardin County


September, 2018

April, 2018

Hardin County Century Farms

U.S. Postmasters of Hardin County


September, 2017 WWII Sailors and Marines Casualties


May, 2017 Hardin County Births 1904-1906


March, 2017

Banking in Hardin County
Banks 1: General Overview
Banks 2: Iowa Falls and Ackley
Banks 3: Steamboat Rock, Alden, New Providence and Union
Banks 4: Hubbard, Garden City, Whitten, Owasa, Buckeye

War of 1812, Military Land Patents Issued in Hardin County


September, 2016 Physicians of Hardin County


August & September, 2016 Hardin County 1943-44 Educational Directory (100+ names);Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Advertisers,  Board of Education Members, Officers (of Clubs, etc.). Check for names using the front web page search feature.


May, 2016 New postcards and photos of many Hardin County towns


April, 2016

Rural School Statistics from 1911

Public School Statistics from 1911

Schools of 1911 - the Townships

Hardin County Death Index from the Iowa Historical Society (July 1920-1939) The Society moves this database to a new URL about once a year. What we have now is URL 2016.


February, 2016 "Firsts" in the townships (first birth, death, etc.) Click here to view them.


January, 2016 New pictures added to Hardin County Memory Book, Steamboat Rock, Union, Ackley, Alden & Eldora.


September, 2015

Steamboat Rock CemeteryUpdated
Rough Woods Cemetery Updated
Both cemeteries updated by Ron & Susan Hawk

New Memory Book pictures of Edwin Foster and Lawn Hill Depot. Provided by Edwin Foster Descendants.

Goosecreek Rural School: Program  
Provided by Edwin Foster Descendants


August, 2015

Old Eldora Map has Business Locations (1938)

Cottage Cemetery has been updated by Ron and Susan Hawk for mid-2015. Asterisks by last name indicate additions or changes. Many thanks to Ron and Susan!!!! This is a .pdf file.


June, 2015 Union Cemetery, Union Twp, Military Dead


March, 2015 Added 3 new pictures of Alden High School students in the Memory Book


February, 2015 Pioneer Life - the Good 'Ol Days


January, 2015 1883 History of Hardin County. Maiden Names Contained Within the Book by Township. Lists Maiden Names, Husbands Names, Dates and Places of Marriage (if known) and page number where they appear.


November, 2014 Tour Iowa Falls Through Pictures


October, 2014

Hardin County Newspapers: what's available and where to find them (updated)

6 new pictures of the town of Ackley

Pictures of Taalke Eggers of Ackley and Alyward Family of Alden


September, 2014

Medical Terms from Death Certificates and Other Sources

Past and Present of Hardin Co., Iowa 1911 Biographies by Linda Suarez (off-site)

Past and Present of Hardin Co., Iowa 1883 Biographies by Linda Suarez (off-site)


July, 2014 1906-1914 Declaration of Intentions, names and certificate numbers (complete book) Indexed


April, 2014 Picture of Dr. Nathan Clark Morse in Memory Book


February, 2014 Hardin Co. Patent Holders. The database is full of people who invented something and who lived in Hardin Co.


January, 2014 1892 Hardin Co., Plat Map Patrons Listing by Township and Town


October, 2013

1892 Hardin Township Plat Maps Transcribed Section by Section (15 Township Maps).

1918 Ackley Military List - A Roll of Honor

September, 2013

"1927 Ackley High School Reunion," from the Ackley World Journal

Many thanks go to M. Holland, G. Leffler and N.& N. Bowers for their many submissions to the Photo Project.

The Obituary database has also grown thanks to P. Ludeke, R. Johnson, J. Morelli, P. Nagy, D. Badker, S. Bell and K. Kittleson contributions.


July, 2013

"Old Maids and Bachelors," from the Alden Times

We have several new iowa gravestones added to the database and obituaries, too!


April, 2013 Snippets from the Alden Times


February, 2013

"From Cotton to T-Shirts: The Role of Cotton in the Civil War"

Alden Congregational Church

January, 2013 Alden Township History: township, churches, settlers, school, societies, cemetery, mills

October, 2012 Wills, Record Of, Book "B", Hardin County, Iowa
Alpha Listing (all names in book)
Listings A-G
Listings H-K
Listings L-O
Listings P-S
Listings T-W


September, 2012

 Ballard, Brown, Fields, Lepley, Madole, Miller, Moore and Thayer Family Album


August, 2012

Letter from W.J. Moir of Eldora, IA to Marcus Packard, Esq., dated October 14, 1857. Provided by Rich Adams of Lansing, Michigan: page 1,   page 2,   page 3


June, 2012

Hardin County pictures donated to the Memory Book by Deborah Dormanesh.

Continuing the file streamlining process.


May, 2012 Streamlining Files to help them load faster.


April, 2012 Curious about what the 1940 Census Column Headings are saying? Mary Eldridge has deciphered them for us. See them here.


Mar. 2012

Harvey & Marian Reynolds added to Memory Book. Submitted by Sandy

1978 History of Providence, Sherman and Tipton townships

1978 History of Union Township and Garden City


Feb. 2012

1978 History of Alden, Buckeye, Clay and Concord townships

1978 History of Eldora, Ellis, Etna and Grant townships

1978 History of Hardin, Jackson and Pleasant townships


Jan. 2012

Ellsworth College 1917 Yearbook "The Web" (Student Body)

Ellsworth College 1917 Yearbook "The Web" (Faculty)


Dec. 2011 Hardin County Old Settler's Association


Oct. 2011

Soldiers of the Great War (WWI) who died during the war from Hardin County.

Biography of Lyman Bunce


Sep. 2011 From the Hardin County Memory Book:
Snyder-Miller Marriage
Cousin-Leland Marriage
McAllister-Spencer Marriage
Spencer-Taylor Marriage
Lewis-Campbell Marriage
Mr. & Mrs. L.P. Jones 50th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Whited 50th Wedding Anniversary


Aug, 2011 Completed and updated Funeral Cards of Hardin County submitted by Jeffrey R. Phillips.

Over the years, Jeff Phillips has submitted over 2,000 obituaries for Hardin County. Represented are the years of 2000-2008 as well as other years, old and new. If you are wondering what happened to your ancestors, you can check out these entries at: . I would also like to thank those volunteers who submitted their entries. The site has been enriched by your generosity over the years: S.Bell, D.Brindle, R.Cobb-Balch, T. Boggs, J .Conroy, M. Durr, K.Knittleson, J. Martin, J. Morgan, I. Morse, M. O'Connor, J. Phillips, N. Prince, C. Ruhnke, Tammy, S. Thompson, L. Tjarks. If you have obituaries to submit, please consider putting them on the Hardin County website for all our researchers to use. Any years would be appreciated. I also have the capability to add a picture of the deceased to the obituary. Contact me if you have pictures. (Laura)


Jul, 2011

Revamping Obituary Board entries to standardize name and date format.

Biographical Sketches of Alden Pioneers:
George Bigelow
Sumner Kemp


Jun, 2011 3 new pictures in Memory Book:
1911 Alden High School Graduation
Undated Alden High School Graduation
Alden, Iowa Family Reunion
Alden Business Men of the 1890s


Apr, 2011 Train Wreck on March 22, 1906, involving Fireman Walter E. Cutting a former resident of Iowa Falls. Submitted by Carol Foltz who has the "Old Fort Dodge Blog"
--Story about the train wreck
--Coroner's Inquest and Funeral Article


Mar, 2011

Biographical Sketches of Alden Pioneers:
Henry Alden
Alden Catlin
Stephen Catlin
Gurley Pritchard
Martin Pritchard
Irving Whitney

Alden High School Graduates from 1892-1902

Thanks to: J. Conroy, A. Daniels, K. Kittleson, Tammy, S. Thompson for their contributions to the Obituary Message Board


Feb, 2011

Hardin County Memories: Olga Moeller Autograph Book

Hardin County Memories: Nolte-Eichenberg Marriage Certificate


Jan, 2011

"Iowa Press Assn. 1940 Who's Who in Iowa." Mona Sarratt Knight

List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883 (1812-1883)


Nov, '10 Letter home to Mrs. Dosha Snider from son Lewis John Snider, WWI


Oct, '10 100 Year Anniversary of Alden


Sep, '10 Photo and News Article about A.E. Reynold's Drug Store and Post Office and Buckeye Pharmacy


July/Aug '10 1883 History of Hardin County, Iowa (surnames, bios, etc.) index is finally done.


May '10 1883 History of Hardin County, Iowa
Last Names beginning with "C" and "D"
Last Names beginning with "F" and "G"


Mar '10

1885 Social Security Death Index for people who died in Hardin County


Jan '10 Cornell University (Iowa) Class Alumni List for Hardin County (S. Ferrall)


Dec '09
Nearly 500 gravestone markers added to: Sheppard, Chester, Miller, Xenia aka Secor and Buckner Cemeteries. http:\\


Sep '09

1883 Social Security Death Index for people who died in Hardin County
1884 Social Security Death Index for people who died in Hardin County


Aug '09 1910 U.S. Federal Census for Buckeye Twp., Hardin Co.
1910 U.S. Federal Census for Ellis Twp., Hardin Co., Iowa


Jul '09 People born in 1883: SSDI for persons dying in Hardin County, Iowa


Dec '08

1923 Commencement for New Providence, Iowa High School

Starting a Photo Collection of Hardin County's cities and towns


Oct '08 1870 U.S. Federal Census for Sherman Township, Hardin Co.
Killed in Action or Other Means during the Korea and Vietnam Conflicts


Sep '08 People born in 1881: SSDI for persons dying in Hardin County, Iowa
People born in 1882: SSDI for persons dying in Hardin County, Iowa

Mar 1951 Jurors List for Hardin County


Aug '08

1885 Iowa State Census for Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines
Veterans 1 - Alden and Buckeye, Radcliffe, Eldora
Veterans 2 - Ackley, Gifford, Hubbard, Whitten
Veterans 3 - Owasa, New Providence, Steamboat Rock, Union
Veterans 4 - Iowa Falls
Veterans 5 - Iowa Falls continued


Dec '07

1879 Marriage Register (Index)

1880 Death Register (Index)

1880 Birth Register (Apr - Aug) (Index)

1870 U.S. Census for Etna Township


Nov '07 1870 US Census for Ellis Township


Oct '07 1870 Federal Census for Alden, Buckeye, Clay townships


 Sep '07

1860 U.S. Federal Census Index

1914 - 1926 Declaration of Intention (for Naturalization) Names and Certificate Numbers, partial listing, A - K

Social Security Death Indexes, 1868 - 1880

1875 Hardin County Andreas Patrons reorganized into smaller files by township

Tour Eldora (more towns to follow)