1885 Special Census of Iowa

Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines

(Iowa Falls Continued)


(NL stands for Not Listed)




Name of Veteran


State Served from

Unit Served with


Iowa Falls Post Office (Continued)

McClearn, Robt. F. Private Iowa 13th Infantry A
Wells, Joseph M. Private Iowa 22nd Infantry H
Davis, Wm. J. Private Iowa 31st Infantry H
Allen, Geo. J. Corporal Iowa 32nd Infantry G
Haskins, John Private Iowa 32nd Infantry A
Jones, Newton Private Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Knapp, Thos. B. Private Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Stoddard, L.M. Drummer Iowa 32nd Infantry H
Townsend, Cyrus Private Iowa 32nd Infantry A
Kamerling, Edward Corporal Iowa 35th Infantry H
Caldwell, Austin M. Corporal Iowa 36th Infantry F
Smith, O.J. Private Iowa 38th Infantry E
Blan, George Private Iowa 46th Infantry D
Kane, James Private Maine 38th Infantry E
Holbrock, H. Teamster NL Mexican War NL
Daniels, A.M. Private Michigan 4th Infantry H
Brower, Joseph Private Michigan 8th Infantry K
Watson, Wm. N. Private Minnesota 7th Infantry A
Eiserman, S. Private Minnesota 10th Infantry A
Downey, D.S. Private New York 2nd Mounted Rifles B
Evins, James Private New York 1st Light Artillery A
Downey, D.S. Private New York 4th Heavy Artillery F
Lillabarger, A.H. Private New York 4th Heavy Artillery M
Sherwood, W.G. Corporal New York 8th Heavy Artillery A
Benson, John Private New York 26th Infantry I
Gardner, I.L. Private New York 35th Infantry E
Ely, James Corporal New York 179th Infantry I
Belden, A.N. Private Ohio 1st Artillery G
Walker, James Private Ohio 75th Infantry F
Snider, Anthony Private Ohio 147th Infantry I?
Kelly, L.L. Private Ohio 169th Infantry B
Ettinger, Alonzo L. Captain Pennsylvania 166th Infantry A
Stringham, Alonzo Private U.S.A. 7th Calvary I
Ricks, T. Kugg Private U.S.A. 55th Infantry I
Conenhover, J.E. Landsman U.S. Navy Santiago De Cuba NL
Taylor, C.B. Sergeant Vermont 9th Infantry D
Carpenter, W. Private Wisconsin 1st Calvary L
Brown, Billings F. Corporal Wisconsin 6th Battery NL
Leonard, Warren C. Private Wisconsin 7th Infantry I
Daniels, Nathan E. Sergeant Wisconsin 13th Infantry G
Angell, J.W. Surgeon Wisconsin 23rd Infantry NL
Ellsworth, E.S. Drummer Wisconsin 24th Infantry K
Pollock, Thomas J. Private Wisconsin 28th Infantry F
Dale, Wm. Private Wisconsin 31st Infantry C
McGowen, R.J.O. Private Wisconsin 33rd Infantry G
McCormick, Chas. 1st Lt. Wisconsin 35th Infantry D
Baxter, A.B. Private Wisconsin 38th Infantry H
Ford, John Private Wisconsin 38th Infantry H
Welden, Wm. Corporal Wisconsin 43rd Infantry I
Winans, Stephens Private Wisconsin 44th Infantry K
McGowen, R.J.O. Captain Wisconsin 47th Infantry B
Althen, Anton Private Wisconsin 48th Infantry D
Miller, Geo. W. Private Wisconsin 49th Infantry G
Ross, G.H. Private Wisconsin 49th Infantry G
Atwater, B.C. Private Wisconsin 53rd Infantry G


Data from:  Alexander, William L. List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Living in Iowa. Des Moines: G.E. Rorerts, state printer, 1886.