1885 Special Census of Iowa

Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines


(NL stands for Not Listed)


Name of Veteran


State Served from

Unit Served with


Alden Post Office (includes Buckeye)

Smith, Wm. H. Private Illinois 8th Calvary M
McConnelong, J.M. Private Illinois James H. Stokes' Independent Battery NL
Oatman, Charles Private Illinois 34th Infantry B
Price, J.W. Private Illinois 46th Infantry I
Carson, Samuel Private Illinois 96th Infantry I
Wagner, H. Private Illinois 140th Infantry E
Fleming, M. Private Indiana 13th Battery NL
Beal, H. Private Indiana 29th Infantry K
Decker, J.M. Private Iowa 1st Calvary M

Rankin, J.



11th Infantry


Kemp, Sumner Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Morrill, G.L. Private Iowa 13th Infantry C
Allen, D.L. Sergeant Iowa 25th Infantry I
Cummings, C.E. Private Iowa 31st Infantry B
Button, L. Private Iowa 32nd Infantry F

Kinney, C.E.



Indian War - Northern Borer Brigade


Crawford, Harvey Private Michigan 1st Artillery NL
Dutton, John Private Michigan 7th Infantry D

Foster, A.



2nd Infantry


Farwell, W.W. Private New Hampshire 15th Infantry C
Talman, B. Captain by Brevet New York 22nd Infantry A
Robinson, Wm.


New York

15th Engineers


Clayton, T. Private New York 50th Engineers C
Jones, W.W. Private Ohio 88th Infantry C
Whitman, N. Private Ohio 193rd Infantry C
Houpt, James Private Pennsylvania 26th Infantry A
Taylor, Peter Acting 2nd Assistant Engineer --Princess Royal U.S. Navy NL
Massey, S.M. Sergeant Wisconsin 1st Infantry B
Haskins, John Private Wisconsin 11th Infantry E
Lightfield, J. Private Wisconsin 21 Infantry H
David, J.W. Private Wisconsin 30th Infantry B
Thomas, O.J. Private Wisconsin 32nd Infantry I
Schultz, H.A. Sergeant Wisconsin 34th Infantry K
Robbins, Chas. Private Wisconsin 38th Infantry A
Crabtree, J.W. Private Wisconsin 42nd Infantry D
Radcliffe Post Office
Hellain, Benj. Private Illinois 2nd Calvary C
Rose, W.C. Private Illinois 7th Calvary B
Moyer, M Private Illinois 46th Infantry C
Coolbaugh, H.C. Private Illinois 140th Infantry C
Lascomb, Wm. Private Illinois 142nd Infantry G
Rose, W.C. Private Illinois 142nd Infantry G
Bessey, A.H. Private Illinois 146th Infantry C
Cox, J.F. Private Iowa 11th Infantry B
Eastman, J.W. Sergeant Iowa 23rd Infantry D
McAnich, Peter Private Iowa 31st Infantry I
Clark, Geo. E. Private Michigan 18th Infantry E
Alex Spence Corporal Wisconsin 16th Infantry B
Olson, Engle Private Wisconsin 32nd Infantry E
Eldora Post Office
J. L. Farr Sergeant California 2nd Calvary D
Rhodes, Peachy H. Private Colorado 3rd Calvary K
Boyer, Daniel Private Illinois 7th Calvary B
Devendorf, Luther Private Illinois 11th Calvary G
Perry, Wm. M. Private Illinois 11th Calvary C
DeGrooff, J.N. Corporal Illinois 12th Calvary I
Bushman, Daniel Private Illinois 17th Calvary L
Cowan, Philo J. Sergeant Illinois 17th Calvary F
Bowman, U.J. Private Illinois 15th Infantry F
Harrison, Wm. H. Private Illinois 15th Infantry K
Kirkhuff, Phillip W. Private Illinois 15th Infantry F
Gaines, E.F. Corp Illinois 16th Infantry K
Peyton, Micajah Private Illinois 20th Infantry H
Doll, Dagobert Private Illinois 26th Infantry B
Heath, Richard J. 1st Lt Illinois 34th Infantry A
Ikerman, Fred Sergeant Illinois 34th Infantry I
Lytle, John H. Corporal Illinois 34th Infantry C
Dennison, George Private Illinois 42nd Infantry F
Hadley, J.S. Private Illinois 45th Infantry G
Pieter, John Private Illinois 46th Infantry B
Pillsbury, Frank W. Sergeant Illinois 130th Infantry B
Miller, W.F. Private Illinois 146th Infantry A
Moore, G.A. Private Illinois 146th Infantry A
Walton, Armstrong Private Illinois 146th Infantry C
Blatchley, Wm. Private Indiana 9th Calvary H
Ostheimer, Peter Private Indiana 16th Infantry E
Babcock, William W. Surgeon Iowa 1st Calvary G
Burke, Stephen Private Iowa 1st Calvary G
Furman, John M. Private Iowa 1st Calvary G
Kirk, John Private Iowa 1st Calvary D
Rumbaugh, Harvey Private Iowa 1st Calvary G
Mason, James H. Private Iowa 2nd Infantry C
Fitch, James Private Iowa 4th Calvary A
A.L. Morgan Private Iowa 4th Calvary E
Smith, Charles E. Sergeant Iowa 6th Calvary K
Lee, Corwin M. Private Iowa 7th Calvary I
Hammond, J.H. Corporal Iowa 1st Infantry K
Johnson, A.L. Private iowa 2nd Infantry A
Buchanan, James Corporal Iowa 6th Infantry C
Callender, Levi Private Iowa 6th Infantry F
Case, John Sergeant Iowa 6th Infantry C
Moore, Isaac S. Sergeant Iowa 6th Infantry C
St. John, H.M. Private Iowa 8th Infantry I
Wilcox, Wm. Bugler Iowa 8th Infantry H
Nuckolls, Ezra 2nd Lt Iowa 9th Infantry D
Johnson, John C. Private Iowa 11th Infantry E
Bowers, Inman H. Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Conjer, J.D. Captain Iowa 12th Infantry A
Dobbins, Levi Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Edginton, Samuel Lt. Colonel Iowa 12 Infantry NL
Ellsworth, D.V. 2nd Lt. Iowa 12th Infantry A
Underwood, Myron Asst. Surgeon Iowa 12th Infantry NL
Zeigler, James W. Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Wickham, James Private Iowa 13th Infantry A
Hammer, C.W. Private Iowa 16th Infantry C
Knight, Jesse B. Sergeant Iowa 19th Infantry E
Fulmer, Aaron Private Iowa 21st Infantry I
Barnes, W.L. Private Iowa 22nd Infantry A
Lee, Charles, N. Captain Iowa 22nd Infantry A
Tower, Dewey A. Sergeant Iowa 23rd Infantry K
Bowers, Wm. J. Corporal Iowa 32nd Infantry NL
Boyd, J.M. Sergeant Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Edginton, Joseph Captain Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Quiggle, J.S. Sergeant Iowa 32nd Infantry A
Underwood, James Sergeant Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Meader, Allen Private Maine 26th Infantry E
Jones, John P. Lieutenant Massachusetts 4th Regiment-Heavy Artillery NL
Jones, John A. Lieutenant Massachusetts 13th Infantry K
Bruch, J.P. Private Michigan 6th Calvary B
Parks, Geo. W. Private Nebraska 2nd Calvary H
Stolz, James K. Private New Jersey 1st Calvary A
Smith, Orlando Private New York 61st Infantry A
Clark, Handy B. Private New York 100th Infantry A
Whitney, Samuel E. Musician New York 118th Infantry E
Fannon, Jas. W. Private Ohio 6th Infantry C
Blackman, G.S. 2nd Lt. Ohio 49th Infantry I
Smith, J.D.K. Private Ohio 92nd Infantry K
Doren, Henry M. Private Ohio 161st Infantry F


Data from:  Alexander, William L. List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Living in Iowa. Des Moines: G.E. Rorerts, state printer, 1886.