1885 Special Census of Iowa

Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines

(Alden/Buckeye, Radcliffe and Eldora)


(NL stands for Not Listed)




Name of Veteran


State Served from

Unit Served with


Alden Post Office (includes Buckeye)

Smith, Wm. H. Private Illinois 8th Calvary M
McConnelong, J.M. Private Illinois James H. Stokes' Independent Battery NL
Oatman, Charles Private Illinois 34th Infantry B
Price, J.W. Private Illinois 46th Infantry I
Carson, Samuel Private Illinois 96th Infantry I
Wagner, H. Private Illinois 140th Infantry E
Fleming, M. Private Indiana 13th Battery NL
Beal, H. Private Indiana 29th Infantry K
Decker, J.M. Private Iowa 1st Calvary M

Rankin, J.



11th Infantry


Kemp, Sumner Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Morrill, G.L. Private Iowa 13th Infantry C
Allen, D.L. Sergeant Iowa 25th Infantry I
Cummings, C.E. Private Iowa 31st Infantry B
Button, L. Private Iowa 32nd Infantry F

Kinney, C.E.



Indian War - Northern Borer Brigade


Crawford, Harvey Private Michigan 1st Artillery NL
Dutton, John Private Michigan 7th Infantry D

Foster, A.



2nd Infantry


Farwell, W.W. Private New Hampshire 15th Infantry C
Talman, B. Captain by Brevet New York 22nd Infantry A
Robinson, Wm.


New York

15th Engineers


Clayton, T. Private New York 50th Engineers C
Jones, W.W. Private Ohio 88th Infantry C
Whitman, N. Private Ohio 193rd Infantry C
Houpt, James Private Pennsylvania 26th Infantry A
Taylor, Peter Acting 2nd Assistant Engineer --Princess Royal U.S. Navy NL
Massey, S.M. Sergeant Wisconsin 1st Infantry B
Haskins, John Private Wisconsin 11th Infantry E
Lightfield, J. Private Wisconsin 21 Infantry H
David, J.W. Private Wisconsin 30th Infantry B
Thomas, O.J. Private Wisconsin 32nd Infantry I
Schultz, H.A. Sergeant Wisconsin 34th Infantry K
Robbins, Chas. Private Wisconsin 38th Infantry A
Crabtree, J.W. Private Wisconsin 42nd Infantry D
Radcliffe Post Office
Hellain, Benj. Private Illinois 2nd Calvary C
Rose, W.C. Private Illinois 7th Calvary B
Moyer, M Private Illinois 46th Infantry C
Coolbaugh, H.C. Private Illinois 140th Infantry C
Lascomb, Wm. Private Illinois 142nd Infantry G
Rose, W.C. Private Illinois 142nd Infantry G
Bessey, A.H. Private Illinois 146th Infantry C
Cox, J.F. Private Iowa 11th Infantry B
Eastman, J.W. Sergeant Iowa 23rd Infantry D
McAnich, Peter Private Iowa 31st Infantry I
Clark, Geo. E. Private Michigan 18th Infantry E
Alex Spence Corporal Wisconsin 16th Infantry B
Olson, Engle Private Wisconsin 32nd Infantry E
Eldora Post Office
J. L. Farr Sergeant California 2nd Calvary D
Rhodes, Peachy H. Private Colorado 3rd Calvary K
Boyer, Daniel Private Illinois 7th Calvary B
Devendorf, Luther Private Illinois 11th Calvary G
Perry, Wm. M. Private Illinois 11th Calvary C
DeGrooff, J.N. Corporal Illinois 12th Calvary I
Bushman, Daniel Private Illinois 17th Calvary L
Cowan, Philo J. Sergeant Illinois 17th Calvary F
Bowman, U.J. Private Illinois 15th Infantry F
Harrison, Wm. H. Private Illinois 15th Infantry K
Kirkhuff, Phillip W. Private Illinois 15th Infantry F
Gaines, E.F. Corp Illinois 16th Infantry K
Peyton, Micajah Private Illinois 20th Infantry H
Doll, Dagobert Private Illinois 26th Infantry B
Heath, Richard J. 1st Lt Illinois 34th Infantry A
Ikerman, Fred Sergeant Illinois 34th Infantry I
Lytle, John H. Corporal Illinois 34th Infantry C
Dennison, George Private Illinois 42nd Infantry F
Hadley, J.S. Private Illinois 45th Infantry G
Pieter, John Private Illinois 46th Infantry B
Pillsbury, Frank W. Sergeant Illinois 130th Infantry B
Miller, W.F. Private Illinois 146th Infantry A
Moore, G.A. Private Illinois 146th Infantry A
Walton, Armstrong Private Illinois 146th Infantry C
Blatchley, Wm. Private Indiana 9th Calvary H
Ostheimer, Peter Private Indiana 16th Infantry E
Babcock, William W. Surgeon Iowa 1st Calvary G
Burke, Stephen Private Iowa 1st Calvary G
Furman, John M. Private Iowa 1st Calvary G
Kirk, John Private Iowa 1st Calvary D
Rumbaugh, Harvey Private Iowa 1st Calvary G
Mason, James H. Private Iowa 2nd Infantry C
Fitch, James Private Iowa 4th Calvary A
A.L. Morgan Private Iowa 4th Calvary E
Smith, Charles E. Sergeant Iowa 6th Calvary K
Lee, Corwin M. Private Iowa 7th Calvary I
Hammond, J.H. Corporal Iowa 1st Infantry K
Johnson, A.L. Private iowa 2nd Infantry A
Buchanan, James Corporal Iowa 6th Infantry C
Callender, Levi Private Iowa 6th Infantry F
Case, John Sergeant Iowa 6th Infantry C
Moore, Isaac S. Sergeant Iowa 6th Infantry C
St. John, H.M. Private Iowa 8th Infantry I
Wilcox, Wm. Bugler Iowa 8th Infantry H
Nuckolls, Ezra 2nd Lt Iowa 9th Infantry D
Johnson, John C. Private Iowa 11th Infantry E
Bowers, Inman H. Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Conjer, J.D. Captain Iowa 12th Infantry A
Dobbins, Levi Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Edginton, Samuel Lt. Colonel Iowa 12 Infantry NL
Ellsworth, D.V. 2nd Lt. Iowa 12th Infantry A
Underwood, Myron Asst. Surgeon Iowa 12th Infantry NL
Zeigler, James W. Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Wickham, James Private Iowa 13th Infantry A
Hammer, C.W. Private Iowa 16th Infantry C
Knight, Jesse B. Sergeant Iowa 19th Infantry E
Fulmer, Aaron Private Iowa 21st Infantry I
Barnes, W.L. Private Iowa 22nd Infantry A
Lee, Charles, N. Captain Iowa 22nd Infantry A
Tower, Dewey A. Sergeant Iowa 23rd Infantry K
Bowers, Wm. J. Corporal Iowa 32nd Infantry NL
Boyd, J.M. Sergeant Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Edginton, Joseph Captain Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Quiggle, J.S. Sergeant Iowa 32nd Infantry A
Underwood, James Sergeant Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Meader, Allen Private Maine 26th Infantry E
Jones, John P. Lieutenant Massachusetts 4th Regiment-Heavy Artillery NL
Jones, John A. Lieutenant Massachusetts 13th Infantry K
Bruch, J.P. Private Michigan 6th Calvary B
Parks, Geo. W. Private Nebraska 2nd Calvary H
Stolz, James K. Private New Jersey 1st Calvary A
Smith, Orlando Private New York 61st Infantry A
Clark, Handy B. Private New York 100th Infantry A
Whitney, Samuel E. Musician New York 118th Infantry E
Fannon, Jas. W. Private Ohio 6th Infantry C
Blackman, G.S. 2nd Lt. Ohio 49th Infantry I
Smith, J.D.K. Private Ohio 92nd Infantry K
Doren, Henry M. Private Ohio 161st Infantry F


Data from:  Alexander, William L. List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Living in Iowa. Des Moines: G.E. Rorerts, state printer, 1886.