from the ALDEN TIMES, date unknown

The township of Alden was first settled in the year 1851 and was named in honor of Henry Alden, one of its first settlers. It is located in the northwest part of Hardin county, Iowa, and comprises all of the townshp number eighty nine Range number twenty two, and the wes half of township number eighty nine Range number twenty one.

The fist settlement on the present site of the Town of Alden was made by Henry Alden in 1854, and the town laid out by him in 1855. The first house was built by Lott Clover in that year, and the first Post Office was esablished in the same year, Lott Clover being the first Postmaster. The Town was incorporated in the year 1879, the first election of Municipal officers being held March 17th, 1879 when the following officers were elected--Mayor M.J.Davis, Recorder W. W. Jones, Assor H.F. Taylor, Trustees S.L.Pierce, George Simpson, L. Rummel, L.H. Utley, A.C. Whitney, and J.M. Fisher. In 1880 M. Pritchard was elected Mayor; in 1885 William Keating was elected Mayor; and in 1886 John Hoskin was elected Mayor. In 1887 E.W. Crockett was elected Mayor, also in 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, and also in 1892. The present officers for 1892 are as follows: Major E.W. Crocket, Recorders B. Lighthall, Treasurer T.J. Birdsall, Assesor J. A. Button, Trustees A.C. Whitney, W.M. Cousin, H.A. Schultz, James Hartinger, R.M. Jones and W.J. Attwooll, Marshall Ashley Lemoine.

Alden has a population of about 600, has two hotels, the Central House, George Stringer landord; and Furry' Hotel Restaurant, A.R. Furry proprietor; one newspaper, the Alden Times, Furry Bros. editors and proprietors, one large flouring mill, owned by William Pagle; three general stores Spencer, Steele, & Co., John Hoskin & Co., and Martin Pritchard; two drug stores, H.J. David & Co. and O.F. Wagner; two hardware stores, Milton Utley and W.B. Miller one furniture store A.C. Whitney pro.; one harness shop J.F. Byers, one barber shop T.J. Rick; one bank Bej. Birdsall and Son; one meat market Laird & Miller; two lumber yards, Attwool & Reynolds and Robt. Holmes one wagon and carriage manufactory, A. and L. Rummel & Co.; one blacksmith shop C.A. Rummel; two agricultural warehouses, Winterfield Y. Fox and L. Rummel; one jewelry and book store, C.L. Furry; one restaurant, George Bigelow; one shoemaker, James Houpt; one livery and bus line, George Groner; one photograph gallery, J.M. Harley; one billiard hall, B. Morriell; two grain elevators owned and operated by Peter taylor; and one, owned and operated by Simpson and Cousin; one opera hall; three practising physicians, E.P. Frisbee, J.W. David, and O.F. David; one free public library and reading room; one steam creamery and two well drilling firms, Snider & Catlin and Draper Bros.. The present post master is L.B. Rogers; one attorney at law, M.J. Furry; justices of the peace, W.M. Cousin and John Tomlinson; constables, O.J.Thomas and M.F. Bigelow. The township trustees are S.L. Pierce, James Urmson and John Hoskin; F.E. Furry township clerk, John W. Cox township assessor.

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