Ackley World Journal, Thursday, Sept 15, 1977


The graduating class of 1927 of Ackley High School met at Hampton restaurant Sept. 2 for a 50-year reunion. Of the 28 members in the class 10 are deceased.

Those present were:

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Winchell (Minnie Eckhoff) of Waverly
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hofmann of Ackley
Mr. and Mrs. John Schafer (Helen Hofmann) of Ackley
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Johns of Paulina
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Victor of Iowa Falls
Rev. and Mrs. Cornelius Abbas of Freeport, Ill.
Miss Helen Bear of Waterloo
Nrs, Grace (Grobe) Van Patter of Eldora
Mrs. Gladys Heitland Diemer of Ackley
Mrs. Myrtle Groninga Zwyers of Ackley