ACKLEY WORLD JOURNAL, Thursday, February 14, 1918

Ackley's Roll of Honor (World War I)


The following is not claimed to be a perfectly accurate or complete list, but represents an effort on the park of Ackley's Loyal League to make a list of all who are in the service from Ackley and vicinity. It must be remembered that the boys enlisted or were called to service at different times and places, and are in different branches of the service, and some boys were absent from Ackley at at the time of their enlistment, and other boys who had removed from Ackely were gone such a short time before entering the services that it has not always been possible to say whether they entered the service while residents of this vicinity or not. The Ackley Loyal League will appreciae the giving to any of its officers of additional names to be added to the roll, or information on which corrections in it can be made.

The first seventeen listed are in the navy; the next twenty-three are infantrymen; the five following are aviators; the others, oe or two, are in the ordnance, chemical unit, etc. thus:

Earl Bolender
August Neumann
Ned S. Ubben
Evertt R. Lowe
Kenneth R. Hills
Gilbert W. Hawkins
Hayes Victor
George W. Bush
Carl H Folkers
Harm Kruger
Arthur Specht
Walter Johns
Theodore Schoeneich
Louis Grassly
Earl Wickham
Wm. Ibach
Harry G. Fouts
Herman Abbas
Melle Abbas
Henry J. Thielke
Chas W. Barlow
John Folkers
Earl Johns
Joe Homan
Cy Schoon
Louis Brass
Fred J. Smith
Roscoe Lyle Beach
Rinard Aalfs
AWilliam Horn
Joseph Matthews
Joe Croot
Carl Reinke
John Gast, Jr.
Columbus George
Christ K. Jansen
John Hubrecht
Ray E. Brown
Ralph C. Young
Lambert Kramer
Joe Blake
Henry W. Seilbold
Earl B. Stauffacher
Fred H. Meinzer
John Wille
Joe Coyle
Herman Snater
Chas. Brindley
Julian Dean
Carl Carstens
Martin Ryken
Merle Passmore
Frank McMannis
Art Wille
Lieut, H.B. Berry
Lester Vannoy
Kasper W. Becker
Maj. J.W. Thornton
Clifford Milton
George Kugel
Fred Raisch
Fred Symington