1885 Special Census of Iowa

Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines

(Iowa Falls)


(NL stands for Not Listed)




Name of Veteran


State Served from

Unit Served with


Iowa Falls Post Office

Rickle, W.W. Private Colorado 1st Calvary C & H
Rodgers, Eli H. Captain Colorado 3rd Calvary K
Boddy, Robert Private Illinois 7th Calvary I
Partlow, James Private Illinois 8th Calvary B
Bishop, A.D. Private Illinois 9th Calvary H
Vorhees, David J.
Private Illinois 11th Calvary NL
Cady, Harrison Private Illinois 12th Calvary M
Bamer, C.A. Sergeant Illinois 17th Calvary F
Burns, Charles P. Private Illinois 17th Calvary C
Hill, Alanson P. Private Illinois 8th Infantry H
Palmer, Elias Private Illinois 8th Infantry K
Huston, Thomas Private Illinois 15th Infantry D
Munger, Geo. Private Illinois 15th Infantry E
Corkins, Patrick Private Illinois 36th Infantry G
Eaton, H.W. Private Illinois 45th Infantry B
Mogle, Jacob Private Illinois 46th Infantry B
O'Neil, Patrick J. Private Illinois 46th Infantry E
Swartz, John L. Private Illinois 46th Infantry A
Elliott, Geo. W. Private Illinois 55th Infantry C
Hay, W.L. Private Illinois 56th Infantry A
Palmer, Randolph Musician Illinois 63rd Infantry D
Duller, A.M. Drummer Illinois 66th Infantry B
Cogswell, Alonzo Corporal Illinois 75th Infantry A
*Beaty, Wm. Private Illinois 92nd Infantry I
*Boddy, Wm. Corporal Illinois 92nd Infantry A
*Dodson, H.W. Private Illinois 92nd Infantry E
*Thorp, Levi Private Illinois 92nd Infantry A
*Van Buskirk, M. Lt. Colonel Illinois 92nd Infantry NL
Fuller, Benj. Privte Illinois 95th Infantry E
Earl, P.S. Private Illinois 125th Infantry C
Farrington, James L. Private Illinois 126th Infantry B
Hames, Wm. Private Indiana 2nd Calvary A
Pearce, William B. Private Indiana 8th Infantry C
Stewart, Robert Corporal Indiana 44th Infantry C
Runnels, B. Private Indiana 69th Infantry E
Mann, Isaac Private Iowa 7th Calvary C
McMillen, E.H. Private Iowa 1st Calvary G
Palmer, Abram Private Iowa 1st Calvary F
Carleton, Richard A. Hospital Steward Iowa 2nd Calvary NL
Church, Sylvester Corporal Iowa 2nd Calvary F
Ivins, Allen Sergeant Iowa 2nd Calvary H
Powers, Salmon Sergeant Iowa 2nd Calvary F
Stoddard, Francis L. 1st Lt. Iowa 2nd Calvary B
Calhoun, Junis Sergeant Iowa 5th Calvary G
German, Peter Corporal Iowa 5th Calvary B
Dillion, Daniel Private Iowa 6th Calvary H
Rearson, Charles Quartermaster Sergeant Iowa 6th Calvary H
Taylor, William E. Private Iowa 6th Calvary K
Hall, G.W. Private Iowa 9th Calvary G
Havens, Bemjamin Private Iowa 9th Calvary G
Johnson, Wm. B. Corporal Iowa 9th Calvary G
Calhoun, Junis Sergeant Iowa 5th Infantry C
Bowman, A.J. Private Iowa 6th Infantry C
Bunce, W.W. Private Iowa 6th Infantry C
Montgomery, J. Private Iowa 6th Infantry C
Taylor, Wm. M. Sergeant Iowa 6th Infantry C
Dickson, James Private Iowa 7th Infantry B
Avery, John T. Private Iowa 9th Infantry F
Cassady, Jackson Private Iowa 9th Infantry D
Hall, G.W. Private Iowa 9th Infantry K
Karst, Geo. Private Iowa 9th Infantry D
Fishel, Squire C. Corporal Iowa 12th Infantry H
Hamblin, F.M. Private Iowa 12th Infantry H
Mann, Ansell J. Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Mann, W.H. Private Iowa 12th Infantry A
Martin, D.S. Fife Major Iowa 12th Infantry A


*92nd Infantry was finally "Mounted Infantry"

Data from:  Alexander, William L. List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Living in Iowa. Des Moines: G.E. Rorerts, state printer, 1886.