World War II

Dead in Combat, Wounded, Missing in Combat, Prisoners of War
U.S. Navy (USN), Navy Reserve (USNR) and
U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) and Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR)

U.S. National Archives for Hardin County, Iowa








Dead in Combat

Anderson, Dean Edward USNR Machinists Mate, 2c Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Beryl Anderson RFD 1 Ratliffe
Freerksen, Floyd Lyle USNR Seaman, 2c Mother: rs. Sadie C. Freerksen,   Lawn Hill
Jensen, Alvin Chris USN Signalman 3c and Apprentice Seaman Mother:Mrs. Rose Mac Jensen   Alden
Lettow, Everett M. USMCR Cpl Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Otto Lettow Rt 3 Alden
Marsh, Wallace Wesley USMCR Pvt 1c Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Roy J. Marsh 816 Rocksylvania Ave. Iowa Falls
Nott, Lyle James USNR Seaman 2c Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Leo L. Nott   Alden
Peavy, William Howard USN Quartermaster Father: Mr. Harry Bertrum Peavey 718 Iowa Street Iowa Falls
Smith, Vernon T. USMCR Pfc Paents: Mr. & Mrs. George B. Smith PO Box 498 Alden
Watt, James Ervin USN Fireman, 2c Sister; Mrs. Edna Pingel   Alden
Woodhouse, Horatio Cornick, Jr. USMC Lt. Colonel Wife: Mrs. Julia S. Woodhouse   Eldora


Acuff, Quentin L. USMC Cpl Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Guy Acuff   Alden
Allbee, Ralph Roderick USNR Motor Machinists Mate 2c Wife: Mrs. Bernice Annette Albee   Eldora
Boyenga, Harold John USN Gunners Mate 1c Paents: Mr. & Mrs. Henry Warner Boyenga Box 185 Alden
Coyle, Joseph Edward USMCR Pvt Mother: Mrs. Anna B. Coyle Box 253 Ackley
Hayden, James Francis USMC Pvt Parents: Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hayden Rt 1 Alden
Harris, Robert L. USMCR Pfc Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Olaf T. Harris Rt 1 Iowa Falls
Jetter, Roy Junior USNR Radioman 3c Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Archie Lee Santage Rt 3 Iowa Falls
Kreamer, Kenneth L. USMC Cpl Mother: Mrs. Rose M. Kreamer RR Alden
Peet, Wendell H. USMC Sgt Parents; Mr. & Mrs. Ansel Peet Rt 2 Alden
Rabe, Stanley Howard USN Watertender 1c Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Emil C. Rabe Rt 1 Iowa Falls
Reynolds, Wallace Wray USNR Seaman 1c Father: Mr. Ernest G. Reynolds 816 Bluff St. Iowa Falls
Young, James Wade USNR Electricians Mate Wife: Mrs. Bessie Young 701 14th St.



Release from Prison Camps

Forsman, Melfred Laverne USN Seaman 1c Parents; Mr. & Mrs. Gustive Adolph Forsman 402 E. 1st St. Iowa Falls