1885 Special Census of Iowa

Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines

(Owasa, New Providence, Steamboat Rock, Union)  

(NL stands for Not Listed)




Name of Veteran


State Served from

Unit Served with


Owasa Post Office

Carpenter, Frank Private Illinois 147th Infantry E
Simpson, Nathaniel M. Sergeant Iowa 9th Calvary G
Wickham, B. Private Iowa 13th Infantry A
Johnson, Thos J. Corporal New York 24th Calvary I
Welch, Irvin A. Private Ohio 1st Infantry D
Hartman, John G. Private Ohio 18th Infantry B
Hand, Henry G. Private Ohio NL NL
New Providence Post Office
Cutler, H.P. Private Connecticut 1st Infantry B
Meek, R.J. Corporal Indiana 8th Infantry F
Pickering, Larkin Private Indiana 147th Infantry D
Thornton, D.R. Private Iowa 13th Infantry I
Calkins, John Private Minnesota 11th Calvary H






Steamboat Rock Post Office

Webster, J. Private California 1st Calvary G
Baker, J. Private Illinois 12th Infantry A

Kellum, M.



12th Infantry


Lanz, Harrison Private Illinois 18th Infantry I
Clark, Elias Private Illinois 74th Infantry E
Seabury, Jerome Corporal Illinois 92nd Infantry* G
Harneal, Walter Sergeant Illinois 105th Infantry C
Haley, James Corporal Illinois 119th Infantry F
Riley, Thomas J. Private Illinois 119th Infantry D
Bannigan, P. Privae Illinois 147th Infantry E
Higginbotham, R.M. Private Iowa 1st Calvary G
Wright, J. Private Iowa 1st Calvay G
Hayden, J. Private Iowa 7th Calvary G
Cunningham, S.B. Captain Iowa 9th Calvary G
Hayden, E. Private Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Hiserodt, Wm. F. Sergeant Iowa 32nd Infantry A
Wardwell, R.S. Private Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Williams, H. Private Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Williamson, S.A. Corporal Iowa 33rd Infantry K
Webb, N.L. Private New York 2nd Calvary E
Turner, D.W. Captain New York 114th Infantry A
Loomis, Levi W. Private New York 157th Infantry C
Finster, H.J. Private New York 189th Infantry E
Kuster, N. Private Ohio 4th Battery NL
Unger, Alphens Private Ohio 10th Infantry A
Snyder, J.E. Private Ohio 94th Infantry I
Gybe, J. Private Pennsylvania 9th Calvary G
Union Post Office
Hockett, Solomon Wagoner Colorado 3rd Calvary D
Wilbur, daniel A. Private Illinois 12th Infantry B
Borden, David M. Private Illinois 34th Infantry I
Anderson, A.J. Corporal Illinois 37th Infantry B
Hill, Henry 2nd Lt. Illinois 75th Infantry E
Carr, Geo. N. Private Illinois 138th Infantry E
Cundiff, W.D. Corporal Illinois 148th Infantry I
Lounsberry, J.G. Corporal Iowa 1st Calvary G
Lawrence, John Corporal Iowa 2nd Calvary A
Pelhum, Ashbury Private Iowa 4th Calvary F
Anderson, S.W. Private Iowa 7th Calvary H
Hughes, Josiah Private Iowa 8th Calvary I
Rockhill, David D. Private Iowa 5th Infantry D
Kersey, T.C. Private Iowa 11th Infantry B
Lawrence, Jacob Private Iowa 11th Infantry B
Sawin, E.S. Corporal Iowa 12th Infantry A
Lamb, Jas. H. Private Iowa 13th Infantry E
Mitchell, James O. Private Iowa 13th Infantry H
Robinson, Lorenzo Private Iowa 13th Infantry I
Carson, E.W. Lieutenant Iowa 24th Infantry H
Story, Amos Private Iowa 24th Infantry C
Alsup, G.W. Sergeant Iowa 25th Infantry C
Humiston, Enos H. Private Iowa 26th Infantry H
Lepley, George Private Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Reed, James Private Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Speers, James Private Iowa 32nd Infantry K
Valentine, David S. Private Iowa 32nd infantry F
Wilson, J.A. Corporal Iowa 32nd Infantry F
Wood, Alanson F. Sergeant Iowa 32nd Infantry F
McMillen, Wesley Sergeant Iowa 35th Infantry H
Rash, W.W. Private Iowa 40th Infantry I
Adams, Jordan C. Private Iowa 44th Infantry G
Steenbarger, Joseph Private Iowa 44th Infantry G
Hendryx, Henry Private Iowa 46th Infantry E
Barnard, Wellington Private Kansas Misc. Infantry H
Sheffield, R.H. Sergeant Mexican War 16th Regular Infantry B
Motherwell, Isaac Sergeant Michigan 4th Calvary I
Cordel, Wm. R. Private Missouri 5th Calvary H
Tizer, Andrew Private Missouri First Engineers K
Streeter, E.R. Private New York 10th Calvary D
Gregory, E.A. Private New York 56th Infantry D
McClean, Neal Private New York 97th Infantry K
Whinery, Calvin Private Ohio 149th Infantry B
Shuffelberger, J.W. Private Pennsylvania 22nd Calvary F
Fenton, Charles E. Private Pennsylvania 12th infantry C
Chafee, E.B. Private Pennsylvania 141st Infantry D
Crider, Henry S. Captain Pennsylvania 158th Infantry F
Corfe, Frederick Surgeon USA Medical Department NL
Burghardt, Henry Private USA 4th Artillery B
English, Alexander Private Wisconsin 4th Battery NL
Corfe, Frederick Asst. Surgeon Wisconsin 1st Infantry NL
Harris, Isaac Private Wisconsin 45th Infantry C


*92nd was finally "Mounted Infantry"

Data from:  Alexander, William L. List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Living in Iowa. Des Moines: G.E. Rorerts, state printer, 1886.