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Below is a listing of all known cemeteries in Blackhawk County, Iowa. In this county are three cemeteries named Fairview Cemetery. The locations of these cemeteries are listed. Also, two cemeteries are named Zion Lutheran Cemetery; one in Spring Creek township and one in Black Hawk township.

Please contact the County Coordinator if you have comments or suggestions about this map or the cemetery location information.


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Map of Cemeteries

Anton Cemetery Bennington CemeterySt. John's Evang. Lutheran Ch. Cemetery Blessing CemeteryWestview CemeteryPleasant Hill Cemetery Spring Creek CemeteryZion Lutheran
Cemetery - Spring CreekSt. Mary's of Mt. Carmel
Cemetery Lincoln CemeteryHudson CemeteryZion Lutheran Cemetery - Black Hawk
TwpOrange Township Cemetery Washburn CemeterySt. Mary's
Cemetery - GilbertvillePoyner Township
CemeteryTurner CemeterySt.
Joseph's CemeteryNew Barclay Cemetery Muslim CemeterySons
of Jacob CemeteryHillcrest
CemeteryWaterloo Cemetery Mt. Olivet CemeteryWaterloo Memorial Park Cemetery Elmwood CemeteryFairview
Cemetery - WaterlooCalvary Cemetery Fairview Cemetery - Cedar FallsBenson CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryGarden of Memories
CemeteryMt. Zion Cemetery St. Francis Cemetery Old
Barclay CemeteryFairview Cemetery
- DunkertonLester Township Cemetery Gresham CemeteryPioneer Cemetery Mt. Vernon Evangelical Cemetery Hillside CemeteryCedar Valley Mem. Gardens Cem.Highland CemeteryGerholdt CemeteryWashington Chapel CemeteryFinchford Cemetery Newell CemeterySt. Paul United Ch. of Christ Cem. E. Janesville Cemetery

Black Hawk County IAGenWeb Cemetery Index

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Anton Cemetery

Located in Section 15, Cedar Township, 4 miles south of Washburn, on Highway 218 then 1 mile west on D 46.


Bennington Township Cemetery

Located in Section 27, Bennington Township, on the corner of North Elk Run Road and East Mt. Vernon Road, next to St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery.


Benson Cemetery

Located in Section 6, Cedar Falls Township, on North Butler Road just north of its intersection with Highway 57.

Black Hawk County Cemetery - see Turner and Hillcrest Cemeteries


Blessing Cemetery

Located in Lincoln Twp., next to Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary Church on Highway 63 at its intersection with West Tama Road D 52 south of Hudson, Iowa.
-- Up-to-date cemetery listing (updated 7-4-09)--         -- WPA names not found in Cemetery--
Cemetery Plot Assignments, Chart 1 and Chart 2 (only in Excel .xls format) if you have questions or don't have Excel, contact the Coordinator and she can look up your request. We now now have the charts in .jpg format but they are very large and will take some time to download. Contact the Coordinator and she can look up your request.

Charts: 1,     1-1,    2 ,    2-1

- see Hillcrest Cemetery


Calvary Cemetery
A-C      D-J       K-L      M-Q      R-Z

Located in Waterloo at the corner of Falls Avenue and Fletcher. Mailing address: Catholic Cemeteries of Waterloo, 3912 W. 4th St., Waterloo, Iowa


Carr Family Cemetery

Located in Section 2, Poyner Twp., north of Little Road


Cedar Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Located on Center Street (V 14) on the northern outskirts of Cedar Falls, Iowa, in the 5600 block. Mailing address: 3669 Logan Ave., Waterloo, Iowa


Eagle Township Cemetery

Located in Eagle Township Section 15, on Eagle Road between Kimball Avenue and Highway 21.

Thanks to Bonnie Siebel we have a complete listing for Eagle Cemetery. (Page 1) (Page 2). She also photographed all of the gravestones for the cemetery for the Project.


East Janesville Cemetery

Located in Mt. Vernon Township Section 3, on Burton Avenue between East Gresham Road and East Marquis Road.

Updated listing for East Janesville Cemetery from Mary Eldridge (2009)


East Waterloo Cemetery

Refers to Fairview Cemetery in Waterloo, Iowa.


Elmwood Cemetery
A     B    C     D    E-F      G   H-K    L    
M     N-O    P    Q-R    S    T    U-Z

located at 226 Elmwood, Waterloo, Iowa

Elmwood Cemetery Map


Fairview Cemetery (1)
A-B     C-D    E-F     G-H    I-L    
M-N    O-R     S     T      U-Z

Located at 611 Fairview Ave., Waterloo, IA


Fairview Cemetery (2)
C-D       E-G      H-K     L-M    
N-Q       R-S       T-Z

Located in Cedar Falls, 12th & Division.


Fairview Cemetery (3)
(No data at present)

Located on the south side of Dunkerton, Lester Township, Section 32, on North Canfield Road (Highway 281).


Finchford Cemetery

A-K       L-Z

Located in Finchford, Iowa, Union Township, Section 7, off of Winslow Road(C 55) east of the church.

For some reason the "Ls" are missing from the original listing.

Additional information about people buried at Finchford Cemetery - Finchford Notes

Fritz Farm Cemetery, also known as the Pioneer Cemetery.


Garden of Memories Cemetery

Located at 3669 Logan Ave. (on Highway 63 North), Waterloo, Iowa.


Gerholdt Cemetery

Located in Union Township, Section 17, on Van Wert Road between West Cedar Wapsie Road (C 57) and Mark Road.

German Burial Grounds - aka Pioneer Cemetery located in Bennington Township.

Updated listing for the Burial Grounds, submitted by Mary Eldridge


Greenwood Cemetery

(aka Mullarkey, Riverside, St. Patrick's, St. Bernard's)

Located in Cedar Falls, Iowa, on the corner of North College Street &Ida Street.  

Thanks to Debbi Allender for providing the 2007 Greenwood Cemetery transcripts. These will be provided on a random basis: 1 , 1a, 2, 2a, 3, 3a, 4,


Gresham Cemetery A-N
Gresham Cemetery O-Z

Located in Bennington Township, Section 11 on the corner of North Raymond (V 49) & East Gresham Road.  

Hauck Cemetery, also known as the Pioneer Cemetery and Fritz Farm Cemetery.


Highland Cemetery

Located in Washington Township, Section 22, on Ford Road, north of Blackhawk Park at the end of the long access road.


Hillcrest Cemetery
(aka Memorial Park, Boggsville, Blackhawk Co. Cemetery)

Additional Information

Located in Waterloo, Iowa, on Osage Road between Milwaukee Ave. and Skyview Road, next to Sons of Jacob Cemetery.


Hillside Data

Hillside Cemetery Notes on

Located in Cedar Falls, on Lone Tree Road, between Highway 218 & Center Street (V 14).


Hudson Cemetery

Located on the southwest side of Hudson, Iowa, BlackhawkTownship, Section 27, on Eldora Road (D 35).


Leavitt's Cemetery

NOTE: Refers to Waterloo Cemetery.


Lester Township Cemetery

Located in Lester Township, Section 21, on Owen Road between Lester Road and East Bennington Road.


Lincoln Cemetery

Located in Lincoln Township, Section 19 on West Eagle Road, between Hicks Road and Grundy Road.


Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Located at 3912 W. 4th St., Waterloo, Iowa. Mailingaddress: Catholic Cemeteries of Waterloo, Inc., 3912 W. 4th St., Waterloo,


Mt. Vernon Evangelical Cemetery

A-C     D-K     L-Z     (old WPA records)

Listingthru 8-2009.

Located in Mt. Vernon Township, Section 28, on Mt. Vernon Road near the intersection of Wagner Road.

This cemetery has been completely photographed for the IAGenWeb Iowa Gravestones Project.


Mt. Zion Union Church Cemetery History

Cemetery Listing

Located in East Waterloo Township, Section 9 (this cemetery has been destroyed and is no longer visible) in the 2100 block of North Elk Run Road.


Muslim Cemetery

Located on Osage Road, between Milwaukee Street and Skyview Road, on the east side of Blackhawk Co. Cemetery.


New Barclay Cemetery

Located in Barclay Township, Section 24, on Newell Street between North Hasner Road and Baker Road.


Newell Cemetery

Located in Washington Township, Section 3 on Winslow Road (C 55) west of Janesville, Iowa.


Old Barclay Cemetery

Located in Barclay Township, Section 12, on Cunningham Road between East Airline Highway and Barclay Road (D 16).


Orange Township Cemetery

A-K     L-Z    

More information

Located in Orange Township, Section 21, in Waterloo, west of the 6300 block of Kimball Avenue on top of the hill.


Pioneer Cemetery

Located in Bennington Township, Section 7, on West Gresham Road between Moline and Sage. Now called German Burial Grounds.


Pleasant Hill Cemetery

(aka Sawyer Cemetery) is located in Spring CreekTownship, Section 20 at the corner of D 48 & Ferry.


Poyner Cemetery

A-G     H-O    P-Z     History



Rarick Cemetery

NOTE: Refers to Benson Cemetery.


St. Bernard Cemetery

No data at present


St. Francis Cemetery

A-Q       R-Z

Located in Barclay Township, Section 7, behind St. Francis Catholic Church, 7837 East Airline Highway, Dunkerton, Iowa


St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery      

Located on E. Mt. Vernon Road just east of its intersection with North Elk Run Road behind the church.       


St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

Located in Raymond, Iowa, Poyner Township.


St. Mary's Cemetery

A-K       L-R       S-Z

Located in Gilbertville, Iowa, behind Immaculate Conception Church, 311 15th Ave., Gilbertville


St. Mary's of Mt. Carmel Cemetery

Picture of Cemetery

A Cemetery Map in .pdf format is provided at here.

Excel spreadsheets for the Rows, Lots, Graves

The Alphabetized Listing.

Bonnie submitted several pictures of the Church and the Cemetery. View them here.

Located in Eagle Township, Section 14, on East Eagle Road between Hammond Ave. and Hess Road. Mailing address: St. Mary's of Mt.Carmel Church, 1435 E. Eagle, Waterloo

Updated Listing, complete to 2004.

2010 In-depth survey of the Cemetery was done by Bonnie Siebel. She also photographed all the cemetery's stones and they are located on - GPP.

Contact Bonnie at if you have any questions.


St. Paul United Church of Christ Cemetery

Located in Mt. Vernon Township, Section 10, on Burton Avenue between West Cedar Wapsie Road and West Gresham Road, north ofWaterloo.

  Shaulis Road Cemetery

See Turner Cemetery


Spring Creek Cemetery

Located in Spring Creek Township, Section 12 at the end of the south end of Spring Creek Road.


Sons of Jacob Cemetery

Located in Waterloo, Iowa, on Osage Road between Milwaukee Ave. and Skyview Road, next to Hillcrest Cemetery.


South Waterloo Cemetery

Note: Refers to either Waterloo Cemetery or Orange Township Cemetery.


Turner Cemetery

NOTES: aka Shaulis Road Cemetery or Blackhawk Co.Cemetery.

Located in Waterloo, Iowa, Cedar Township, Section 7, in the 3200 block of East Shaulis Road.


Washburn Cemetery

Located in Washburn, Iowa, Cedar Township, Section 20, in the 4400 block of East Washburn Road, D 38.


Washington Chapel Cemetery

Located in Washington Township, Section 15, at thecorner of Ford Road and West Bennington Road.


Waterloo Cemetery

Located at 1830 Kimball Ave., Waterloo, Iowa


Waterloo Memorial Park Cemetery

Located at 3430 W. 4th St., Waterloo, Iowa.


Westview Cemetery

WPA Records:
C-D       E-G     H-K       L-M      N-Q     R-S       T-Z     

2006 Survey:
A-E      F-K       L-Q      R-Z      

Located on the eastern side of LaPorte City, Iowa, Big Creek Township, Section 31, on Bishop Road.

(2006 update credit: Patricia Bergmeier.)

  West Waterloo Cemetery

Refers to Elmwood Cemetery.


Zion Lutheran Cemetery
(Spring Creek Twp.)

(aka Jubilee Westburg)

A-K       L-Z

Located in Spring Creek Township, Section 2, on Jubilee Road between Jesup Road (V 62) and Spring Creek Road.


Zion Lutheran Cemetery
(Blackhawk Twp.)

Located in Blackhawk Township, Section 19, on Strayer Road (D 25), between Platt Road and Grundy Road.

Special thanks to Deloris Goettsch, Mike Magee, Beverly Ross and the Northeast Iowa Genealogical Society for their help
in initially compiling this list and map.

Northeast Iowa Genealogical Society
503 South Street
Waterloo, Iowa 50701-1517


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