Black Hawk County, Iowa
Washburn Cemetery Listing

This cemetery listing was compiled from several sources. Some of the data came from family information used in previous listings.  Some came from the Works Project Administration WPA list that ended in the 1930s.  And some info came from emails, notes, lists, and undocumented sources.  As each list is typed and retyped, the information can change because each person interprets the numbers or names differently or, the data is mistyped.  Use these cemetery sources as a tool to discover.


Washburn Cemetery Background Information

Mr. Wayne Foulk (whose farm is just south of the Redeemer Lutheran Church premises) stated that his father was the last known records keeper for this cemetery, and that the records were burned up in a fire, and that a good number of the remains had been dug up and relocated to other cemeteries -- so that an accurate accounting cannot be given of just who is buried where.

Mr. Joe Delagardelle stated, however, that this burial plot was a community-utilized site and not limited exclusively to Presbyterians, despite its being situated next to the former Presbyterian church.


Abbreviations used: d/o - daughter of; ae - age; y - year or years

  s/o - son of; G.A.R. - Grand Army of; m - month or months;

w/o - wife of; the Republic Civil War d - day or days;

h/o - husband of


Last Name

First Name

Date Died

Date Born



Gerta A.

26 Jun 1876


d/o: C. G.; d/o: M.;1 mo.


W. J.

23 Jan 1907

27 Dec 1851



Anna M





George E.

29 Nov 1890




Henry J.

20 Oct 1876





29 Jun 1901

18 Jun 1875

s/o: S. D.; s/o: M. F.



11 Sep 1886

28 Oct 1809

Lane;w/o: Moses Dane


Mary F.






24 Mar 1883





18 Oct 1899

18 Mar 1878

d/o: S. D.; d/o: M. F.


S. D.

30 Jan 1905

13 Jul 1839

member of G. A. R.


Alonzo R.

18 Jun 1885

06 Oct 1861



George W.

01 Sep 1873





19 Apr 1900

20 Feb 1822



Jeremiah L.

02 Dec 1890

06 Dec 1821




20 Jun 1894

06 May 1799




31 Mar 1880

17 Apr 1796

War of 1812, G. A. R. marker







Charles F.






13 Apr 1889


Washburn Iowa.;75y



11 Apr 1899





16 Aug 1885




Wm. R.

12 Jun 1878

15 Feb 1859


Keyser, Jr.







14 Dec 1885


blk. -;w/o: David;51y



16 Dec 1897

24 Sep 1876

On same lot with Briggs



11 Jan 1894


blk. --; 28y



13 Jun 1885


w/o: Nelson;48y



19 Jan 1890


blk.-- ;59y








09 Nov 1874





25 Sep 1867


w/o: D.



30 Jun 1882





A Second Listing for Washburn Cemetery

    Briggs, John 1816 - 1887 & Jennett 1818 - 1906
    Briggs, W. J. Dec. 27, 1851 - Jan 23, 1907
    Brooks, Pearl 1887 - 1896
    Brown, Edward Sr. 1906 - 1962
    Burr, Anna (old marker)
    Close, George E. d. Nov. 29, 1890, age 59 yrs., 5 mo., 8 days.
    Dane, Moses d. 1883, age 86 ... next to this elegant stone is the flat, low-lying stone slab
          marking the grave of his wife Lavina Lane 1809 - 1886 Dane, S.D. 1839 - 1905 (white vertical slab next to Lavina's stone). Foulk, Ezra d. 1825, age 4 yrs., 5 mo., 18 days Hemmer, Catherine 1842 - 1923 Hemmer, Charles F 1883 - 1926 (uncle of late Joe Michel, husband of Ethel Michel) Hemmer, Joseph 1873 -1922 (another uncle to Joe M) Henson, Jimmy Wayne 1949 - 1971 McClellan, Nettie 1876 - 1897 McKellar, Nelson d. 1890 at age 59 yrs., 11 mo., 12 days Michel, Victor 1847 - 1915 Newlon, Howard 1920 - 1955; and Justine 1921 - Rebik, Herbert James 1931 - 1976 Smith, baby Marion, son of Wm. & Dorothy S., d. 1935 Wallace, Emma 1872 -1943 Wildes, Russell 1896 - 1961; & Luinda 1900 - Williams, Earl 1931 - 1940 Williams Riley W. - WWII, Tec. 5, 987 Field Artillery, Sept. 1920 - July 1, 1945

Above updated February 10, 2014

A Third Listing for Washburn Cemetery contributed from Cole Thomas former Eagle Scout in late 2014

Late in 2014 Black Hawk county received a fabulous contribution from Randall Thomas on behalf of his son Cole. Cole Thomas was an Eagle Scout for Troop 80 out of La Porte City and his father Randall was the Scoutmaster. For Cole’s 2006 Eagle Scout project he logged all of the 125 burials of the Washburn Cemetery.

Washburn Cemetery Burials

Washburn Cemetery    
Cedar Township, Black Hawk County, Iowa    
Burials Listed by Name -- Alphabetic Order    
LotNameBirthDeathOther Info
I27Archer, Margaret M.B 1874D 1958
C10Bates, DortheaB 1925D 1989mother of Richard C9 and Jimmie C11
C11Bates, Jimmie A.B 1948D 1989son of Dorothea C10
C9Bates, Richard W.B 1951D 1955son of Dorothea C10
F3Billings, Certa A.B May 1876D 26 Jun 1876Age: 1 Mo. 4 Days
F28Briggs, Jenett T.B 28 Sep 1818D 30 Sep 1908 
F29Briggs, John E.B 24 Nov 1816D 13 Apr 1887
F27Briggs, W. J.B 27 Dec 1851D 23 Jan 1907
AC25Brooks, Pearl V.B 21 Oct 1887D 28 Sep 1898
I6Brown, Edward W. Sr.B 1906D 1962
I4Brown, Floyd A.B 1954D 1995son of Mary Brown (I5)
I5Brown, MaryB 1920D 1983
N29Burr, Anna M.B 1878D 1935
Q25Clark, Fred C.B 1901D 1990
Q26Clark, Helen M.B 1904D 1982
R10Close, George E. H. B 1831(calculated)D 29 Nov 1890Age: 59yrs 8 mos; at foot of grave is a small stone: GEHC
E15Cow ???, B 1854 (calculation)D 20 Dec(?) 1876Age: 22yrs; stone broken into four pieces
I14Dane Family stone   
I15Dane, "Father"   
I16Dane, AlbertB 16 Jun 1875D 29 Jun 1901
G11Dane, GraceB 17 Jan 1876D 17 Jan 1876infant dau. of Moses Dane (G13) & Lavina Dane (G12)
G12Dane, LavinaB 28 Oct 1809D 11 Sep 1886wife of Moses Dane (G13)
I12Dane, Mary F.B 1846D 1929Mother
I13Dane, Mildred L.B 1880D 1957
G13Dane, Moses B 1797 (calculated)D 24 Mar 1883Age: 86yrs 2mos 25days
I17Dane, RhodaB 18 Mar 1878D 16 Oct 1890 
I28Eastman, Alonzo R.B 06 Oct 1861D 18 Jun 1885
I30Eastman, Charls *B 1876D 1939* Note: first name on stone is spelled Charls, perhaps should be Charles
D23Faulk, Ezra E. D 30 May 1865(?)Age: 4yrs 5mos 18days; Also 2 additional small markers -- Father & Mother (??)
B1Felton, Blanche E.B 11 Jun 1886D 24 Jul 1886
I19Fou?????, George W. D 1873Age: 46yrs; Perhaps last name is Faulk
K11Gay -- Family Marker   
K12Gay -- Family Marker   
LotNameBirthDeathOther Info
K10Gay, CarolineB 20 Feb 1822D 19 Apr 1900
K13Gay, JeremiahB 06 Dec 1821D 09 Dec 1891Soldier in the war of 1812
K14Gay, LucindaB 06 May 1799D 20 Jun 1894
K15Gay, LuminaryB 17 Apr 1798D 31 Mar 1880
K29Hemmer -- family stone   
D26Hemmer, Ada F.B 1887 (calculation)D 05 May 1892Age: 5yrs; Dau. Of S Hemmer (D27) & C Hemmer; Ada Hemmer is recorded on south side of D27 stone
M32Hemmer, Albert S.B 1884D 1960
K30Hemmer, Anna O.B 1873D 1958 
D29Hemmer, CatherineB 1842D 1923
M29Hemmer, Charles F.B 1883D 1926
M30Hemmer, Frank Sr.B 1868D 1951
M31Hemmer, GeorgeB 1880D 1963
K28Hemmer, Joseph H.B 1873D 1922
D27Hemmer, SebastainB 1814 (calculation)D 13 Nov 1889Age: 75yrs; Sebastain is recorded on east side of lot D27 stone
U32Henson, BeatriceB 1929D 2003
U33Henson, James B.B 1920D 1989
U31Henson, Jimmie WayneB 1949D 1971
D4Isenhower, Jess A.B 1865D 1937 
D5Isenhower, John D 16 Jul 1885 
C3Keyser, David Jr.B 1870D 1931his wife is Sarah C6
C6Keyser, SarahB 30 Nov 1884D 14 Dec 1935her husband is David C3
AC14Lustoff, M. TrenaB 1910D 1995One stone for AC14 & AC15 -- parents of David
AC15Lustoff, Rev. SargentB 1909D 1982One stone for AC14 & AC15 -- parents of David
E30McClellan, NettieB 24 Sep 1876D 16 Dec 1897
J32McKellar, EvaB 1865 (calculation)D 11 Jan 1894Age: 28yrs 2mos 3days; This is a severely broken stone; It is assumed Eva is buried here -- her info is on J30 stone
J33McKellar, JeanB 1874D 1954stone is 2 inches below ground level
J31McKellar, MaryB 1837 (calculation)D 13 Jun 1885Age: 48yrs; It is assumed Mary is buried here -- her info is in J30 stone
J30McKellar, NelsonB 1830 (calculation)D 19 Jan 1890Age: 59yrs 11mos 12days; Stone also lists wife Mary(J31) and dau. Eva(J32)
S32Mendenhall, FrancesB not shownD 07 Aug 1887
N2Newlon, Howard R.B 18 Apr 1920D 17 Aug 1955one stone for N2 & N3; Parents of: Richard, Judy & Jerry
N3Newlon, JustinaB 28 Mar 1921openone stone for N2 & N3; Parents of: Richard, Judy & Jerry
U22Newlon, Kathleen M.B 1943D 1992
U21Newlon, Richard R.B 1939D 1994
U25Ortman, AlanB 25 Aug 1951D 21 Jan 1999
U26Ortman, Vernon W.B 1923D 1982stone also lists Lila Belle Ortman (?Vernon's wife) B1925 -- but no D date
AC22Pugh, BettyB 1943D open
LotNameBirthDeathOther Info
AC23Pugh, EmrysB 1937D open
U27Rebik, Hubert JamesB 1931D 1976
J19Rickard, JaneB 1842 (calculation)D 25 Sep 1867Age: 25yrs 4mos 20days
J21Roberts, DaveB not legibleD 30 Jun 1883stone is badly broken
AC12Schrader, AmbroseB 1858D 1922
U24Smith, Betty J.B 1930D 1982
K32Smith, Dorothy H.B 1905D 1984
K31Smith, MarionB 1935D 1935Baby
U23Smith, Ronald D.B 1927D open
K33Smith, William C.B 1904D 1994 
M8Stafford -- family marker   
M7Stafford, Aaron E.B 1898D 1974one stone for M6 & M7
O5Stafford, Aaron E.B 21 Mar 1898D 22 Nov 1974
O6Stafford, Everett R.B 1924D 1940son of Aaron O5
M6Stafford, Laura M.B 1899D 1996one stone for M6 & M7
AC7Stern, Christine Ann 18 Mar 1960  
J2Unson, LeviBD 09 Nov 1874Aged (likely indicates that exact birth/age was unknown)
AC17Weidman, DelbertB 1934D open
AC16Weidman, JoannB 1939D open
AC8Weisbrod, Laurette Lee 05 Dec 1963 Last name (Weisbrod) on metal marker found elsewhere in cemetery
AC9Weisbrod, Mark Allen 20 Nov 1961  
G27Wildes, Esther E.B 04 Nov 1917D 30 Apr 1920cement lamb on this site
G30Wildes, Howard S.B 1873D 1956One stone for G29/G30
Q28Wildes, Luincla E.B 1900D open 
Q27Wildes, Russel H.B 1896D 1961
G29Wildes, TenaB 1876D 1958One stone for G29/G30
I8Williams, EarlB 1931D 1940Indicates: son
I7Williams, Riley W.B 25 Sep 1920D 01 Jul 1945WWII Vet
P25Windolf, Annette only information is name
L3Zink, Oscar C.B 14 Jan 1896D 06 Jun 1951one stone for L3 & L4
L4Zink, Wondie M.B 09 Oct 1899D 10 Mar 1965one stone for L3 & L4
D28   12" X 8" stone with no visible information
G14   Large Spruce Tree
L15   stone not legible
R5????????, William  William is only notation on stone
S22Unknown  Wrought iron fence and iron cross
AC27Unknown  notation worn off stone

Washburn Cemetery Plot Detail

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AccessTree Row
AccessTree Row
Faulk, Ezra E.  Hemmer, Ada F.Hemmer, Sebastain Hemmer, Catherine   
 B 1887 (calculation)B 1814 (calculation) B 1842 AccessTree Row
D 30 May 1865(?)  D 05 May 1892D 13 Nov 1889 D 1923   
Age: 4yrs 5mos 18days; Also 2 additional small markers -- Father & Mother (??)  Age: 5yrs; Dau. Of S Hemmer (D27) & C Hemmer; Ada Hemmer is recorded on south side of D27 stoneAge: 75yrs; Sebastain is recorded on east side of lot D27 stone12" X 8" stone with no visible information   
          Move metal marker for Laurette Lee Weisbrod to lot AC8         
McClellan, Nettie   
B 24 Sep 1876 AccessTree Row
D 16 Dec 1897   
Briggs, W. J.Briggs, Jenett T.Briggs, John E.   
B 27 Dec 1851B 28 Sep 1818B 24 Nov 1816 AccessTree Row
D 23 Jan 1907D 30 Sep 1908D 13 Apr 1887   
Wildes, Esther E. Wildes, TenaWildes, Howard S.   
B 04 Nov 1917 B 1876B 1873 AccessTree Row
D 30 Apr 1920 D 1958D 1956   
cement lamb on this site One stone for G29/G30One stone for G29/G30   
AccessTree Row
Dane, Rhoda Fou?????, George W. Archer, Margaret M.Eastman, Alonzo R. Eastman, Charls *   
B 18 Mar 1878 B 1874B 06 Oct 1861 B 1876 AccessTree Row
D 16 Oct 1890 D 1873 D 1958D 18 Jun 1885 D 1939   
Age: 46yrs; Perhaps last name is Faulk * Note: first name on stone is spelled Charls, perhaps should be Charles   
Rickard, Jane Roberts, Dave McKellar, NelsonMcKellar, MaryMcKellar, EvaMcKellar, Jean   
B 1842 (calculation) B not legible B 1830 (calculation)B 1837 (calculation)B 1865 (calculation)B 1874 AccessTree Row
D 25 Sep 1867 D 30 Jun 1883 D 19 Jan 1890D 13 Jun 1885D 11 Jan 1894D 1954   
Age: 25yrs 4mos 20days stone is badly broken Age: 59yrs 11mos 12days; Stone also lists wife Mary(J31) and dau. Eva(J32)Age: 48yrs; It is assumed Mary is buried here -- her info is in J30 stoneAge: 28yrs 2mos 3days; This is a severely broken stone; It is assumed Eva is buried here -- her info is on J30 stonestone is 2 inches below ground level   
Hemmer, Joseph H.Hemmer -- family stoneHemmer, Anna O.Smith, MarionSmith, Dorothy H.Smith, William C.   
B 1873 B 1873B 1935B 1905B 1904 AccessTree Row
D 1922 D 1958D 1935D 1984D 1994   
AccessTree Row
Hemmer, Charles F.Hemmer, Frank Sr.Hemmer, GeorgeHemmer, Albert S.   
B 1883B 1868B 1880B 1884 AccessTree Row
D 1926D 1951D 1963D 1960   
Burr, Anna M.   
B 1878 AccessTree Row
D 1935   
AccessTree Row
Windolf, Annette         
       AccessTree Row
only information is name         
Clark, Fred C.Clark, Helen M.Wildes, Russel H.Wildes, Luincla E.   
B 1901B 1904B 1896B 1900 AccessTree Row
D 1990D 1982D 1961D open   
AccessTree Row
Unknown         Mendenhall, Frances   
          B not shown AccessTree Row
          D 07 Aug 1887   
Wrought iron fence and iron cross            
AccessTree Row
Newlon, Richard R.Newlon, Kathleen M.Smith, Ronald D.Smith, Betty J.Ortman, AlanOrtman, Vernon W.Rebik, Hubert James Henson, Jimmie WayneHenson, BeatriceHenson, James B.   
B 1939B 1943B 1927B 1930B 25 Aug 1951B 1923B 1931 B 1949B 1929B 1920 AccessTree Row
D 1994D 1992D openD 1982D 21 Jan 1999D 1982D 1976 D 1971D 2003D 1989   
stone also lists Lila Belle Ortman (?Vernon's wife) B1925 -- but no D date   
AccessTree Row
AccessTree Row
                AccessTree Row
                AccessTree Row
                AccessTree Row
                AccessTree Row
                AccessTree Row
Weidman, Delbert    Pugh, BettyPugh, Emrys Brooks, Pearl V. Unknown       
B 1934    B 1943B 1937 B 21 Oct 1887       AccessTree Row
D open    D openD open D 28 Sep 1898         
          notation worn off stone       
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