--Charlotte R. Lichty

According to Land Deed Records Book 44, page 11 in the Black Hawk County Courthouse, four acres of land in the SE1/4 or the SW1/4 of Sec. 10, Twp. 80, R. 12, were deeded on 23 September 1882 by J. B. Richards. This deed was filed on 24 October 1882.

The first burial in this cemetery was that of Nancy J. Poyner, the first wife of the Rev. Nathan Poyner, on 20 April 1854.

Headstones no longer exist for many of the plots in the old sections of this cemetery. In order that as complete a record as possible be made, the plot map, said to be the original, was also searched. All names found to be those of owners were also recorded and were indicated with an asterisk. If those names are not followed with dates, one should be aware that the persons named may or may not have been buried there and proof should be obtained elsewhere.

Older persons of the area who have known this cemetery for most of their lives have said that some burials were made on top of earlier burials in the south central area of the old section. This does not mean that such burials were of related persons, but that the newer burial was made after the grave was opened even though an older grave was discovered. Those who have told me about this include my parents, Charles V. Turner, deceased, Nellie V. Turner, Fyrol Poyner, caretaker now deceased and Mrs. Glen D. Poyner, deceased.

My parents have talked about how the people used to come to this cemetery on Memorial Day, as early in the morning as possible to clean and decorate the graves. A short service by an area minister was followed with a shared picnic lunch. In the afternoon there was visiting until time to return . Many families came with horse and buggy for rather long distances every year to attend this event.