Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Eads, Alexander Julia Johnson  
Eagan, Pauline    
Eakin, Mabel Online scans, #9072  
Earhart, Daniel    
Earhart, Fred, Mrs Online scans, #308  
Earhart, Harry Meade Julia Johnson  
Earhart, Helen Hansen Online scans, #3067  
Earhart, John Wesley    
Earhart, Joshua Altman Julia Johnson  
Earhart, Paul    
Earhart, Robert Wayne “Bob” Julia Johnson  
Earhart, Samuel A. Julia Johnson  
Earlywine, Joan Marie Bern Online scans, sb5202  
Earwood, Lucile Elma Barrett Linda Jones  
East, Mrs Dr    
Easter, Sharon Kay Jerry Hamm  
Easter, Verla L. Peterman    
Easterlie, Clara Augusta Carlson Online scans, sb3976  
Eastman, Artie Ola Duncan Julia Johnson  
Eastman, Maude Casey    
Eastman, Max Online scans, #8978, #9039, #9040  
Eaton, Marjorie E. Paul Online scans, sb5334  
Eberle, Charles    
Eberle, Elmer Henry Online scans, #9006, #9010  
Eberle, William S. "Bill"    
Eberly, Andrew E. Online scans, #22  
Eberly, Ben    
Eberly, Benjamin H. "Ben" 1868 - 1958 Julia Johnson  
Eberly, Bessie L. Julia Johnson  
Eberly, Carrie Elizabeth Ross Julia Johnson; Online scans, #70  
Eberly, Edward Solomon Jerry Hamm  
Eberly, Ethel I. Annan Online scans, #8781  
Eberly, John Leroy    
Eberly, Martin D. Jerry Hamm  
Eberly, Merl James    
Eberly, Onida Bell Online scans, #8775, #8510  
Eberly, Orma M. "Pollyann" Jones Online scans,  
Eberly, Ray Martin Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb351  
Eberly, Robert R. Jerry Hamm  
Eberly, Sarah Louisa Huddle    
Eberly, Theresa Rouse Jerry Hamm  
Ebersole, Darwin "Dick"    
Ebersole, Leah's HUSBAND    
Eby, George Beeman Julia Johnson  
Eby, Nancy Jane Burns Julia Johnson  
Ecker, Amos Robert Online scans, #8374, #8438, #8439  
Ecker, Irene M. Tinnell Online scans, sb3800, sb1882, sb3769  
Ecker, Marie Online scans, #8938  
Ecker, Orie M. Online scans, sb5256  
Ecker, Vernon Online scans, #8992  
Eckles, Eva Elvina Stiverson Julia Johnson  
Eckles, George    
Eddy, John Ray    
Eden, Bertha Whitehead Online scans, #160  
Eden, Bessie Cagley Online scans, #464  
Eden, Carroll Levi    
Eden, Charles Ludvig Julia Johnson; Online scans, #79  
Eden, Dorothea Marie Alvina Wagoner    
Eden, John, Mrs    
Eden, Luther Online scans, sb166  
Edgar, Henry    
Edgar, Lois Eleanor Swanson    
Edgar, Stanley Online scans, #461  
Edgerton, Olivia Frazier Online scans, #8619  
Edmiston, Herbert John Stanley    
Edmonds, Alice Rawlings    
Edmonds, Alphonso    
Edmonds, Jesse V.    
Edmonds, Julia Deer Knott    
Edmonds, Lyda Mae Gorman    
Edmonds, Mary E.    
Edmonds, Peachy Frances Sampson Julia Johnson  
Edmonds, Robert L.    
Edmundson, Sadie    
Edwards, Arlene Marie Fleming Online scans, sb5219  
Edwards, Arnold W. "Cappy" Online scans, #442  
Edwards, Belle Dula Miller Julia Johnson  
Edwards, Blanche Katherine Bast Online scans, sb522, sb1863  
Edwards, Charles Carlton    
Edwards, Charles Herman Reinhart Online scans, sb1941  
Edwards, Darwin Duane "Pete"    
Edwards, Fern Margaret Vogel    
Edwards, Forrest Online scans, sb250  
Edwards, Frances Theodore "Ted"    
Edwards, Goldie Wynola Davis Pat O'Dell  
Edwards, Grace E. Barker Online scans, #61  
Edwards, Hallie    
Edwards, Irene Christdena Dado Online scans, sb5367, sb5373  
Edwards, J.M.    
Edwards, J.W.    
Edwards, Jack "Action Jackson"    
Edwards, Jean Online scans, #8844  
Edwards, Joe Online scans, sb3866  
Edwards, Josiah V.    
Edwards, Leslie Lee Online scans, sb1863, sb1852  
Edwards, Mamie C. Harrison Online scans, sb5216  
Edwards, Martha Anna Appel    
Edwards, Mary Clark    
Edwards, Max Anderson Julia Johnson  
Edwards, Pearl Pauline Chesnut Julia Johnson  
Edwards, Rex Pat O'Dell  
Edwards, Robert John    
Edwards, W.W.    
Edwards, William "Bill" Eugene Online scans, sb3683, sb3941  
Edwards, William Merritt "Cappy" Julia Johnson  
Effrein, Patrick Christian Online scans, sb3503  
Efta, Thomas Bernard John Sr    
Eggers, Bertha Mae Online scans, sb3682  
Eglehoff, Dora Horner Online scans, sb500  
Eglehoff, Glenn Online scans, #8095  
Eglehoff, Paul Dean    
Eglehoff, Steven Online scans, #880  
Egleston, Dwight Julia Johnson  
Egleston, Vera G. Houk Online scans, sb208, sb6003  
Ehlers, Barbara Online scans, #8787  
Ehnes, James Orville    
Eiberger, Anna Frances Walker Online scans, sb1535  
Eichhorst, Diana Denise Dukes    
Eichhorst, Elmer Online scans, sb5139  
Eichhorst, Irene Blume Online scans, sb447  
Eichhorst, Rudolph Emil William "Rudy" Online scans, sb5233  
Eickemeyer, Bobbie L. Online scans, sb392  
Eickemeyer, Ersel Lucille Fastenau Online scans, sb5226  
Eickemeyer, Harry H. Online scans, sb2647, sb2606, sb3963  
Eickemeyer, Scottie Marshall Online scans, sb3963  
Eighmy, Bessie Orilla Hicks Online scans, sb144, sb3357  
Eighmy, Clare    
Eighmy, David Allan    
Eighmy, Eddie Earl    
Eighmy, Elmer Carlton    
Eighmy, Gayol Clayton Julia Johnson  
Eighmy, Jack D. Pat O'Dell  
Eighmy, Larry V.    
Eighmy, Letha E. Perkins Online scans, sb2740, sb3543  
Eighmy, Wendall D. Online scans, sb414, sb751  
Eighmy, William's INFANT SON    
Eighmy, Wilson Delos "Will" Online scans, sb3357  
Eike, Sarah Beth McNitt    
Eilers, Harold Online scans, sb3354  
Eilers, Irene "Mahree" Brownfield    
Eilers, Lena M. Geer Online scans, sb6048  
Eilers, Maurice Pat O'Dell  
Eilers, William Frederick    
Eitzen, Antoinette C. "Toni" Online scans, sb5178  
Eitzen, Darlene Deloris Koch    
Eitzen, Elizabeth Online scans, #9084  
Eitzen, Ermal Willis Online scans, sb1940  
Eitzen, Flinton Emil    
Eitzen, Forrest Harry William Online scans, #720, #744  
Eitzen, Gail Lynn    
Eitzen, Harold Rudolph    
Eitzen, Helen Viola Stamps Morris    
Eitzen, Jacob    
Eitzen, John P. Jerry Hamm  
Eitzen, John Peter Julia Johnson  
Eitzen, Liva Louise Bartles    
Eitzen, Loyd Harry    
Eitzen, Mildred Emelia Rosa    
Eitzen, Raymond Kenneth    
Eitzen, Rudolph    
Eitzen, Ruth Violet Herzberg    
Eitzen, Settie Meyer Julia Johnson; Online scans, #52  
Eitzen, Walter    
Eitzen, Wilbur Jacob Online scans, #8355, #8345  
Ekeroth, John    
Eklof, Alvin "Swede" Online scans, sb230  
Elam, G.W.    
Elam, Orpha Alice Edwards    
Elder, A.D.    
Elder, Bobby Gene    
Elder, Claude    
Elder, Margaret    
Elder, Maxine Vivian Pennock    
Elder, Thomas    
Elder, Wilson "Aud" Online scans, #8761  
Elgan, Frank    
Elgin, Eliza Calhoun Julia Johnson  

Elkins, William H.

Don Parsons  
Eller, A.H.    
Ellett, Winona Cotrill Julia Johnson  
Ellingsworth, Merrill Burdett    
Ellingsworth, Minnie B.    
Elliott, Albert B.    
Elliott, Alfred F. Online scans, sb4263  
Elliott, Charles T. Online scans, sb3972  
Elliott, Earl LeRoy Online scans, sb4243  
Elliott, Floyd Eugene    
Elliott, George K. Julia Johnson  
Elliott, Gwendolyn Hurst Online scans, sb455  
Elliott, Helen Online scans, #392  
Elliott, Helen Bears, 1997 Online scans, sb2802  
Elliott, Helen Francis Ranner, 1992 Online scans, sb3682  
Elliott, James    
Elliott, Jesse David    
Elliott, Josephine Lavonne Hixson Online scans, sb5151  
Elliott, Mary E. Lines    
Elliott, Mildred Lea Church    
Elliott, Mildred Maxine Polk Beam    
Elliott, Neal Online scans, #8767  
Elliott, Russell William    
Ellis, Alonzo    
Ellis, Eva Margueritie McKinley    
Ellis, Frank - William Franklin Ellis    
Ellis, Gladys Fern Wood Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb251  
Ellis, Harry Jr Online scans, sb5403  
Ellis, Oliver Wayne Online scans, sb2741  
Ellis, William Earl "Bud" Online scans, #9100  
Ellison, Addie Russell Online scans, #8328  
Ellison, Alma Lucile    
Ellison, Anna Rains    
Ellison, Blanche Slaight Online scans, #9202  
Ellison, Clifford Eugene Online scans, sb3503  
Ellison, Doris Ruth    
Ellison, Emma Redenbaugh    
Ellison, Eula Keeran Online scans, sb5223  
Ellison, Harold Lavern    
Ellison, Lee A.    
Ellison, Marvin Online scans, #9090  
Ellison, Stanley Eugene    
Ellison, Wayne Russell Online scans, sb4707, sb2784  
Ellman, Ardis L. Johnson Online scans, sb1726  
Ellsworth, Alva R. Online scans, sb127  
Ellsworth, Anna Marie Dempsey Online scans, #8169  
Ellsworth, Orville W. Online scans, sb128  
Ellsworth, Warren S. Online scans, sb3982  
Elmore, Jonathan David    
Elom, Dana Online scans, sb191  
Elrick, Jessie Julia Johnson  
Elrick, Scott Marshall, Jr, 1884 - 1910 Julia Johnson  
Elrick, Scott Marshall, Sr, 1833 - 1910 Julia Johnson  
Elrod, Nellie Walker Online scans, sb6045, sb4267  
Ells, J.H.    
Ells, Sarah Young    
Ely, Bernice Paulina Pullen Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb1430, sb1433  
Ely, Dennis Leon Julia Johnson; Online scans, #554, #548  
Ely, Lowell Leon Julia Johnson; Online scans, #320  
Emanuel, Nettie Online scans, sb199  
Embree, John Jacob    
Embree, Teddy Wayne    
Emley, Ella Online scans,#8979  
Emley, Hollie Online scans, #8025  
Emrick, Hannah Market Julia Johnson  
Emsleigh, A.G.'s INFANT SON    
Enarson, Charlotte Arthur Online scans, sb5183  
Enarson, Mildred L. Reed Pat O'Dell; Online scans, sb4794  
Endicott, Betty Lou Parmerlee    
Endicott, Robert William    
Endsley, Harry's INFANT    
Enevoldsen, Margaret "Ann" Longman    
Engel, William Lloyd Online scans, sb3513  
England, Helen Rose Harry Online scans, sb3918  
England, Jesse Howell "Hal" Online scans, sb5208  
Engle, Claude Eugene    
Engleka, Doris Miriam Houston Online scans, sb5258  
English, Fritz Online scans, sb5663  
Engstrom, Bertil E. Online scans, sb5230  
Engstrom, Lucille Ada Lundberg Online scans, sb3782, sb3851, sb1922  
Engstrom, Mabel Online scans, #203  
Engstrand, Brooke Whitney    
Engstrand, Harry    
Engstrand, Lois Wilma Ridnour    
Engstrand, Martin Truman    
Engstrand, Phyllis Mae Eyre    
Engstrand, Sharlene Joyce Davison    
Engstrand, Wendell J. Online scans, #8111, #508  
Engstrand, Zeta Mae Mann Online scans, Or017  
Engstrom, Virgina Pat O'Dell  
Ennis, Dora, -1893 Julia Johnson  
Ennis, Michael Lynne Pat O'Dell  
Eno, [Paul] Fred [erick]    
Enyart, Billie Gene Online scans, sb2810  
Enyart, Ernest E.    
Epperly, Georgia Online scans, #8999  
Epperson, Mary Abigail Beavers Julia Johnson  
Epperson, Warner Thomas Julia Johnson  
Erichsen, Floyd A. Online scans, sb479  
Erickson, Axel Knut Online scans, sb1908, sb1896  
Erickson, Carl Edwin Online scans, sb5717, sb5718, #8158  
Erickson, Donald Dale    
Erickson, Donna Lee Greenway Online scans, sb3308  
Erickson, Edward H. Online scans, sb328, sb6402  
Erickson, [Anna] Elizabeth Pearson Online scans, #9203, #9206  
Erickson, Florence Whipple Online scans, sb3980  
Erickson, Floyd Online scans, #542  
Erickson, Gedna M. Barr Online scans, sb297  
Erickson, Gladys Marie Hultquist    
Erickson, Alan K.    
Erickson, Kenneth L. Online scans, sb3836, sb3838  
Erickson, Lois Harriett Elvera Anderson    
Erickson, Louise Anna Hilt Online scans, sb5186  
Erickson, Martin W. Online scans, #459  
Erickson, Naomi Ann Griffey    
Erickson, Neoma Loleta Black Online scans, sb3680, sb3684  
Erickson, Patricia Jean Delehant    
Erickson, Peggy Ruth Farrell Pat O'Dell  
Erickson, Robert Darrell Online scans, sb3934  
Erickson, Roy Oscar Online scans, sb3983  
Erickson, Violet E. Manifold Online scans, sb5291, sb5287  
Ernest, Herman Berton Julia Johnson  
Ernst, Abram Lobaugh Julia Johnson  
Ernst, Elizabeth Frank Julia Johnson  
Ernst, Joseph Henry Julia Johnson  
Ernst, Samuel Julia Johnson  
Erxleben, Esther Marie Geer Online scans, sb6065  
Erzinger, Mildred Matilda Thomas Online scans, sb6045  
Esaias, Emmit R. Online scans, sb242  
Esaias, Viola May Griffey Online scans, sb344, sb351  
Eschen, Ella Jansen Julia Johnson  
Eschman, Barbara E. Davidson Online scans, sb3915  
Eshelman, Albert C. Online scans, sb467  
Eshelman, Betty Jo Online scans, sb5194  
Eshelman, John Amos Online scans, sb2586  
Eshelman, Luella F. "Lu" Helberg    
Eshelman, Mary Katherine Davison Julia Johnson; Online scans, #58  
Eskew, Louise Jewetts Online scans, sb5677  
Estrada, Raymundo    
Eubanks, Ola M. Jones Online scans, sb549, sb3846  
Evans, Charles, -1883 Julia Johnson  
Evans, Deloris Cooper Cade Online scans, sb5159  
Evans, Earl N., Jr. Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb465  
Evans, Edward, -1888 Julia Johnson  
Evans, Evan Online scans, sb5279  
Evans, Floyd L. Online scans, #7006  
Evans, Geneva Ann Strange    

Evans, Geneva Mae Shum

Merrily Tunnicliff  

Evans, George

Merrily Tunnicliff  
Evans, Irene Patricia O'Grady    
Evans, John Arthur    
Evans, Martha Ann Jordan Online scans, sb5403, sb5406  
Evans, Martha EmilyMcCandless Julia Johnson  
Evans, Marvel Wright Online scans, #1010  
Evans, Nellie Sweargen Online scans, sb6044  
Evans, Richard "Dick" W. Online scans, sb1718  
Evans, Theron W. Online scans, sb5159, sb5480, sb5466  
Evans, Thomas W. Julia Johnson  
Evans, Vera Joy Knott    
Evans, Volney Russell Online scans, sb1875, sb1889  
Ewart, Ora Alonzo Jerry Hamm  
Everett, Dorothy Leona Rea Online scans, sb2047  
Everett, Mrs., -1891 Julia Johnson  
Everett, Thomas Julia Johnson  
Ewing, Anna B. or Annabel Sloan Pritchard Standage Online scans, #514, #515  
Ewing, Jane Wright Pat O'Dell  
Ewing, Margaret Spence Julia Johnson  
Ewing, Robert W., 1821 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Exceen, Dencil Darrell    
Exreleben/Erxleben, Esther Geer Online scans, sb5326, sb5341  
Eyberg, Melvin Elmer    
Eyre, Hannah Ellen McClure Julia Johnson  
Eyre, Thomas Julia Johnson  
Eyres, Blanche Lottie Ogle Julia Johnson