Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Weable, Margaret Abigail Cadle Barrett Linda Jones  
Weaver, Ada E. Knizely    
Weaver, Bessie B.    
Weaver, Bessie May Coleman Julia Johnson  
Weaver, Cester Julia Johnson  
Weaver, Dave    
Weaver, Delilah S. Reser Julia Johnson  
Weaver, Elmer Ellsworth Julia Johnson  
Weaver, Emma Congdon    
Weaver, Essie Online scans,#8979  
Weaver, Fern Julia Johnson  
Weaver, Florence Gorrell Online scans, #882, #898  
Weaver, Frank Julia Johnson  
Weaver, George Grant Online scans, sb1484  
Weaver, Gerry Ray    
Weaver, Hazel Fern Webb    
Weaver, Ida Online scans, #967  
Weaver, Irvin Vernal "Pinky" Online scans, sb3772, sb3823  
Weaver, Israel Judy Morgan  
Weaver, Jonathan, Mrs., -1893 Julia Johnson  
Weaver, Mary Eugenia Julia Johnson  
Weaver, Mary Frances Nunn    
Weaver, Nadine B. Parker Online scans, sb6420  
Weaver, Nevah May Hicks Online scans, sb1486  
Weaver, Oren Ray "Jake" Online scans, #455, #456  
Weaver, Reney    
Weaver, Salathiel    
Weaver, Sarah    
Weaver, Sarah Yarger Judy Morgan  
Weaver, Thomas Wesley    
Weaver, Tom    
Weaver, Vivian Dyke Online scans, sb505  
Weaver, Waldon L. Online scans, #8761  
Weaver, Warren    
Weaver, William Dale Julia Johnson; Online scans, #46  
Weaver, William Henry Julia Johnson  
Weaver, William, Mrs    
Webb, Archie E. Online scans, #9375  
Webb, Bertha    
Webb, Bertha Bramble Online scans, sb1526  
Webb, Charles    
Webb, Coralea Stone Parks Online scans, #1041, #1026  
Webb, Curtis Online scans, #8989, #8991, #9066  
Webb, Darlene Faye Wise    
Webb, Delia Ann Cade Online scans, sb2599  
Webb, Dixie Anna Fickle    
Webb, Elmer Edwin Online scans, sb1485  
Webb, George "Merrill"    
Webb, George Robert Online scans, sb140  
Webb, Grace Belva Shore Online scans, sb125, sb126  
Webb, John Online scans, #8971, #8973, #8975  
Webb, Joy Cross    

Webb, Leila Muckey

Merrily Tunnicliff  
Webb, Leila Vesta Muckey Julia Johnson  
Webb, Mary H. Wortman    
Webb, Pauline Online scans, sb3238  
Webb, Rena Houchin Schrodt Online scans, sb5177, sb3117  
Webb, Robert Milton    
Webb, Thelma Ramsey Online scans, #4026  
Webber, Freda Faye Moses    
Webber, Kimble    
Webber, Kimble, Mrs    
Webber, Merle Duane    
Weber, Gayle H. Maher    
Weber, Leonard Online scans, sb3844  
Weber, Ramona "Mona"    
Weber, Robert Online scans, sb1384  
Weber, William    
Webster, Chauncey Pat O'Dell  
Webster, Goldie V. Reynolds Online scans, sb1919  
Webster, Malinda R. Eavey    
Webster, Myrtle Amanda, 1886 Julia Johnson  
Webster, Myrtle Eavey "Mertie" Julia Johnson  
Webster, Nettie Ann, 1882 - 1892 Julia Johnson  
Webster, Oma    
Webster, Watson Emery Julia Johnson  
Weddle, Bessie M. Stewart Lucas Maudlin Online scans, sb5146, sb4359  
Weddle, Marshall F., Sr    
Weed, Bernard Online scans, #1006  
Weed, Enos    
Weed, Frankie Julia Johnson  
Weed, Geraldine Wheeler Online scans, #1003  
Weed, J. W., Mrs    
Weed, Martha Jane Wait    
Weeden, Martha A. Brooks Online scans,  
Weetman, Erma Stevens Carpenter Julia Johnson  
Wegman, Anna Catherine Brandl    
Wegman, Walter John Online scans, #8346, #8349  

Wehrkamp, Albert

Merrily Tunnicliff  

Wehrkamp, Charles

Merrily Tunnicliff  
Wehrkamp, Edna    
Wehrkamp, Emma Spielman Online scans, #8482  
Wehrkamp, Hilda Online scans, #479  

Wehrkamp, Leila Iola

Merrily Tunnicliff  
Wehrkamp, Lillian "Jane"    
Wehrkamp, Lorena Maxwell Online scans, #995  
Wehrkamp, Will Online scans, #938  
Weidman, Hattie, Mrs, -1892 Julia Johnson  
Weidman, Max D. Julia Johnson; Online scans, #58  
Weidner, Albert    
Weidner, Belle Gray    
Weidner, E.C.    
Weidner, Elmira Roberts Julia Johnson  
Weidner, Emeline Agusta Ribble    
Weidner, John H.    
Weidner, Mary E. Caldwell    
Weidner, Samuel Julia Johnson  
Weil, David    
Weil, David E. Julia Johnson  
Weil, Emil's SON    
Weil, Henry's FATHER    
Weil, Henry's MOTHER    
Weil, Mabel Ella    
Weil, Nellie Sollers    
Weil, Ronald Duane Online scans, sb1926, sb1934  
Weir, David D.    
Welch, Benjamin B.    
Welch, Claude, Mrs    
Welch, Darrell "Dick" Online scans, sb3923  
Welch, Earl Raymond    
Welch, Floyd Lewis Online scans, #8586  
Welch, Frederick C. Julia Johnson  
Welch, Harry Hinman, 1884 - 1893 Julia Johnson  
Welch, Isabelle Elizabeth Johnson Julia Johnson  
Welch, Jay A. Online scans, sb504  
Welch, Joye Mac Miller    
Welch, Lewis B.    
Welch, Margaret Lucinda Speer    
Welch, Marilyn K. Rinehart    
Welch, Minnie B. Hinman    
Welch, Nina's INFANT    
Welch, Patricia Ann Lasley    
Welch, Reginald "Reggie" Denmore    
Welch, William Harold "Bill"    
Welchans, Martha Ann Bidwell    
Welcher, Willard, Mrs    
Weller, Edith Lavonne French    
Wellhausen, Vera Bertha Marie Sump    
Wells, Albert    
Wells, Blanch Geer    
Wells, Edna Geraldine    
Wells, Emery Julia Johnson  
Wells, Geneva A. Hutchison Online scans, #866  
Wells, Grace Anna Brown Online scans, sb1382  
Wells, Harry    
Wells, Helen Susan Online scans, sb3145  
Wells, Hugh Online scans, #9096  
Wells, Jacob Elvin "Judd" Online scans, sb3924  
Wells, Jacob S. Don Parsons  
Wells, Jane    

Wells, Jennie Cavender

Don Parsons  
Wells, Lewis B. Online scans, #468  
Wells, Margaret Paine    
Wells, Walter Othello    
Welton, Kate E.    
Welton, Nellie Marie    
Welton, Orin    
Wenstrand, Ben B. Online scans, #382  
Wenstrand, Gust    
Wenstrand, John    
Wenstrand, Lydia Adina    
Wenstrand, Martha Johanna    
Wenstrand, Sigfred Online scans, #201, #205  
Wenstrand, William Sherwood Online scans, sb5362, sb5369  
Wentworth, Jineva Joy Dysart    
Werder, Marianne Online scans, #8789  
Werner, Evelyn Johnson Online scans, #305  
Werner, Lee M.    
Werntz, Jane Marie Downing    
Werth, David "Dave" Harold    
Werts, Nettie McAlpin Online scans, #177  
Wessel, C., Mrs [Hughes maiden name]    
West, Amos P.    
West, Bettie Hill Julia Johnson  
West, Bettie M. Porter Online scans, sb3237  
West, Bill    
West, Carl B.    
West, Carolyn Kay Stake    
West, Duane Eldon    
West, Emma E. Hutchings Brown    
West, Ethel Mae Bryant    
West, Franklin G. Online scans, sb416  
West, Kate Online scans, #8849  
West, Lavaughn Clary Online scans, sb496  
West, Lucille E. Curry Online scans, sb2733  
West, Randal Brice "Randy"    
West, Solomon G. "Sol" Julia Johnson  
West, Susie Online scans,  
West, Ulysses "Grant" Online scans, sb254  
West, W.T., -1892 Julia Johnson  
Westapher, Hazel Pauline    
Westapher, Samuel    
Westapher, Viletta Stahl    
Westberg, Carolyn Stephens O'Neil    
Westberg, Dwight    
Westenburg, Ernest Henry Online scans, #8086  
Westenburg, Howard Rudolph    
Westenburg, Mildred Arlene Bryant    
Westenburg, Signe Marie Pearson Online scans, #466  
Westenburg, Victor    
Westerkamp, John "Jack"    
Westermann, Henry Online scans, sb3865  
Westgaard, Tor    
Weston, Donna G. Hensel    
Weston, Mary Josephine Fletcher    
Wetmore, Frank "Bud"    
Wetmore, Grandma    
Wetmore, Gwendolyn V. Greenway Trumbo Prather    
Wetmore, O.    
Wetzel, Loretta Sue Lawrence    
Wetzel, V.