Civilian Contractors:

Wright County-Bunn, Bernard & Butler, Donald --Civilian Contractors, later granted Military status

Local Effort in Iowa

Extra Ration Points each month -- by Iowa housewives
Sewing Machine Sadie -- Plymouth Co.
United Service Women of America - 9 Yr old Quilters --Kossuth Co.
Victory Junk Drive --Sioux Co.
Women Aid in War Effort -- Scott Co. factory workers

Sale WAR BONDS -- Scott County

USO Performers

Frederick, John "USO performer" - Bremer Co.
Graves, Alda "USO worker" - Polk Co.
Kiel, Marieellen -- "USO worker" - Scott Co.
McQuatters, Mrs. John L. -- Joined USO - Cerro Gordo Co.
Mills, Elizabeth -- Joined USO - Cerro Gordo Co.
Tin Can Commandos - USO Scott Co.
USO Worker, Mrs. R.E. Chambers - Wapello Co.


War Plant Work

Day, Dorance S.
Cerro Gordo Co.
Sullivan, Mrs. Albert
Black Hawk Co.


Iowa Volunteers Index:

Red Cross-Home & Abroad

Name County
Aalfs, Miss Betty -- Red Cross Woodbury
Anderson, Evelyn -- Red Cross Polk
Ann Goplerud "Ann of Iowa" -- Red Cross Mitchell
Bradley, Peggy -- Red Cross Polk
Burton, Eleanor -- Red Cross Polk
Cassaday, Mary Jean -- Red Cross Cerro Gordo
Christensen, Vivian -- Red Cross Polk
Cumming, Dorothy -- Red Cross Jasper
Dolliver, Miss Mary -- Red Cross Webster
Evans, Miriam -- Red Cross Polk
Harter, Harriet -- Red Cross Polk
Hippee, Margaret "Peggy" -- Red Cross Polk
Howland, Mrs. Paul -- Red Cross Recruiter Polk
Hotchkin, Miss Florence -- Red Cross Director Cerro Gordo
Hunter, Maxine -- Red Cross Woodbury
James, (Miss) Jerry -- Red Cross Cerro Gordo
Johnson, W. G. with Red Cross Europe Woodbury
Kelly, Mary Frances -- Red Cross Polk
"Knitting Vet" -- Lorenzen, Mrs. Christine Clinton
Lynch, Miss Bee -- Red Cross Cerro Gordo
Moen, Mary Ross - Red Cross Nurse Monona
Pelegrin, Mrs. Alice -- Red Cross Scott
3 DesMoines Red Cross Workers-Lotus M. Wilkinson, Jean R. Hosner, & Margaret Althans Polk
Red Cross Buchanan
Red Cross Chickasaw
Red Cross Plymouth
Red Cross Workers -- Mrs Nyemaster-Mrs Kelly Polk
Red Cross Workers Assigned from Polk Co. Polk
Red Cross Field Man - Carl J. Bosholm Polk
Red Cross Agent, Joel Shepherd Plymouth
Red Cross Field Director, Nels Quam Hamilton
Red Cross - Scott Co. Chapter 1945 Scott
Red Cross - Scott Co. Misses Bowers & Hansen Scott
Red Cross - Scott Co. Misses Heuer & Zoeckler Scott
Red Cross - Scott Co. Mrs. John C. Spring Scott
Red Cross West DesMoines Housewives Polk
Red Cross Making Surgical Dressings Polk
Stoddard, Miss Odette -- Red Cross Cerro Gordo
VanLaningham, Ina -- Red Cross Polk
Wesibrod, Virginia M. B. -- Red Cross Polk
White, Priscilla -- American Red Cross Scott
Worth, Mrs. Philip -- Red Cross Polk



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