Polk County

Red Cross Workers



With United States forces active on several battlefields, the dean for surgical dressing has increased tremendously. These women are busy at the Red Cross workshop making the surgical dressings, one of many Red Cross activities.

Shown from left to right are Charlotte Petterson, 1144 Twenty-sixth st.; Mrs James J. Kelly, 665 Thirty-sixth st.; Mrs V.T. Bonnett, 4203 Franklin ave.; and Mrs O.K. Clark, 306 Fifty-sixth st.

Source: The Des Moines Register, August 30, 1942 (photo included)

Gauze Arrives; Again Make Surgical Dressings

Red Cross workers resume making surgical dressings in the two work rooms here Monday after the arrival of a shipment of gauze. Busy at 312 Sixth ave. are, from left to right, Mrs. E.H. Clark, 2104 Seventh st., Mrs. Calvin J. Kirchen, 4019 Eleventh place; and Mrs. George Foster, 1905 Grand ave.The other work center is at 1212 Grande ave.

Source: The Des Moines Register, October 10, 1944 (photo included)