Scott County




WOMEN AID IN WAR EFFORT - To hasten the war's end is the main reason why the above women have accepted jobs in the Rudy Blank & Son factory in Walcott. Shown left to right in the photograph are Velma Glaser of Durant, Mrs. Etta Burmeister of Durant and Ruby Huesmann of near Stockton. Each one has a special reason for wanting the war to end as soon as possible. Miss Glaser's brother, Arnold, is a radio technician, first class in the navy and has seen action in the Atlantic while Mrs. Burmeister's only son, Pfc Mervin Burmeister, is with the army, at present stationed in Salina, Kan. Miss Huesmann has a brother, Sgt. Harry Huesmann, who took part in the Tunisian campaign and who is now located in England. The Blank plant has become a real factor in the war effort in this locality. Its beginning was very small. It now employs 55 people.

Source: The Daily Times - Davenport IA, January 25, 1944 (photo included)