Red Cross Funds Are Not Being Seized By Nazis Says Chairman
Organization Has Control Over All Funds Used In War Relief

James P. Kelley, Plymouth County Red Cross chairman, received a communication today from Norman R. Davis, chairman of the national organization, in which he vigorously denies rumors that Red Cross supplies had been seized by any of the belligerent countries. Mr. Davis states, “I am able to state that there is no foundation for such report, and German authorities have not seized one cent of Red Cross funds, nor have they taken a single item of our supplies.” He also assured contributors that the Red Cross does not intend to engage in any relief program without adequate control over its operations or without ample consideration of the wishes of those who have contributed so generously.

Two late contributors to the Plymouth County war relief fund not previously acknowledged are:
$1 – Miss Pearl Sims and Mrs. R. C. Hodgson. Two less than a dollar contributors from Westfield are: David G. Lilly and George Knapp. The Plymouth County chapter also wishes to acknowledge gratefully the services of a large group, who are knitting sweaters for European war refugees: Mrs. E. A. Dalton, Mrs. Carl Marcue, Mrs. Nelson Miller, Mrs. Wilson White, Mrs. F. Muecke, Mrs. E. H. Carey, Mrs. Esther Sherman, Mrs. Effie Kilker, Miss Adah Richards, Mrs. F. A. Gietz, Miss Ellen Nicholson and Mrs. Wallace Wernli of LeMars and Mrs. Billy Smith of Kingsley.

The local chapter has received detailed information from the United States committee for the care of European children and the necessary procedure for the care of such children. Anyone wishing such information should get in touch with Mrs. Ethel Hart, executive secretary. She also has information on the procedure for sending packages for specific prisoners of war.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, August 6, 1940