Muscatine Industry Cooperates in Collecting Scrap Drive Efforts

City Industrial Concerns Cooperate Wholeheartedly In Collecting Scrap

Muscatine’s industrial concerns are co-operating to the fullest extent to get every ounce of available scrap metal gathered for the all-out was effort. Newspaper blanks, carried in The Journal recently, have been signed by nine large Muscatine industrial concerns to date and more are expected to be forthcoming soon. One of the copies went to Donald M. Nelson of the War Production Board, Washington, D.C. and the second copy was forwarded to The Journal.

These records give assurance that the firms are making sure that every pound of metal can be spared is being put to work to win the war and assure future co-operation to the fullest degree. The drive among industrialist followed a plea from Donald Nelson in which he stated: “More industrial scrap is so essential to solve the nation’s winter supply that I am asking you to give what further effort you feel is appropriate toward its collection.” And the response has been wholehearted.

Muscatine county’s efforts in the scrap drive have merited praise of state and national leaders and every effort is being made to expand that record. Industrial firms which have not already sent their messages to Mr. Nelson and recorded their co-operation are urged to do so immediately.

Names of the local firms, already on the honor roll, are listed in an adjoining column. Others will be added to the list when reports of co-operation are received.

Roll Of Honor
Following is a list of Muscatine industrial firms who are co-operating to the fullest degree in the collection of scrap for the war effort.

Pennant Pearl Button company, by William Spietn
McKee Button company, by Albert S. McKee
Automatic Button company, by Carl H. Umlandt
Barry company, by Robert K. Barry
Barry Pulley Co. Inc., by R.A. Mitchell
Muscatine Canning Co., by Roy Tooman
Roach and Musser company, by A.R. Tipton
Carver Pump company, by Roy C. Carver
H.J Heinz company , by M. J. McKinley

Source:"Muscatine Journal", Muscatine, Iowa, November 6, 1942