Polk County

Women of the DesMoines Ordnance Plant


Three women of the Des Moines ordnance plant who are in the home front fight to help their men in service are shown feeding .50 calibre ammunition into machines at their left which in turn fit the cartridges into belts for machine gun use.

Mrs. Emma McCoy, Des Moines, left, who has three nephews in service -- two with the navy and a third with the army, joined the plant force to "help the war effort."

Louise Phelger, 17, Perry, Ia., center, has a brother in the air forces and works hoping it may help him bag a Jap.

At right, Ilene Prohaska, 18, Des Moines, has a brother in the marines, an uncle with the navy overseas and an uncle with the air forces.

Source: The Waterloo Courier - Waterloo, IA August 19, 1943 (photo included)