Johnson County

Miss Helen Fox




Miss Helen Fox, daughter of Mrs W.H. Fox, 315 Golfview avenue, is serving with the armed forces in England as an American Red Cross hospital recreations worker. Until her Red Cross appointment Miss Fox taught French and Spanish at Whitefish Bay high school in Milwaukee, Wis., and previous to that she taught at Waterloo high school. A graduate of Waucoma high school and the University of Iowa, Miss Fox attended the Sorbonne, Paris, France and Middlebury College French school at Middlebury, VT.

Source: The Iowa City Press Citizen, April 29, 1944 (photo included)

Red Cross Worker Helen Fox, daughter of Mrs. W.H. Fox, 315 Golfview, is now stationed with the 130th general hospital in the European theater of operations. She is doing individual handcraft work with patients suffering from battle fatigue.

Miss Fox, previously stationed for over a year in England, was sent to Paris in mid-April for reassignment. From there she went to her new hospital base.

Source: The Iowa City Press Citizen, May 8, 1945(photo included)


Helen Fox, an American Red Cross worker, landed in New York City Friday and is expected here in about a week. A veteran of two years overseas duty, she has been stationed in England, Belgium and Paris. Miss Fox has now been reassigned to the Pacific area and has been given a 30-day leave. She is the daughter of Mrs. W.H. Fox, 315 Golfview.

Source: The Iowa City Press Citizen, September 17, 1945 (photo included)