Scott County

Red Cross



CHAIRMEN OF RED CROSS VOLUNTEER SPECIAL SERVICES--Playing an important part the year round in the volunteer special services corps of the Scott county chapter of the American Red Cross, are the chairmen and hundred of workers who contribute their time and effort to various departments engaged in war activities. Continuance of their work depends upon generous gifts to the war fund drive for $146,400 which opened today. Chairmen of these special corps, photographed here, are as follows: Front row, left to right, Mrs. George Gaylor, vice chairman, surgical dressings, Mrs. Frank DeGraff, chairmen of sewing, Mrs. Will Kimball, chairman of cutting, Mrs. Frances Woodward, chairman of staff assistants, Mrs. H.R. McDowell, chairman of knitting and Mrs. John H. Becker, chairman of packing; back row, left to right, Mrs. Carrol Klein, chairman of motor corps, Mrs. Harold Bechtel, co-chairman, nurse aide, Mrs. G. Decker French, chairman volunteer special services, Mrs. John Schwind, co-chairman, nurse aide, Mrs. J. Kenneth McDowell, chairman of canteen and Mrs. Harry L. Horn, chairman, home nursing. Unable to be present for the picture were B.N. Richardson and Miss Miriam Moran, co-chairmen of nurse recruitment, Mrs. C.E. Lapham, chairman, surgical dressings and Mrs. George B. Williamson, chairman of the Schick hospital committee.

Source: The Daily Times, February 26, 1945 (photo included)