Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Wiar, Charles "Ermal" Online scans, sb1915, sb1904  
Wiar, Vera Horel Online scans, sb246  
Wibholm, Kathryn Online scans, #7006  
Wichman, Celia Janice McCune Online scans, sb2590  
Wichman, Ethel Sump    
Wichman, Florence Nellie Online scans, #9010, #9013  
Wichman, Wesley George    
Widney, W.H.    
Wiebold, Helen Jaeggi    
Wieder, John H.    
Wiederquist, Ernest Edwin "Ernie"    
Wiese, Lester H.    
Wiesen, Delores Lucille Lincoln    
Wiesen, Diana Marie    
Wiggins, Celesta L. Stewart Online scans, #8784  
Wiggins, Elsie Lee Bartlett Online scans, #8435  
Wiggins, Laura Hogg Julia Johnson  
Wiggins, Thomas, Mrs    
Wightman, Bessie Yowell    
Wikel, Mary Ann Snyder Julia Johnson  
Wilbur, Charles Vernon Julia Johnson  
Wilbur, Marily Brinkley    
Wilbur, Norman    
Wilburn, Velmur Mae Warner Julia Johnson; Online scans, #122  
Wilcox, Frances May Scott    
Wilcox, Nathan    
Wilcox, Robert    
Wilcox, Samuel Sibley Julia Johnson  
Wilcox, Vernon L. Online scans, sb3817, sb544, sb3824, sb3776  
Wilcox, William Frank "Will" Julia Johnson; #26  
Wilcoxson, Eleanor "Bernice" Conaway    
Wilcoxson, Elmer Julia Johnson  
Wilcoxson, George C. Online scans, sb158  
Wilcoxson, Mildred Pauline Eberly    
Wilcoxson, Richard "Dick"    
Wilcoxson, Robert Wayne    
Wilcoxson, Rodney Kent    
Wilder, Abijah    
Wilder, Martha C. Fine    
Wilder, Martha Carolen Fine Julia Johnson  
Wilder, Mary    
Wilder, Mary C. Finnegan Online scans, #189  
Wiles, Charles A. Online scans, sb714  
Wiles, David Alexander    
Wiles, Frances N. Online scans, sb444  
Wiles, Marcella M. O'Day Online scans,  
Wiles, Margaret Bastedo    
Wiles, Merle Online scans, #8075  
Wiles, Mildred E. Adams Online scans, sb561, sb3914  
Wiles, Olinda Carolyn Schwartz Online scans, #8099, #8126  
Wiley, John James Online scans, sb1370  
Wiley, Oran Online scans, #1012, #1023  
Wilfley, Emma    
Wilfley, Gertrude    
Wilfley, Henry / (2)    
Wilfley, John Julia Johnson  
Wilfley, Martha Anderson    
Wilfley, Robert, Mrs    
Wilfong, James, Mrs    
Wilfrey, Pauline    
Wilhelm, Lulu May Forney    
Wilkening, Emma Emilie Brandt Online scans, sb3828, sb3780  
Wilkerson, Frank    
Wilkerson, Jane Lewis    
Wilkey, David 1909    
Wilkey, David 1917    
Wilkinson, Erilda Online scans, sb1379  
Wilkinson, Tom Online scans, #9606  
Willeman, Clyda C.    
Willets, J.A.    
Willett, Carl Ernest    
Willett, Isaac    
Willett, Susan Pershing, - 1888 Julia Johnson  
Willetts, Jonathan's INFANT, 1893 - 1893 Julia Johnson  
Willey, A.L.'s DAU    
Willey, Calvin    
Williams, Albert H.    
Williams, Alice    
Williams, Alice Ailene Adkins    
Williams, Amy C. Rogers    
Williams, Anna Jeannette Twining    
Williams, Anna Lucille Dooley    
Williams, Benjamin    
Williams, Byron Online scans, #29  
Williams, Calvin Edward    
Williams, Cassie    
Williams, Charles Online scans, #46, #43  
Williams, Charles A. Julia Johnson  
Williams, Charles Elwin    
Williams, Charles Leighton Online scans, sb5226  
Williams, Charles W.    
Williams, Charles Wesley / (two) Julia Johnson  
Williams, Clevia Marie Carver Online scans, sb5193  
Williams, Chloe Delap Online scans, #2038, #2033  
Williams, Corrine - Mary Corrine Williams    
Williams, Dayre M. Online scans, #8783  
Williams, Deloris "Dee" Online scans, sb3416  
Williams, Dewey Roger    
Williams, Don Online scans, #48  
Williams, Donald E. Julia Johnson  
Williams, Donald Lee    
Williams, Donald Lee    
Williams, Donald Paul Gorrell    
Williams, Donna Cecilia Schroer    
Williams, E.E., Mrs    
Williams, Earl E. Online scans, #371, #374  
Williams, Edward Roger Online scans, sb470  
Williams, Elsie E. Himiler Online scans, #8555  
Williams, Emma Julia Schoening    
Williams, Ernest R. Online scans, sb3819, sb3773  
Williams, Esther Elizabeth Miller    
Williams, Evelyn Maxine Wagaman    
Williams, Frances E. Tally Online scans, sb3809  
Williams, Francis Byron Julia Johnson  
Williams, Franklin Thomas    
Williams, Gary Sr    
Williams, Gladys Nease Online scans, sb3509  
Williams, Henry "Hank" - 1892 Julia Johnson  
Williams, Inda Izola Laub Online scans, sb489, sb490  
Williams, Inez M.    
Williams, Ivan 1984 Online scans, #8682  
Williams, Ivan Charles Online scans, sb5387, sb5226  
Williams, J.W.    
Williams, Jacob    
Williams, Jaymes L. “Jimmy” Julia Johnson; Online scans, #80  
Williams, Jaymes Leslie / (two) Julia Johnson  
Williams, Jean    
Williams, Jesse Gerald    
Williams, John    
Williams, John A.    
Williams, John "Lester"    
Williams, John's CHILD, -1893 Julia Johnson  
Williams, Juanita Laura Tally    
Williams, Justice Allen Online scans, sb5258, sb5236  
Williams, Kathleen    
Williams, Leafa Raynor Julia Johnson  
Williams, Letha Ellen Carmichael Online scans, sb3239  
Williams, Lenny Joe    
Williams, Lessie [Leslie] T.    
Williams, Loche Earl    
Williams, Louella Marie Melin    
Williams, Lyle Dale    
Williams, Maggie Apley Online scans, sb410, sb753, sb1194  
Williams, Martha Jean Cahill    
Williams, Mary    
Williams, Mary Hodge    
Williams, Mary Jane Benham    
Williams, Mary Jane Downey Julia Johnson  
Williams, Mason Edgar Online scans, #9201, #9205  
Williams, Myrtle Viola    
Williams, Ora L. Eshelman Online scans, sb5223  
Williams, Orel Online scans, #7004  
Williams, Patricia Ann Watkins    
Williams, Paul Online scans, #988  
Williams, Paul Jones Online scans, sb1905, sb1906  
Williams, Pauline F. Abbey Roland Martin; Online scans, sb348  
Williams, Pauline Smith Online scans, sb3971, sb1065  
Williams, Ralph D. Online scans, #8869, #8870, #908, #982  
Williams, Ray    
Williams, Richard Theodore    
Williams, Robert Thomas "Tom"    
Williams, Roger A.    
Williams, Ronald    
Williams, Russell Edward    
Williams, Sarah    
Williams, Sarah C. Henderson    
Williams, Sherryl L. Stevenson    
Williams, T.J. "Joe" Online scans, sb3794, sb3768  
Williams, Vern Wesley Online scans, sb3280  
Williams, Vida Lorene Smith Online scans, sb5187  
Williams, Virgil Kenneth    
Williams, Wallace    
Williams, Walter Earnest Online scans, #214, #216  
Williams, Wendell Warren Online scans, sb5124  
Williamson, Carol Jean Williams    
Williamson, Dianna Lynn Online scans, #3017  
Williamson, Elizabeth    
Williamson, Harry E., M. D.    
Williamson, Herman C. Online scans, sb5143  
Williamson, L.W.    
Williamson, Mary Melvina Woods Julia Johnson  
Williamson, Matilda Jean McNary    
Williamson, Max Eldon Online scans, sb5205  
Williamson, Peggy Fleck Kendrick    
Williamson, Stephen Allen    
Williamson, W.C.'s STEP-MOTHER    
Willis, Benjamin Franklin    
Willis, Clara B.    
Willis, John "Buster" Online scans, #1042  
Willis, Louise Gwendolyn Kearn Online scans, sb1523  
Willis, Matilda Shipley    
Willis, William Riley "Bill"    
Willison, Grace Marie Smith Online scans, #199  
Willison, Omer Online scans, #392  
Willison, William Franklin    
Willits, Jane Beck    
Willits, Jonathan    
Wills, Arnold James    
Wills, Orville Marvin    
Wills, Robert Online scans, #8986  
Wills, Ronnah Lee Oliver Online scans, #8206  
Wilmes, Jason Alan Online scans, sb1678, #9438  
Wilmes, John H. Online scans, #362  
Wilmes, Michael Henry Online scans, sb5850  

Wilson, Ada Shum

Merrily Tunnicliff  
Wilson, Andy's MOTHER    
Wilson, Arella Onda Smith Online scans, sb5871  
Wilson, Arick Online scans, #8431  
Wilson, Babe    
Wilson, Berniece Petrie Online scans, #8755, #8765, #8773  
Wilson, Bessie Online scans, sb1476  
Wilson, Buelah Irene Campton    
Wilson, Burnham Don Parsons  
Wilson, Carmaleta Lee Sullivan Jerry Hamm  
Wilson, Charley B.    
Wilson, Charlotte E. Online scans, #9281  
Wilson, D.C.    
Wilson, Della Mae Rutledge Online scans, #171  
Wilson, Dennis L. Online scans, sb466  
Wilson, Ema    
Wilson, Eugene Lamar Online scans, sb1941  
Wilson, Frances A. Whited Online scans, sb480  
Wilson, Gearldine Griffith Online scans, sb1476  
Wilson, Grace    
Wilson, Graham E. Roland Martin  
Wilson, Harvey Online scans, #8458  
Wilson, Howard    

Wilson, Irene Ethel Baker

Don Parsons  
Wilson, Isaac    
Wilson, Jack LeRoy    
Wilson, James 1901    
Wilson, James 1905    
Wilson, Jerry    

Wilson, Jesse Reuben

Don Parsons  
Wilson, Junior Dale Online scans, sb3507  
Wilson, Kevin Lee    
Wilson, Kristen    
Wilson, Lois December Rhoads Online scans, sb1728  
Wilson, Lucy A.    
Wilson, Lydia Cowel    
Wilson, Mable I. Preeo Roland Martin; Online scans, sb3949  
Wilson, Margaret Louden Online scans, #8881  
Wilson, Marie E. Online scans, sb3965  
Wilson, Marjorie E. Wilhelm Online scans, #8759  
Wilson, Mary Julia Johnson  
Wilson, Mary Louisa Lathrop Online scans, sb1380, sb1442  
Wilson, Melvin "Woody" Online scans, sb3308  
Wilson, Michelle Julia Johnson  
Wilson, Oscar    
Wilson, Pearl    
Wilson, Robert    
Wilson, Robert D. "Bob"    
Wilson, Robert P., Jr Julia Johnson; Online scans, #98, #49  
Wilson, Robert R. Online scans, sb591  
Wilson, Roy, Mrs    
Wilson, Sarah H. Campbell Julia Johnson  
Wilson, Sharon Marie Cameron    
Wilson, Simpson, -1896 Julia Johnson  
Wilson, Thomas    
Wilson, Tracy    
Wilson, Troy Julia Johnson  
Wilt, Glen Online scans, #8924  
Wilwerding, Maxine Grimes Online scans, #3096  
Winchell, Hiram    
Windel, Marylee Ann Swanson Online scans, sb1671  
Windhorst, Bertha Spangenberg Online scans, #722  
Windhorst, F.W.    
Windhorst, Genevieve "Genny" Louise Roberts    
Windhorst, Lloyd Online scans, #3059  
Windhorst, Marsha Robbins    
Windhorst, Mary Louise Riske    
Windhurst, Otto    
Windhorst, Paul Online scans, #8074  
Windle, Richard K.    
Winegardner, James Darwin    
Wineinger, Bertha May Fuller Online scans, #824, #826  

Wineinger, Charles / (2)

Don Parsons  
Wineinger, Earl Elvin Online scans, #8934  
Wineinger, Goldie Hazel Bobbitt    
Wineinger, John Crittenden Julia Johnson  

Wineinger, L. Frank

Don Parsons  
Wineinger, Lois Sybil Online scans, sb1995  

Wineinger, Samuel

Don Parsons  
Wineinger, Samuel    
Winell, Pearl Dougherty Online scans, sb1260, sb1261, sb1263, sb454  
Winger, Abraham Julia Johnson  
Winger, Alta Calhoon    
Winger, Beatrice Mabel Online scans, sb5123  
Winger, Carl Online scans, sb3542, sb4584, sb4289, sb3503, sb3542  
Winger, Donald Jack Online scans, sb5842  
Winger, Ernest Online scans, #8198  
Winger, Eva Anna Online scans, #8715, #8716  
Winger, Floyd C. Online scans, #8577  
Winger, Freda    
Winger, Hannah Sarah Spitler    
Winger, Harley A.    
Winger, Hazel Pauline Groff    
Winger, J.'s CHILD    
Winger, Jess    
Winger, Marjorie McCune Online scans, sb4024, sb5259, sb4349  
Winger, Mary "Leone" Ropp Duncan    
Winger, Nellie Joslyn Online scans, #4034, #6052  
Winger, Raymond Alexander    
Winger, Von    
Winget, Norma E. Funderburk Online scans, #8782  
Winkler, Madge Pauline Online scans, sb509  
Winney, Arthur Julia Johnson  
Winney, Cora Dorothy Williamson Online scans, sb5346, sb5359  
Winter, Betty Jo Cooper    
Winter, Catherine Zimmers Hafty    
Winter, Earl Curtis Online scans, sb3976  
Winter, Ethel Pearson Online scans, #8421  
Winter, Frances Mae Davis    
Winter, John J.    
Winter, Kenneth Dean Online scans, sb3229  
Winter, N.W.    
Winter, Orville Clemmons    
Winter, Stephen Curtis Online scans, #8468  
Wintermute, Bertha Veale Shapley Julia Johnson  
Winters, Blanche    
Winters, Edith F. Gray Online scans, sb3693  
Winters, John Claude Online scans, sb3789  
Winters, Willie W. Julia Johnson  
Wintersteen, Ethel Online scans, sb3693, #9071  
Wintersteen, Zelda R. Thompson Ellsworth Online scans, #9253  
Wise, Ethel Elzira Wineinger Jerry Hamm  
Wise, Ethel Wineinger Don Parsons  
Wise, Glen Ray Julia Johnson; #9B  
Wise, Hubert Harrison Don Parsons  
Wise, Jacob Julia Johnson  
Wise, James E.    
Wise, Jennie Martin Online scans, sb2737  
Wise, Kenneth Michael Online scans, sb6120  
Wise, Lester    
Wise, Marion Online scans, #8921  
Wise, Mary Dunn Julia Johnson  
Wise, Orrie V. Don Parsons  
Wise, Virginia Bernice Howard Online scans, sb6391  
Wise, Wyman Wineinger Julia Johnson; Online scans, #65  
Wiseman, Dale Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8514  
Wiseman, Opal A. Walker    
Wiseman, Roy Online scans, #27, #47, #33, #35  
Wiseman, Vivian L. Walker Online scans, sb3971  
Wishon, Eva Smith Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb452  
Wisner, Marian Julia Johnson; Online scans, #44  
Wissler, Albert Cliffton    
Witthoft, Harold George Online scans, sb2777  
Witthoft, Henry Online scans, sb1475  
Witthoft, Herbert William    
Witthoft, Ruth Adeline Schlichting    
Wittig, Harmon