Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Lacey, Herbert L. Online scans, sb3922  
Lacey, Peggy Fry Borden Online scans, sb3274  
Lacock, Misses, ages 19 and 22    
Lacox, Rex Eugene    
Lacy, John, 1811 - 1888 Julia Johnson  
Lacy, Mildred Eldora Hunger McKinley Online scans, sb5199  
LaFarge, Janice Marie Humphreville Online scans, sb2902, sb1471  
LaFaver, Damon Online scans, #722  
LaFaver, Donald “Red” Julia Johnson; Online scans, #121  
LaFever, Bud Online scans, #6099  
LaFever, Daniel    
LaFever, Jacob    
LaFever, Nora May Julia Johnson  
Lagerquist, Kate Pearl    
Lagerquist, Lillie Elnora Johnson Online scans, sb5715  
Lagerquist, Virginia L. Stoddard    
LaGrone, Darlene F. Sommer Online scans, sb3233  
Lain, Guy's FATHER    
Lain, Robert C.    
Lair, Georgia Lois Online scans, #9072  
Lair, Wade Eugene    
Laird, Grace Lord    
Laird, Ruth Frances Williams Jackson    
Laire, Denise Ann Julia Johnson  
Lake, Clark, Mrs Online scans, #8584  
Lake, George L. Online scans, sb138  
Lake, W.A. Online scans, sb2241  
LaMar, Denise Lynn Rogers    
LaMar, Stephen Online scans, #9001, #9006, #9056, #9057  
Lamb, Charles    
Lamb, Edgar Glee Online scans, sb5171  
Lamb, John Edgar    
Lamb, Osle/Ocle Florene Staton Online scans, sb5142  
Lamb, Ross    
Lamb, Zella Ann Lee Online scans, sb1319, sb488  
Lambert, Eliza Jones    
Lambert, Irene Lucile    
Lampe, August Heinrich Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb2738  
Lampe, Vera M. Fisher Online scans, sb1945  
Lancon, Tabitha C. Rodriguez    
Landaker, Ethel    
Landhuis, Duane Online scans, sb4258, sb6047  
Landen, William H.    
Landers, A.H.    
Landers, Calvin    
Landers, James    
Landers, Martha Ann Cox Julia Johnson  
Landis, Bessie Alice West Julia Johnson; Online scans, #45  
Landis, Clinton Online scans, #547  
Landon, Chas.    
Landon, William H.    
Landreth, Robert Forbes    
Lane, Betty Jean Irvin Online scans, #271  
Lane, Cameron W. Online scans, sb231  
Lane, Chester Wilbur Online scans, sb5367  
Lane, Denman "Claire"    
Lane, George, Jr    
Lane, Ikie Morss Davison    
Lane, Levi Hart    
Lane, Mabel Cathryn Patrick Online scans, #8772  
Lane, Marjorie Laurine Parker    
Lane, Nita Newman Online scans, sb4239  
Lane, Phyllis Sue Online scans, sb3517  
Lane, Winifred Newman    
Laneil, Edgar, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Lang, Daisy Marie Gorrell Clesson / (two) Julia Johnson  
Lang, Dorothy Irene Lindburg Online scans, sb5274, sb5266  
Lang, Patricia Ann Ward    
Langford, Eva Flo Julia Johnson  
Langford, Geraldine "Geri" Online scans, sb6058  
Langston, Eldon "Cal" Online scans, sb3849, sb1918  
Langston, Lena Morhain Online scans, sb5189  
Laning, Ruth Woolson    
Lankert, Charles, Mrs    
Lantz, Levi Leland Arnoth Online scans, sb446  
Lantz, Marian C. Hillman Online scans, sb5388  
Lantz, Nicole Elizabeth Online scans, sb3553  
Lantz, Robert Albin Unison Online scans, sb2740  
Lanzilotta, Ardis Reta Morrison    
LaPorte, Carl Online scans, #477  
Laport, Eliza [maiden name?] Wallace    
LaPorte, Belle    
Larabee, Bertha Macrander Online scans, #4080, #2062, #2079  
Larabee, Beverly Ola Beal Online scans, sb5134, sb3178  
Larabee, Clara Cox Wilkinson    
Larabee, Dale Richard Online scans, sb3310  
Larabee, Dillard Jerry Hamm  
Larabee, Eldon E. Online scans, sb2646  
Larabee, Elizabeth Online scans, #8938  
Larabee, Gary Lee    
Larabee, Iva Pearl Online scans, sb279  
Larrable, Hiram    
Large, Aden Francis    
Large, Lavina Hankins    
LaRock, Vernon Perle    
Larsen, Cody Alan Online scans, sb3914  
Larsen, Elmer Online scans, #238  
Larsen, Kila Diane Hutcheson    
Larsen, Rhonda Jean Adair    
Larsen, Wanda Online scans, sb268  
Larson, Addie Belle Brownlee Online scans, sb357  
Larson, Albert Junius Online scans, #471, #475  
Larson, Anada L. Hudson Online scans, sb5362  
Larson, Arthur D. "Art"    
Larson, Bradley Wayne Online scans, sb1652  
Larson, Chris    
Larson, Clara Otelia Online scans, Or015  
Larson, Charlotte Aileen Pattison Online scans, sb236  
Larson, Dallas Online scans, #8350  
Larson, Donald Lee    
Larson, Ella Hull Online scans, #317  
Larson, Elmer E. Online scans, sb6049  
Larson, Elmer Theodore Online scans, sb2776  
Larson, Elsie Pauline McCoy
Jerry Hamm  
Larson, Gerald "Jerry" Online scans, #480  
Larson, Grace Georgine Wallin    
Larson, Hannah    
Larson, Harold Ernest "Pike" Online scans, sb1870, sb1874  
Larson, Herby C. Online scans, #687, #673  
Larson, Ileen Ida Online scans, sb464  
Larson, Ivan "Bud" Online scans, sb6044  
Larson, James August    
Larson, John Alden Online scans, sb5207, sb4716  
Larson, Justin Paul Online scans, sb496  
Larson, Lars    
Larson, LaVon Elaine Nelson    
Larson, Letha Online scans, sb3941  
Larson, Lillie Johnson Online scans, #8024  
Larson, Lonny Louise Arp Online scans, sb452  
Larson, Louise “Lonny” Arp Julia Johnson  
Larson, Lydia S. Edwards Correll Online scans, #193  
Larson, Maxine Clara Hookham    
Larson, Myrtle M. Otte Online scans, sb3917  
Larson, Olaf Online scans, #968  
Larson, Ralph Leslie    
Larson, Retha Mae Malson Online scans, #6090  
Larson, Robert Alan "Bob"    
Larson, Russell Online scans, sb5259  
Larson, Verlin Duane    
Larson, Willard A. Online scans, sb483  
LaShaum, Ralph W. Online scans, #2038  
Lashier, Bryant    
Lashier, Charles "Neil"    
Lashier, Vivian Marie Deibert    
Lasley, Charles I. Julia Johnson  
Lasley, Clarence Homer Julia Johnson  
Lasley, Eugene "Gene" Julia Johnson  
Lasley, Hersel Everett Julia Johnson  
Lasley, Kenneth Duane Online scans, sb5417  
Lasley, Lela Blanche Huddle Julia Johnson  
Lasley, Lydia Ann Hamm Julia Johnson  
Lasley, Nicholas    
Lasley, Roland Wilbur Julia Johnson  
Lasley, Theodore Julia Johnson; Online scans, #2036  
Lasley, Zola Nina Myers    
Latham, Berniece Lorraine Miner    
Lathrop, Carrie Jacobs/Johnson    
Lathrop, Guy F. Online scans, sb4414  
Lathrop, Mary Louise Bradley    
Lathrop, Milo Ernest Online scans, sb3429  
Latimer, Harriette Elaine Roscoe    
Latimer, Lyle Barrett    
Latta, Lila Lee Bartles    
Lattimore, John Franklin Julia Johnson  
Laub, Bobbie Marland Julia Johnson  
Laub, Gladys Todd Online scans, sb284  
Laub, Hallie Helen Mohler Online scans, sb153  
Laub, Theodore H. Online scans, sb465  
Laub, William Earnest Julia Johnson  
Laub, Emma Edith Johnson Julia Johnson  
Laub, Emma Elvessie “Vessie” McFarland Julia Johnson  
Laub, Gus    
Laub, Henry Julia Johnson  
Laub, Marjorie Helen Young Julia Johnson  
Laub, Sarah Jane Shearer Julia Johnson  
Laub, Theodore Harold “Ted” Julia Johnson  
Laub, William Earnest Julia Johnson  
Lauber, "Bennie" Leona Online scans, sb500  
Lauber, Joseph David    
Lauber, Joseph David "J.D."    
Laughlin, Geraldine Mary    
Laughlin, Irene Ellen Gutschenritter Online scans, sb5668  
Laughlin, J.B.    
Laughlin, James "Gary"    
Laughlin, Judson, Mrs    
Laughlin, Julie Kay Online scans, sb3511  
Laughlin, Lanna Sue Palmer Online scans, sb4852, sb5221  
Laughlin, Louis Edward Online scans, sb5682  
Laughlin, Mary Ella McCown Julia Johnson  
Laughlin, Mary Feld    
Laughlin, Ruth Russell Julia Johnson  
Laughlin, W.B.    
Lauman, Elmer Henry Online scans, sb1934, sb1936  
Lauman, Helen Hannah Walter Online scans, sb273  
Lauman, Maybelle "Maxine" Booth    
Lauman, Melvin F. Online scans, sb5721  
Laumann, Kathryn Mae Miller    
Laumann, Mary L. Nolte Online scans, sb4265  
Lauth, Lulu Violet Erickson Online scans, sb5379  
Lavelle, Darlene, Mrs Julia Johnson  
Lavelle, William Julia Johnson  
Lavely, Lloyd, Mrs Online scans, #34  
Lavely, Nellie Marie [maiden?] Jackson Online scans, #2051  
Lavely, Paul Howard Online scans, sb1897, sb3824, sb3775, sb1902  
Lavely, Ruth Myrtle Jackson / (two) Julia Johnson; Online scans, #43  
Laverty, Lois A. Whitney Online scans, sb6054  
Laverty, Kenneth Gene Online scans, #3024  
Law, Lela Johnson Online scans, sb3140  
Law, Russell L., 1891 - 1893 Julia Johnson  
Lawger, Betty Jo Baker Online scans, sb6069, sb5380  
Lawger, Forest Online scans, #8779  
Lawger, Harold Online scans, #8019  
Lawger, Lowell Freddie    
Lawger, Neva Frost Julia Johnson  
Lawrence, Alfred    
Lawrence, Anna Linebaugh Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #8937  
Lawson, Clyde R. Online scans, sb5144  
Lawson, Daisy Viola Cheshire    
Lawson, Dave M.    
Lawson, David Online scans, sb144, #185  
Lawson, Ethel Norris Online scans, sb3935  
Lawson, Eva Wasson    
Lawson, Frank Online scans, #235  
Lawson, Garnette Fredericka Clark Online scans, sb3404, sb3313  
Lawson, Iva Lee Online scans, #8885  
Lawson, J.R., Mrs    
Lawson, James R.    
Lawson, Jennie Handorf Online scans, #169  
Lawson, John Alexander "Jack" Julia Johnson  
Lawson, John Ray Julia Johnson  
Lawson, Joseph Earl Online scans, #8781  
Lawson, Kenneth Online scans, #8357, #8360  
Lawson, Lucille A.    
Lawson, Malinda E. Westerblo Stephenson Julia Johnson  
Lawson, Margaret P. Online scans, sb409  
Lawson, Mary Belle Sullivan Elrick Julia Johnson  
Lawson, Merle Aileen Hawes Online scans, sb5407, sb5409  
Lawson, Robert Online scans, sb3560  
Lawson, Ruth Online scans, #9019  
Lawson, Sammie Online scans, #564  
Lawson, Steven Robert    
Lawson, W.M.    
Lawson, W.R. "Bill" Online scans, #8772  
Lawson, William    
Lawson, William Henry Online scans, sb5215  
Lawson, William Jr, Mrs    
Lay, Glen W.    
Layden, Amy Online scans, #8683  
Layson, Wm. Sr