What's New

17-Aug-17 OLMC Cemetery - added the links to the IGPP for all surnames and updated the complete table. Link

31-Jul-17 Added churches and pictures to Church Indes Page Link

3-Jul-17 Contributions by Alberta Bouska 1990 Map of Fredericksburg Township and Photo of Christian Prairie Catholic Church added to her church description.

1-Jul-17 Complete Dataset - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery Burials Link

30-Jun-17 Added Rank, Company, Unit, and Links to Spanish American War Page.

27-Jun-17 Contributions by Leonard Granger Photo of Timothy Donovan, and Transcribed Interview Chickasaw County Encounters with Indians

15-Jun-17 New Transcription of Richland Township Landowners 1892 Link

13-Jun-17 New Landau / Koehler Family Group Sheet added to Families Page - sent to IAGenWeb by Judy Mitchell FGS

24-May-17 New Fun Index Page Big Trees!, and Word Cloud! showing the frequency of surnames in the county.

14-May-17 New and Reorganized Photos and Postcards Index Page, and Newspaper Index, with list of all county newspapers from the Library of Congress.

9-May-17 New Military Index Page, Vietnam War Deaths, and Korean War Casualty

8-May-17 New Njus Family Files added to Families Page Descendant Report, Ahnentafel

8-May-17 Mike Njus Korean War Narrative Reformated

4-May-17 Complete Data Set Chickasaw County in the Spanish-American War

4-May-17 Partial Data Set Chickasaw County Residents Who Served in the Civil War

27-Apr-17 New Maps Index Page Revised and Updated

20-Apr-2017 New Complete Dataset - Births, 1904-1906

20-Apr-2017 Eve Drewelowe added to Famous and Notable List

13-Apr-17 New Cemetery Index Page and Complete Cemetery List. The index page includes a table of all WPA entries for Chickasaw County. The cemetery list includes links to all transcriptions on the site and links to the physical locations in Google Maps for each cemetery.

6-Apr-17 Volunteer Lookup Page Volunteers Verified and Format Updated.

29-Mar-17 New Complete Index of Churches Page updated.

27-Mar-2017 Interactive Google Fusion Table embedded into Complete List of Cemeteries.

23-Mar-2017 West Cemetery aka Fredericksburg Cemetery Re-Transcription

17-Mar-2017 Complete List of WPA Entries with Cemetery Unknown

11-Mar-2017 Yankee Cemetery aka Baptist Cemetery Re-Transcription

4-Mar-17 New Complete Cemetery List Page updated, and pioneer cemeteries indicated.

25-Feb-2017 Over 200 new obituaries uploaded, including all Chickasaw County entries from the Elma library collection of newspaper obituaries from the year 2000. This collection was assembled by Marian (Marr) McGee and transcribed by Howard County Coordinator Bill Waters, using optical character reading (OCR) software. Bill graciously provided the links for the Chickasaw County residents from this collection. See - Obituaries

28-Jan-17 Family and Cemetery Index Pages Reorganized and Updated

What We're Working on Now (WWWON)

WWWON is a new feature, designed to recognize the works in progress of our volunteers and to inspire new volunteers to join in. Please choose Contact above for questions, or Volunteer if you are ready to pitch in.

August to October 2017 We have hundreds of gravestone photos to upload and transcribe. They are from the cemeteries in Little Turkey and Union Cemetery in Alta Vista, and a few from Greenwood in Nashua.

July 2017 - Thanks to the work of volunteers Luke and Mary Reicks, Pat Sheridan, and Grace Arens we posted a complete spreadsheet for all burials and names on gravestones in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery in Lawler. Hundreds of pictures have been uploaded to the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project and to Find-a-Grave. This month, we are linking the IGPP and FaG photos to the spreadsheet. Soon we will attempt to take the remaining tombstone photos.

Ongoing - The county coordinator found a large number of orphan files on the site's server. Many of these are obituaries in JPG form, which are being transcribed and uploaded to the Obituaries pages. The list has been whittled down to 123 files.