Little Turkey Cemetery

aka Utica Little Turkey Cemetery, Methodist Cemetery

This cemetery is located at 43.1305556, -92.1016667; 1563-1573 Windsor Avenue, Waucoma, IA 52171, just north of the unincorporated town of Little Turkey.

Documenting this cemetery has been a bit more complicated than others in the county. It is an old pioneer cemetery that appears to have fallen in and out of good repair over the years. The first listing of burials we have found was the WPA survey, conducted in the 1930’s. Only 11 persons were listed in the WPA survey, transcribed for this site by Sheryl McClure.

Another attempt to document this cemetery occurred in 1984, when Marge and Grant Hayes visited the cemetery. This visit occurred after a local Boy Scout troop had conducted an Eagle Scout project to clean up the site. Six names were added in this survey, transcribed by Marge and Grant.

Third, a sign was erected at the cemetery. The sources of this information are unknown, and the year of its posting is also unknown, but the hand-painted sign was in relatively good condition when it was photographed in July 2017, so it is estimated to be no more than 10 – 15 years old. The names on this sign were transcribed in 2017 by county coordinator Bruce Kuennen.

Finally, a 100% photo survey of the stones still existing (and readable) was conducted by Bruce and three of his sisters – Doris, Patty, and Julie – in July 2017. These photos have been added to the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project (IGPP) and the names added to the table below.

Several names appear on more than one survey; in this case only the first source is listed. Occasionally, information or spelling differs between sources. The coordinator used his best judgment to choose which source to follow.

It should also be noted that there has been some confusion between this cemetery and nearby St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery of Little Turkey. Tombstone photos from St. Mary’s were found on the IGPP site for Little Turkey, but they have been corrected (removed and reloaded to the correct cemetery). A complete survey of that cemetery is included here.

The resulting table below can be considered a complete data set of the burials in this cemetery, but additions and corrections from family members or others are welcome.

Cemetery from Above
Source Surname Given Names Maiden Born Died Comments Comments2 IGPP Link FindaGrave
HayesAllisonBarbara V.Leuenberger21 Sep 18595 Dec 1901Farewell dear wife and mother . . . (long inscription) IGPP--
HayesAllisonElizabeth  4 Jul 1885age 70 yearsAt Rest Elizabeth wife of Joseph AllisonIGPP--
HayesAllisonJoseph 1 Aug 181625 Jun 1882Aged 66 years, 2 Mos., & 24 daysNative of Paisley, ScotlandIGPPFindaG
Sign2017BenderMary Ann Abt 183722 Sep 1876Aged 28 Y's, 10 M's, 20 D's IGPP--
Sign2017BoulanEmma Abt 18688 Sep 1873Aged 5 yearsd/o A. B. & E. BoulanIGPP--
Sign2017BrownJohn  Abt 182114 Jul 1897Aged 76 y, 23 d IGPP--
WPACLAPPERAmanda   Root1813 21 Oct 1888   ----
Sign2017ClapperEraustus L. 3 May 185426 Aug 1856  IGPP--
Sign2017ClapperEraustus L. 18 Nov 18773 Apr 1878Grandsons of G. Clapper ----
WPACLAPPERGeorge 30 Jun 181117 Mar 1894wife Amanda M.  ----
Sign2017ClapperSarah J. 5 May 184015 Nov 1855  ----
Sign2017ClapperWilliam I. 16 Oct 18504 Mar 1860Grandsons of G. Clapper IGPP--
Sign2017CummingGolda 23 Apr 18881 Jun 1889born in Vernon Co., Wis.died in Winnesheik Co., Ia.IGPP--
KuennenCummingMarlliaOlsen7 Jul 18014 Jun 1888born in Racine Co. Wis.died in Vernon Co. Wis.IGPP--
WPAERLEB Agusta L. 28 Jul 18241 Jan 1899 Wife of A. E. Erleb IGPP--
Sign2017ErlebAugust E. Abt 182112 Aug 1882Aged 62 y's, 8 m's, & 16 d's IGPP--
Sign2017ErlerVern A. 7 Dec 18946 Jan 1895  IGPP--
Sign2017EveringhamAndrew I.     ----
Sign2017EveringhamElizabeth 1 Feb 18237 Jun 1885  IGPP--
HayesEveringhamMarcia A. 18622 Feb 1863age 10 mos, 18 daysdau of W. and E. EveringhamIGPP--
HayesEveringhamMargarete Abt 185511 Jul 1872aged 17yrs, 11mos, 20daysMargaret dau of W. and E. Everingham----
Sign2017EveringhamWm 31 Mar 18239 Dec 1891CO I, 9 IA, INF. VOL IGPP--
Sign2017GoddardF. K. Abt 18346 Jul 1898Aged 64 Yrs.At RestIGPPFindaG
Sign2017HoaglandMary A. Abt 184526 May 1873wife of H. H. Hoagland IGPP--
Sign2017HoaglandNellie Abt 187029 Jan 1886  ----
WPAHURLEYMary (Mrs. L.)  30 Jun 18476 Sept 1876 wife of L. Hurley IGPP--
Sign2017JestrebW. J. Abt 183624 Apr 1858  IGPP--
Sign2017JohnstonCora Belle Nov 187519 Jan 1876Aged 1 Mo, 29Dd/o N. B. & M. M. JohnstonIGPP--
WPAMAYWm. S. (Rev.)  19 Apr 1822 28 May 1883   IGPP--
Sign2017OlsenAanon 22 Mar 181812 Mar 1884  IGPP--
WPAOLSENJohn L. 3 Jun 1835 7 Nov 1882   ----
Sign2017PerryStephen Abt 181420 Aug 1883  IGPP--
Sign2017ShuteLewis Parkes 5 Jan 181115 Apr 1869  IGPP--
Sign2017ShuteLucinda Foot 21 Apr 18297 Oct 1909  IGPP--
Sign2017ShuteWm Carlson     ----
WPASIMONMichael  1813 16 Jun 1862   IGPP--
WPASIMONMichael  1864 04 Feb 1886 Aged 22Y, 8M, 15Ds/o M. & C. SimonIGPP--
HayesSlaightSteven L. Abt 18072 Jun 1876age 68 years, 9 mosGone Home----
KuennenSprichClarence  1877DiedSon of ???IGPP--
Sign2017ThompsonBeatrice L. Abt 188812 Oct 1896Age 8 yrs 3 mosDau of E. B. & C. L.IGPP--
Sign2017ThompsonSophia Abt 18325 Feb 1864Aged 32 yrswife of L. T. ThompsonIGPP--
WPATHOMPSONWilliam 180620 Jan 1887Aged 80 Yrs, 1 Mo, 1 D'y IGPPFindaG
WPAWINNCharles K. 19 Sep 1806 15 Dec 1878 h/o Sylvia A. 1811 - 10 May 1891  IGPPFindaG
Sign2017WinnSylvia A. 2 Aug 181130 May 1891  IGPP--