Yankee Cemetery

aka Baptist Cemetery

2600-2604 140th Street, Lawler, IA 52154

This page is a "re-transcription" of data from two sources: the WPA and Find-a-Grave. There are no gravestone photos on either the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project (IGPP) or Find-a-Grave, but these links will be added as photos become available.

Abbreviations: BYC - Birth Year Calculated.; BYE - Birth Year Estimated; DYE - Death Year Estimated

This is not a complete listing of the burials in this cemetery.

Cemetery from Above
NameMaidenBirthDeathNotesBK NotesIGPP LinkFaG Link
BARNEY, Sarah R. Abt 18371878 Mrs. J. S.WPA, BYC  
DAMING, Ella J.   21 Apr 1861  WPQ  
DAWSON, Wesley  11 Sep 1890 1 May 1938 son of Samuel; had wife Zelma Hubbard  WPA  
JOHNSON, Anna  Abt 17901 Feb 1859  WPA, BYC  
Kirschman, Charlotte BarbaraWeber7 Oct 182831 Oct 1891Mrs. ChrisWPA, FaG  
LORRIEN, Anna  Abt 184721 Apr 1874  WPA, BYC  
LORRIEN, Olive Abt 18121878 Mrs. JamesWPA, BYC  
Palmer, Esther AnnJohnson18304 Aug 1904Wife no names or datesWPA, FaG  
Palmer, Hiram Shield 11 Mar 182613 Mar 1883Age 56WPA, FaG  
Parks, Lois 183427 Jan 1883w/o Hiram, no age or dates from WPA, Mrs. N. S.WPA, FaG  
Schultz, Heinrich Abt 180217 Dec 1891lot 40; born Proviso, Ill.; h/o Anna Finne; New Hampton Trib. 26 Mar 1913  WPA, FaG, BYC  
Schultz, JohannaFinne184515 Dec 1910w/o HeinrichWPA, FaG  
Smith, SarahLobdellAbt 18271 June 1890w/o Wm. W.WPA, FaG  
Smith, William W. Abt 1825Bef 1915Not buried here?WPA, BYE, DYE