West Cemetery

AKA Frederickson Cemetery

Located just southwest of Fredericksburg

This page is a "re-transcription", combining data from two sources, then linking the resulting names to the Iowa Gravestone Photo Project (IGPP) and to Find-a-Grave.

The first source is a four-page typewritten transcription (links - Page One, Two, Three, Four ) believed to be from 1964, transcribed to a spreadsheet. This data was then combined with the 1930's WPA data for this cemetery, and linked with the IGPP (only one photo) and Find-a-Grave.

Abbreviations: ADOB - Alternate Date of Birth; ADOD - Alternate Date of Death; AMI - Alternate Middle Initial; ASFN - Alternate Spelling of First Name; ASSN - Alternate Spelling of Surname; and BYC - Birth Year Calculated.

Cemetery from Above

The cemetery has a plaque with this inscription: "The West Cemetery, Fredericksburg's first was established in 1862. It is the resting place of many of the early pioneers of the area. It is also the burial site of three veterans of the war of 1812; J. A. Ballinger, Nathaniel Joslins, and Charles Pitts. It was during this war that the Star Spangled Banner was composed. Several Civil War veterans are buried here as well. The location is typical of many pioneer cemeteries. Sites were chosen because they often had many wild flowers and were frequently located on a slight over look. The land was purchased from Minerva Vail, the first white woman to live in Fredericksburg. Although a few burials have occurred during modern times the majority had already taken place before 1900." (Contributed by the family of John Floden)

Name Maiden DOB DOD Source Notes BK Notes IGPP Link FaG Link
Adams, Ana 187217 Oct 1872dau of G.A. and E.A., AE 23 days1964, BYC FaG
Adams, Anthony Oct 185527-Jan-30   FaG
Adams, Emaline A.Gardner1 Jul 186029-Jun-46   FaG
Adams, Emma 185521-Feb-05   FaG
ADAMS, George H.  1851 1911 wife Emma 1855-1879 WPA&1964 FaG
ADAMS, George.W.  Abt 180612 Jun 1880 age 74WPA, BYC FaG
Adams, SusanParks18274 Aug 1866    FaG
ADAMS, Susan D.  18604 Aug 1866 dau of D., AE 6yr &18daWPA&1964  
Arkills, Moses A. 20 Jun 187925 Jun 1879Infant son of W.B. & H.L., AE 5da1964, ADOD 25 Jan 1879 FaG
ARKILLS, Willard Bartlett  1 Sep 1853 24 Oct. 1886 Doctor, AE 33yr 9mo 15da, ASSN ArkillWPA&1964 FaG
BEARER, Clara (Mrs. Christian) PeaseAbt 18463 Aug 1879wfe of Christian, AE 27yr 21mo y da, or age 23WPA&1964, ASSN Beaver FaG
Billings   War of 1812 veteran marker, no data   
Billings   4 graves on this lot, just field stones, no data   
Blake, Maude 18741 Mar 1875   FaG
BOLTON, Elizabeth  182916 Jun 1907  WPA FaG
BOLTON, G.  181821 Dec 1882 wife Elizabeth, Our Father, AE 64yr 1 mo 16da, or age 65WPPA&1964, AFI C. FaG
BRACE, John A.  1849 1890 wife Sarah E. , FatherWPA&1964 FaG
BRACE, Sarah E. Kroninger1849 1883 MotherWPA&1964 FaG
BRASE, S. or L. N.  ----------- ----------- stone broken WPA  
BROWER, Elizabeth EllenCross10 Jul 187021 Jul 1896 Mrs. James, wfe of James E.; daughter of Basil M. Cross WPA&1964, ASSN Brown, ADOD 1898 FaG
Brown, Florence E 18553 Jan 1865   FaG
Brown, Franklin D. Abt 18077 Dec 1823son of H. & C., AE 16yr1964, BYC  
Buchacker, ElizabethVokes18 Jun 184429-Dec-16 1964 FaG
Carey, Lorena Abt 183327 Feb 1863dau of W.W. & J.A., AE 30 yr1964, BYC FaG
CAREY, Sarah  189027 Aug 1868AE 78yr 2mo1964  
CAREY, Sarah  Abt 17731863 age 90WPA, BYC FaG
Case, Effie H. 186515 Oct 1867dau of P. & A.J., AE 2y 2mo 18da1964, BYC FaG
Case, Everette P. 187111 Oct 1871son of P. & A.J., AE 1yr 7mo 21da1964, BYC FaG
CASE, William  18037 Sep 1868AE 65yr 3mo 6da, or age 66WPA&1964, BYC FaG
CLARK, John. B.  1807 16 Feb 1874 AE 67yr 8daWPA&1964, BYC FaG
Clark, Robert David Abt 181012 Jun 1872 AE 62yr1964, BYC  
Cole, Ella P. 185612 Apr 1861dau of N.D.R. & S.R., AE 5yr 12da1964, BYC FaG
Conner, Rilla May 15 Oct 18798 Aug 1881dau of S.E. & A.R., AE 1yr 3m 25d1964 FaG
CRESS, Permelia A.  1833 1919  WPA, ASSN Cross  
Cross, Basil Noah 17 Mar 183316 Nov 1885 Civil War vet; 1st wife Mary J.; 2nd wife Permelia A., AE 52yr 8moWPA&1964, BYC, ASSN CressIGPPFaG
Cross, Jackson Josiah 1 Jul 18293 Jun 1914   FaG
CROSS, Mary J. BoroffAbt 18346 Nov 1894 wfe of Basil N.WPA&1964, BYC, ASSN Cress FaG
DAVID, Robert  Abt 181512 Jun 1872  WPA, BYC  
FLOWER, Timothy S. M.  180813 Oct 1863 AE 55yr 6mo 21dWPA&1964, BYC FaG
Frame, Catherine E. 187024 Oct 1870AE 1mo 3da, dau of N. & N.BYC FaG
GRIFFITH, Cyrus  Abt 18287 Mar 1899 wife Margaret WPA&1964, BYC, ASFN Syrus FaG
Griffith, Hiram Abt 186018 Oct 1880son of C. & M., AE 20yr1964 FaG
Griffith, Lemuel Abt 185610 Oct 1877son of C. & M., AE 21yr1964 FaG
GRIFFITH, Margaret  Abt 183324 Jan 1887 wfe of C., AE 54yr WPA&1964, BYC FaG
HADLEY, John  185124 Jul 1823 AE 72yr 2mo 19daWPA&1964, BYC, ADOD 21 Jul 1823 FaG
HADLEY, Maria  17 Apr 18209 Dec 1897  WPA&1964 FaG
Hartson, Adelia  11 May 1871dau of N.W. & C.K., a child1964 FaG
HARTSON, Celia KisiahAnnett26 May 18492 Jun 1917 Mother, His WifeWPA&1964 FaG
HARTSON, Elry L.  24 Apr 18756 Jul 1929FatherWPA&1964, ASFN Eley FaG
Hartson, Hattie 18794 Oct 1880dau of N.W. & C.K., AE 1 yr 8 da1964, BYC, ASFN Mattie FaG
HARTSON, Ida L. Miller17 Feb 188013 Oct 1924MotherWPA&1964 FaG
HARTSON, Namon Wesley  29 Apr 1845 19 Nov 1899 Father, wife Celia Kisich WPA&1964, ASFN Norman, ADOD 19 Oct 1889 FaG
HAWLEY, Reuben W.  183725 Mar 1868AE 31yr 3mo 9da, Civil War MarkerWPA&1964, BYC FaG
HEWLETT, Elizabeth (Mrs. Geo.)  Abt 18013 Nov 1879wfe of GeorgeWPA&1964, BYC, ASSN Hewiett FaG
HINCHY, Martin  1821 1864died age 43; Co. G or C 6th Ia Cav., Civil War WPA&1964, DYC, ASSN Hinchey FaG
Hubbard, Emily Ann 18561945   FaG
JOSLIN, Nathaniel  Abt 17861864 Vet. War of 1812 WPA&1964, BYC, ASSN Jostin FaG
KAIN, Catharine DoremusTrophagen26 Jan 180611 Dec 1891 wife of Morris Kain, AE84yr 10mo 15daWPA&1964 FaG
KAIN, Napoleon B.  6 Jun 1839 24 May 1919 b. NY; son of Morris & Catherine WPA, ASFN Napolein FaG
KEELEY, Cullum  1844---------- Civil War vet; Ia. Inf., 38th Iowa Infantry, Co A, GAR Marker, no dataWPA&1964 FaG
KEITH, Ruth Garrett178419 Apr 1877 81yr 2mo 5daWPA&1964, BYC FaG
KENDALL, Helen C.  179618 Nov 1876wife of V. H. , wfe of H., AE 77yr 3mo 4daWPA&1964, BYC, ADOD 1871 FaG
KING, Harriet  182314 Feb 1878 AE 55yr 2mo 5daWPA&1964, BYC FaG
King, Johnnie M. 186711 Mar 1876Aged 8 years 7 months 5 daysWPA&1964, BYC FaG
KING, Jonas A. Abt 18351866 AE 28yr 7mo 25daWPA FaG
KING, Nathan W. Abt 181029 Aug 1863 wife Harriet WPA, BYC FaG
Kroninger, ElizabethSchlonecker8 Jun 182318 Mar 1898wfe of Joseph1964 FaG
Kroninger, Joseph K. 24 Feb 18172 May 1894 1964 FaG
Larson, Ehtel L.Moody19071965on Moody lot1964 FaG
LAVINE, M. B.  18394 Aug 1892Co. L 2nd Wis. Cav., Civil War WPA&1964 FaG
Lavine, MinervaMoody21 Mar 184921 Mar 1927   FaG
LINDERMAN, Carrie    On small monument no dataWPA&1964 FaG
Linderman, Cora R. 187529 Jan 1875infant dau of J.C. & N.R.1964, BYC FaG
LINDERMAN, Frank    On small monument no dataWPA&1964 FaG
LINDERMAN, PermeliaAdamsAbt 183214 Mar 1896 66yr 9mo 27daWPA&1964 FaG
LINDERMAN, Sarah    On small monument no dataWPA&1964 FaG
LINDERMAN, William. H.  1824 27 Jan 1897 wife Permelia Adams, AE 73yrsWPA&1964 FaG
Mark, George B. 186314 Apr 1865son of J.B. & S., AE 1yr 8mo 6da1964, BYC, AMI P. FaG
MARK, John S.  11 Jun 1819 25 Jul 1902 Father, wife Sarah WPA&1964 FaG
MARK, Sarah  20 May 1835 11 Aug 1908 MotherWPA&1964 FaG
Marsh, Ida M.Lavine9 May 187424 Oct 1898   FaG
MARVIN, Catharine  1 Aug 1805 22 Apr 1862  WPA&1964 FaG
Michener, Cornelia O. (Mrs. J.N.)Billings4 Nov 184020 Aug 1863 wfe of J.H., AE 22yr 11mo 16daWPA&1964, ASSN Hichener, ASSN Michmer, AMI D. FaG
Mitchell, Clarence M. 30 Jul 188211 Dec 1883 1964 FaG
Moody, Charles A. 18741959 1964 FaG
MOODY, George A.  11 May 1887 11 Feb 1938  WPA&1964 FaG
Moody, Guy 19221965 1964 FaG
MOODY, Harvey  15 Mar 1845 11 Jan 1929  WPA&1964 FaG
Moody, John A.  31 Jan 1956son of Earl & Betty1964 FaG
Moody, LizziePetitt18811961 1964 FaG
MOODY, Mary E.  3 Nov 1851 16 Nov 1932  WPA&1964 FaG
MOODY, Rodger  1840 20 May 1919 b. Union Co., OH; wife Nancy Simpson; Fredericksburg News 5-22-1919 WPA  
Newman, Bernice 19121941 1964  
Padden, Cora 18748 Aug 1880dau of L. & J.C., 5yr 10 mo 17da1964, BYC FaG
Padden, Emilie 18564 Sep 1857dau of L. & J.C., 1yr 4 mo1964, BYC FaG
Padden, Frank 185723 May 1858a little lamb on stone, 1yr 5da1964, BYC FaG
PADDEN, Frederick 18248 Aug 1867 43yr 27daWPA&1964, BYC FaG
PADDEN, Julia Ann  12 Aug 182530 Mar 1905wfe of FrederickWPA&1964 FaG
Padden, Nancy M.Warren2 Feb 184429 Jan 1889    
PEASE, Abner  Abt 181228 Oct 1882 In his 70 years of his lifeWPA, BYC FaG
Pease, Freddie 187426 Apr 1876son of E.W. & L.J., AE 1yr 11mo 9da1964, BYC FaG
PEASE, Hannah    wfe of Abner, there were no dates for HannahWPA&1964 FaG
PEASE, Laura J.  23 Aug 1851 17 May 1906  WPA&1964 FaG
PEASE, Lucy L. (Mrs. W.)  Abt 18141873 wfe of W., AE 59yrWPA&1964, BYC FaG
Pease, Mary E. 185125 Oct 1870dau of W. & L., AE 19yr 2mo 20da1964, BYC FaG
Pettit, Charley Henry 18651952 1964 FaG
Pettit, Ethel May 8 Mar 19022 Dec 1905 1964 FaG
Pettit, Helen Elizabeth 18731962 1964 FaG
Pettit, Lester R. 19 Apr 190528 Nov 1907 1964 FaG
Pettit, Lloyd 7 Sep 189821 May 1908 1964 FaG
PITTS, Anneliza  Abt 193612 Aug 1886 wfe of Wm. S., AE 50yr\WPA&1962, BYC, ASFN Ann Eliza FaG
PITTS, Chas.  1782 23 Apr 1862  WPA FaG
Pitts, Grace 18582 Aug 1861dau of Wm. S & A.E., AE 2yr 11mo 1da1964, BYC FaG
Pitts, Harles 18901 Apr 1867AE 76yr 11mo 11da1964, BYC  
Pitts, Nellie  15 Aug 18??dau of Wm. S & A.E., Rest of date grown in tree1964 FaG
PITTS, Polly G.  1795 1 Apr 1880 wfe of Harles, AE 85yr 1mo 12daWPA&1964, BYC FaG
POTTER, Alanson  7 Mar 1796 25 Jun 1864 GrandfatherWPA&1964 FaG
Potter, Hariet Lucinda 25 Nov 183521 Jan 1902Mother1964 FaG
POTTER, Orville  17 Jun 1836 2 Mar 1902 FatherWPA&1964 FaG
POTTER, Sarah (Mrs. Ira)  22 May 1828 6 Feb 1912 wfe of IraWPA&1964 FaG
POTTER, Selphina Evarts20 Aug 1799 1 Oct 1824 GrandmotherWPA&1964 FaG
ROBINSON, Anne LandonAge 73 04 Nov 1864 lot 39 bk. 10; no dates WPA FaG
ROWE, Eugene D.  4 May 1857 18 Oct 1936 lot 1 bk. 161 WPA&1964 FaG
Rowe, Frankie Earl 12 Feb 190014 Feb 1900Baby1964 FaG
Rowe, Mary StephenStephen25 Jan 185825 Jan 1946wfe of E.D.1964 FaG
ROWLAND, Beckwith  179824 Jun 1870 lot 30; w/o Conrad, AE 72yr 4mo 12daWPA&1964, BYC FaG
Rowland, Polly Abt 181118 Feb 1879wfe of B., AE 68yr1964, BYC FaG
Rush, Lillie 18538 Jun 1863dau of J. & R.T., AE 9yr 8mo 21da1964, BYC FaG
RUSSELL, Clara E.  1804 03 Dec 1887 Mother 1836 - 1914, wfe of F.A.WPA&1964, ADOB 1804, 8 Apr 1864, 1836 ADOD 1867, 2 Dec 1887, 1914 FaG
RUSSELL, Grandfather & Father  w/o J. A. WPA  
Russell, Lemi A. 187216 Jan 1879son of J.S. & M.E., AE 6yr 3mo 11day1964, BYC, ASFN Lem FaG
Sampier, Johnnie 187228 Aug 1873son of H.F. & M.A., AE 1yr 2mo 16da1964, BYC  
SESSIONS, Amos  183901 Oct 1879 h/o Maria M. died 08 Aug 1878 aged 57, AE 60yr 3mo WPA&1964, BYC FaG
Sessions, Emma 185614 Dec 1859dau of A. & M., AE 3yr 3mo1964, BYC FaG
Sessions, Maria M. 18218 Aug 1878wfe of Amos, 57yr 2mo1964, BYC. AMI A. FaG
Sessions, William Abt 185024 May 1858son of A. & M., AE 8yr 5mo1964, BYC FaG
SMITH, Joshua  28 Feb 180619 Aug 1878h/o Sarah, AE 72yr 6moWPA&1964  FaG
Smith, Sarah 18104 Jan 1870wfe of Joshua, AE 59yr 1moWPA&1964, BYC FaG
Stedman, Infant  11-Jan-03son of A.F. & E.1964 FaG
Stephen, EllenRadford183614 Mar 1897Wife of Jas Stephen, Aged 60 years, 9 months, 4 daysBYC FaG
STEPHENS, James  182617 Jan 1913 h/o Ellen died 14 Mar 1897 aged 60, AE 86yr 4mo 5da, ASSN StephenWPA&1964, BYC, ASSN Stephen FaG
Stephens, Sarah 183614 Mar 1897wfe of James, AE 60yr 9mo 4da1964, BYC  
Stephens, William F. 18591948   FaG
STILL, Ann Langdon Langdon21 Mar 183026 Nov 1905 wfe of J.E. CallendarWPA&1964 FaG
Still, Lida L. 186014 May 1863dau of J.E. & Ann, AE 2yr 8mo 7da1964 FaG
STONE, Avilla Adams183114 Mar 1865 AE 33yr 11moWPA&1964, BYC FaG
STONE, Christopher C.  182814 Jul 1906 AE 77yr 4moWPA&1964, BYC FaG
STONE, Grace E. Bolton183713 Aug 1903 AE 65yr 3moWPA&1964, BYC FaG
Stone, Malvina 18608 Jul 1862AE 1yr 9mo1964, BYC FaG
Thompson, Freddie 187621 Aug 1876son of Alison, AE 5mo1964, BYC FaG
Thompson, Jane Linderman 17994 Feb 1873wfe of N.F., AE 72yr 11mo, 7da1964, BYC FaG
Thompson, Morris A. 18672 Oct 1867son of A.J. & S.M., AE 2mo 3da1964, BYC FaG
THOMPSON, Nathan P.  Co. S 15 Wis. Inf. Civil War; h/o Jane died 04 Feb 1875 aged 73, CO G, GAR MarkerWPA&1964, AMI F. FaG
THOMPSON, William. H.  Civil War vet, CO H 12th Illinois Cavalry GAR Marker WPA&1964 FaG
TISDALE, Rufus  180301 Apr 1880 AE 76yr 4mo 18daWPA&1964, BYC, ASSN Tisdall FaG
TULLEY, Elizabeth A. 184903 Mar 1871 wfe of Wm. R., AE 21yr 11mo 3daWPA&1964, BYC, ADOB Abt 1880 FaG
Tulley, G. 180312 Jun 1880 rest of name gone, AE 73yr 5mo 19da1964, BYC  
TULLEY, Wm. B.  no dates WPA  
Vail, Bertha Bell  2 Mar 1867dau of J.A. & J., AE cemented over  FaG
VAIL, Flora Ellen 30 Jan 1887 11 May 1906 d/o W. H. & J. Vail, dau of W.H. & F.WPA&1964, ADOB 1884 FaG
VAIL, Godfrey  18031856 AE 52yr 11mo 14daWPA&1964, BYC FaG
VAIL, Jesse Alancing 12 May 184227 Dec 1866 AE 26yr 10mo 11daWPA&1964, BYC, ADOD 1840 FaG
VanBuren, Clifford 18715 Dec 1872AE 1yr 4mo1964, BYC FaG
VanBuren, H. Seymour Abt 185611 Dec 1872AE 16yr1964, BYC, ASMN Seymoor FaG
VanBuren, Joseph W. Abt 186624 Dec 1872AE 6yr1964, BYC FaG
VANBUREN, L. R.  Abt 180205 Feb 1872 AE 70yrWPA&1964, BYC ADOB 1822  FaG
VanBuren, Mary Lena 18703 Sep 1870AE 6weeks, All on the same monument1964, BYC FaG
VOKES, Dell  27 Jan 1868 04 Jul 1890 Mother & SisterWPA&1964 FaG
VOKES, Elizabeth  1844 23 Dec 1916  WPA  
VOKES, Henry  8 Aug 1834 05 Nov 1877 FatherWPA&1964 FaG
Ward, Hannah Abt 190415 Jul 1873wfe of John, AE 69yr1964, BYC FaG
WARD, John  180509 Apr 1882 h/o Hannah died 15 Jul 1873 aged 69, AE 75yr 2mo 4daWPA&1964, BYC, ADOB Abt 1856 FaG
WARREN, A. K.  1811 1863 h/o E. A. 1813 - 1896 WPA FaG
Warren, Eliza Ann 18131896wfe of A.K.1964 FaG
WARREN, M. W.  1846 1916 h/o Ida Teape; New Hampton Tribune 26 Jul 1916 WPA  
WISE, Minerva E.Potter12 Feb 181726 Mar 1904former w/o Godfrey Vail, AE 85yr 11mo 14da WPA&1964, ADOB 1816. ADOD 1902, AMI J. FaG