Census Data

U.S. Census data is now available in free and fully searchable formats for most decennial censuses, up to and including 1940. Here is one example: 1940 U.S. Census.
For this reason, we do not include federal census data for Chickasaw County on this IAGenWeb site, with one exception - the 1910 census for Chickasaw Township, because a previous volunteer, Misti Ann Adams, did a fantastic job of transcribing the census data in spreadsheet format.
Territorial, state, and special censuses are being transcribed as part of an IAGenWeb Special Project. We have not provided state census information on this county site with one exception, the 1854 State Census of Iowa, Chickasaw County.

Population Graph
Chickasaw County was first “settled” by its first non-native, white European residents in the 1850s. See History. By 1860, the U.S. Census indicated that it already had 4,336 residents. This rapid growth continued, surging to a high population of 17,037 by 1900. By 2010, the population had shrunk to 12,439.